Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hercules + Zeus Toga Test

Just testing out a dynamic toga I recently purchased specifically for Hercules and Zeus (and possibly other characters in the future).

It takes a bit of working with, but I think I'm satisfied with how it functions.  There is some poke through that I have to touch up after, but for the most part it seems to work okay.

Master of Eternia: Panel 50

Bomani raised his powerful arms to the sky and roared, "BOMANI DEFEAT HE-MAN!!  BOMANI MASTER OF ETERNIA!!"

His booming voice carried across the lands, telling every living creature on the planet that the hero known as He-Man was vanquished!

The white barbarian, lacking the strength to stand on his own, sat on his knees before his master and bowed his head in submission.

What would his friends and allies think if they saw him sitting obediently beside this alien stranger, his chest coated with his own cum?

He pushed those thoughts aside and tried to think of nothing except his new life serving under Bomani.

His lips and hole felt so empty now.  He felt a stir in his loins.  No matter how hard he tried to push it away, a new thought dominated his mind: when would his master fuck him again?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Conan Wins (Test Render)

A warm summer breeze blew over the valley where the two gargantuan studs had come to settle their differences.  Conan, the barbarian flexed his powerful, muscular body for Hercules, the demigod son of Zeus.

Their battle was fought long and hard, but only one man could emerge victorious.

Conan mounted the defeated Hercules and shoved his thick, leaking cock inside the Greek's tight hole!

Hercules grunted and moaned in arousal as the barbarian wasted no time in breeding him to the hilt.

The Cimmerian grasped Hercules by his curly, black locks and held his head steady, slamming his hips against his foe's bubble glutes.  With his victory, he has pleased his god, Crom, and devastated Zeus!

"You're soft," he mocked the demigod.  "And your hole massages me like a woman!  What good is muscle if you cannot win?"

Hercules could say nothing to defend his honor!  This barbarian had bested him in battle and now humiliated him sexually.  All he could do was to squeeze himself around the man's huge cock, hope that Conan would deposit his seed, and leave him to nurse his bruised ego!

Little did Hercules know, Conan was only getting warmed up.  It would be a long night for the defeated godling -- a night he would never forget.

Master of Eternia: Panel 49

An orgasm like none he'd ever experienced rocked He-Man's beefy body!!

The muscleman shouted in heat as his cock spurt rope after rope of thick cream high into the air!

Bomani's throbbing, ebony manhood bounced and spasmed inside the Eternian's hole, spurting a healthy load of cum deep within.

For the first time ever, He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, had been defeated, fucked, and fully seeded by another man!

The stranger who'd come to claim his power as his own had succeeded.  The power that gave He-Man his mighty muscles would live on forever in Bomani!

Bomani let his hard cock stay within He-Man as it continued to flood his tunnels with his essence.

He-Man collapsed, panting and moaning as his own manhood eventually stopped spurting.

Master of Eternia: Panel 48

The Eternian soon found himself on his back, spread eagle and at the mercy of the African.

Bomani grasped He-Man's legs and forced him to fuck himself upon the mighty black shaft nestled in his hole.

"I... I CAN'T... HOLD BACK...!!" He-Man shouted in blind lust as he bounced upon his master's cock.

Bomani was impressed by He-Man's ability to hold out on cumming.  Lesser men would have shot their loads five or six times by now.  But no man could fully resist shooting their balls' worth of cum when the black prince had his shaft of steel buried inside them.  They all eventually break!


Tuskar's Revision

It's pretty crazy to look back on your early stuff... crazy and cringeworthy.

To the left is how Tuskar looked near the end of the series Tuskar vs Kugo.  This was back before I'd learned a number of things in the software -- namely shadow maps, which I applied to him in this picture.

As he and Kugo are about to make an appearance in Master of Eternia, I decided to go ahead and give Tuskar a facelift -- as well as injections in just about every other category, as well.  He now stands quite a bit prouder than before, though still a slave to the mighty Kugo (whose Bomani-ish update you can see in the title banner at the top of the blog).

Thanks, everyone, for sticking with me through that first series where I was cutting my teeth in rendering.  This one is for you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 47

Bomani let He-Man fall to the ground.

But the blond didn't lay still.  He rolled onto his hands and knees and raised his butt into the air.

Bomani smirked.  With that act, he knew that He-Man's submission was real and complete.

The black warrior mounted his slave and smeared his leaking cockhead against He-Man's hungry pucker.

"HE-MAN OBEY BOMANI FOR LIFE?!" he asked in a roar.

Without wasting a second, He-Man shouted back, "Yes!  Yes!  I will obey!!  PLEASE, MASTER!  DON'T STOP!!"

Bomani shoved his length back into the hot insides of the beaten Eternian, rewarding him for his obedience.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Conan, the barbarian of legend, finally makes his way to Barbaric Brawn!

Conan the Cimmerian has always been my favorite barbarian, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's portrayal of him in the 1982 and 1984 films has only heightened my love of the character.

Now that I'm better at rendering these studs, I wanted to try my hand at crafting Conan.

I went for more of a Frazetta look than the version that Arnold played, and somewhat based him on the animated series, Conan the Adventurer.

On the left is slave Conan, stripped of everything and given his only possession of a slave loincloth.  This Conan is forced to wrestle and fight for the amusement of his owners.  Spectators pay large amounts of money to watch a man as big as the Cimmerian lose to his foe and be fucked.  With some unfair rigging to subdue his strength, that's almost always what happens.

On the right is Conan as a free barbarian, showing off his proud erection (the only sword he really needs) before he buries it deep inside his cowering, defeated opponent.

Obligatory: Conan the Barbarian is © Robert E. Howard.  This is a work of fanart.

Master of Eternia: Panel 46

He-Man could only lay in the unbreakable grasp of his master as he was turned around and held steady.

Bomani began a deep, penetrative fuck, rhythmically grinding his hips upward and spearing his slave's pink hole.

"So... big..." He-Man marveled.  Bomani's slower thrusts allowed him to feel every throbbing inch in a new way.

The conqueror took his time in breeding the hero.  With the Power aiding him, he was able to go without rest for a much longer time than before.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 45

With one last thrust, Bomani shoved the last few inches of his meat into the white man's backside!

"AUUUUUUGH!!" He-Man screamed.  But the sudden pains that tore through him soon faded!

"Feel Bomani deep in hole, slave!" the champion shouted above He-Man's less-than-manly cries of pleasure.  "He-Man hole tight -- feel good!"

Bomani held onto the stud's hips and began to power fuck him.  His groin slammed repeatedly into He-Man's bubble butt, forcing every inch of his massive cock forward!

He-Man was just as good a slave as he'd hoped!  He fucked his conquest fast and hard, savoring every second of his domination over the Eternian!

"GOOD FUCK FOR NEW KING!!" he roared over the blond's screams!


Who swings through the trees with the greatest of ease?  George of the... wait, no...

It's Tarzan!  The king of the jungle lost his loincloth when a thieving monkey snagged it from his hips as he swung down to greet us!

Tarzan's life is a dangerous one: there are poachers to subdue, tribal uprisings to quell, and the occasional challenge to his throne to contend with.

Somehow, the apeman always makes it out in one piece.

Next time, however, he may very well wind up swinging from the branch of a well-hung native.

Obligatory: Tarzan is © Edgar Rice Burroughs.  This is a work of fanart.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 44-2

The huge cock delved deep inside him, rubbing his prostate vigorously and forcing him to cry out in ecstasy.

Bomani smirked venomously as he slowly fed his hefty member to the previously-unbroken hole of his slave.

No matter who it was the African bred, they all reacted the same way.  'The most powerful man in the universe' was no different.  He-Man's hole was no match.

Master of Eternia: Panel 44

The goliath musclestud pressed the bulbous, purple knob of his cock against He-Man's last remaining defenses.

With Bomani's deep tonguing and the precum gushing from his manhood, entry into the hero's butt was soon gained!

He-Man grit his teeth and hissed his shameful moans!

Inch after inch of the black steel pushed into his quivering hole, reaching places no man had ever been able to penetrate.  Not even as Prince Adam had the Eternian felt so full!

"He-Man hole submit to Bomani!  Ha ha ha!" the black prince laughed.  "Me feel white barbarian hole suck Bomani cock!"

He-Man shuddered.  There was seemingly no end to the length of the victorious African's manhood!

"He's... so big...!" he gasped to himself.  "His meat... going in me so deep... UNGH!"

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Mighty Hercules, son of Zeus and hero of men.

Many across the lands know of the demigod's acts of heroism and courage.  When their paths should happen to cross his, none can refuse the chance to kneel and worship the muscular godling.

Men tell of the incredible poses Hercules strikes as they drink the nectar from his awesome cock.  They speak of the mountains of sculpted marble that comprise his entire body; how he bounces his enormous pectorals as reward for their worship; how he is unafraid to let mere mortals touch and caress his toned rear.

With every new feat of heroism, Hercules cements his place in history!

Master of Eternia: Panel 43

By his master's direction, He-Man grabbed hold of the tree and spread his legs apart.

Bomani licked his lips as he stared at the sight of his musclebound slave in full submission.

He-Man quivered in anticipation for what was to come.  He could feel Bomani's hard eyes staring his body down.

There was nothing that he could do.  With the Power of Grayskull, Bomani would easily subdue him in no time -- and quite possibly ruin his backside for life.

His allies wouldn't come looking for him.  They were back in the castle, celebrating his victory without him present.

Battle Cat was no good, either.  That lousy beast had probably lost his sword and chest armor someplace -- though it wouldn't do him much good now anyway.

He-Man's train of thought instantly derailed the moment he felt the firm hands of the black stallion grasp his hips.

Bomani was ready to fuck.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 42

Bomani shoved his slave to the ground and commanded him to work.

Just as a good beast would, He-Man sought to please his master.

He pushed back and raised his butt higher, working the black shaft between his glutes.  He gyrated his hips wildly, hopeful that his actions would please the black champion.

Bomani grunted and watched with a grin as He-Man degraded himself.  Precum flowed freely from his throbbing, ebony cock, onto the back of his conquest.

Surely it was the will of the gods that he be made this beautiful barbarian's master!  Surely it was predetermined that he would rule!

It was time to breed He-Man and bring the stud fully under his control!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 41

Bomani wrenched the Eternian's boots off and tossed them aside.

He easily turned and brought his slave his knees with little effort.

There was no doubt, He-Man realized: Bomani was in full possession of the Power of Grayskull.

The black savage, amused by He-Man's repeated grunts of shame, mounted his butt and placed his cock between the white barbarian's cheeks.

He-Man was humiliated as his master grabbed his sides and began rocking him back and forth.  He felt Bomani's thick manhood glide between his firm butt cheeks, teasing him without mercy.

The Eternian's cock spurt a healthy flow of precum from its head, letting the world know of his arousal.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 40

Eager to taste the barbarian's butt, Bomani bent forward and buried his mouth between the pale-skinned cheeks!

"NGH...!  UNH...!" the shocked Eternian grunted at the oral assault!  Bomani's skilled tongue dominated He-Man's senses, driving him wild.

That tongue flicked and lapped at his puckering hole; it bore its way into his hot insides, preparing it for what was to come!

Within those screams of pleasure, Bomani could hear his slave begging for more!

The two musclestuds' cockheads pressed and rubbed together, drooling their excitement upon one another.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kzak, the Demon

It looks like Kzak got a bit of an upgrade from his purple, non-tail, non-horned version to this beefier stud.

Kzak is a bit of a trickster demon who likes to spike the drinks and food of humans with his semen, forcing them to commit lewd and lustful sins with each other.

He only shows himself when he spots a cocky, confident muscleman that really needs to be taken down a peg or two.  Those he defeats are guaranteed to feel his red-hot poker in their backsides long after he disappears again.

I guess you could say that he's a horny devil.  Mwahahah.

Master of Eternia: Panel 39

The powerful warrior turned his slave upside down and took his seat upon the throne that was He-Man's face.

He spread He-Man's legs wide and gripped the hero's ample glutes, parting them and exposing their center.

He pressed his meaty fingers to the warm, puckering hole and inspected it.  The Eternian (as He-Man) was virgin!

"He-Man tight!  Pale hole hot!" he cheered the discovery!

He-Man struggled to breathe between the ebony cheeks of his master's butt!

"Hole of white barbarian belong to Bomani now!  Bomani only man mount He-Man!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 38

The moment He-Man's lips parted, Bomani's thick, bulbous cockhead penetrated his mouth!

The white barbarian grunted in surprise, but soon regained composure.

Bomani showed mercy on the fallen hero, allowing him to take his time and adjust to his new life under the black prince's rule.

The Eternian's tongue and lips pleasured the drooling head of Bomani's huge shaft.  The African's precum flooded his mouth.

"He-Man suck like Tuskar!" Bomani remarked.  Though He-Man knew nothing of this Tuskar, he took his master's words as a compliment.

"Unngh..." the ebony champion groaned, serving his slave a few more inches of his throbbing meat.  "Suck cock, slave.  Worship Bomani black cock.  Obey master!"

And obey he did!  He-Man (aided by Prince Adam's insatiable lust for cock and technique for pleasuring it) bobbed his head up and down the winner's manhood, slurping every inch his new master had to offer!

The mighty He-Man, musclebound hero of Eternia, was finally conquered!

Master of Eternia: Panel 37

He-Man turned to face his new master.  He looked up to see Bomani's confident, grinning face looking back at him.

The black conqueror's throbbing cock bounced in front of his face, demanding his attention.

He-Man turned away from the ebony monster.  The lingering power that kept him as He-Man wanted to resist sucking another man's cock.

He was He-Man -- alpha male of Eternia!  While Prince Adam had no qualms about doing so, He-Man parted his lips for no man's cock!

"Open mouth, slave!" Bomani barked.  "Suck master!!"

And yet, he knew he must obey...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 36

The African flexed, showing off his newly-infused body!

Thanks to the shaman's spell, his muscles had grown in size to match his increased strength.

He-Man, on the other hand, thrust his diminished pecs and abs to the sky and cried out in defeat.

"Me have power now!" Bomani gloated, running his hands over his bigger, harder muscles.  He could feel the power emanating from them!

His first act would be the complete domination and enslavement of the blond barbarian.

"He-Man Bomani slave!!  Slave for life!!"

"No... no..." He-Man groaned, hoping to awaken from this nightmare.  "It can't be!!"

He never dreamed that losing the fight to this savage meant the weakening of his mighty muscles!

Yet, despite all of it, he still remained hard for Bomani.  Perhaps because the savage not only attracted him before, but now, without the Power of Grayskull, he felt more easily swayed by the might of a stronger man -- to seek protection under the new champion.

Master of Eternia: Panel 35

As He-Man struggled to regain his senses and rise once again, he could feel the bulging muscles across his body tingle.  He suddenly felt a horrible weakness set in!

The black barbarian roared at the sky, "BOMANI HAVE THE POWER!!"

The shaman's magic worked!  The power of Castle Grayskull was now his!

Bomani was now the most powerful man in the universe!


Zeus, the father of all gods and men, overlooks the world with pride.

I was thinking about Hercules just today (well... when am I not thinking about Hercules is the better question), and I had a mind to make a model for him when my thoughts drifted to his father, Zeus.

I have a thing for older men as well, and the king daddy of the gods himself definitely fits in with my fantasies.

I gave Zeus the biggest pecs of any of my men, though it's a little difficult to tell from the front.  His face is also aged quite a bit more than any of the others.

I'm not sure if or how I'll use him again in the future.  Though it would be nice to see him get taken down by one of the lesser beings of the world, eh?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 34


The African let the fallen hero drop to the ground where he gasped for air!

Bomani stood proudly over the body of the white muscleman.  He grunted and shouted his domination cry again and again as he flexed his muscles in a display of pure might.

His rock-hard cock, too, stood proud and tall over the vanquished Eternian.  It was ready to receive its prize!

Master of Eternia: Panel 33

But Bomani's final move upon the musclebound Eternian would prove to be too much for even the mighty He-Man to endure!

The black warrior wrapped his beefy arm around He-Man's throat and squeezed him tight in a sleeper hold!  If He-Man wouldn't submit, he'd have to put the hero out!

"Me crush He-Man neck like banana!" he promised, doubling up on the pressure.

He-Man struggled and thrashed, but his opponent was too powerful!  He was rapidly losing oxygen!

"Urk..." the white barbarian gasped, desperately trying to pry Bomani's arm away.

"Forgive... me... Eternia..." he grunted through strained breaths.  "I... am... defeated..."

Realizing that it was all over, He-Man lowered his arms in unconditional surrender.

Master of Eternia: Panel 32

Bomani flipped He-Man onto his belly and gave the man's aching back several hard stomps!

He-Man, too out of it to resist, could only lay there as the African grabbed his booted ankle and twisted his leg sharply to the side!

"HE-MAN GIVE UP?!" Bomani snarled, applying the vicious hold to the blond muscleman.

"AUUGH!!  NOOOOOOO!!" He-Man screamed back, somehow able to resist the urge to submit.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day From Barbaric Brawn

When you're with the greenest of the orcs, you can be sure that good luck will soon follow!

So, to all the Irishmen out there (and the Irishmen at heart), have an awesome Saint Patrick's Day from Barbaric Brawn!

Master of Eternia: Panel 31

"HURK!!" the Eternian grunted as Bomani's elbow made contact with his gut!

He-Man began to have doubts about victory. The earlier battle against Skeletor and Tri-Klops had taken a lot of his strength -- and now, this fight with the alien stranger was proving more than he'd anticipated!

Bomani was enjoying this much more than he thought he would. The white barbarian was proving to be quite a capable opponent. Lesser men back home would have given in long ago.

A part of him was happy that He-Man had yet to admit defeat. He wanted to make this man suffer as long as he could.

Master of Eternia: Panel 30

But He-Man wouldn't surrender!  Bomani dropped him to the ground, where he lay still.

"My... my back..." He-Man groaned through the pain.

The African leapt into the air and drove his elbow down!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 29

During a rare moment of weakness for the Eternian, Bomani shoved He-Man and immediately grabbed him in a bearhug!

"UWAAAARGHH!!" he howled in agony, arms and legs spread wide!

"FEEL POWER OF BOMANI, HE-MAN!!" the black warrior shouted, applying more pressure to his victim's back!

He-Man screamed and thrashed, but he couldn't escape!

Bomani smirked as he felt precum leak from He-Man's rock-hard cock pressed snugly against his abs.

With one more squeeze, he demanded, "GIVE UP!!"

Master of Eternia: Panel 28

Bomani stood and broke free of He-Man's grasp!

He turned and grappled with the scowling hero, struggling with all of his might to get the upper hand!

"Bomani win and fuck He-Man!" he promised.  "Eternia belong to Bomani!"

"You're no match for me, savage!" spat back the golden-haired muscleman.  "Surrender quietly and I'll go easy on you!"

The men strained against one another as they grappled; their cocks rose to full hardness and smashed and rubbed together during the struggle.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 27

The Eternian stood and tapped the African's head with his booted foot to rouse him.

Bomani came to the moment He-Man began lifting him up by the arms!

"GET UP!!  I'm taking you back to the kingdom for a more thorough 'interrogation'!"

It was obvious -- even to Bomani's primitive mind -- what that meant.

He-Man snickered to himself.  He wondered if Man-At-Arms would be interested in double-teaming this one.

Master of Eternia: Panel 26

He-Man straddled his opponent and proudly displayed his muscular body in a show of flexes and poses.

"You thought you could defeat He-Man, savage?!" he shouted, bouncing his pecs repeatedly.  "I am the most powerful man in the universe!!"

The white man's cock grew stiff and rose as the thrill of victory drew near!

But the black king's son wasn't ready to admit defeat.

"Bomani... win..." he mumbled, struggling to bring the world back into focus.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 25

The attack connected, and Bomani yelled out in pain!

He-Man bellowed victoriously and held his fists high overhead!

No man was more powerful than He-Man, thought the hero!  No man will ever defeat he who wields the Power of Grayskull!

Master of Eternia: Panel 24

The golden-haired stud jumped high into the air and extended his leg!


He-Man dropped his leg onto Bomani's hard, exposed abdomen!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 23

An enraged He-Man seized the opportunity to tackle his laughing foe!!

Bomani, caught off guard, dropped He-Man's loincloth and took the full brunt of the impact!

The two fell to the ground and wrestled for control!

He-Man soon gained the upper hand, delivering his balled fist to Bomani's face and chest!

Master of Eternia: Panel 22

"Ha ha ha!  Now He-Man fight Bomani like real man!" the dark-skinned warrior chuckled in his deep, masculine voice.

He admired the beautiful belt and rich pelt of animal skin that the white barbarian used to cover his groin.

It -- and He-Man -- would make a fine trophy for the new king of Africa!

But before Bomani could think about further humiliating He-Man, the downed hero stirred with a growl...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 21-2

He-Man felt the breeze blow against his exposed manhood.

The Eternian was stunned by such a tactic!

Master of Eternia: Panel 21

"Unnnnhhh..." He-Man groaned as he rested.

Bomani laughed arrogantly at 'the most powerful man in the universe'!

Why was the shaman so quick to warn him about this man?  He-Man was incapable of victory against the mighty black prince!

To make his dominance even clearer, Bomani reached down and ripped the loincloth from his opponent!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 20

With one mighty heave, he threw the muscleman at the Eternian tree!!

The impact rocked He-Man's body, and he bellowed in pain!

He fell to the ground, his back sore and aching.

Master of Eternia: Panel 19

Distracted by his arousal, He-Man could do nothing once Bomani had lifted him high overhead!

The African stomped closer to the nearest tree, growling as he carried the massive weight of the muscular hero above him!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 18

With little effort, Bomani lifted He-Man up and held him sideways!

He-Man shuddered at the feel of the stud's rough hand against the hot cheeks of his toned, bare butt.

"Bomani know He-Man weak!" he snarled angrily at the Eternian.  "Me show you power of Africa!"

Master of Eternia: Panel 17

He-Man rubbed his stinging face.  This stranger was not friendly and wasn't about to be ridden!

"Bomani come to dominate white barbarian!" the African barked at the downed stud.  "Me beat He-Man and take power!  Me become most powerful!"

Ready to fight, Bomani quickly stripped himself of his loincloth!  His hefty cock, free from its confines, hanged low from his groin!

He-Man stared in awe at the ebony meat dangling freely mere feet away.

"Incredible..." He-Man thought.  "I'll need all of my strength to fight such a man!"

So the stranger was after his power?  That would never happen!  He would never let it happen!

"HE-MAN!" Bomani bellowed, staring angrily at him.  "WRESTLE BOMANI!!"

Friday, March 9, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 16

The prince grabbed the white man by his perfectly-groomed golden hair and forced him upright!

"BOMANI MOUNTED BY NO MAN!!" the savage snarled, sending his clenched fist into He-Man's jaw!

"UNNGH!!" he grunted, recoiling from the blow!

Bomani threw punch after punch at the mighty Eternian until he fell to the ground!

Master of Eternia: Panel 15

Bomani's brows furrowed when He-Man knelt and began running his hand over his thigh.

"I'll enjoy breaking this one in..." He-Man grunted.  "Turn for me!  Show me your hole!"

"WHAT?!" Bomani roared.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 14

Bomani couldn't believe his luck!  He-Man was enamored by his body!  If the Eternian wanted a look, what was the harm in giving him one?

"African gods help give Bomani strength for hunt and wrestle and fuck!" the black warrior boasted, bluntly answering He-Man's question.  "But Bomani muscle all Bomani!"

He lifted his powerful arms and gave a double bicep pose.

He-Man reached out and placed his firm hands atop the hard, pillowy pecs of the ebony stud.

"His skin is so dark and his body is so rugged..." he thought silently.  Not even Skeletor, whose muscular body lifted his loincloth on my occasions, flexed so hotly.  "I've never felt such attraction!"

He-Man's touching grew more and more lewd with every inch he felt.  His fingertips ran over Bomani's erect nipples, making him grunt.

"Bomani, is it?  I think we're going to get along well, my savage friend..."

Master of Eternia: Panel 13

"You aren't from around here, are you?" the blond barbarian spoke warmly, extending a hand of friendship.  "Welcome to Eternia!  My name is He-Man!"

It was him!  Bomani stayed cool.  He wanted to get a feel for this white muscleman.  The shaman said that He-Man called himself 'the most powerful man in the universe'.  How could one so powerful be this friendly?

"I couldn't help but admire your physique, friend..." He-Man said almost lustfully, eying Bomani's rippling muscles.  "Are you granted strength by your home world, too?"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 12

As though he appeared from Bomani's desires, a man from over a nearby hill came jogging up, bellowing his greeting in a manly voice.

"Greetings, friend!" he spoke, waving a hand at the black stranger.

Bomani wondered...  Could it be him?