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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Monster City Wrestling

Happy Halloween, everyone! 🎃😄

The hapless and golden Prince Charming came from his fairyland world and took a wrong turn, thinking he was heading to Muscle City to wrestle and represent his kingdom, but ending up in Monster City instead.  Instilled by the courageous heroes of his homeland, the mighty, meaty prince faces off against an opponent much bigger and much more cunning than he!

It was pretty fun to go back to doing something with an orc again.  Gorg is one of my oldest and the one most likely to be doing some professional wrestling on the side -- when he's not out raiding human settlements, that is!


Thursday, July 27, 2023

Night with the Pythons

Another of my earlier Iray adventures!  I remember being a bit dissatisfied by how it was going initially, but ended up liking how it looked.  I hope you enjoy!

This story brings back my OC Butch, the leader of the Pythons, a gang in my fictional Muscle City metropolis.  The Pythons are up to no good, as usual, and with a sinister plan to use a new substance on the MCPD and raid the banks and jewelry stores of the city!  But word of this dangerous liquid has reached beyond the city borders and attracted the attention of superheroes!

Nightwing is tasked with searching the city at night before Butch and his gang can execute their plans.