Monday, September 30, 2013

Rematch Promo 2

Hey, everyone.  Thanks greatly for your well-wishes.  I'm feeling better and have been able to write a lot of the story.  I've got a bit more to go with it, but I'm sure it'll speed by and then I can focus on refining it as I do the illustrations.

I went ahead and made another promo image for you in the meantime.  This one reflects the updated lighting I gave the scene as well as showing off Alexi wearing his championship belt.

I was going to make it a bit of a surprise, but I'm planning on doing an alternate ending with this story.  So no matter which wrestler you're rooting for to win, you'll be sure to enjoy the outcome!

-Lucky Stallion

Friday, September 27, 2013

Quick Note: Sick Part II

Argh.  I seem to have picked up the cold a couple of nights ago (at least that's when I noticed the hardness in the throat).  Who gets a cold at the end of September, anyway?  Ugggghhhh.

I'm going to try to get over it quickly, but dealing with the tiredness and the other fun symptoms may delay the Gorilla story a bit.

Thanks for your patience, guys.  Take care of yourselves.

-Lucky Stallion

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rematch Promo

Gorilla George, a powerhouse pro wrestler from Australia, was one of two men to finally defeat the unstoppable Alexi Volkov and his partner Ryan Dermot in a tag team battle witnessed by millions across the world.  The humiliation from that fight has haunted the Soviet wrestler for a year and now he wants revenge.

Gorilla, who has had a very good year ever since his defeat and fuck of the Russian champ, is only happy to oblige the stud's desire to get back in the ring.  But he wants something more.  He not only wants Alexi's ass, he wants that World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist!

Alexi, as confident and eager as ever, has agreed to put his title and belt on the line and finally take down the one man who managed to plow his butt and bring to an end his restless nights!

I did a bit of body modification on both Gorilla's body and head.  He's a little stockier overall and has slightly less abdominal definition.  I didn't want him to look too different, so I kept a lot of the muscle that my guys now have and just fiddled with his body until it resembled something of a wall of bricks with a bit of added beefiness of his serratus muscles.

I chose to make Gorilla bald after going through all of the hair props I have (which are numerous by now!) and not finding anything satisfactory.  I think he looks a lot better with a shaved head.

After a while of deliberation and going back and forth on it, I decided to make his color scheme burnt gold and black.  And it's a bit hard to tell from so far away, but his eyes are a bright, grassy green color.

I'm at work on the story part of the series, but I wanted to go ahead and create Gorilla today to announce the upcoming story in a visual way.

Have a great weekend, guys,
-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slake Versus Gorg

It's done!  And Gorg, my mohawked orc, was the mystery opponent!  This is my first crossover and I wanted to make sure it was good before it was posted for you guys to enjoy.

There isn't a text component to this story.  That's partially because I just don't have the time to write one, but because of it, I was able to dedicate more toward the art and add quite a few more panels than I originally planned.

Slake and Gorg are the latest victims of Kzak, my red-hot trickster demon.  Just before their capture, Kzak whispered a set of instructions into their ears, "Fight for me now, I tell no lies: neither goes back 'til the weaker one cries!"

Pulled away from the world of the onis, Slake suddenly found himself in a strange, lava-surrounded cavern with thick, impenetrable stalagmites.  Unable to free himself, the blue-skinned oni stud sat upon the protruding rock near the middle of the black, rocky room.

He wouldn't be alone for long, however.  As he was crushing a small group of human warriors, Gorg didn't hear the strange whisper before he was mysteriously vanished.  The men's reprieve was short-lived, however, as five burly orcs came upon them like a swarm.

Gorg looked around the large cavern in mild wonder before he sniffed the air and noticed that he wasn't the only one there...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Slake Versus _____?!

Hey, guys!  I've been working for a short while on one of my two new short stories that I indicated recently.  The first involves Slake, SoupGoblin/Croup's original character.  With his help, I picked one of my guys (one who hasn't been seen in quite a while) to go head-to-head with the stud in a loser-gets-humiliated-badly match.  Only two of you know who it is, so keep it secret for now. *grin*

I'm always experimenting with new colors and shades and effects in the text that sits atop the panels, so this is subject to change and is just a work in progress.

I don't have an estimated time of arrival for this one, but look forward to it sometime before the end of this month!  Have a great... well, Friday the 13th is nearly over for me, so have an awesome weekend, all!

-Lucky Stallion

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hassan's Persistence

Before I move on to a couple of other short stories (which are meant to be a refresher before I start on Part 3 of The Defiant Prince,) I wanted to post a little sequel to The Palace Guards.  It also serves as a small prequel to Part 1!  The story begins right after this.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Defiant Prince: Part 2 of 3

(Click here to go back to Part 1.)

Later that day...

Prince Hassan could barely keep from fidgeting all that morning.  The wrestling spar he'd witnessed between his two personal bodyguards, Lusala and Sahib, kept blissfully replaying in his mind over and over.

At breakfast, he could hardly eat.  During history lesson, he couldn't hope to focus.  And whenever either Sahib or Lusala looked his way, he'd giggle like a fool and turn quickly to hide the growing erection that pushed the fabric of his loincloth aside.

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Crunch Time!

Whew...  I've been going at a superhero's speed with these renders the past few days.  I have the story component of Part 2 completely done and now I'm going into overdrive with the illustration half.

I'm keeping myself to a deadline of getting this up by 11:59 PM on Sunday, so I'm committed to making that happen.

It's crunch time! *roar!*

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Palace Bath

It was a bit late in the day when I was working on the palace bath, where a scene near the end of the second part of The Defiant Prince takes place and I had my camera angled at this exact spot.  It looked like a really nice shot, so I figured I'd render it.  But upon closer examination, I noticed that it was missing one crucial component: naked prince butt.

So naked prince butt was added and the gods of muscle were pleased.

I swear, this is what mainstream cologne ads will look like at some point in the future.  Or maybe ads for vacations in the Middle East.  Excuse me while I book my flight...