Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

I want to wish you guys a very happy and healthy 2013.  I've been busy developing a new set of pro wrestling poses, which has been sucking up a lot of the time normally devoted to 3D work.  I've been putting them off for an awful long time, so it's nice to see them nearly done and soon put up for sale.

I'll be using these in my next story involving Alexi and Ryan.  The text component of that is coming along well.  I'm liking it a lot, and hope you guys do, too!

-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is Keln, the satyr.  Keln is a bit of a nature boy -- well, very much a nature boy -- and can usually be found lounging about in a valley of endless grass or within a bed of sweet-smelling flowers.  But despite his fancy and overly-romantic tendencies, Keln has been known to become wildly aggressive when he spots anyone doing harm to the environment.  He gallops at speeds greater than a gazelle to bash the foolish ne'er-do-wells with his big horns, sending them to the ground in short order.

Oftentimes, the fanciful satyr will be in a mating mood, and it is then that he tends to punish the guilty with his thick maleness.  With a loud, caprine bleat, he unloads his balls-worth of semen into their bodies and leaves them exhausted to think about what they did.

I've collected erotic images of satyrs over the years, and got a sudden itch to create my own.  Keln is quite a bit different than the other guys here -- namely his love of flowers and nature.  But I think he has a good amount of masculinity that helps him fit in well here.  Big muscle never hurts.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quick Note: New Domain!

I wanted to let you guys know that I went ahead and snagged the domain.  Now you can use the new address or the old one to get to the same place, and all of your links to any of the old pages will automatically point you to where you wanna go.

Unfortunately, I noticed that the Reactions that you guys have made on posts are now reset to zero.  But this occurs when any little change that affects that widget happens, so it's unsurprising.

Update 2: Redirect is finally working now. My apologies for any problems encountered. I hope you guys are having a great Christmas Eve, and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holiday Season

No matter what you celebrate or how you choose to spend it, I want to wish you and those you love a very warm and happy holiday season and an even better next year from Barbaric Brawn.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Officers Ronnie and Ken

Just wanted to post a quick practice render of a couple of new characters.  I don't have a huge cop fetish, but when a big, muscular guy puts on such a uniform, I can't help but stare.

I didn't write up a backstory for Officer Ronnie (the beautiful black policeman) or his Irish partner Ken.  In this scene, however, I like to think that Ronnie and Ken were working out at a local gym, when they spotted a couple of thugs breaking the display window of the adjacent jewelry store.  Unwilling to waste time putting their shirts back on, they gave chase to the two perpetrators and have finally cornered them in a deserted alleyway.

What happens next?  Well... that's now up to you to imagine!

Update: Here are some extra renders for you guys!  These involve unlikely scenarios involving the same story.  I think Ronnie and Ken will be even better partners from here on out!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The (New) Last Battle

I'm preparing to create a vastly-updated refresh of my second series, The Last Battle, for sale on Amazon -- and possibly on two other online stores, as well.  To start with, I've been updating the characters' models.  I wanted to show you guys what I've got so far.

The biggest improvement I've made to these characters is probably for King Ranzen.  I removed his cape and gave him a full head of long, flowing hair.  He also now has a new metal crown, a silver necklace, and arm bands.  All of my human men now wear loincloths of varying kinds -- something I was unfortunately unable to do the first time around.  And they all now wear sandals to cover their feet.  The orcs do refer to the humans as "softskins" for a reason!

The Farmer and The Farmer's Son (which were their official names) have been renamed to Bryant and Joshua, respectively.  I gave the dad a bit of an older face this time, yet still kept some youthful features on him to help keep him and his son looking related.  Both men are a little softer in muscle tone compared to the other heroes, but are much beefier than their original selves.

As for the orcs, they've mostly remained unchanged.  I've adjusted their bodies to make them more muscular, and gave them a little bit of a shine to make their muscles stand out better than they used to.  They, like the humans, now also wear loincloths, though theirs are noticeably less fancier -- orcs are definitely not fancy creatures.  Unlike the humans, however, the orcs don't wear shoes.  Their feet are incredibly tough and the skin on their soles are even able to withstand walking on broken glass!

Overlord Krag now has arm bands to match Ranzen's, and I thought about giving him some kind of crown, but it didn't look quite right.  Maybe if I can get it how I like it he'll get one sometime later.

Rogg is probably the most changed of the four here.  He now has a silver bull-like nose ring along with silver nipple rings.

I'll likely make many more changes to these guys -- and I still have to create new versions of Yord, the warning soldier, Kal, and the orc slavers and human slaves.  So much work yet to do before I even begin and the other projects I still have to do, argh!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prince Hassan

Hassan was one of many princes of King Fatih, a powerful and wealthy Arabian ruler.  Ever since his youth, the prince had appreciated the art and beauty of physical combat between the men of his kingdom.  As he grew into manhood, strong and packed with rock-hard muscle, Hassan began enjoying frequent wrestling matches with the royal palace guards.  The guards, eager to teach their prince self-defense and lusting after his body, were only happy to oblige his requests.

King Fatih always despised such crude and unprincely behavior.  He viewed wrestling and other close-contact fighting as barbaric -- something only savages without a sword would gladly resort to.  He chastised his men for indulging his son's foolish desires and forbade him to ever behave in such a way again.

But the spirit of fighting wouldn't leave Hassan so easily.  And rather than disobey his father's wishes, the prince decided that it was better to leave.

By the dark of night and with the help of his two favorite guards, the mighty prince fled the only home he'd ever known.  His white stallion, Zubair, by his side, Hassan will begin his adventures, traveling the lands, eager to engage with the commoners of the outside world.  It is through them that he will stoke the fiery heat that only wrestling can provide.

I also created a more family-friendly version (but still a bit provocative, maybe?) of Hassan.  You can find that version of him at the CafePress shop!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Eternian Wrestling League Promo Poster

I was looking at some old professional wrestling promotional posters recently.  There's one of Hulk Hogan waving the American flag that reminds me a lot of the covers of old wrestling games I used to play (and still do!).  And the first WrestleMania promo with him and Mr. T is just awesome.  But as I went through a bunch of them, I couldn't help but notice how hokey and gaudy these used to be.  So, of course, I wanted to make my own!

This one stars He-Man and his beefy daddy, King Randor.  They're in the ring facing Skeletor and He-Man's strangely-colored doppelganger, Faker.  Our heroes here are the current tag team champions of the Eternian Wrestling League and have agreed to lay their titles on the line for this loser-gets-fucked match.  They named their group The Royal Pains (funny, huh?), while the two blue-hued bad guys have come together as The Dark Duo.

I'd like to think that King Randor would be cool enough to take his crown off, put a thong over his big prince-maker, and join He-Man in the squared circle to wrestle the villains that regularly threaten their kingdom.

Man, this poster is incredibly silly and flamboyant.  But even though I won't be making it into an actual story (at least not in the foreseeable future), I enjoyed putting it together for you guys.

...But wait!  The Eternian Wrestling League has just issued a statement on the aftermath of the match!  It appears that He-Man and King Randor have been defeated and stripped of their tag team championship titles!  The statement reads as follows:

The Royal Pains were defeated earlier this evening in what can only be described as an incredible upset!  Fans were shocked to witness He-Man, hero of Eternia, surrender in Skeletor's bone-crushing bearhug!  King Randor, caught in Faker's brutal camel clutch, was utterly powerless to prevent his partner's submission!

The victorious villain cackled madly as he slid his erection into He-Man's beaten backside!  One League cameraman described the hero's expression as, "first shock, then grim acceptance"!  Fans sat stunned as they watched the spectacle unfold!

King Randor was put through the humiliation of having to lick clean the sweat from between Faker's toned buttocks.  His highness appeared visibly shaken throughout the ordeal, but several fans noted that the king's mighty maleness hardened and leaked during the task!

An exhausted He-Man and King Randor were carried off by Beast Man and Tri-Klops; neither wrestler has been seen since tonight's remarkable upset!  General Duncan of the Royal Palace refused requests for an interview, but did state that he was "disappointed" with He-Man's performance and "devastated" by the outcome.

The Eternian Wrestling League will keep its fans up to date when and if Skeletor and Faker decide to release the former tag team champions!

That evil Skeletor!  Who knows what he and the other villains will do to He-Man and King Randor!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Barbaric Brawn's First Anniversary

He's alive!  Well, technically animated.
Hey, guys!  Today is the blog's first anniversary online, and I wanted to give a big thank you to all of you out there who have been awesome enough to keep coming back or for sometimes leaving a comment.  I always appreciate them.

I started up this little muscle haven on the Internet because of my love of barbarians and their raw and rugged sex appeal.  Since then I've branched out a bit more and added more modern men to my lineup.

The first two characters I created for Barbaric Brawn were Tuskar and Kugo.  To celebrate this first anniversary, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a look at what these two studs were like in their prototype phase.

Since these pictures are very wide, you may need to open them in their own tab/window in your browser or download them to your computer to see them properly.

The story of Tuskar vs Kugo originally began with Tuskar (who was the original owner of the Axe of Legend -- which later became the Axe of Power) seeking adventure across the southern continent of Africa.  His exhaustive journey through the hot jungles eventually brought him to a tribal village of black men.  Hoping to seek shelter for the coming night, he entered.

But the chieftain, Kugo, and the big-bellied N'kaku protested his intrusion.  They would not allow outsiders from the north to stay in their domain.  Angered by their arrogance, Tuskar challenged the black men to battle!

Having wrestled and overwhelmed the white barbarian, Kugo and N'kaku soon defeated him and claimed him and his axe as prizes.  The wise man of the village recognized the Axe of Power and knew that his people would soon prosper with its rumored properties.

All of this was a bit too ambitious for me in the beginning, and because of tech limitations, the village and everyone but the titular fighters had to go.  Kugo's model was changed to be a clone of Tuskar's and a revised story was written.  Oh, and for some reason, I had originally called Kugo Nubios -- and then later Kgosi!  It was only days before I created Barbaric Brawn that I renamed him to Kugo.

A bit of further work turned Tuskar and Kugo into what they eventually became.  Thanks for sitting through this bit of history with me.  I had fun going back to these pictures and looking at what things were like with this story a little more than a year ago.

If the next year is even half as fun as this one was, I'll be a happy Lucky Stallion.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hercules Bound: Panel 4 of 4

"The lips of the hero, Hercules, now worship my manhood," Slave King sighed in near disbelief, running his hands through his long, auburn hair.  The demigod's hot, wet mouth sucked clumsily at his salty penis.  It was clear that Hercules had little experience in the submissive act of cocksucking.  "Ungh, fuck yes...  Your skill is lacking -- as expected from a dominant male.  But no matter.  I will train you in the art of sucking men."

"Mmmn," Hercules moaned, taking more of his master's cock into his mouth.  The fat head of the shaft poked against the back of his throat, but his arousal helped to keep him from gagging.

"Man, this is so hot," Demas said, sitting next to his brother on the stone steps.  "Remember all those stories Father told us about Hercules?  If only the old man was here see his hero now."

"It was worth letting him fuck me," Aetos laughed.  "I'm gonna make him see how it feels," he continued, giving his hard cock a few strokes.  "After Slave King's done with it, his ass is mine!"

"That's enough," Slave King grunted, pulling his slickened cock from Hercules' puffy lips.  He slapped the muscle alpha's face with it repeatedly.  "ON YOUR FEET!" he growled, grabbing Hercules by the hair and forcing him up again.

The halfgod swayed wearily on his own two feet.  He wanted desperately to rest, but the overwhelming desire to please his master and to finally cum kept him awake and alert.  Aetos and Demas chuckled cruelly at the sight of the fallen hero.  Hercules heard their snickers, but could only stand there quietly and take it.

Slave King moved behind the defeated stud and pressed his cock against Hercules' butt.  His hips gyrated as he dry humped his new slave, holding firmly onto his beefy hips.  Hercules groaned softly at the humiliation.

"Now I take from you the last shred of your dignity!" Slave King declared, pushing the head of his cock past Hercules' tight anal ring!

The halfgod grit his teeth and thrust his massive chest out.  The slaver's cock felt even bigger there than it had in his mouth!  Pain shot like Zeus' thunderbolts up his back and across his entire body.

The sensations within Hercules' body felt indescribable to the tyrant.  The heat that consumed his sword of flesh beckoned him to hilt himself within the sheath of the greatest conquest ever.

"Auuugh, yes...  It is always a pleasure to tear open the untouched holes of proud men, Hercules.  I live to destroy heroes like yourself," Slave King hissed into the demigod's ear.  The victorious stud's heavy manhood drilled deeper and deeper with short, deliberate thrusts.

Hercules could only moan and mewl like a wounded bull as he was driven to the heights of ecstasy.  Never before had he felt such incredible pleasures within his body.  As a man who enjoyed a life of dominance and unrivaled strength, none had ever dared to touch his most sacred of places.  A part of him felt almost happy to have finally discovered the pleasures of allowing another man inside him.

"I feel you sucking on me so greedily, son of Zeus.  Clearly the king of the gods created you with this destiny in mind!"

"Destiny...?  F-Father...?  Uwaaagh..." Hercules moaned in a drunken heat.

"Why else has he not saved you?" Slave King grunted, screwing the godling's butt harder.  "It was because you were meant to SURRENDER -- TO -- ME!!"

Hercules screamed in shock as the muscle slaver grabbed hold of his big pecs and began pounding his hole with incredible strength!  Slave King's mighty cock unmercifully plowed him like a man possessed.  The tyrant wanted to prove without a doubt that he was the master of this walking slab of muscle and masculinity.  He wanted to prove that his power and authority over the once-mighty Hercules was total and complete.  It was time for the people to worship Slave King instead!

The halfgod's throbbing cock drizzled strands of clear precum all over the ground below.  The young bucks watched with great pleasure as the proud, masculine spirit of Hercules was worn away by their master.  Every thread of precum that he shed was further evidence of his submission.

"Come and give this bitch a sucking he'll never forget, my sons!" Slave King commanded of Aetos and Demas.  The two scrambled over to kneel before Hercules' wildly-bucking body.  Aetos grabbed hold of his wagging cock and heavy pair of balls, keeping them still enough for him to begin.

"Come on, brother!" Demas laughed as Aetos struggled to wrap his lips around Hercules' fat cockhead.  "Surely you can tame the sword of this big beast."

"It was never this big last night!" Aetos gasped as he came up for air.  "He must truly enjoy having Slave King inside him!"

"TAKE MY SEED!" Slave King suddenly growled, thrusting his cock deep into Hercules' hole just in time to unload his manly essence.  "I AM VICTORIOUS!!" he shouted to the sky as his manhood spurt 11 healthy ropes of seed into the body of Hercules.

Just as suddenly, Hercules' manhood bounced in Aetos' mouth and erupted his own semen down the younger man's throat!  Aetos struggled to gulp down the protein-rich semen of the halfgod.

Slave King pulled his cock from Hercules and wiped it clean of cum along his ample cheeks.  Aetos quickly took his master's place and thrust his own cock deep into Hercules!  He held onto the godling's beefy hips as he fucked away at his cum-filled tunnels.

"Auuugh, yeah...  How's that feel, Hercules?" he asked with a deep grunt.  His hips slapped lewdly against his bitch's butt as he fucked him faster.  "Feel good to be taken by a real man?  Answer me!"

"Yes, Master!!" Hercules moaned, pushing back to meet Aetos' advances.  "Please fuck me... please... more...!!"

Slave King stood nearby and watched as his two disciples ravaged the utterly-dominated body of the fallen hero.  He savored every moment of Hercules' quivers and cries and knew that neither he nor Hercules would ever forget this day.

The chains that kept Hercules physically bound to the columns rattled wildly as he was fucked again and again by his new masters.  Their cocks pistoned and pulsated deep within his body and filled him with a heat he'd never known before.  Hercules finally understood how it felt to be taken by another man, and, as he received his fourth helping of cum from Slave King, he knew that he could never go back to the way he once was.

And so, the heroics of the incredible Hercules ended with his surrender to the dreaded Slave King.  Hercules' final battle for freedom was lost against a foe whose sinister talents for enslavement far outshined his ability to resist.  It was a tale that would be told and retold from generation to generation for decades to come.

With Hercules as his muscle servant, the tyrant found himself able to achieve conquests at a much greater speed.  Whole villages fell under his influence, and men who aspired to destroy heroes just as the legendary Tamer of Hercules had were emboldened to become a slave king of their very own.

The End

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hercules Bound: Panel 3 of 4

Hercules' struggles to contain his lustful urges finally came to an end.  He no longer cared what Slave King or the two bucks under him thought.  He was still half man, and men had needs, after all.  After resisting for hours, nobody would lay blame on him for finally succumbing to the heat of his loins!

But just as he was about to orgasm, Demas grasped Hercules' balls by the base and constricted them, preventing him from cumming!  The hero groaned and whined as he stamped his foot on the ground for satisfaction.  Once his urges had finally subsided, Demas let go, and he and his brother went back to work, once again bringing the big man closer to the edge of bliss...

Slave King stepped back and allowed his young disciples to continue with the breaking of their legendary captive.  At first, Hercules felt relieved by the reprieve of blows to his body, but moments later, he began to feel a strange yearning for Slave King's rough touch!  Despite Aetos' tongue licking up and down his throbbing member, he felt little desire to cum!

The loud sounds of sucking and slurping were all the four men could hear as Hercules struggled to lift his head and look for the muscle slaver whose fists gave him such pleasure.  Slave King was standing a few steps away with his arms folded across his chest.

"Yes?" he asked, a nasty smile on his ruggedly-handsome face.

"Why... why did you stop...?" Hercules asked wearily.  "Why aren't you... still going?"

"Why am I not crushing you anymore?" Slave King laughed.  "Has the mighty Hercules finally realized that he needs his master?  If not, then cum!  Cum and prove that your pride still lives!"

But the hours of punishment inflicted by the evil slavers had driven Hercules beyond the point of no return; he could no longer cum without the cruel hands of Slave King upon him.  He grunted with frustration and moaned as the tongues and lips of Aetos and Demas continued to torture his quivering cock and hole.

"Please... let me cum..." he gasped hotly, looking with defeated eyes at the man who had finally bested him.  "Please let me cum..."

"Await me on the steps," Slave King commanded of his disciples.  Aetos and his brother stepped back and watched their master finish his work.

Slave King approached Hercules and pressed his slave's big, sweat-laced pecs against his own.  He grabbed hold of the demigod's ebony locks and pulled his head back to face him.  Hercules looked into Slave King's hard eyes and became intoxicated by their power.  The sun glowed from around the muscle stud's auburn hair, giving him a godly look.  But Slave King was nothing like an Olympian.

"ON YOUR KNEES!!" he bellowed at Hercules, who then dropped without question.  An evil smirk flashed across Slave King's mouth.  His cock throbbed hotly before Hercules' face, a clear symbol of his virility and masculinity.  The scent of this man's groin aroused Hercules like nothing had ever before.

"Do you know what surrender to me means, son of Zeus?  It means that you will be mine until the day I tire of you.  Your body, your mind, and your spirit will belong to me and only to me.  You will do as I say without question.  And my will shall become your own.  Do you understand me, slave?"

"Yes, Master..." Hercules spoke quietly, eyes fixated on Slave King's erection.

"Then suck me, slave, and welcome your new life under the might of the man who has finally defeated Hercules!"

Hercules opened his mouth and willingly allowed his new master to enter him.  With that act, he sealed his fate as the newest and most prized member of Slave King's harem...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hercules Bound: Panel 2 of 4

Slave King, unafraid of the power that Hercules is said to possess, casually strutted up to the bound demigod and began the task of appraising the catch.  He quickly realized that this man's body is even more exquisite than he remembered it being.  Slave King's strong, manly hands moved slowly across Hercules' struggling chest, arms, and legs.  He knelt down and grabbed hold of Hercules' flaccid manhood.  The uncircumcised penis was quite hefty in his hand, and the balls that hung low were heavy with seed.

"No..." Hercules moaned, pulling at his chains for freedom.  He spotted Aetos standing mere steps away.  He growled angrily at the golden-haired youth for his trickery.  But Aetos merely licked his lips and smirked back at the godling.

Slave King determined Hercules' big, meaty butt to be flawless.  He squeezed both cheeks in his rough hands and pulled them apart, exposing the hero's hole to the air.  It was clear to the slaver that it had never been filled with a man's cock.  Slave King grunted with satisfaction and gave the cheeks a slap, knowing he would soon change that.

The indelicate touches of the tyrant made Hercules shudder in disgust.  And yet, the way this alpha male handled his defenseless body caused him to feel an undeniable heat within his loins.  He struggled desperately to keep his cock down, lest he be seen as weak to this brute's whims.

"Such powerful muscle," the auburn-haired slaver grunted lustfully as he stood once more.  His cruel fingers gently twisted Hercules' big nipples.  "You truly are the son of Zeus.  Won't you simply surrender to me now and join my harem willingly?  I promise to keep you well.  But your holes..." he whispered lewdly, moving in to kiss the demigod's neck, "they will make sublime sheaths for my man sword."

"Release me, Slave King!" Hercules growled.  He lunged hatefully at the long-haired muscleman, but his unbudging chains held him back.  "I will make you pay for your crimes and free the men you've enslaved!"

Slave King seized Hercules' bearded face by the jaw and squeezed it in his mighty grasp.  The evil stud's strength caught the hero by surprise and subdued his struggles in an instant.  "Not even you, a god among mere men, is without a breaking point.  I will tear you down, piece by piece, and remake you as my finest slave yet.  And when I have finished bringing you to the point of no return, you will beg to serve me well."

Over the next five hours, Slave King and his two disciples subjected Hercules to a rigorous routine designed to break even the most proud and stubborn of men.  The tyrant took great pleasure in working over the halfgod's perfect abdominals.  He sent his balled fists into those twin slabs of muscle again and again.  Hercules' suppressed grunts of pain were like a symphony to the slaver's ears.

As Slave King worked out his aggressions physically on Hercules, Aetos and Demas were tasked to break him sexually.  As Hercules wouldn't allow him near his butt the night before, Aetos enjoyed burying his mouth between the godling's ample cheeks and lapping hungrily at the hot, virgin hole nestled between.  Demas sat in the front and gave Hercules' heavy, sweaty balls a hearty cleaning with his tongue and lips.

Even with Slave King pounding his massive pecs into rubble, Hercules couldn't help but moan with arousal, and his cock finally grew to its full erection!

The hero could feel his will to resist leaving him!  His struggles to break his bonds lessened with every passing minute of the unyielding routine.  The pains in his chest and abdomen mixed with the sexual worship he received, confusing him immensely.  The blows from Slave King's mighty fists soon became just as pleasurable as the sucking and slurping he received from the two bucks on the ground.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hercules Bound: Panel 1 of 4

"There he is, Slave King!" Aetos spoke, gesturing toward the bound halfgod, Hercules.  The mighty son of Zeus and hero of men struggled in his bonds, still half-sedated.

"By Apollo..." Demas, Aetos' brother gasped at the sight.  "I cannot believe you have captured Hercules, Aetos!  But it is he in the flesh!"

Aetos thrust his chest out with pride for his accomplishment.  It was far easier than he'd anticipated to bind the man god.  As Hercules strutted through the village, he allowed his many worshipers to look upon his body, laced with sweat from his latest feat of heroism.  But it was the golden-haired youth named Aetos that would claim the prize of his undivided attention.

Hercules made love to the athletic buck under his uncle's apple tree that night.  Hercules rapidly thrust his erection deep into Aetos' hungry hole as the stars cast their light upon them.  Aetos' moans of ecstasy were frequently cut off by the bearded demigod's masculine kisses.  The stud's lips were as sweet as milk and his tongue as strong as an ox.  It wrestled Aetos' own into submission.

Before the break of dawn the next morning, Aetos sneaked off to fetch a special chalice of wine for his new lover.  Unknown to Hercules, the man he had spent the night with was under the employment of the dreaded Slave King, a ruthless muscle tyrant known to have been the enslaver of dozens of men.  Hercules had never managed to find the slaver and bring him to justice.

"Thank you, Aetos," Hercules mumbled as he chugged the large glass of wine past his parched lips.  Aetos watched as Hercules downed the tasteless drugs he'd spiked the drink with.

The halfgod then stood and stretched his nude body with a low grunt.  Suddenly, the world around him began to spin!  And before he could move his tongue to ask what was happening, he dropped to his knees fast asleep!

"How ever did you manage to bring such a fine bull all the way here?" Slave King asked his faithful disciple.  The tyrant's heavy cock stirred within the tight confines of his snakeskin thong.

"Uncle's wheelbarrow was nearby, so I was able to carry him here before he awoke," Aetos recalled through a gleeful expression.  "He came to just as I got the manacles ready -- the big fool even helped me by standing up while I snapped him in!"

"You have done well, young one," Slave King grunted, giving the blond buck a rough pat on the back.  He strode down the stone steps and approached the legendary son of Zeus...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ryan and Alexi: Cocky Pose

Ryan and Alexi stand proudly upon their platforms, giving a pose for their adoring fans.  Reporters for major newspapers from around the world have been called in to photograph the men for their upcoming match.

Both Ryan and Alexi sport a tight, hip-hugging thong printed with the proud flags of their respective countries.  On Ryan are the stars and stripes of the USA, while Alexi wears the hammer, sickle, and star of the USSR.

The wrestlers' beefy bodies have been coated with posing oil applied by one very lucky arena assistant.  Though the young buck is American, he can't help but feel in awe by the Soviet stallion's muscle.  The blond Russian bounces his pecs for the poor assistant, forcing him to flee the area to take care of the throbbing erection in his jeans.

This is basically another light test, even though I'm pretty much done with testing.  It took my computer about 18 hours total to render these, but I'm very happy with the results.  The story is still being worked on, so it won't be ready anytime soon.  I'm taking my time with it to make sure it comes out great.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ryan and Alexi Light Tests

Ryan and Alexi are wrestlers in a draft story set during the Cold War that I've been sitting on for a while now.  Ryan (the Colorado Cowboy) is a brown-haired stud, while Alexi (the Red Rocket) is a blond steelworker from Moscow.  Both men have spent years building their bodies and enjoy the heat of wrestling other men.  Both have proudly accepted the call to represent their nations for an international battle in the ring.

The two meet in a packed arena in Norway with the hope that he will defeat and fuck his opponent before a worldwide audience.

I've been randomly working on their models for a while now, and I decided to try practicing some different lighting profiles.  While I try to get better at this, I wanted to share with you guys the quick and dirty test results.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Conan Crushed by Ormr (Bonus Panels)

Here are three extra panels for this mini series.  I had the idea just after finishing the first five panels.  I debated whether or not to actually make them -- and even more about whether or not I'd even post them!  I decided to do it on the caveat that I offer a warning beforehand.

With my human/humanoid stories, the result for the loser of the fight is usually slavery or simple abandonment, but this foe is different and it seems very Conan-appropriate, so I figured I would show what happens after such a fight.

Plus, it's Halloween, and we can all use a good scare tonight. *grin*

So with that said, don't click the link below if you're squeamish toward giant snakes or soft vore imagery.

Conan Crushed by Ormr

During his adventures, Conan finds the tomb of an unknown giant king.  Within it, a gargantuan constrictor snake named Ormr by his worshipers readies to do battle with the intruder!

I've kept this story very minimal so you guys can fill it in on your own.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Kal, a human who hailed from the kingdom of Brunnr, heard talk from a trio of men of a fabulous treasure located only three days' journey from his home and to the rocky hills of the west.   The treasure was said to be an unmovable box whose contents were replenished with jewels and gold on the night of the red moon.  He heard one of the men laugh as he told of his friend who had made the trip on the last red moon and hadn't bothered returning.

"That lucky son of an orc is probably living the good life now!" he cheered, crashing his stein of alcohol with the other two.

Kal knew that the red moon was to rise in two nights' time.  He'd have to hurry!

The young buck made the trek over the charred, treacherous hills and eventually found the area described by the men!  There, mere steps away, lay a beautiful chest which surely contained the treasure he'd been seeking!  But before he could open it and take his reward, he heard the booming thumps of footsteps approach!

The brute's skin was rugged and purple, and his big belly shook with his every stomp forward.  It was an ogre -- the guardian of the chest!

"WHY HUMAN HERE?!" he roared at the softskin through jagged teeth.  "COME STEAL THUD SHINIES?!"

Thud wasn't as tall as a typical orc, but to Kal he seemed just as powerful.  Something about the ogre paralyzed his legs with fright.  Kal tried to run from the brute, but he couldn't muster the courage!  In seconds, he was face-to-face with the hulking ogre.


The ogre raised his clenched fists high overhead and brought them down upon Kal, downing the human with one blow!  Thud stood proudly over Kal's defeated body.  He placed his foot atop the chest, raised his beefy arms to the sky, and roared his victory!

The ogre's cock was fat, Kal observed through half-open eyes.  It was stubby and curved in ways he'd never seen in his fellow men.  The head was flat and wide at the tip, and the hole that generously flowed Thud's precum was round and open.

The human's own manhood twitched at the sight of the aroused ogre.  He could already smell the sweet scent of Thud's lubricant, and he knew that he was about to be skewered by this brute's excited meat.

The powerful ogre flipped Kal upside down and seized control over his scrawny ankles.  Thud spread Kal's legs far apart and squatted, allowing his ogrehood to dribble its slick precum directly upon the softskin's puckering hole.

Kal moaned softly, prompting the brute to laugh and taunt, "Humans funny.  Come to Thud; get fucked.  Me fuck human hole!"

Thud's slick penis penetrated Kal's inviting butt, easily pushing past the ring and sinking into the hot, soft flesh inside his latest bitch.

Kal shouted with the sudden feeling of fullness and moaned out loud as the ogre's cock rubbed persistently against his prostate.  He shuddered and groaned through the dull pains caused by Thud's rough and clumsy fucking.  Thud stabbed at Kal's hole hard and fast, caring only about his own desires and not the human's.

Ogre mated human repeatedly throughout that night.  Countless ropes of Thud's goopy ogre semen was pumped deep into Kal's muscular gut, marking him as his bitch.

"Human hole make Thud feel good," the ogre grunted as he pulled his satisfied penis from the man's backside.  Unlike human seed, very little of the dominant brute's cum seeped from Kal's hole; ogre cum was sticky and made to stay where it was shot.  "Thud hungry!" he suddenly declared, slapping his grumbling tummy.  "Eat human now!"

"What?!  No!" Kal pled pathetically on his hands and knees.  "Please don't eat me!  I... I'll do anything!"

"Then you become Thud's!  You stay with Thud and let Thud fuck when me want!"

Kal quickly nodded his agreement.  So excited to have a new bitch to breed whenever he pleased, Thud's ogrehood sprang back to life!  With one quick thrust, Kal's hole was filled once again with the big-bellied ogre's fat cock.

Happy that he wasn't to wind up as food in that belly, Kal decided to lay back and enjoy himself as his new master had his way with him.

And the fabulous treasure?  Kal later found out that there was nothing in the box.  It was a trick to lure foolish humans to an ogre who would teach them a very valuable lesson.

The End

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Halloween

On the night of Halloween, when the full moon rose over the horizon, Kzak, the trickster demon, decided to turn his lustful sights toward Zeus, the king of the gods.

As he sat comfortably in his kingdom, Zeus allowed his guard to fall, and he never noticed the demonic portal that came for him.  Unable to struggle for long against its pull, the dark power stripped him of his toga and whisked him away from the clouds to a dark, cold, and eerie place somewhere on the world below.

Zeus immediately tried to return home, only to realize that he couldn't -- his powers were gone!  Forced to wander the grounds in search of a way out, the beefy, naked god never noticed that his demonic captor was slowly sneaking up on him, waiting for his chance to pounce!

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I knew that I wanted to use Kzak for this piece, but I didn't know who to volunteer to be his latest victim.  I decided on Zeus because I'd yet to show him in a vulnerable role -- and I think I'll do that again sometime in the future.

Whether you experience tricks or treats this Halloween, I hope you guys have a great one.

And beware... because after he gets done screwing Zeus, that sex-crazed demon might be out there, waiting for you, too!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Look up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's a muscle stud flying in a skin-tight costume with a big, red 'S' on his chest!

Superman has been one of my favorite superheroes since I was a boy.  I think it's just that combination of pride, All-American cockiness, and the seemingly-invulnerable way he has about him.

Those are the things I absolutely love to see thoroughly destroyed by a villain.  Of all of the superhero destruction fantasies out there, Superman is probably at the top of my list of them to be crushed.  Luckily, there are very many of them to be found out on the web.

Darkseid wins.  You can see more of this match at Gay Game and Toon Heroes, my Yahoo group, found in the links section.
My favorite Superman villain is probably Darkseid, with Doomsday coming in second.  I love a good fantasy story of Darkseid finally taking Superman down and taming him -- all without kryptonite, of course!  The defeat of Superman would be more thorough if he knew that he lost without the hindrance of the green rock.

To me, Darkseid is one of the perfect villains within the Superman series to bring the man of steel down to the level of a lowly work and sex slave.  His coldness and cruelty clash beautifully with Superman's warmth and sense of justice.

After having worked on Batman, I had wanted to try Superman, but I didn't want to do a straight-up nude version of him like I had with the dark knight.  So I waited until I had the right materials ready and then got to work.

I had to muddy the texture I usually use a bit to give the illusion of a skin-tight fabric over his body.  His chest logo wouldn't work correctly as a texture, so I had to add it in afterward.

I hope you guys enjoy the end result of my trying my hand at the superhero beefcake that is Kal-El!  By the way: like my love of cowboys, I like it when the boots are left on. *grin*

P.S. -- I've changed my handle to Lucky Stallion.  I have a feeling that my previous one was a bit of a mouthful for some to type/say/remember.  I think it'll be easier this way.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another King Crowned

Whew...  Yet another series done!  This time 50 panels in total -- a pretty nice, even number that I promise I didn't plan ahead of time!

Ever since I began Barbaric Brawn, I had wanted to do a Tarzan series, but... well... take a look at my early stuff and you could see that I wouldn't have been able to do the ape man justice.  Flash forward several months, and I think that I've gotten okay enough to have given him a shot.

I was surprised by how nice this one became.  It isn't nearly as perfect as I'd like it to be, but I'm happy with how the setting and (more often than not) the lighting came out.  I can probably place a majority of the credit to the updated rendering engine I'm now using.

When I was first drafting the storyline, I didn't originally plan to have Kondo, Njau, and Zuberi come back.  But since the software allowed it, I brought them in and let them help Jabari stick it to Tarzan.  I don't usually do double-teaming (or in this case quadruple-teaming), so that was a fun challenge.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one!  I'll be around, posting new single images here and there while I think up a new story.  If you're hungry for more Tarzan action in the meanwhile, be sure to check out Wildjuba's awesome work over at BAM Men.  There's also the superb art of Herodotus which is hosted by the equally great Telemachus.

I'll see you guys later!  Feel free to leave me a comment here and let me know what you thought!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 50 [End]

With Jabari's permission, Zuberi shoved the sacred jewel (with relative ease) into Tarzan's well-fucked hole!  The fallen jungle lord gave a groan of protest, but knew that he couldn't move or say anything against his master's wishes.  The black stud pushed Tarzan to the ground, where he lay spread-eagle and at the mercy of these men.

Jabari stood over Tarzan's head and allowed his satisfied manhood to drip its post-ejaculate into the white man's open mouth.  Tarzan obediently drank the sweet fluid as though it were nourishing water and rested his tired body.

Jabari grunted and beat his large pecs with his fists.  He bounced them a few times and raised his arms high.


Kondo, Njau, and Zuberi shouted their approval for the jungle's new ruler!  Jabari would take Tarzan around to the various tribes to prove to the others that he had emerged victorious in battle with the white man.  He would make Tarzan suck his cock and lick from his hole to prove his submission.  Happy that one of their own now ruled once more, the tribesmen would then kneel and obey his direction for the growth of Africa.

Fate had allowed Tarzan the chance to be the master and lord these people and this land, but his arrogance and pride eventually became his downfall.  Tarzan was bound by the law of the jungle and was the slave of the African over him.  He was now where he rightfully belonged: at the feet of the new king of the jungle.

Jabari nodded to his brothers, giving them the OK to do as they pleased with the white savage.  Eager to undo years of frustration deep into his holes, they advanced upon his helpless body...

The End

The New Jungle King: Panel 49

Just then, Zuberi remembered their jewel!  He ran over to where it lay near Tarzan's balled-up loincloth and Jabari's pouch.

The bright blue rock gleamed just like before as he held it to the sunlight.

A smirk crossed his mouth and his cock freely flowed precum as he thought of an idea.  If Tarzan wanted this jewel so badly, maybe he should just give it to him...

The New Jungle King: Panel 48

Once Jabari had had his fill of degrading his defeated opponent, he pulled his throbbing manhood from the muscular butt of Tarzan and commanded the white savage to kneel before him.

Not wishing to face the wrath of his master, Tarzan obeyed.  The ape man, exhausted and humbled, allowed his mighty arms to dangle and kept his eyes closed as signs of respect.

Jabari grunted and struck a double bicep pose just as his cock erupted its load onto Tarzan's face!  His thick, creamy seed spurt in ropes upon the slave's handsome face.  Tarzan groaned at the humiliation of being marked by another man's hot seed.  The black champion's life-giving cum flowed slowly down his face and into his mouth.

The taste of Jabari's potent semen was too much for the former jungle king!  His cock jumped and shot its load onto the ground below!  Tarzan cried out in heat as he orgasmed, and as he did, Jabari sent another load of cum directly at his drooping head.

Kondo, Njau, and Zuberi watched with satisfaction as the white man paid for his theft.  They were eager to continue his punishment well after this -- Tarzan had many years of arrogance to atone for.  They and others throughout the jungle would be certain to help teach Tarzan the lessons he needed to learn.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 47

Over the next hour, Tarzan was fucked roughly in several positions by the man he now called master.  Jabari's thick, black cock worked its way deep into his body, pleasuring Tarzan in a way he never knew was possible.

Kondo, Njau, and Zuberi pounded their manhoods to the sight of Tarzan losing himself to the heat that now burned inside him.  They were quite familiar with the kind of moans the ape man produced.  They were the sounds of a man who would never be the same again.  After this fuck, each of them knew that the fallen jungle lord would be unable to resist having a cock inside him.

At long last, Tarzan's sexual dominance had finally been broken!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Conan Conquers Africa

Conan, mighty muscular Cimmerian, sat in a warm tavern, enjoying the pleasures of drink and women as he listened to the men at a nearby table trade stories of conquests -- each more elaborate and boastful than the last.

The studly barbarian listened to one of them speak of a continent to the south called Africa, which was said to be inhabited by fierce, dark-skinned men with great power and big muscle.  Conan grunted to himself when the man spoke admiringly of one African's huge manhood.  Downing the last swig of his alcohol, Conan slammed his goblet back upon the table.  He squeezed his heavy balls under his fur loincloth and left the tavern -- much to the disappointment of those who admired the barbarian from afar.

After several days' journey, Conan happened upon a settlement under construction in the hot, sand-covered lands of the continent spoken of by the men back home.  It was also there that Conan spotted one of the continent's warriors!

This man was named Kugo, and he was known throughout Africa as the black king!  Kugo stood nude and proud as he surveyed the new construction he recently ordered.  Under his leadership, the people of the area were prosperous and thriving.

Conan decided to confront this man in a test of strength!  He stripped himself of his loincloth and ran forward to engage the African in wrestling!  Kugo was taken aback by the sudden arrival of this white man, but without hesitation, he accepted the challenger's foolish wish to become a slave!

Even without the benefit of his sword, this man was far stronger than Kugo had anticipated.  For the first time in his life, the black leader was out-wrestled and brought to his knees in total defeat.

Conan laughed at his foe's lack of skill.  He slapped Kugo's face with his erect cock and asked, "Are all men of Africa so weak?  I would have saved myself the journey if I had known a challenge worthy of a Cimmerian did not await me."

Kugo burned with shame and tried to fight back, only to be subdued with little effort.  He opened his mouth to curse the barbarian, but when his lips parted, the brute's fat, white cock was pushed into his mouth!

"I have been without a woman for many days now, slave.  Entertain me," Conan grunted.  "If you are not to be a worthy adversary, then I will take pleasure instead from your holes!"

Kugo was forced to service the unrelenting savage with his mouth!  The barbarian's salty and sweet precum gushed down his throat as his tongue worked over the head.

Conan moaned hotly as he partook of the spoils of victory.  "If only you could fight as well as you suck..."  He pushed himself all the way inside, causing Kugo to choke momentarily on his length.

Once he was satisfied with the African's mouth, he turned his attention to his foe's backside.  Kugo grunted and held onto the settlement's water supply urn for support.  The white man's fingers roughly probed his hole, preparing him to be bred!

Conan's slick cock slid smoothly into the black king's hot butt.  The Cimmerian moaned with lust as he used Kugo's hole to satisfy his needs.  He held onto the man's meaty sides and began to fuck fast and hard.  Kugo stifled a groan and struggled to remain silent throughout the ordeal.  He was grateful, at least, that his people were not present to witness his defeat.

Finally, the white barbarian erupted into his hole!  Conan's cock throbbed and bounced as it spurt its load deep inside!  He growled loudly in satisfaction and struck a double bicep pose.  He soon pulled out and ran his cock along the loser's dark glutes, wiping away the last of his globs of seed.

Kugo sat stunned on the hot, sandy ground and looked up at the victorious white man.  He panted and grabbed his erect cock to stroke himself to orgasm.  Conan laughed and flexed his muscles in a display of masculinity.

"This is what a real man looks like," he gloated, bouncing his pectorals.  He scooped up the beads of sweat that had formed across his mighty chest and flung them at Kugo.

As one last humiliation, the barbarian pressed his butt against the African's face, forcing him to clean the sweat from between his cheeks.  Kugo came as he did so, and he shot his heavy load onto the ground at the feet of the white champion.  Seed that he had wanted to bury in Conan's hole instead went to waste under the hot sun.

Satisfied with the outcome of the fight, the Cimmerian grabbed his sword and loincloth and left to once again find a fight worthy of Conan the Barbarian!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 46

Tarzan's sore and aching legs were raised and spread apart by the new jungle king.  He could feel Jabari's fat, wet cockhead rub insistently against his puckering hole.  It made Tarzan shudder in pleasure to feel this more powerful male assert his dominance over him.

Tarzan shouted as Jabari's massive cock penetrated his insides!  Kondo chuckled and watched Tarzan's face as one of his own mated with the white man.  The cock that was just pleasured by Tarzan's tongue bounced and throbbed over his face, though the former jungle lord barely noticed it at the time.

"TARZAN HOLE TIGHT!" Jabari grunted deeply!  "MAKE GOOD FUCK FOR JABARI!!"

The victorious African warrior pushed deeper and deeper into the ape man's muscle butt.  The soft, pink flesh yielded to his might and began to massage and pleasure the invading manhood, paying tribute to its victory.

Finally, he was all the way in!  Jabari spread Tarzan's legs far apart and ran his rugged hands up and down his new slave's creamy, inner thighs.  Tarzan lay still and quiet as he struggled to adjust to Jabari's girth and length.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Barbaric Brawn's 100,000th Page View

Overlord Krag, leader of the dominant orc race, set out from his mighty empire in search of new lands and new humans to conquer.  The titanic, green brute happened upon two muscular men locked in the heat of combat.

Amused, he watched them fight.  These humans would do well as slaves back at Grohmah, he thought to himself with a snort.

The orc soon leapt into the fray and quickly pummeled both men into submission!  The pale one cried out his surrender first as Krag buried his middle finger to the knuckle inside the human's hole.  The dark-skinned human managed to hold out for a moment longer, but the monstrous stranger's headlock forced him to give in, as well.

As Overlord Krag introduces these two studs to their new life of orc rule, I want to say thanks to you guys for visiting and bringing Barbaric Brawn to its 100,000th page view.  It's only been about 10 months since its open, but I never imagined it could have grown this fast.  That's all because of you.

Thanks again to all of the barbarians out there.  Keep that spirit of wrestling in your heart and your love of men fighting men burning hot!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 45

Kondo sat his beefy butt upon the grass and invited Tarzan to kneel before him and worship his throbbing black shaft.  The ape man looked up to his master, receiving the OK to switch off.

Tarzan got on his hands and knees and lowered his mouth to Kondo's meaty manhood.  The taste of this native's cock was rather different than Jabari's, yet it was still just as good.  He then wondered how Zuberi's and Njau's cocks might taste.  Kondo noticed that Tarzan's technique seemed to improve with every bob of his head up and down his leaking erection.

"White man make Kondo feel good," he moaned out with a groan of pleasure.  Humiliating this arrogant savage restored his pride as a man and brought justice for his people.  This was the right thing to do.

Jabari got down on bended knee and ran his firm hand over Tarzan's African-sun-tanned butt.  He gave the white flesh a good, strong slap, startling the fallen king momentarily.  His fingers ran in between the crack before delivering another smack to his slave's cheeks.

Tarzan moaned softly around Kondo's meat as he felt Jabari's eager fingers rubbing and stroking around his tight hole.  Jabari was pleased to feel the pink entrance constrict and wink from its master's touch.  True to his image as an exclusive, dominant top, Tarzan's hole felt like a virgin's.

This would be a good fuck and he would enjoy making this man his bitch.  Tarzan would soon learn a lesson he would never forget.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 44

Njau raised his arm and shouted his approval for Jabari's win.

Kondo knelt and watched closely as Tarzan's wet lips slid up and down the black champion's throbbing shaft.  For a man who was known for his dominance, Tarzan sucked cock well.

"Tarzan suck me next!" he said, giving his own manhood a firm stroke.  He would make the fallen king service his desires and begin the task of repaying the theft of their jewel.

The New Jungle King: Panel 43

Tarzan got to work, wrapping his lips around the large, mushroom head of Jabari's mammoth manhood.  He swallowed the sweet precum that flowed generously from the tip.  The black warrior's masculine scent hit Tarzan's tongue and aroused him deeply -- pushing him to suck harder and take even more into his mouth.

Zuberi stepped closer and watched as Tarzan obeyed his sexual instincts and surrendered to his master's cock.  He'd seen Tarzan receive oral pleasure from the men of the jungle before, but he never imagined he'd ever see the reverse.

"Me not know Tarzan like suck!" Zuberi laughed heartily over the noises of Tarzan's eager lips.  Tarzan appeared to lose himself in the moment and didn't stop to answer the native's humiliating accusation.

Before Jabari could lose himself fully to the heat of after-battle sex, he raised his fists high and made his triumph known to the jungle, "VICTORY TO MOGU TRIBE!!"

Monday, September 24, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 42

Tarzan mustered the strength moments later to sit up.  He rubbed his aching shoulders and grunted.  Jabari grabbed the white man's chestnut brown hair and pulled his head back.  His hot, throbbing manhood met Tarzan's face and rested against his cheek.

Tarzan stared with wide eyes at the large slit in the bulbous head of the black sword of flesh.  It freely oozed its clear, slick precum onto his shoulder.  The new jungle king was aroused and wanted his needs taken care of immediately.

Njau, Kondo, and Zuberi watched with amusement as Tarzan's cock grew to its full length and began throbbing along with theirs.  The tired, aching savage was drained and wanted sleep -- but he knew he must first serve the winner.  The power and virility of Jabari aroused Tarzan's long-dormant submissive side and made itself known by way of his erection.  He could feel in his gut a change taking place.  He felt his body surrendering to this muscular native.

"Tarzan like Jabari cock?" the black king asked in a deep, sultry voice.  "Want taste?"

"Y-Yes..." Tarzan replied simply, licking his lips without realizing it.  He wanted to taste the only man to conquer the once-mighty jungle lord.