Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 15

Keln was made to lay back as Thud took total control over the blowjob.  He climbed up high on the rock and got a good footing before guiding his cock down and into his mate's open mouth.

The ogre grunted with pleasure and began a quick and steady downward thrust into the warm wetness below.  His plum-colored butt bounced up and down as he fucked away at Keln's face.

The half-goat's cock stood tall and proud, throbbing untouched in the heat of the sun.  His tongue worked to please Thud's thrusting cock and help prepare it for its inevitable invasion of his backside.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 14

Thud seated himself on Keln's prized resting rock and spread his legs wide.  He grunted and pointed to his throbbing meat.  "Suck master cock!" he growled, urging his mate forward to take him into his mouth.

Keln bowed his head submissively and crawled toward the brute.  Thud's cock leaked its goopy precum generously as it awaited his arrival.  Up close, the throbbing shaft looked intimidating, but still alluring.

Keln opened his lips wide and took only the head inside his warm, wet mouth.  Thud moaned happily as his ogrehood made contact with the satyr's tongue.  It rewarded him with a healthy surge of lube down his throat.

Keln struggled to keep up with the flow, but somehow managed to down every drop.  He obediently sucked and slurped at the stubby head of his master's meat, pleasing the ogre well.

"Drink deep!" Thud urged, taking hold of the satyr's soft-haired head.  "Good slave..."

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 13

Thud pushed his foe onto his back and allowed him a moment of rest.  Keln gulped air into his lungs and released it slowly.  He watched his conqueror walk in circles around his body and gulped in worry whenever Thud caught his gaze and shot him a lusty smile.

The brute moved quickly into position; he turned himself around and squatted down, presenting his big bubble butt to Keln.  The satyr's eyes grew wide as the massive rear descended upon his face!

Keln was reminded of the tales he'd heard from his brothers.  They spoke of how the savage ogres would enact retribution against their fallen enemies in the form of  humiliation.  Some chose to simply have their cocks sucked to orgasm; others would enjoy emptying their bladders upon their defeated foes; but the ogres, he was told, enjoyed most of all having their holes licked.

Keln knew that Thud wouldn't hesitate to knocked him out if he didn't obey.  He shuddered at the thought of being out cold and at this monster's total mercy!

He stuck his tongue out and carefully licked at Thud's tight, purple hole.  He moaned quietly as the ogre wriggled and gyrated his hips, rubbing that sweat-laced backside firmly against his face.

Thud grunted in contentment.  He placed his hands upon his knees and relaxed.  "Goat man tongue feel like human," he thought silently to himself, thinking back to his last fight with a man.  "Make Thud feel good!"

Keln, mercifully given a breath of air every little while, worked for nearly a half hour to appease his master's demand.  He hated to admit to himself that the erotic scent of this brute and the humiliating act of rimming his hole finally began to arouse him.  His human-like cock quickly grew to full hardness.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 12

His work half complete, Thud took a moment to bask in the glory of his latest victory.  He placed his calloused foot atop Keln's back and spread his powerful arms wide.  His cock bounced and drooled warm precum onto the satyr's shoulder.

"THUD STRONG!!" the purple-hued brute roared proudly to the sun.  He growled deeply and ran his hands over his big pecs, squeezing his plump nipples between his fingers.

All Keln could do was groan his pain, knowing that he'd only experienced the beginning of his ordeal.  His loss to the brute would have consequences.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 11

Thud kicked his foe, pushing him onto his belly.  He roughly mounted Keln's lower back and grabbed hold of his horns.  With one good yank, he pulled the satyr back and applied a camel clutch!

Keln groaned in pain as his upper body was stretched up and his arms were held back by Thud's meaty legs.  He could feel Thud's throbbing, needy cock poke against his aching back.  The goopy precum that flowed from its open slit ran down his back and onto the base of his tail.  He squirmed as he felt the monstrous lubricant drip down between his furry cheeks, where it found and coated his hole.

"GIVE UP!" Thud demanded one final time.  But Keln remained silent, refusing to submit!

Thud growled and shook his clenched fist.  He was ready to beat some sense into this goat man!  He then snarled his threat, "ME SMASH SATYR SKULL LIKE EGG!!"

"No... please..." Keln finally whimpered for mercy, knowing that the ogre would make good on his promise.  "Not that..."  Just as the brute drew back to make the first strike to his handsome head, the caprine stud finally shouted, "I SURRENDER!  I'LL BE YOUR BREEDING MATE!!"

Thud relaxed his arm and smirked.  He placed that hand upon the satyr's face and pet it gently.  The victorious stud had finally won the right to mate with his new bitch!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 10

Thud's impatience had finally boiled over and enraged him.  His cock throbbed with need, and this satyr wasn't cooperating as quickly as he had expected.  He drove his big foot down, stomping Keln in the shoulder three times before giving him the kick that forced him onto his side.

"Me want breed NOW!" he growled, applying an armbar to further agonize his opponent's sore shoulder.  "Goat man give up?  Let Thud fuck?!"

The pressure in his shoulder caused Keln to scream out; yet, despite the pain, he refused to allow the brute the pleasure of screwing and humiliating him!  He shouted out his refusal in a loud bleat and kicked at the ground in an attempt to get out of the hold!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 09

Keln struggled to shake off the brutal slap he'd received.  Thud had hit him so hard, the world around him blurred and spun!  By instinct to survive, his powerful hooves pushed him away from his attacker as his vision came back into focus.

But before Keln could fully recover, Thud squatted down low on his meaty legs and leapt into the air!  Keln gasped at the sight, but could do nothing to evade the onslaught!

"THUD STRONG!!" the ogre roared as he came crashing down onto the satyr's muscular body!

Keln bellowed his pain as Thud's entire, massive weight pressed him into the grassy ground!

The purple-hued behemoth laughed with pleasure at Keln's groans and gasps for air.  He kept himself on his opponent's body for a while longer, enjoying the heat of the other male.  Still winded from the full body blow, Keln never bothered to free himself from the futile position.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 08

As though he were mesmerized, Keln watched as Thud's meaty arm drew back and took aim.  His focus then returned to the ogre's scowling face.

"This what Keln try to do?" Thud asked mockingly and swung!  "GRUH!!"


The back of the mighty brute's hand struck the satyr's handsome face!  He cried out in a bleat and was forced back, where he landed on his furry butt!

Thud chuckled at Keln's dumbfounded expression.  He took hold of the leaking head of his fat penis and massaged it in circles.  It wouldn't be long now, he knew, before he plunged it into the hot confines of his foe's backside.

Quick Note: Sick

I just wanted to let you guys know that my posting may be staggered for a short while.  I had to visit the emergency room a few days ago for (unrelated) breathing problems, and now I'm about a couple of days into the common cold.  And just when I thought I had eluded the cold this year... grumblegrumble.

I'll try to keep a regular schedule with my posts, but it's a bit difficult to write dirty stories when you're feeling anything but sexy.  I hope you guys are taking care and avoiding illness.

-Lucky Stallion

Update (2013-01-26): Thanks everyone for your well wishes!  They meant a lot to me.  I'm feeling a lot better now, and will be back up to speed very soon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 07

This behemoth was tougher than Keln had anticipated!  He realized that he needed to bring the ogre to his knees if he stood a chance of winning.

Without allowing Thud the opportunity to defend himself, Keln dropped to the ground and delivered a sweeping low kick to the ogre's shins!  But the attack did nothing to shake Thud's footing!

Keln heard his foe's deep, frightening chuckle, and he looked up with shock and horror.

"Goat man make Thud laugh," the plum-colored brute spoke.  He made his heavy pectorals dance as he sneered in sheer arrogance.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 06

"Thud will learn to stay away from Keln's territory!" Keln snarled, sending his fist into the arrogant ogre's plum-colored cheek.  Thud groaned from the blow, but stood steady.

The hoofed musclestud sent another jab into Thud's big gut, and then another, and another.  The ogre grunted through the pain and took a step back.

Thud growled and took a mighty swing at Keln's head... and missed!  The satyr returned the punch to his foe's face, momentarily stunning him!  Yet, despite it all, he was unable to make the big brute move more than a step!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 05

"Funny goat man get up!" Thud grunted, forcefully lifting Keln by his proud mane.  The satyr cried out in a caprine bleat of pain as he struggled to rise to his hooves.  "Thud want mate!  Thud want fuck!  You give Thud hole to fuck?!"

"Never!" Keln grunted, scowling angrily at the ogre.  Thud snorted as Keln held his beautiful head of hair and wobbled unstably.  He clenched his fists and readied himself to fight to defend his pride!

Thud laughed at his would-be mate's sudden display of cockiness and gave his big belly a few slaps.  "Maybe Thud have dinner of goat man after fuck!"

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Poor Superman.  Only recently crushed and enslaved by Darkseid, now he's at the mercy of Despero atop a high-rise in Metropolis!  I've no story for this one like the Darkseid set, but it would be the standard fare of hero-meets-villain, villain-meats-hero. *grin*

Barbaric Brawn reader, Zindkeeper, suggested I try another DC villain, Despero.  Since I felt confident I could do him justice, I decided to make these renders of him playing with Superman.

In the first panel, I gave him pants and boots similar to the kind he wore in the 90's.

The hardest part was probably his third eye.  I have no way of doing it natively in my studio, so I added it in after in my image editor.  The yellow of his eyes definitely helped me out there.  I would have also liked to have had a better fin and bigger teeth for him, but I think it looks alright for a first try.

In the last two panels, Despero is mind fucking the fallen hero as he takes good care of the Backside of Steel.  I'm guessing it must be a pretty hot illusion for Superman to cling so tightly to his dominator.

Rutting Season: Panels 03-04

The ogre was careful to not get too close to those hoofed feet, lest he be kicked by the creature.

"THUD WANT FUCK!!" he roared from a safe distance, startling the satyr from his deep relaxation.

Keln's eyes snapped open and widened at the sight of the monster glaring at him!  An ogre!  His gaze traveled down the brute's big pecs, his even bigger belly, and to his erection!  The cock was fat with need and leaking a healthy flow of precum through the round, open slit.

Keln had only seen two ogres in his lifetime, but he knew well of their barbaric tendencies and ferocious strength.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 02

Thud, the ogre, grunted as he ventured into a secluded, flowery area of the vast, green plains.  The ogre was well into his rutting season, and the search for a mate suitable enough to flood his cum with was his highest priority that day.  His cock, as purple and thick as the rest of him, throbbed with need as he sniffed the air, hoping to catch the scent of a potential partner.  But all he could smell were the bloomed flowers.

"What this place?" he grunted in mild disappointment.  The never-ending fiends of green were hard to get used to; he began to miss his usual habitat.  "Smell okay, but not like home."

It was then that he noticed the caprine creature that was lazing about in the big flower patch, snoring away.  The beast was half human, the ogre noticed, only he had a pair of thick, spiral horns coming from his head.  The satyr's penis, he then observed with great enjoyment, lay flaccid over his big balls.  Under those, Thud could make out Keln's furry butt.  His thick, stubby ogrehood quickly sprang to life at the sight.

The plum-colored brute greatly enjoyed fucking humans.  He considered them the stupidest of all of the world's upright creatures, and as such, they were easy prey for a quick seed deposit.  Even if this one was half-something-else, he decided it would be a worthwhile endeavor and a good fight to get his cock in between those dark, furry cheeks and relieve the stresses of his urge to rut.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 01

It was yet another warm spring afternoon as Keln lounged about near the bed of daisies that had become his usual hangout.  Keln, like many of his brethren, was a nature-centric satyr -- a half-man, half-goat hybrid.  Also, like his brethren, he had big muscle and a big appetite for sex.

Not an hour ago, Keln had encountered a man named Vulg who was training his body for fighting.  The human's weapon caused much of the greenery in the area to be ruined, angering Keln.  The satyr confronted Vulg and dominated him in a quick fight.  The satyr took his prize from the human's butt, bleating like a goat as he filled him with his seed.  With a slap on Vulg's rear, he left the man panting on the sundered ground.

Happy with his victory fuck and knowing that he was alone (except for Vulg, who'd left the plains in disgrace), the satyr returned to his private territory and laid himself down to rest for a while.

It wasn't long before his nap would be disturbed.  As his sleep was so deep, he never heard the sounds of another approaching.  Birds flew from the trees at the frightful sight of the big-bellied stranger.

Rutting Season: Title

It's been quite a while since I began a new series here!  Ever since Tarzan had his run-in with Jabari, I've mostly only posted mini stories or no-sex single character profiles.  It feels kind of good to get back to it, even if this one is only a Quick Battle.

Rutting Season is... well, a bit obvious, I guess.  Even though it's still winter here, I like the idea of warming things up for my men by fast forwarding to a springtime scenario.  Rutting Season stars Keln, the satyr, along with Thud, the ogre.  Poor Thud is currently experiencing the rutting season of the ogres and has ventured out to find a nice, hot hole to deposit his seed into.  Keln just happens to be in the wrong place at the right time.  Or is it the other way around?  Ahh, muscle wrestling love in the spring...

This is for you guys who wanted to see more of Thud, and who took a liking to the newcomer, Keln.  To everyone else, I hope you enjoy it, too!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Darkseid Wins

Back in mid-October, I constructed one of my favorite superheroes, Superman.  In that post, I also added a little image from a Justice League game that featured Darkseid, my favorite Superman universe villain, standing victoriously over the Man of Steel.

On a whim, I decided to begin work on a version of Darkseid who wore only his steel blue boots and a thong of the same color.  I played around with the facial structure and finally settled on something reminiscent of the official Darkseid.  Happy with the result, I added Superman to the scene and moved them around to see what they looked like together.

I cobbled together a battlefield inspired by that game picture and created a scenario that I could see happening after the fight was over.

Enjoy, guys!

Darkseid was pleased with the outcome of the fight.  Although Superman struggled valiantly -- much like every other hero he'd faced -- it was only natural that Darkseid would triumph.

Superman lay in a painful daze on the high platform.  Light groans and grunts escaped from his barely-open mouth.  He'd lost.  Darkseid had won.

The evil god opened a telecommunications portal, which instantly hijacked every television broadcast and radio frequency in the world.  His cruel eyes glowed bright red as he declared to the mortals of the blue planet, "Foolish humans of Earth: I have crushed superman beneath my heel.  The son of Krypton is now mine.

"Know that I will take great pleasure in entering his body.  He will cry for mercy, but there will be none to spare.  Soon, my army will invade, and the Earth will fall.  All shall kneel before the might of Darkseid!!"

Superman moaned as the cold touch of Darkseid grabbed hold of his red thong and slowly pulled it from his beefy hips, leaving him nude.  He looked up to see that his conqueror was as naked as he was.  His eyes widened as the heavy cock of his hated enemy grew and throbbed and bounced lustfully before him.  He knew what Darkseid wanted and fear struck his heart.

He quickly scrambled back and raised his hand in a feeble plea for mercy.  Darkseid laughed arrogantly at the fallen hero, but said nothing.  He wanted to hear what the Man of Steel had to say.

"No...  Not that...  Please not that!" he gasped, eyes fixated on the evil god's throbbing cock.  "I surrender...  I will serve you!" he then offered.  "Please don't fuck me!"

"Make no mistake, Kal-El," Darkseid grunted, clenching his fists threateningly.  "You will grovel.  But now, I want to hear you scream."

With little effort, Darkseid repositioned Superman on his hands and knees.  He spread the Kryptonian's bubble butt cheeks wide and stared long and hard at the pink hole nestled between.  How he had longed to plunge his sword of flesh deep inside it and prove his superiority once and for all over this hero.  And now that time had finally come -- now it was his!

He leaned forward and grabbed hold of Superman's proud, black locks and cruelly yanked his body back!  Superman moaned with the dull pain, but could do nothing to resist.  His muscular arms dangled uselessly as he felt the touch of his new master's shaft rub at his backside.

Darkseid grunted with satisfaction as he positioned the throbbing, leaking head of his penis to the puckering hole of the son of Krypton.  Without warning, he plunged inside!

"AAAUUUUGHH!!" the hero screamed in pain as he was penetrated!  Even though he was resilient to pain, the massive appendage that forced its way into him seemed to overpower his invulnerability.  He could feel every inch of Darkseid's erection as it slid inside him.  It throbbed and repeatedly spurt lubricating precum along his tight walls.  But it did little good to ease the pain.

Darkseid wouldn't allow Superman the benefit of adjusting to his intrusion.  He went to work, fucking away at the tight, hot butt of the defeated superhero.

"Yes, Kal-El!" he laughed over Superman's anguished yells.  "Scream for me!  For each time you've thwarted me, I will pay you back a thousandfold!!"

For the next few hours, Darkseid punished his new bitch without mercy.  He roughly ground his hips back and forth, thrusting his mighty meat in and out of the hero's battered hole.  He screwed Superman in many different positions, but always returning to the one at the beginning.  He enjoyed seeing Kal-El on his hands and knees, butt in the air, and moaning for more.  Superman's screams had since turned to increasingly infrequent pleas for release mingled with ever-increasing moans of their man-on-man heat.

"I will break you, Superman!" Darkseid pledged, intensifying his thrusts to remind his victim of who was in charge.  "I will break your mind, body, and spirit!!"

Finally, he was ready to seed his Kryptonian slave.  Darkseid grabbed hold of Kal-El's firm hips and pounded his godhood deep into the tight, warm depths of his hole.  With one last thrust, he arched his back and bellowed his victory to the people of Apokolips!

Darkseid's cock, thick with blood and need, erupted its balls' worth of cum deep into Superman's body.  His evil seed shot again and again into the hole of his once-great foe, marking him as his property.

Superman cried out in humiliated pleasure as he orgasmed with his master.  His manhood bounced and spurt rope after rope of sticky, white cum onto the ground.  His muscles clenched tightly around Darkseid's shaft, milking it for every drop of its offering.

The thoroughly-fucked and utterly-drained superhero was dropped onto his own cum and left to dream of his new life under the cruel hand of Darkseid.  The victorious villain rose to his feet and breathed deep the fiery air of Apokolips.  He was master.  He was ruler.  He was Darkseid.

"And now..." he grumbled lowly.  "Earth."