Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

I want to wish you guys a very happy and healthy 2013.  I've been busy developing a new set of pro wrestling poses, which has been sucking up a lot of the time normally devoted to 3D work.  I've been putting them off for an awful long time, so it's nice to see them nearly done and soon put up for sale.

I'll be using these in my next story involving Alexi and Ryan.  The text component of that is coming along well.  I'm liking it a lot, and hope you guys do, too!

-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is Keln, the satyr.  Keln is a bit of a nature boy -- well, very much a nature boy -- and can usually be found lounging about in a valley of endless grass or within a bed of sweet-smelling flowers.  But despite his fancy and overly-romantic tendencies, Keln has been known to become wildly aggressive when he spots anyone doing harm to the environment.  He gallops at speeds greater than a gazelle to bash the foolish ne'er-do-wells with his big horns, sending them to the ground in short order.

Oftentimes, the fanciful satyr will be in a mating mood, and it is then that he tends to punish the guilty with his thick maleness.  With a loud, caprine bleat, he unloads his balls-worth of semen into their bodies and leaves them exhausted to think about what they did.

I've collected erotic images of satyrs over the years, and got a sudden itch to create my own.  Keln is quite a bit different than the other guys here -- namely his love of flowers and nature.  But I think he has a good amount of masculinity that helps him fit in well here.  Big muscle never hurts.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quick Note: New Domain!

I wanted to let you guys know that I went ahead and snagged the domain.  Now you can use the new address or the old one to get to the same place, and all of your links to any of the old pages will automatically point you to where you wanna go.

Unfortunately, I noticed that the Reactions that you guys have made on posts are now reset to zero.  But this occurs when any little change that affects that widget happens, so it's unsurprising.

Update 2: Redirect is finally working now. My apologies for any problems encountered. I hope you guys are having a great Christmas Eve, and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holiday Season

No matter what you celebrate or how you choose to spend it, I want to wish you and those you love a very warm and happy holiday season and an even better next year from Barbaric Brawn.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Officers Ronnie and Ken

Just wanted to post a quick practice render of a couple of new characters.  I don't have a huge cop fetish, but when a big, muscular guy puts on such a uniform, I can't help but stare.

I didn't write up a backstory for Officer Ronnie (the beautiful black policeman) or his Irish partner Ken.  In this scene, however, I like to think that Ronnie and Ken were working out at a local gym, when they spotted a couple of thugs breaking the display window of the adjacent jewelry store.  Unwilling to waste time putting their shirts back on, they gave chase to the two perpetrators and have finally cornered them in a deserted alleyway.

What happens next?  Well... that's now up to you to imagine!

Update: Here are some extra renders for you guys!  These involve unlikely scenarios involving the same story.  I think Ronnie and Ken will be even better partners from here on out!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The (New) Last Battle

I'm preparing to create a vastly-updated refresh of my second series, The Last Battle, for sale on Amazon -- and possibly on two other online stores, as well.  To start with, I've been updating the characters' models.  I wanted to show you guys what I've got so far.

The biggest improvement I've made to these characters is probably for King Ranzen.  I removed his cape and gave him a full head of long, flowing hair.  He also now has a new metal crown, a silver necklace, and arm bands.  All of my human men now wear loincloths of varying kinds -- something I was unfortunately unable to do the first time around.  And they all now wear sandals to cover their feet.  The orcs do refer to the humans as "softskins" for a reason!

The Farmer and The Farmer's Son (which were their official names) have been renamed to Bryant and Joshua, respectively.  I gave the dad a bit of an older face this time, yet still kept some youthful features on him to help keep him and his son looking related.  Both men are a little softer in muscle tone compared to the other heroes, but are much beefier than their original selves.

As for the orcs, they've mostly remained unchanged.  I've adjusted their bodies to make them more muscular, and gave them a little bit of a shine to make their muscles stand out better than they used to.  They, like the humans, now also wear loincloths, though theirs are noticeably less fancier -- orcs are definitely not fancy creatures.  Unlike the humans, however, the orcs don't wear shoes.  Their feet are incredibly tough and the skin on their soles are even able to withstand walking on broken glass!

Overlord Krag now has arm bands to match Ranzen's, and I thought about giving him some kind of crown, but it didn't look quite right.  Maybe if I can get it how I like it he'll get one sometime later.

Rogg is probably the most changed of the four here.  He now has a silver bull-like nose ring along with silver nipple rings.

I'll likely make many more changes to these guys -- and I still have to create new versions of Yord, the warning soldier, Kal, and the orc slavers and human slaves.  So much work yet to do before I even begin and the other projects I still have to do, argh!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prince Hassan

Hassan was one of many princes of King Fatih, a powerful and wealthy Arabian ruler.  Ever since his youth, the prince had appreciated the art and beauty of physical combat between the men of his kingdom.  As he grew into manhood, strong and packed with rock-hard muscle, Hassan began enjoying frequent wrestling matches with the royal palace guards.  The guards, eager to teach their prince self-defense and lusting after his body, were only happy to oblige his requests.

King Fatih always despised such crude and unprincely behavior.  He viewed wrestling and other close-contact fighting as barbaric -- something only savages without a sword would gladly resort to.  He chastised his men for indulging his son's foolish desires and forbade him to ever behave in such a way again.

But the spirit of fighting wouldn't leave Hassan so easily.  And rather than disobey his father's wishes, the prince decided that it was better to leave.

By the dark of night and with the help of his two favorite guards, the mighty prince fled the only home he'd ever known.  His white stallion, Zubair, by his side, Hassan will begin his adventures, traveling the lands, eager to engage with the commoners of the outside world.  It is through them that he will stoke the fiery heat that only wrestling can provide.

I also created a more family-friendly version (but still a bit provocative, maybe?) of Hassan.  You can find that version of him at the CafePress shop!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Eternian Wrestling League Promo Poster

I was looking at some old professional wrestling promotional posters recently.  There's one of Hulk Hogan waving the American flag that reminds me a lot of the covers of old wrestling games I used to play (and still do!).  And the first WrestleMania promo with him and Mr. T is just awesome.  But as I went through a bunch of them, I couldn't help but notice how hokey and gaudy these used to be.  So, of course, I wanted to make my own!

This one stars He-Man and his beefy daddy, King Randor.  They're in the ring facing Skeletor and He-Man's strangely-colored doppelganger, Faker.  Our heroes here are the current tag team champions of the Eternian Wrestling League and have agreed to lay their titles on the line for this loser-gets-fucked match.  They named their group The Royal Pains (funny, huh?), while the two blue-hued bad guys have come together as The Dark Duo.

I'd like to think that King Randor would be cool enough to take his crown off, put a thong over his big prince-maker, and join He-Man in the squared circle to wrestle the villains that regularly threaten their kingdom.

Man, this poster is incredibly silly and flamboyant.  But even though I won't be making it into an actual story (at least not in the foreseeable future), I enjoyed putting it together for you guys.

...But wait!  The Eternian Wrestling League has just issued a statement on the aftermath of the match!  It appears that He-Man and King Randor have been defeated and stripped of their tag team championship titles!  The statement reads as follows:

The Royal Pains were defeated earlier this evening in what can only be described as an incredible upset!  Fans were shocked to witness He-Man, hero of Eternia, surrender in Skeletor's bone-crushing bearhug!  King Randor, caught in Faker's brutal camel clutch, was utterly powerless to prevent his partner's submission!

The victorious villain cackled madly as he slid his erection into He-Man's beaten backside!  One League cameraman described the hero's expression as, "first shock, then grim acceptance"!  Fans sat stunned as they watched the spectacle unfold!

King Randor was put through the humiliation of having to lick clean the sweat from between Faker's toned buttocks.  His highness appeared visibly shaken throughout the ordeal, but several fans noted that the king's mighty maleness hardened and leaked during the task!

An exhausted He-Man and King Randor were carried off by Beast Man and Tri-Klops; neither wrestler has been seen since tonight's remarkable upset!  General Duncan of the Royal Palace refused requests for an interview, but did state that he was "disappointed" with He-Man's performance and "devastated" by the outcome.

The Eternian Wrestling League will keep its fans up to date when and if Skeletor and Faker decide to release the former tag team champions!

That evil Skeletor!  Who knows what he and the other villains will do to He-Man and King Randor!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Barbaric Brawn's First Anniversary

He's alive!  Well, technically animated.
Hey, guys!  Today is the blog's first anniversary online, and I wanted to give a big thank you to all of you out there who have been awesome enough to keep coming back or for sometimes leaving a comment.  I always appreciate them.

I started up this little muscle haven on the Internet because of my love of barbarians and their raw and rugged sex appeal.  Since then I've branched out a bit more and added more modern men to my lineup.

The first two characters I created for Barbaric Brawn were Tuskar and Kugo.  To celebrate this first anniversary, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a look at what these two studs were like in their prototype phase.

Since these pictures are very wide, you may need to open them in their own tab/window in your browser or download them to your computer to see them properly.

The story of Tuskar vs Kugo originally began with Tuskar (who was the original owner of the Axe of Legend -- which later became the Axe of Power) seeking adventure across the southern continent of Africa.  His exhaustive journey through the hot jungles eventually brought him to a tribal village of black men.  Hoping to seek shelter for the coming night, he entered.

But the chieftain, Kugo, and the big-bellied N'kaku protested his intrusion.  They would not allow outsiders from the north to stay in their domain.  Angered by their arrogance, Tuskar challenged the black men to battle!

Having wrestled and overwhelmed the white barbarian, Kugo and N'kaku soon defeated him and claimed him and his axe as prizes.  The wise man of the village recognized the Axe of Power and knew that his people would soon prosper with its rumored properties.

All of this was a bit too ambitious for me in the beginning, and because of tech limitations, the village and everyone but the titular fighters had to go.  Kugo's model was changed to be a clone of Tuskar's and a revised story was written.  Oh, and for some reason, I had originally called Kugo Nubios -- and then later Kgosi!  It was only days before I created Barbaric Brawn that I renamed him to Kugo.

A bit of further work turned Tuskar and Kugo into what they eventually became.  Thanks for sitting through this bit of history with me.  I had fun going back to these pictures and looking at what things were like with this story a little more than a year ago.

If the next year is even half as fun as this one was, I'll be a happy Lucky Stallion.