Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 01

Both powerful studs stood naked in the middle of the wrestling ring, chests and abdominals pressed tightly together.  Their hard, jutting nipples rubbed and mashed together with their every heaving breath.

Hercules and Ares growled at each other for a while, each sizing up his brother carefully.  It'd been a long time since they'd stood so closely.  Neither knew how much the other's skills had grown since then.

This time, however, all would be settled.  One man would become dominant over the other.  This wrestling match would finally put an end to their quarrels for good.

"You ready to take on your big bro, Hercules?!" the god of war snidely asked, pushing his big chest against Hercules'.  "I'm sick of you fucking with my plans for the Earth!"

Hercules growled angrily as Ares continued to press against him.

"Those pathetic humans are mine to command!"

DING DING DING the magic bell suddenly rang, signalling the start of the match!

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Title

Built in the sky, far out of the reach of mortal men, is the pro wrestling ring created by Hermes, the inventor of wrestling.  The idea came to him one day when he was speaking with Chronos, the god of time, about the sport.  Chronos told Hermes that far in the future, men would someday wrestle within a 'squared circle' with four protruding corners and 12 rigid coils keeping them inside.  These men, he said, would try to make the other submit or hold them down for a count of three.  He also told Hermes of a bell that would ding before and after each match.

Fascinated by the idea, the messenger god set out to work.  He built a replica of the ring Chronos described, but made entirely of stone with sheepskin stretched over the canvas.  To better protect his wrestlers, he padded the mat with a thick layer of golden wool.  His last touch was to implement an automatic drum to count a pinfall and a magical bell which would detect when a match began and ended and sounded on its own.

Hermes stood back and admired his handy work.  He chuckled and tried to imagine the many ways in which future men would do battle in such a strange contraption.  He named this game: Olympian Muscle Wrestling.

Over the months since its completion, the wrestling ring had seen many uses by the gods.  Many of them chose to personally settle their differences within the device, while others chose to pluck humans (and sometimes monsters) from the world below and make them fight instead.

Now, Hercules and Ares, half-brother sons of Zeus, will step into Hermes' pro wrestling ring and finally put to rest all of the animosity and strife each have caused the other over the decades.

The latest match of Olympian Muscle Wrestling begins!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Hey guys.  I hope your week has been awesome.  I've been using my spare time to work on some pro wrestling poses -- most of these should look familiar to you, I've been using them for a while now.  I've been hoping to put them on the market to help supplement some income and get new 3D things for you guys to enjoy.

I thought I'd share some of the promo pictures I've made with them.  They're pretty simple, but they're meant to highlight the poses and nothing else.  I'm hoping they'll be approved and begin selling soon.

I've also been waiting for the new version of the studio I use to come out.  It contains fixes and enhancements that will help me a lot when I make these series.  I have no idea when that will be, though...  Hopefully it won't be too long.  If it doesn't seem like it'll come within the next two weeks, I'll go ahead and begin work on my next project.

Take it easy, all,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Conan vs Zug: Panel 21 [End]

Utterly drained of strength and coated with his master's fluids, Conan lay limp in Zug's arms as he carried his tired body over to the cage that stood near the battlefield's entrance.  The orc dumped him inside and sealed the lid shut.

As Zug journeyed back to Grohmah, the capital city of the orcs, Conan fell into a deep sleep.  His dreams were filled with the images of all those he'd defeated in his days as an adventurer.  Only this time, they got their revenge.  In the dream world, he relived each of those battles in an alternate reality where his enemies had triumphed.

Each fucked their seed into him, just as he had done to them.  In the real world, his cock hardened and spurt healthy loads of cum as tribute to his former enemies.

A few hours later, a small army of orcs led by Zug came back to the Ashen Pass to haul Conan (along with a few other humans who they encountered and vanquished on the way) back to Grohmah to begin his life of servitude.  It was there that he would meet Lortho, Vulg, and the former human king Ranzen.  Those three men helped Conan to adjust to a life under orc rule.  But having seniority and the mightiest muscle among the other human slaves, they also took advantage of Conan and plowed his holes for many, many months to come.

And so, the glorious adventures of Conan the barbarian ended.  The Cimmerian's story would continue to be told, yes, but only among the orcs who would tell future generations of the barbarian's fall and of the many ways in which he served his greenskinned masters.

The End

Conan vs Zug: Panel 20

This panel contains depictions of watersports (the out-of-the-cock, golden variety), so if that kind of thing bothers you, skip this post.

Zug stripped Conan of his boots, necklace, and headband and tossed them into the lava.  The fallen warrior's clothing burned to a crisp and vanished from the world, along with it his freedom and pride as a man.

The orc's rugged foot kicked him in his side, forcing Conan onto his back.  Zug grinned and assumed a relaxed stance over his slave.

Conan suddenly felt a warm rush of liquid splash upon his hard body.  It took him a few moments to realize it: the orc was emptying his bladder onto him!  Zug's piss washed away the cum that was smeared on Conan's belly and replaced it with his scent.

The barbarian felt a twinge of disgust at being marked by the green brute, but as Zug's slave, he was obligated to accept anything his master wished.  Conan lay still and obediently allowed the victorious orc to coat him in his urine.

Zug uttered a long, low moan of satisfaction.  He stared his slave in the eye and dared him to object.  What looked back at him was a man who's submission was complete and final.  Conan was his.

Conan vs Zug: Panels 16-19

Conan shuddered in heat as Zug began a steady plowing of his soft, willing hole.  The orc's cock pumped a hearty supply of precum laced with his sap of arousal to keep the human pliant and hungry for more.

Zug's chest swelled with pride -- he'd broken yet another man with his superior physical and sexual strength.  No matter how many times he accomplished the feat, it never felt tedious.  With each man that he conquered, his sense of greatness grew even higher.

Without pulling out, Zug turned Conan around and made him stand on his own.

"Fuck yerself upon my cock, slave!" Zug commanded with a growl, standing still and forcing Conan to do the rest of the work himself.  "I can feel yer hole suckin' me in!" he taunted.

Conan closed his eyes and grunted lowly.  He held onto the boulder and lewdly pushed back to meet his master's groin.  Zug flexed his muscular arms and gazed at his own incredible body as he enjoyed the tightness of the human.

"This creature..." Conan thought to himself, gyrating his hips and squeezing the meat inside his tunnels.  "He feels... good...  More...  I want more...!"

Over the course of three hours, Zug screwed his slave roughly and without pause.  He dominated and degraded Conan the barbarian in numerous positions across the battlefield.  And every time he sensed Conan nearing climax, Zug would send his fist slamming into the human's back.  Only the victor of the battle would be allowed to cum first.

Conan lay at the edge of a scorching-hot lava pool.  Although Conan by then was already well-adjusted to the girth and length of the one he called master, Zug's cock continued to breed his hole mercilessly.

Just as the barbarian felt as though he might go mad with lust, he felt a sudden change in the orc's cock!  It began to quiver and swell!

Zug skewered the barbarian's butt five more times before stabbing it to the hilt and orgasming!  The green brute uttered a deep, terrifying war cry as he flooded his slave's hole with his life-giving seed!  Rope after hot, creamy rope of orc semen flooded Conan's insides.

The Cimmerian lay still and moaned submissively as the superior male marked him as his own.  He could feel Zug's cock bounce with every round it sent gushing into him.

Conan rested his head upon the ground as the victorious orc deposited the last rope of cum into his well-used butt.  At last, he was allowed to climax.  His balls were pulled into his body as his cock unloaded their contents in between himself and the dry battleground.

The barbarian moaned and whimpered pathetically with the merciful orgasm he was allowed to have.  His human cream splattered onto his belly and the land below, coating them both.  His inability to plant that seed into the hole of his enemy was yet another sign of his failure as a warrior and as a man.

Sated at last, Zug pulled himself from the hot, sloppy confines of his slave and wiped the head of his cock clean along Conan's sweaty backside.  He stood with a grunt and pounded his chest as he roared his triumph to the sky.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Conan vs Zug: Panels 13-15

After pulling Conan by his hair up and forcing him onto his hands and knees, Zug took his seat upon the human's battered back.

"Crawl, slave!" he commanded, giving the barbarian's bubble butt cheeks a hearty slap of encouragement.

Conan struggled to carry the heavy weight of his master as his arms and legs slowly brought them to their destination.  He grunted with every exertion and struggled to keep his limbs from collapsing.

Finally, they'd made it to the boulder near the entrance where Conan had crossed into the Ashen Pass.  Zug lifted him into his arms and tossed him onto it.  Conan, allowed a moment's rest, gratefully lay his arms across its smooth surface and dug his heels into the dry ground to support his position.

As he rested, Conan stared at the orc as he gave a display of dominance.  He watched as Zug bounced his pecs and pat his hard biceps.

"You belong to me now, barbarian!" Zug growled masculinely.  He chuckled at the human's throbbing erection.  "You like watchin' me flex?"

"Yes, Master..." Conan honestly mumbled.  He couldn't deny that the power of this brute did turn him on.  For the first time in many years, Conan felt an excitement and stir between his thighs that he couldn't comprehend.  Could it be that he enjoyed such domination?  Perhaps surrender to this green beast wasn't so bad after all...

Rest time was over.

Zug grabbed hold of the human's legs and hoisted his boot-clad ankles over his shoulders.  Conan didn't protest as his new master pressed his cock's fat, leaking head against his quivering hole.  He drew a sharp breath just as Zug slid inside!

The orc grunted loudly, savoring the heat of his slave.  "FEEL IT DEEP, BARBARIAN!"

Conan screamed in pain as his master's meat defeated his last defenses!  Zug mercilessly pushed himself all the way inside, until his fallen opponent's soft, pink balls rested against his leathery groin.

Conan moaned and his head lolled back.  His body struggled to adjust to the new sensations of another male penetrating him.  Was this how it felt when he fucked his enemies?  Their shouts and moans suddenly came rushing back to him.  He remembered the looks on their faces as he fucked them.  And now it was he who lay under the muscular body of another, accepting his cock without the ability or the strength to fight back.  It was he whose hole was now at the mercy of a stronger being.

Very soon, however, Conan began to feel a strange heat build inside his butt.  The orc's sap of arousal made its way into his bloodstream, numbing the pains of his penetration and flooding the barbarian with feelings of lust and desire for the orc.

Conan's hole finally relaxed around its green invader.  Zug knew that it was time to breed this barbarian into ultimate servitude.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Conan vs Zug: Panels 10-12

The orc moved to lift Conan onto his knees and hooked his forearm around the human's neck.  Conan grunted and fought to draw breath!  The orc's arm felt like a mighty snake, constricting his neck and squeezing the life from his struggling body!

"SUBMIT!!" Zug snarled.  He brought his clenched fist down and struck Conan in the head again and again.  The barbarian grunted and groaned with every punch.  His efforts to claim victory over this beast seemed all but futile at this point.  He writhed in the unbreakable grasp of the orc.

Zug halted his attack and ran his hand slowly over Conan's incredible body.  He fondled the muscleman's beefy pecs and hard abs.  His green fingers trailed down until he found the human's limp cock.  Taking it in his grasp, he roughly manipulated it until it hardened to full length.

Zug chuckled cruelly into the human's ear and slid his stubby tongue along its pale-skinned folds.

The laws of the world were cruel and barbaric.  Conan knew that if he were to fall to the orc in battle, his proud, unclaimed backside would be at the mercy of the green brute.

The foreign emotion of fear had finally struck the barbarian.

Sensing that this opponent was ready to be finished off, Zug reached under and grabbed hold of the human's heavy balls!

Conan arched his back and spread his great arms wide, bracing himself to withstand the sudden assault!  A great bellow of pain erupted from his throat!  The barbarian attempted to escape the hold, only to feel his enemy's hand punish him by squeezing even harder!

Zug doubled the pressure, torturing the source of Conan's seed without mercy!  He pulled them lower and dug his stubby, green nails into the stretched skin.  Zug enjoyed conquering humans by their orbs.  Unlike most parts on a man, an orc's dangling pride was superior.  Theirs were bred to be tough and were more easily able to withstand such a tactic.

But Conan's DNA held no such advantage!  Nor did his years of fighting toughen them up for such an attack!  The pain was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before.  It rapidly grew far more than the traveling warrior could bear!

"I SURRENDER!!" he screamed over and over again!

Zug gave the pale-skinned human one final squeeze with his mighty fist and let go.  Conan's knees buckled and he immediately fell to the ground.

At long last, Conan the barbarian was vanquished.

Conan held his hands against his sore balls.  What seemed like an hour of agony passed in mere minutes as the pain soon subsided.  Conan relaxed on the ground and attempted to rest.

Zug rolled his newest slave onto his back and knelt to better examine Conan's battered body.

The barbarian's cock had grown somewhat limp, but he quickly took care of it.  His skillful fingers easily brought Conan's cock back to full length.

Zug patted the slave's firm chest and stomach.  He ran his hands over Conan's thick legs and beefy hips.  Yes, he thought, this one would do well in the mines and the lumberyard.

"Another human has fallen in battle!" the orc spoke, bouncing his proud pecs.  "And now... YOU ARE MINE!!"

It was time to force his orchood inside the barbarian's butt and break him sexually!  Zug knew that Conan would soon become his for life!

Prince Naja

Naja is the crown prince of the strong and ruthless King Viper, ruler of the Serpent Scale Kingdom.

Prince Naja is a serpent man, whose species came into being thousands of years ago when the snake gods began to breed a race of cold-blooded, humanoid creatures that were to one day overthrow the warm-bloods and take control of the world.

It was written in the snake gods' Book of Scales that the first born son of the 50th king would be named Naja.  This prince would be blessed by the snake gods and given the strength that bring the serpent men the glory and treasure that they deserved.

The Book of Scales also prophesized that a barbarian of high rank among the human men will also rise to do battle with the blessed prince.

This, too, was written (though much more cryptically) in the Book of Men, a collection of prophesies that was held dearly by the wisest of the human men.  This barbarian was believed to be their savior against a mighty evil which would one day threaten the human race.  His failure would mean a catastrophic change in the dominance man has maintained since the dawn of time.

For years, both males have built their bodies and trained rigorously.  And on the day they were fated to meet, both would wrestle for the ultimate and total supremacy of their race!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Conan vs Zug: Panels 07-09

Stumbling forward, Conan's aching head found a temporary place of rest against Zug's pecs and abs.  The orc's hot skin was leathery, yet soft enough for a man to find comfort.  His scent was exotic, but not unpleasant.  It intoxicated the barbarian's senses.

Conan felt weary and struggled to make sense of what was happening to him.

Eager to prove his total superiority over the human, Zug growled and balled his fists.  He raised them high overhead and...

...slammed them down, striking hard against Conan's back!  The barbarian grunted in pain.  He lost his footing and tumbled to the volcanic ground once more!

Zug grinned cruelly as he stepped around the body of the moaning human.  He cracked his knuckles and licked his lips.  Such a proud and hardened man was putting up much less of a struggle than he expected.  Perhaps the barbarian was harboring deep desires to finally be subjugated by another?  The orc's cock rose at the thought.

Conan lay still on the hot ground and groaned with the dull aches in his body.  Outfought by the faster orc, he could only try and minimize the heavy damage that Zug was dealing him.

The barbarian felt the warm air around them caress his bare butt as the orc tore the loincloth from his hips.  Few men had ever managed to do such a humiliating thing to Conan.  Most of the time it was he who stripped his opponents of their clothing.  But now it was he who lay nude before this green brute!

Zug held the human's scant clothing in his beefy hand and squeezed it tightly.  He raised his arm high and shouted, "I WILL CRUSH EVERY HUMAN!!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Conan vs Zug: Panels 04-06

While a distracted Conan was tending to his aching scalp, his opponent sent another fist into his muscle gut!  The green fist sent ripples and waves of shock throughout Conan's front!

He could hardly remember the last time he felt such power.  The impact felt as though a bolder had slammed into his stomach and rattled his insides.  A low moan of pain escaped Conan's throat.

But before the ebony-haired warrior could sink to his knees again, Zug grabbed hold of his head and growled, "Pathetic human!  All will kneel before Overlord Krag!"

Conan didn't have long to wonder who -- or even what -- Overlord Krag was.

"GRUUUH!!" the orc roared deeply, bestially, as he drove Conan's head down to meet his knee!


Conan's rugged, sullen face slammed against the orc's tough, green knee!  Conan reeled in pain and uttered a grunt.  Luckily, his nose hadn't broken.  His face stung, however, and felt somewhat numb from the impact.

The battle wasn't going at all as he'd expected it to.  How could such a creature -- especially one smaller than he -- dominate him with such ferocity?  How could he be losing to the orc?

Conan groaned and wobbled on his unsteady legs.  He found himself leaning against Zug for support.  The orc chuckled and held his foe's muscular body steady.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Conan vs Zug: Panels 01-03

Conan and Zug stood with pride on the volcanic field of battle.  The two studs growled at one another, each hoping to instill fear in his opponent.  But neither combatant knew fear.  The heat of battle quickly took hold and the fight was on!

Zug wasted no time in landing the first blow!  He leapt forward and sent his clenched fist into the mighty barbarian's beefy pecs!

"UNNGH!!" Conan bellowed, taking the full brunt of the hit.  The impact was so great, it toppled him to the ground!

Zug grinned cruelly and bounced his pecs.  He'd defeated many humans in his life -- but this one was special, he realized.  This one was used to winning.  He would have fun teaching this barbarian a lesson in submission.

Conan lay upon the hot, dry ground as Zug stood over him, flexing his bulging muscles.  The adventurer never imagined that this creature wielded such power!

"Foolish barbarian!" Zug roared, staring at the dazed human.  "Yer muscles will serve the orcs well!"

Serve?!  Conan was startled by the creature's words.  No man would ever be Conan's master, let alone a monstrous beast!  Conan was destined to rule!  Men would serve under him!

"By Crom..." he groaned and struggled to rise.  He would beat the orc into submission, fuck his holes, and show him the unbreakable strength of a Cimmerian!

With an impatient snort, the greenskin leaned over and grabbed a fistful of Conan's long, ebony locks.  He pulled without mercy, forcing the barbarian to rise!

"Long hair..." he grunted with amusement.  "An easy target!  GET UP, SOFTSKIN!"

These pathetic creatures had many weaknesses to exploit.  Their bodies were strong and hardy -- good for manual labor and wrestling practice -- but man was no match for orc.  They didn't deserve to be in a position of influence.  Only the strongest would take their rightful place and rule over the world!

Conan bellowed in pain, but chose to obediently stand than to suffer from the hold on his hair.  He placed his hands on his head and gingerly rubbed the sore scalp underneath his proud, dark mane.

Conan was beginning to realize that this orc creature was ruthless!  Perhaps even more so than himself!

Conan vs Zug: Title

With characters requested by reader Sharlin, Conan vs Zug features Conan the barbarian battling the short (by orc standards) greenskin named Little Zug who was previously seen in my second series 'The Last Battle'.

This series is labeled a Quick Battle because it cuts out a lot of the length of story that my other series usually contain, thus reducing the number of panels needed, increasing the posting speed, and getting right to the action.

Here, Conan meets with Zug on the hot and arid Ashen Pass, newly-renovated with an ominous sky and wood railings.  The orc impedes Conan's attempt to cross into the neighboring lands to continue on his journey, so the barbarian must fight!

But Zug isn't like most of the creatures Conan has previously fought and defeated.  The orcs are incredible wrestlers and ferocious fighters, but unknown to the barbarian, orcs are also able to sexually subdue humans with little difficulty.

Conan vs Zug is a man vs orc battle fantasy for adults only.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The New Gotham Champion (One Shot Mini Series)

Batman lay stunned on the mat as the Joker strutted his muscular, Venom-infused body around the ring.  He had his suspicions about how it happened, but even with the aid of drugs, he couldn't believe how strong the Joker had gotten in such a short period of time.

For the first time in his life, Batman was totally outwrestled.  With every bodyslam, chokehold, clothesline, piledriver, and toehold, the Joker converted most of the Caped Crusader's fans to his side.  And by the time he lay still on the mat, gulping air into his massive chest, most of them had already turned against him.

They shouted, "Stay down!" and "Pin him, Joker!" hopeful that this pathetic champ would finally be dethroned.  They wanted the truly stronger man take his rightful place!

"Awww..." the Joker mockingly spoke, hovering over his fallen foe.  "Had enough already?"

Batman could only moan as the green-haired jester seated himself atop his hard abdominals and began to flex.  The Dark Knight wanted to reach up and bash the smirk from the Joker's face, but his strength was utterly wasted defending himself during the match.

"Count him out, ref!" the villain demanded.

The crowd helped the referee to count.  "1... 2... 3!!"

IT WAS OVER!  The Gotham City Wrestling League champion had been defeated by pinfall!  The bell rang to signal the end of the match and the crowd went wild!

The Joker planted his foot firmly atop Batman's chest and raised his muscular arms up high!  He posed for the fans as they chanted his name and took dozens of photos, forever immortalizing the moment of Batman's defeat by the villain.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, FOLKS!" the arena manager's booming voice shouted over the speakers.  "THE JOKER HAS FINALLY DEFEATED BATMAN!"

One of the organizers of the match called into his mic, "Let's hear it for the winner and your new champion: The Joker!!"

The crowd roared their approval of the fight!  The 'Saturday Night Nude Fight' event that the Gotham City Wrestling League held once a week was always a fan favorite, but this one would go down in history as its most popular ever.  Millions upon millions the world over tuned in to watch Batman's latest righteous victory over evil, only to find their hero at the mercy of the villain.  But as the Joker's cock throbbed and his sweat-laced muscles flexed and bulged masculinely, they didn't mind this turn of events as much.

Batman was made to get on his hands and knees and present his muscular butt as reward for his opponent.  With the super hearing chip he had installed in his cowl, he picked up the individual jeers and laughs of the people in the stands.  He could hear them shout demands for the villain to screw him hard, and more than a few of them were already jerking their cocks to the sight!

The Joker mounted the man who had always managed to thwart his plans.  But now he would have the last laugh.  He grabbed hold of Batman's beefy hips and massaged the muscles within.  He admired the years of bodybuilding and wrestling that sculpted this body.  And now it was all his.

A sudden moan of pleasure escaped Batman's mouth as the villain's throbbing manhood slid into his quivering, pink hole.  He burned with shame and clenched his teeth as the better wrestler took his time entering him.  Inch after inch sank into the hungry hole of the fallen hero.  Finally, he was all the way inside!

Thousands of flashbulbs dazzled the hero as his former fans continued to take photos of the result.

"Smile for the cameras, Bat Bitch!" the Joker chuckled, assuming a pose for his new followers.  "This one's going on the front page!"

The crazed villain laughed wildly as he began to thrust in and out of Batman's hot hole.  The Caped Crusader gasped and forced himself to keep silent and endure this humiliation.

The Joker went on to fuck Batman in every position he could dream of in the wrestling ring.  He degraded his enemy repeatedly, until finally, Batman's willpower broke.  He moaned in erotic heat and begged for more!  What the Dark Knight never knew was that the Joker had coated his cock with a special serum synthesized by his best chemists that would drive any man wild with lust.  Not even the mighty Batman could fight its effects for long.

With Gotham City's once-beloved hero broken and subsequently unmasked to the world as Bruce Wayne, the Joker easily took control of Wayne Enterprises.  With the resources and assets of the billionaire's company and its former owner at his disposal as a slave and henchman, the Joker would soon bring Gotham City under his permanent control.

The End

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I wanted to create a Batman model recently, so I tried my hand at him.  This isn't meant to be a hint at any future projects -- it's just something for fun.  This blog is primarily meant for the gruff adventures of ancient barbarians, but I do still love modern muscle and will work it in when the desire hits.

Batman and symbol are © DC Comics

The Dark Knight of Gotham City stands vigilant on the lookout for anything that would threaten the safety of its people.

Over the years, billionaire crimefighter, Bruce Wayne, has sculpted a body of masculine perfection.  Many of Gotham's citizens have lusted after his incredible chest, big nipples, and rock-hard abs, but such things were frequently confined by the requirement of business suits or tuxedos.  It was only as Batman that he felt he could really show off his work of pride.

Combined with his high intellect, his massive muscles have helped to bring countless dregs of society to justice.  Many of those criminals dream of the day when the caped crusader is brought to his knees and made to surrender.  They stroke their cocks at the thought of the mighty Batman, on his hands and knees, crying out for mercy from the one to finally tame him.

During his most restless nights in bed, Bruce lies awake, fearful for that day.  He knows that it's only a matter of time before he makes the one wrong move that ends his secret life as a hero.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bathing With Zeus

Whew, okay.  I'm finally done with Hercules vs Sergios.  I ended up liking the alternate ending so much, I didn't realize I was already at 17 panels!

Thanks for sticking with me throughout this series -- though I'm sure some of you are ready for me to move on to another.  Rest assured, I will in time!  I just need a bit of time to unwind first.

But in the meantime, muscle daddy Zeus will be here to invite you into his bath for a good soak... among other things.

Take it easy, guys.  See you soon.


Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 17 [End]

Sergios knelt before his master and placed his hand around Zeus' tree trunk leg.  He sat quietly as Zeus struck a series of poses and savored the last moments of this victory.

Two days later, the thunder god would send word via Hercules to the human's uncle, letting him know of his nephew's fate and of his safety under the authority of Mount Olympus and its leader.

The middle-aged vintner could hardly believe it, but as it came from Hercules' own mouth, he felt compelled to.  A hero to those in need, Hercules helped the man to finish harvesting what Sergios had to leave undone.  With his strength and speed, the work was done in half the time.  Grateful for the help, Sergios' uncle allowed the godling to stay in his nephew's old room whenever he wished and even took care of Hercules' sexual desires on a nightly basis.

Sergios lived with Zeus in heavenly bliss and was almost never denied his wants or needs.  Because of the ambrosia and the god's love he never grew a day older or fell ill to the diseases of the world.

And although Zeus would take on many new consorts and loves throughout the ages to come, the father of gods and men always held a special place in his heart and in his bed for the man named Sergios.

The End

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 16

Hours passed as Zeus bred the simple laborer from the world below.  By the time Zeus was ready, Sergios shook with need to empty his heavy balls.

Zeus' power over the human prevented him from climaxing.  This was his punishment to Sergios for consuming ambrosia.  Now that his crime had been repaid, it was time to allow his consort to do what all men must.

Holding his slave off the ground with little effort, Zeus thrust his burning-hot cock deep inside Sergios' hole one last time and shouted, "Now, my son!  Release your seed and honor me!!"

The god's cock bounced and throbbed as it shot burst after burst of semen into the human's quivering butt.  "YOU ARE MINE!!"

Sergios threw his chest out and opened his mouth in a scream of intense pleasure.  He was so happy to finally be able to cum, he felt genuine appreciation to his master.

"PRAISE ZEUS!!" he cried again and again as his cock shot 12 healthy ropes of male seed onto the clouds below them both.

The unbelievable orgasm that rocked his body instantly drained him of his strength, and he slumped back onto Zeus' muscular chest.  The potent cum that leaked slowly from his hole marked him forever as a submissive consort to the father of gods and men.

Zeus was pleased with this man's hole.  He was also very pleased with Hercules.  His chest swelled with pride at his victory over Sergios and his renewed dominance over the mortal beings of the world.

All was as it should be, and men would forever fear and love the mighty Zeus.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 15

Thunder crackled and boomed all around the area as Zeus bred his new muscle slave, letting the other Olympian gods know of his latest conquest.  They would come around eventually to see this man for themselves (all but Ares, who would be busy for a while), but for now, the two would be left alone.

Sergios' hole pleased its master well.  The muscles within the human massaged and squeezed around the god king's heavy sword of flesh as it exited and reentered him quickly and without mercy.

Zeus' manly grunts overpowered Sergios' moans and pleas for more.  The human felt faint at the unbelievable sensations taking place within his body.  He wanted to climax and release his seed more than he'd ever wanted to in his life, but he was unable.

Sergios quickly realized that when in Zeus' domain, none would rest or orgasm without the master's permission.

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 14

Zeus led Sergios over to a railing and guided him into position.  Sergios realized what was about to happen, but didn't make an effort to resist it.  He realized that his life had changed forever and it would be foolish to go against his master's wishes.

Zeus smeared his precum around Sergios' tight hole.  Once the pink ring of the immortal human was well-lubricated, he pressed the tip of his hot cock against it.

"To make certain that you know your place, Sergios," Zeus grunted aggressively, grasping firmly at the man's muscular hips, "I shall break you myself!!"

He plunged his mighty cock into his consort's hole!  Sergios screamed at the sudden intrusion!  Zeus' cock was at least as big as Hercules and felt even longer inside his battered rear.

Incredibly, the king's meat began to fill him with warmth and longing for this eternal submission.  He adjusted much faster, having been fucked by Hercules before, but he felt sensations that the demigod wasn't able to give him.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 13

Just as Zeus' precum hit the tongue of the human, he felt an instant warmth grow within his body.  The taste was indescribable and not like anything he'd ever drank back home.  It was akin to the sweetest milk he'd ever tasted mixed with a hint of honey.

"Drink deep, my son," the god king encouraged as Sergios suckled eagerly at his cock.  "Drink your fill."

Sergios soon became addicted to the fluid that flowed from his master's heavy meat.  The nectar of Zeus quenched the thirst he'd gotten from his battle with Hercules.

What seemed like only seconds later, Zeus pulled his erection from the lips of his enslaved consort and denied him any more.  Sergios moved to place his mouth back over the head, but was stopped and made to rise.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Alternate Ending Panel 12

Moments later, Sergios awoke to a heavenly sight.  He was somewhere in the sky, and mighty Zeus was standing before him.  The clouds below him were soft and somewhat cool to his skin, but not unpleasant.

Still a little wobbly, Sergios could only manage to kneel before the god king.  Zeus placed his beefy hand upon Sergios' shoulder and smiled.

"Be at ease, my son," he spoke warmly.  "You have been brought to me for your own good.  You will soon become my eternal consort.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Zeus..." Sergios spoke almost in a trance.

"Good.  Now drink my nectar," Zeus said with satisfaction.  His cock rose to full erection and began to secrete a healthy stream of precum.  "For at this moment it flows only for you."

Sergios took one look at the erect cock of the father of all men and became instantly infatuated with it.  He placed his lips around the head and began to drink.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick Note: Almost There

I think I've figured out the issue.  My solid state drive seems to have given out on me.

I plugged my previous platter-based hard drive back in, and, although super slow by comparison, it has yet to give me the same weird crashes that the SSD was.  Definitely gonna have this sent in for a replacement -- they're so pricey right now. *grumble grumble*

I'll hopefully be up and posting again by tomorrow night.  Thanks for your patience.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quick Note: Technical Difficulties

Hey, guys.  I'm currently having a severe issue with my computer that will force me to wipe it clean and reinstall everything very soon.

I'll have to hold off on posting for a short while -- probably not more than a day.  Thanks for your understanding!