Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 11

With a belly full of Hercules' potent seed, Sergios fell to the ground and passed out.

Hercules lifted his slave into his arms and cradled him like a precious object.  He carried him to a nearby river and carefully cleaned Sergios and himself of battle sweat and cum.  A bolt of lightning then came from the heavens and struck the two, sending them directly to Mount Olympus.

Standing there awaiting them was Zeus, the father of gods and men.  The muscular god king was nude as he greeted his son and his new consort.

"I have brought Sergios to you, Father," Hercules spoke, holding the mortal-turned-immortal man out like an offering.

"EXCELLENT, MY SON!" Zeus boisterously spoke!  "You have made me and all of Olympus proud, Hercules!"

The godling placed Sergios by Zeus' feet and was returned to Earth.  The champion would need to rest before he set out to tell the bards and wise men of his battle with and victory over Sergios.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 10

Sergios could take it no longer!  He let go and allowed his cock to spurt its pent-up load of cum!

He cried in pleasure as ropes of hot, white semen burst from his bouncing manhood!  It coated the ground with his hot essence and drained his heavy orbs of their humble offering to the mighty Hercules.

Sergios' hole constricted and squeezed tightly around Hercules' cock, forcing it, too, over the edge!  The demigod managed to grunt, "Be filled, slave!  Take the seed of Hercules!!" before he flooded the muscular butt of the defeated human.

Hercules held him close to his body as he came.  With every slow thrust, he groaned and grunted and savored his last few moments that day with the man named Sergios.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 09

After an hour of intense fucking, Hercules grabbed his slave by his curly locks and pulled him upright.  Without allowing his sword of flesh to leave its sheath, he grasped Sergios' abdomen and held him close.

Hercules' hips continued to gyrate, fucking his cock deep inside Sergios' hole.  But when the human brought his head back and kissed him deep, Hercules was momentarily taken aback.

The two men wrestled tongues as they bred, and Sergios moaned into his master's mouth with every hot, passionate kiss.

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 08

Sergios knelt in submission and raised his butt into the air.  He hung his head in shame as he felt the thick, leaking head of his master's cock rub up and down against his puckering hole.

"UNNNH..." Hercules groaned in arousal as he pushed forward, easily defeating the last of Sergios' defenses.  He was in!  "YES!!" the demigod shouted in elation!

With his pride as a man at stake, Sergios tried to keep quiet, but the girth of Hercules' legendary cock stretching him out soon forced him to moan.

Inch after inch of his master slid into his hot insides, filling him in a way no other man had ever been able.

"You are but one of many who have felt the sword of Hercules plunge into their holes, slave!!" the son of Zeus taunted in a booming voice.

Finally, Hercules' godhood speared Sergios to the hilt!  He placed a hand upon the human's back and began a hard and steady fuck.

Sergios' moans increased with every thrust.  He quickly realized that all of the tales he'd heard about the sexual heroics of Hercules were true.  The godling knew how to fuck!  Hercules' cock wore at Sergios' resolve until he eventually found himself pushing back to meet its advances.

"Great Apollo," he thought with horror at his actions, "I can feel him reach so deep inside me!"

Hercules' thrusts grew more and more savage with every minute that passed.  The demigod's hips slapped against Sergios' butt, and the heavy balls of the two men met repeatedly.

Hercules' massive ego inflated and his chest swelled with pride as he broke Sergios sexually.  This was what he wanted ever since he confronted his target on this very land.  None were a match for the great Hercules!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 07

Hercules pulled his wet cock from Sergios' mouth and dropped him to the ground.  Sergios grunted and coughed.  He rubbed his throat and struggled to catch his breath.

Before he could attempt to sit up again, he saw Hercules standing overhead!  Without warning, the demigod sat upon his face!  The human moaned between the huge, muscular cheeks snugly planted around his head.

Hercules placed his arms akimbo and awaited service from his conquest.  Knowing well what his master wanted, Sergios began the task of licking Hercules' hole.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 06

Hercules straddled Sergios' chest and grasped his wrists.  He pulled the human up and pressed his mammoth manhood against his face.

"Suck me, slave!" Hercules commanded.

Sergios grimaced as the huge godhood rubbed lewdly against his barely-parted lips.  The precum that leaked from the head of that incredible cock trailed down his handsome face, humiliating him further.  He finally opened his mouth and allowed Hercules to enter.

"Those who fall to the power of Hercules must worship!" the son of Zeus growled over Sergios' muffled moans.

The laborer used his tongue and lips to pleasure his master as best he could.  His head bobbed back and forth, struggling to fit more and more of Hercules' cock inside.

The demigod moaned in bliss.  This man clearly had some skill in the art of servicing men.  He arched his back and thrust his chest toward the sky as he slid every inch of his colossal meat into the throat of his father's newest conquest.

Hercules got into a rhythm of thrusting in and out of Sergios' mouth.  The human managed to relaxed his throat enough to allow his master to enjoy its depths.

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Thanks to all of you for helping me reach this milestone.  I made up a trophy to commemorate this accomplishment for you guys!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 05


The demigod dropped his slave to the ground and raised his fist in triumph!  The halfgod son of Zeus had defeated yet another challenge and has proven once again that there is no match for the mighty Hercules!

His heavy manhood stood tall and proud as he basked in the glory of total victory over his foe.  He took his throbbing cock in his hand and stroked it slowly, looking over the downed body of Sergios.

But before he delivered him to Zeus, Hercules would take his frustrations out on the holes of the human.  He would make Sergios regret not surrendering before the fight began!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 04

Sergios slumped like a newborn into the arms of the man who now stood as his conqueror.  He rested his face upon Hercules' hot and sweaty shoulder and groaned in pain.

Hercules held his slave gently and began to massage his tender back.  The human moaned softly at the incredible sensations his master was giving his sore muscles.

But Hercules didn't want his conquest to believe that his ordeal was behind him.  Their fight was over, but there would be another price to pay for his failure -- a price that all men who surrender in battle must pay.

Hercules placed his mouth next to Sergios' ear and gruffly spoke, "No man can defeat the gods of Olympus, Sergios!  You will be punished for this!  I will take my prize from your body!"

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 03

Unable to withstand the terrible bearhug that threatened to break his back, Sergios gave into the demigod!

"AUUUUGHH!!" came his cry of defeat and the halting of his struggle!  "I SURRENDER!!  I SURRENDER!!"

"Do you forfeit your freedom to forever serve almighty Zeus?!" Hercules roared, giving Sergios one final squeeze.

"YES!" Sergios agreed instantly!  "ANYTHING!  SPARE ME, MIGHTY HERCULES!!"

And with his word binding him to his fate, the muscular human was conquered and enslaved!  Booming thunder rumbled from above, signaling Zeus' pleasure with the outcome!

Hercules felt pride in his chest as he held his defeated foe close to his superior body.  They basked in the heat of battle that can only two men can know.  And regardless of the outcome, both were satisfied.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 02

Zeus turned his angered expression toward his other son.

"You dare betray me, Ares?" he spoke with contempt.  "I will deal with you later.  You will come before my throne at dawn."

Ares knew what would happen.  A rare chill seized the manly god of war.

"Understood?" Zeus asked, his voice like a rolling thunder.

"...Yes, Father."

Instantly, the two studly gods vanished from the battlefield and left Hercules and Sergios as they had found them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 01

Just before Ares, the god of war, could reinvigorate Sergios to claim victory over his brother, Zeus, the king of gods and men stepped in!

Without the aid of the war god, Sergios felt the full pressure of Hercules' bone-shattering bearhug!  He screamed in agony, totally unaware that two powerful deities of muscle and might were standing right behind him.

"Yes, Hercules!  Yes!!" Zeus shouted in elation.  He watched as his half-human son squeezed their opponent without mercy.  "Force him to submit!!  CRUSH HIM!!"

"GIVE UP!" Hercules snarled, unaware of his father's presence urging him on.

Ares knelt beside Zeus and shook his head in defeat.  Somehow, Zeus found out about his giving the mortal Sergios ambrosia.  Ares would find out who told Zeus and make them pay!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Demigod Has Met His Match

And so, this ancient tale of the defeat and domination of Hercules is finally finished!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this one.  I'm happy with how it all came together and I even managed to sneak in a little twist near the end.

Because this story takes place in Greece and uses the Greek names of Zeus and Ares (instead of the Roman equivalents Jupiter and Mars), I thought about naming Hercules Heracles.  I went with Hercules purely on name recognition and to make it easier on people who were searching for this story.

The Shrine of Zeus is my favorite location thus far.  I'd love to visit a place like that in real life and bathe in its fountain.  Of course, a place like that would be a lot of work to maintain...  If I ever become a millionaire, I'll recreate it!

Hercules' cock is much bigger than I intended!  It's especially noticeable when placed next to his opponent's.  Hercules himself is a few percent points bigger in every way compared to Sergios.

I hope that you guys enjoyed all the work that went into Hercules vs Sergios!  I'll be taking some time off again to think about what to do next (I think I have an idea already *grin*), so be sure to check back in the future.

Oh, before I wrap it up here...  I noticed that there were some of you who really wanted Hercules to win this fight.  Don't worry, in the coming days, you'll get to see what would've happened if Ares never managed to interfere.


Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 54 [End]

Hercules fell to the ground and groaned.  His master grunted, allowing him to rest his weary body.

Sergios placed his foot atop the back of the muscular demigod and raised his arms in a double bicep pose.

Mighty Hercules, once free to roam the lands and do as he pleased was now the slave of the human known as Sergios.  Many tales would be told of the human's defeat of the demigod, and -- just as Zeus originally feared -- many would come to worship him as a god on the earth.

Pleased with his pawn's victory over Hercules, Ares allowed the incredible strength that he bestowed upon Sergios to remain with the new immortal for the rest of his existence.

The End

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day From Barbaric Brawn

To all the proud papas out there: have a great and happy Father's Day from Barbaric Brawn.

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 53

Hercules leaned back and bellowed loudly as rope after rope of thick, godly semen shot from his erect cock!  His heavy balls felt immediate relief as they were drained of their life-giving fluids.

It was the most incredible orgasm Hercules had ever experienced in his years on the earth.  The unbelievable pleasures this human had given him only cemented his desire to serve in submission.

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 52

Hercules' balls were still filled with the pent-up cum from the fight and his endurance of master's rough loving.  His cock drooled freely and throbbed.  Yet, the demigod knew that if he were to orgasm without Sergios' permission, he would be punished severely.

Sergios sat upon the workbench and patted his lap.  Hercules obediently sat down.

"Please, Master..." he begged.  "Allow me release!"

"Put your hands behind your head," Sergios commanded.  "Do not touch yourself!"

The victorious human began to sensually massage his new slave's chest and abs.  His fingers rubbed and stroked every inch of skin and protruding muscle.

Even though he couldn't read his master's mind, Hercules knew that it was okay to let himself go.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 51

After an hour of intense fucking, Sergios could no longer hold back.  He released Hercules and threw his arms wide!

"Take my seed, Hercules!" he shouted to the warm, sunny sky.  "I claim you as my own!!  UNNNGHH!!"

An incredible gush of semen erupted from the human's cockhead and flooded the demigod's muscular butt.  Hercules gasped in awe at the feeling of being inseminated by another man.  In his many years of plowing the holes of his worshipers and enemies, he never knew the feeling of having another male's hot cum shot inside him.

"His manhood... his seed..." Hercules thought silently, "I've never felt such pleasure before!"

Sergios placed his hands behind his head and allowed the hot sun to bake his incredible pecs and abs.  He bounced them quickly as his cock continued to deposit its well-earned load into the body of his defeated enemy.

It was a moment neither man would ever forget.  It was a battle of impossible odds, yet, somehow, a miracle allowed the littler man to emerge victorious over the might of Olympus.

Hercules would someday again fuck the holes of others, but he would never -- could never -- give up the incredible sensations of surrendering his own to the thick, throbbing members of others.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 50

Sergios held his slave steady and began to fuck the hole that many men could only dream of invading.  Part of him was surprised that Hercules hadn't disputed his actions.  But as he stared at his own body, he began to realize that he truly was the stronger man.

Hercules cried out in pleasure with every thrust inside his body.  His backside began to tremble in surrender to the pummeling it endlessly received.  His hole sucked at the mighty cock invading it so roughly.  Its muscles squeezed and milked instinctively at its new master, never wanting to let it go.

The laborer grunted and his hefty meat spurt shot after shot of precum into the halfgod's tunnels, further lubricating his victory mating.  He laid his body over Hercules' and thrust his hips faster and harder, wanting nothing more than to seed the greatest earthbound conquest of his time!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 49

Sergios lifted the godling's legs high up and placed the tip of his cock to the hot, puckering hole of his former idol.

The human took a moment to fully take in his victory.  The low, needy grunts of his slave finally pushed him to thrust his manhood inside!

"YES!!" he groaned out in triumph!

Hercules screamed in agony as his master skewered his hole!  The soft, tight insides of the son of Zeus caressed Sergios' cock.  It submissively squeezed and massaged its invader.

"Incredible!" Sergios grunted over his slave's shouts.  "This virgin hole of Olympus is mine!  What glorious tribute to the conqueror of Hercules!!"

The triumphant human began a quick and steady fuck to the defeated demigod's butt.  The flesh of the two titanic studs slapped together lewdly as they mated.

Hercules' shouts of agony and humiliation soon softened and became pitiful mewls for more!  Sergios laughed arrogantly at the sounds the once-proud Hercules now produced.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 48

Sergios placed the head of his cock to Hercules' open lips.  With one swift thrust, he filled the demigod's mouth full with his manly appendage.

"Drink the nectar from my shaft, slave!" Sergios commanded.  He moaned as Hercules' thick, skillful tongue pleasured his throbbing manhood.

"Use your mouth to prepare me!" he grunted, fucking Hercules' mouth steadily.  With no olive oil handy, his slave's saliva would have to suffice as lubricant.

The laborer then noticed Hercules' heaving chest and his plump, succulent nipples.  Sergios took the male buds between his index and thumb fingers and began to twist and pull until they swelled.  Like the cows on his uncle's farm, Sergios milked the tender nipples of his slave.

Hercules couldn't help but moan at such incredible pleasure.  His cock began leaking copious amounts of precum onto his well-defined belly.  The masculine flow trailed down his side and onto the stone bench below.

His defenseless body writhed in sexual heat under the rough touch of his master.

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 47

Sergios moaned in erotic heat at the feeling of Hercules' tongue dragging across his flexing backside.

"Ungh... yeah..." he grunted, grinding his butt down on the godling's face.  "Worship my hole, Hercules."

Humiliated, Hercules' tongue glided and lapped across the human's puckering entrance.  It was a hole that he wished to enter.  His cock twitched mournfully as it realized it'd never be able to claim such a prize.

Sergios chuckled.  "All of Greece will soon see how far their beloved hero has fallen!"

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 46

Sergios lifted Hercules into his arms and laid him splayed out over his stone workbench.  Hercules' head lolled upside-down for a moment before his vision was obscured by the muscular globes of his new master's butt!

Sergios pressed his cheeks down over Hercules' mouth and turned to growl, "Clean the sweat from my hole, slave!  Leave not a drop behind!"

The beaten stud obeyed.  He stuck his tongue out and bathed the battle sweat from Sergios' most private area.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 45

Hercules leaned back and watched as Sergios put on a display of raw masculinity.  He flexed and posed the muscle that defeated the mighty Hercules.

The demigod couldn't help but look at the human in a new way: as master.  Sergios' smug smile and bouncing pecs hardened his godhood in a way no other being had ever managed.

As the laborer lowered his hand to stroke his meaty cock, Hercules' hole began to twitch.  It suddenly ached for the human's sword!  It longed to be filled with the cock of the man who emerged victorious over him!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 44

Sergios stood at the side of his new slave and struck a series of bodybuilder poses.  He could still hardly believe that his fate would lead him to become an immortal and vanquish the halfgod son of Zeus.

"Prepare yourself, Hercules!" he finally grunted, squeezing and tugging at his thick nipples.  "For a thousand moons, I own you.  And for that time, your holes will please me and your muscles will work for my benefit."

Sergios had many plans for this walking mass of male muscle.  He would force Hercules to perform many intense labors in the fields.  But for tonight, he would make love to the godling and assert his rightful place as master.

But Hercules was swimming in a mental mire of confusion and fear.  "No..." he thought to himself.  "This can't be possible...  I am Hercules.  I am no man's slave..."

Sergios drove his foot into the loser's chest, snapping him from his thoughts.


And with this first of many, many acts of servitude, Hercules did.

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 43


The human dropped his godly foe to the grass.  He stood over the beaten body of Hercules and raised his arms in a double bicep pose!

Sergios' cock stood tall and proud as he basked in the glory of his victory.  He had accomplished what no other man could: he wrestled and defeated the incredible Hercules, son of Zeus and most powerful man in the world!

Hercules lay panting and sore under the awesome body of his new master.  And though the prospect of being a slave to this mortal-turned-immortal frightened him, his cock remained rock-hard and throbbing.

Hercules was, at long last, conquered!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 42-2

"YOU'RE... YOU'RE BREAKING MY BACK!" Hercules cried.

But this news only served to make Sergios squeeze harder!

"AUUUUUGGHHH!!" the godling screamed with pain he'd never truly known before.

Realizing that it was all over, he begged his new master for pity.


Hercules, muscle champion of men everywhere, then bellowed at the top of his lungs, "I SURRENDER!!  I SURRENDER!!"

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 42-1

It was time to finish this battle, Sergios finally decided!

Feeling that it was only fitting that the most powerful man in the world be finished off with his own signature hold, Sergios scooped Hercules up and into a crushing bearhug!

Hercules immediately braced himself, but nothing could prepare him for what he felt next.  The musclebound demigod threw his arms and legs wide and screamed in pain as his opponent applied the pressure of one hundred men!


"No..." he grunted through strained breath.  "No, this can't be!!"

He looked to the sky and pled with Zeus, "Father... give me strength!!"

But the king of the gods did not take pity on his son.  Hercules had failed him, and, as punishment, would receive no support.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 41

Sergios lay himself atop the sweat-laced body of his foe and wrapped his arm around his neck, forcing Hercules up!

He clenched his fist and applied pressure to the demigod's throat!

"Speak, Hercules, or I will squeeze the breath from you!"

Realizing that he couldn't possibly escape the hold, he finally choked out the truth.

"You... ate... ambrosia...!  Zeus said... you're... immortal...!!"

Sergios' grip loosened for a split second.  Hercules gasped in precious air before his throat was constricted once more by Sergios' muscular arm.

"Ambrosia?" Sergios muttered incredulously to himself.  "I'm... immortal?"

Suddenly it all made sense.  No wonder the king of the gods viewed him as a threat!  He was now a man with strength to rival Hercules who, like a god on earth, could never die!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 40

Hercules screamed in pain as Sergios brought his entire weight down upon his back!

He couldn't understand how this human managed to escape from his bearhug.  No man he'd ever placed in the hold had ever escaped without submission.  Not only had Sergios done the impossible, he'd also brought the living legend to the ground, crying out like a wounded beast.

The laborer felt incredible.  He raised his arms in a double bicep pose and bounced his pecs rapidly.  The power of the god of war coursed through his muscles, giving him strength that rivaled even Hercules!

But Sergios didn't dare waste a precious second questioning this newfound power's origin.  All that mattered now was bringing down this barbaric son of Zeus once and for all!

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 39

With the mighty Hercules again at his mercy, Sergios leapt into the air!

Hercules, flat on his stomach, could only lay there as his opponent landed!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 38

Hercules came to his senses just as Sergios turned him onto his belly and yanked his legs back!

"TELL ME!!" Sergios shouted again and again with every press down!  The intensity of the hold was amplified by the incredible strength Ares had given the human.

Hercules screamed in pain, but refused to tell his foe of his immortality!

Finally, Sergios let go.  In his frustration, he drove his foot into Hercules' side.

The godling took the blow with a grunt and a groan.  His legs felt as though they'd just been crushed under a pillar of the Parthenon!

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 37

Sergios grabbed Hercules by his legs and lifted the studly demigod up.

Hercules, still reeling from the blow to his head, could do little but moan and watch as his energized opponent set him up for a hold.

"Why did Zeus send you for me?!" the laborer barked.  "Tell me, Hercules!"

But Hercules was too dazed to speak!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 36


Sergios' fists slammed into Hercules' head with such force, the son of Zeus lost his footing and stumbled back and to the ground!

Hercules bellowed in pain from the strike.  With Sergios already on his downed body, he had no time to wonder how his opponent had summoned such impossible strength!

Ares squeezed his hefty balls as watched the tide of battle turn in the human's favor.  Satisfied with what he'd seen, Ares left the battlefield to sow the seeds of battle in the hearts of men across the world.

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 35

Infused with the strength of the god of war, Sergios clenched his fists and drew them high!

"I WILL WIN!!" he roared at a shocked Hercules!

"IMPOSSIBLE!!" the demigod roared!

His eyes grew wide with fright at Sergios' miraculous recovery!  With his arms firmly around his foe's back, Hercules had no way of defending himself from the oncoming attack!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 34

"You are my chosen, Sergios!" the unseen god spoke.  "It was I who gave you ambrosia and granted you a great strength.  And yet that still wasn't enough for a lowly human like you!"

Ares stared in disgust at the way Sergios teetered on the edge of submission.  But it wasn't entirely his fault; Hercules was far too strong for this one.

The god of war grunted at Hercules.  The demigod's strength and sense of pride would soon prove a nuisance for Ares' greater plans.  Sergios' inability to emerge triumphant meant that he would need to intervene once more.  But this time, he would be sure to get it right.

"Receive your new power," the god shouted, "the strength of Ares!"

Sergios suddenly felt the power of a hundred men flood his muscles!  The pains in his body faded, and his manhood throbbed furiously with need!  Somehow, he could now withstand the might of Hercules' bearhug!

"Fulfill your destiny, my pawn!" Ares laughed wickedly.  "Defeat Hercules!  ENSLAVE MY BROTHER!!"

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 33

But just as Sergios was about to scream his surrender, a godly presence of masculinity appeared from behind and forced his tongue to stop!

Having just finished giving a batch of Spartan warriors a lesson in wrestling, the god of war, Ares, suited in armor, appeared in spirit on the battlefield.

"Sergios, favored of Ares!" the god shouted, though neither Sergios nor Hercules could see or hear him.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 32-2

No matter how Sergios tried to fight it, Hercules' hug was like the mouth of a great lion whose jaws slowly squeezed the life from his tiring body!

The mighty cock of Hercules somehow found its way to Sergios' firm butt.  It brushed against the human hole between, subtly reminding it of its impending fate.

Sergios' strength was waning quickly, but somehow he held on for as long as he could!

"Nnnngghhh!  I can't... last!!"

Hercules grunted through gritted teeth and applied more pressure!

This foe would soon be his!  Tales would be told for generations of Hercules' glorious triumph over the mortal-turned-immortal who dared challenge his authority!

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 32-1

Hercules wasted little time in lifting Sergios up and pressing his hard, muscular body close to his own.  The demigod could feel his opponent's body quiver in fear as he placed him in a bearhug!

All across Greece knew of Hercules' crushing bearhugs.  There was no escape -- only surrender.

The living legend of muscle squeezed his large arms around Sergios' back!  The human threw his arms wide and screamed in anguish!

"GIVE UP!!" Hercules demanded of his foe, holding his struggling body in an iron grip!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 31

Sergios moaned quietly as Hercules took hold of his throbbing shaft.  The laborer burned with shame at the humiliation of having his manhood gripped by his enemy.  He thanked the gods that his uncle was away and had no chance of seeing him in such a state.

Hercules' thumb swirled vigorously around the plump head of Sergios' smaller cock, coaxing precum to flow from the tip.  His beefy fingers gently pumped his challenger's manly flesh up and down.

"You were a worthy opponent, Sergios..." Hercules grunted as he humiliated the man further.  "But now you are finished."

"N... no..." Sergios moaned in disbelief.  The hand of the demigod felt incredible on his shaft.  He struggled valiantly to not raise his hips up and give himself over to the son of Zeus.

"It's time to end this," Hercules said, finally letting go.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panels 29 + 30

Hercules lifted Sergios high overhead.

The laborer tried to escape the grasp of the demigod, but failed!

"THEN I WILL BREAK YOU!!" Hercules roared in a booming voice!

With one fluid motion, Hercules brought Sergios' back down upon his knee, executing a devastating backbreaker on the young buck!

Hercules' manly growls filled the heated air and mixed with his foe's screams of anguish.

The human lay across the knee of his former idol like a sacrifice upon a sacred altar.  He didn't bother to move, figuring that he wouldn't be able to anyhow.  He merely lay still as Hercules ran his rough and rugged hand over his well-defined abs.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 28

Hercules grabbed Sergios and hoisted the struggling buck up and into his arms.

The demigod looked at the muscular frame of the human and gave his butt a firm squeeze.  It would be a shame to devastate this one's body.  The merciful thing would be to give him another opportunity to surrender.

"I offer you one final chance, Sergios," he barked at the laborer.  "Give in to me!"

Sergios merely snarled back, "NEVER!!"