Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 02

Thud, the ogre, grunted as he ventured into a secluded, flowery area of the vast, green plains.  The ogre was well into his rutting season, and the search for a mate suitable enough to flood his cum with was his highest priority that day.  His cock, as purple and thick as the rest of him, throbbed with need as he sniffed the air, hoping to catch the scent of a potential partner.  But all he could smell were the bloomed flowers.

"What this place?" he grunted in mild disappointment.  The never-ending fiends of green were hard to get used to; he began to miss his usual habitat.  "Smell okay, but not like home."

It was then that he noticed the caprine creature that was lazing about in the big flower patch, snoring away.  The beast was half human, the ogre noticed, only he had a pair of thick, spiral horns coming from his head.  The satyr's penis, he then observed with great enjoyment, lay flaccid over his big balls.  Under those, Thud could make out Keln's furry butt.  His thick, stubby ogrehood quickly sprang to life at the sight.

The plum-colored brute greatly enjoyed fucking humans.  He considered them the stupidest of all of the world's upright creatures, and as such, they were easy prey for a quick seed deposit.  Even if this one was half-something-else, he decided it would be a worthwhile endeavor and a good fight to get his cock in between those dark, furry cheeks and relieve the stresses of his urge to rut.

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