Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone around the world a happy and safe 2012!  Happy New Year!


The Last Battle: Panel 04

The human raised his weapon to the invader and shook its old, wood spikes in a futile effort to frighten him away.

"Yeh best get from here if yeh know what's good fer yuh!  Go on!"

But his threats only served to amuse the orc.  Gorg snickered and bared his teeth at the man.

"Kneel before your new masters, pathetic human!" he declared, flexing his powerful body.  "Surrender to the orcs!!"

The Last Battle: Panel 03

The farmer of the land, a simple human laborer in his thirties, emerged from the shed with his rake.

Ready to work that day, he began to whistle a tune he'd heard from the tavern of a village an hour's walk from his home.

His jovial song soon came to a stop, however, when he spotted a horrifying sight at the front of the farm!

"Oh no... no..." he cried under his breath.  "Orcs!"

The farmer assumed a wide stance and held his rake at the ready.

"Son!" he shouted with the knowledge that he'd alert the green intruders.  "Where are yeh?!  I need yer help!"

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Battle: Panel 02

Gorg breathed deeply and let his breath go through short, snorting laughter.

"Do ya smell that, little buddy?" he asked Zug.  "There's a faint stench of man here.  Two... maybe three of 'em."

Zug grumbled his acknowledgement.

"Overlord Krag was right," he spoke.  "They'll never see us comin' through here!

"These lands belong to the orcs!!"

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Last Battle: Panel 01

As per The Overlord's command, Gorg and Little Zug invaded the farmstead.

They stood menacingly in the shadows, staring at the meager human settlement stationed at the far south of the kingdom of Brunnr.

With these first steps, the orcs will begin The Last Battle.

The fates and roles of the humans and the orcs will be changed forever!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Last Battle: Profile of Little Zug

Zug is a greenskin whose height never seemed to reach that of his brother orcs.  Because of it, he is constantly competing and fighting.

Though he was given the nickname "little", all of the orcs know that he can bring you down once he gets his arms around you.

Like most orcs, Zug loves to wrestle.  His favorite move is the bearhug, which he uses frequently to force submissions from his foes.

Always eager to prove himself capable, Zug rushed to the overlord when he got wind of the quest to enslave the human race.

He will fight to help the orcs claim their rightful place as Earth's ultimate masters!

Personal quote: "If you hear it go crunch, yer doin' good!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Last Battle: Profile of Gorg

Gorg, the eldest son of Urm, is a beast of an orc who enjoys sparring and weightlifting.

Gorg takes pride in himself and loves it when others worship his body -- especially the lesser races.

He can often be found in front of a mirror, flexing and posing and practicing his victory grunts -- all while sporting a full erection.

When he heard of the mission to bring down the humans, he was one of the first to lend his muscles to the effort.

Standing proud of the site of invasion, Gorg will show the humans the true power of the greenskins!

Personal quote: "Yeh'll be kissin' these guns when I get done with yeh!"

The Last Battle: Title

The Last Battle is an orcs vs humans original fantasy of domination.

The orcs of Grohmah have escalated their attacks upon the human kingdom of Brunnr.

Overlord Krag, declares to his orcs that the time of humans has come to an end!  They will be enslaved and the orcs will rule over the world!

Ranzen, King of Men, has had enough of the threats caused by Krag and his orcs.  He commands his men to fight for a brighter future and to subdue the greenskins.

Only when these things happen will they cement their place as masters of the Earth!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Last Battle: Promo

There's a chill in the air surrounding the human kingdom of Brunnr.

The orcs of Grohmah, a brutish race infused with muscle and power, have long fought with men for their land and resources.  The greenskins, led by Overlord Krag, desire to strip men of these priceless things.  Krag dreams nightly of subjugating them once and for all.

With the men under their control, the orcs will go unchallenged for total supremacy of the world!

The humans, led by King Ranzen, will fight to uphold humanity's honor and retain its place on the Earth.  Two of Ranzen's strongest warriors set out to not only fight back the threat caused by the orcs -- but to totally eliminate it!

The orcs challenge the humans to the final, ultimate struggle that will change their fates forever!

The Last Battle will soon begin!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Bonus Panel 05

The barbarian bathes the black man's large balls with his tongue.

His thick, lengthy cock throbs and pulsates over his face, intimidating him with its might.

Tuskar is unable to believe what he is doing.  Mere days ago, it was he who straddled the chests of his enemies, forcing them to service his manhood.

Tuskar learns well the price of defeat.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Bonus Panel 04

Kugo straddles Tuskar's chest and commands the barbarian to worship his body.

"Feel Kugo muscle, barbarian!  Feel power!"

Unable or unwilling to defend his pride as a man, Tuskar does as he is told.

The white savage drags his tongue across the hot, ebony balls of the African.

Kugo closes his eyes and moans his pleasure.  He feels exhilaration at his conquest over the defiant barbarian.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Bonus Panel 03

Bored with the hold, Kugo lets his victim fall.  Tuskar hits the grass and moans.

But the black warrior doesn't give him the luxury of rest!

He quickly feels his wrists seized and Kugo's rugged foot firmly upon his toned butt!

"Unnnh... agh... ngh..." he moans in the vicious surfboard.  "Tuskar... endure..."

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Bonus Panel 02

Tuskar's screams of pain only serve to make Kugo squeeze him tighter!

"Kugo CRUSH white man!" he roars over Tuskar's shouts.  "Surrender, barbarian!!"

The native's strong arms feel like unmovable boulders -- trapping him in an avalanche!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Bonus Panel 01

Kugo catches Tuskar in a crushing bearhug!  The African muscleman presses the body of his foe to his own!

The barbarian yells in agony as the black man squeezes him close!  Their muscles and hard cocks rub and grind together!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Over Already?!

Wow.  I'm already done posting the Tuskar vs Kugo series?

It really feels like it was only yesterday that I started work on this project.  I guess that's because I've had quite a bit of fun with this.

It's had many errors and frustrations along the way (and I've learned many things), but I don't consider it a bad first effort.

I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out.  I do wish that I was able to spruce up the battlefield a little more than I did (I managed to tweak some things near the middle point, though).  And I wish I had used better lighting and a shadow map for added quality (I did these things in pages 51 and 52, the holiday greeting, and the five bonus panels that I'm going to add in the coming days).

Thanks, everyone, for sticking with me throughout this.  And thanks again to the guys who left comments -- I always appreciate it.

I'm hard at work on a new original fantasy series for Barbaric Brawn.  I'm 22 panels into that one (not counting the seven character profiles I've already completed).  I'll post a teaser promo once I'm far enough into the series.


Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 52 [End]

The tribe shouts praises and glory to the black king!

Kugo stands tall over his slave mid-worship.

Tuskar feels their eyes on his nude, muscular body.  He quivers in shame, yet he knows that his place is now -- and forever -- under them all.

"Praise mighty Kugo!" they shout.  "Victory for Africa!"

"Hail King Kugo, dominator of white men!"

The end.

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 51

"Brothers!" Kugo calls out to one of his tribes.  "King Kugo defeat white barbarian thief!

"Barbarian belong to Kugo!  He work in field and help hunt beast!  Work thief hard!  Take pink hole!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 50

Kugo holds the fabulous Axe of Power close and roars in triumph.

He places his ebony orbs above the face of his conquest and calls out his triumph to all who could hear it.

Arousal lifts his manhood once more as he basks in the glory of the victory fuck.

Tuskar, once a mighty hero of Barbaria, is now under his command!

The defeated white savage passes out in exhaustion, his master's deposit leaking from his vigorously-fucked hole...

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 49

Unable to contain his urges any longer, Tuskar grunts and erupts!  His throbbing manhood bounces and spurts rope after rope of hot, thick, barbarian semen.

"TUSKAR CUM!" he shouts, unloading another wave more powerful than the first, "TUSKAR... AUGH!!"

Never before had Tuskar felt such an amazing orgasm.  No hole he's ever bred had brought him such pleasure.  It was because of Kugo that this was made possible.

Tuskar no longer regretted becoming the black king's slave.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 48

Kugo slams his hips into Tuskar's hardened body.  He arches his back and bellows so loudly, his voice can be heard for miles.


The barbarian is momentarily shocked and awestruck by the power and ferocity of the native.

Tuskar feels his master's hot essence gush like lava deep into his body!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 47

Kugo drops Tuskar to the ground and gyrates his hips harder and faster.  The barbarian's legs are spread wider, completely exposing his body to his master's gaze.

The black champion grunts deeply, and finally...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 46

Tuskar is rewarded for his obedience.  He moans and gasps in awe at the depths his master can penetrate.

Kugo's heavy balls swing up again and again, smacking against Tuskar's butt.

The men feel themselves quickly near climax!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 45

Tuskar tries in vain to wriggle his hips to get more of the black man's cock in him.  But Kugo's hold is too strong!

The barbarian, frustrated by the refusal, understands that in order to have what he wants, he must obey his master.

"Tuskar beg master!" he then shouts.  "Me need black king cock!  ME WANT BE KUGO SLAVE FOR LIFE!!"

Kugo smirks triumphantly.

At long last, the mighty Tuskar has been broken!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holiday Season From Barbaric Brawn!

Tuskar and Kugo wish a happy holiday season to barbarians everywhere!

Have a great 2012!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 44

But Tuskar is a man, after all.  His moans of lust may be fleeting and fade after he is done...

Kugo makes certain that the barbarian is his forever.  He not only wishes to enslave the white barbarian, he desires to make Tuskar unable to live as he once had.  He will make Tuskar addicted to his massive cock.

He slows his fucking to a gentle, teasing thrust.  Tuskar becomes fitful almost instantly.

"What Tuskar want most?!" the African asks.  "Tell Kugo!"

"Tuskar want cock -- want Kugo cock!" the white man yelps almost immediately.

"Only slave of Kugo get king cock!  Only slave for life get Kugo cock!"

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 43

Kugo's hips gyrate faster, rhythmically pummeling the smooth butt below.  The African's manly grunts burn his new slave's ears.

The barbarian lays still under Kugo's control, allowing him to ravage his body.

Tuskar can only moan as his master's thick, pulsating manhood fucks him into total submission!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 42

Kugo presses his full weight upon the barbarian, causing his body to collapse to the ground.

Tuskar's screams of pain soon give way to cries of pure pleasure.

He finds his hips involuntarily pushing back to meet Kugo's advancing thrusts.

"Nngh!  Nngh!" the black savage grunts.  "Barbarian hole tight...  Kugo break open!"

Tuskar has never before known such pleasure.  He is unable to contain his submissive moans and constant pleas for more.

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 41

The barbarian feels his master's heavy orbs slap against his own, repeatedly reasserting his dominance.

Kugo's entire length is forced in and out of his slave's hole, never giving the white man a chance to adjust.

Tuskar relies upon the last of his inner strength.  He grunts and struggles to endure the blazing heat building in his loins.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 40

With one hard press, the native manages to bury his enormous manhood to the hilt inside the white man's body!

Even the mighty Tuskar can hold out no longer!  His butt-busted screams soar across the area!

"UWAAAAAGHH!!" the barbarian cries out for his lost dominance.

Kugo moans in ecstasy with every triumphant thrust.  His pleasure will be Tuskar's punishment!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 39

Though the barbarian's hole offered some resistance, the African once again came out supreme!

Kugo's massive, black cock pushes its way past Tuskar's tight entrance!  The fallen barbarian lets out a loud grunt, refusing to scream his pain!

"Ha ha ha!" Kugo laughs heartily at his slave.  "Kugo feel barbarian hole surrender!  Take king cock, thief!!"

Tuskar grits his teeth and lets out a series of grunts.  But he can't suppress it much more...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 38

Tuskar feels Kugo's slimy cockhead rub vigorously against his defenses.

The black man's thick, bulbous knob spurts copious amounts of precum on the winking pucker of the white man.

"It... it Tuskar first time, Master..." he tries to reason.  "Tuskar hole small.  Kugo cock big!  Have mercy on Tuskar, Master!"

Yet Kugo has no mercy for a thieving barbarian!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 37

Kugo spreads his conquest's legs and cheeks wide apart.  With his fingers, he inspects his slave's pink, unused hole.

The anal ring of the barbarian is indeed virginal, Kugo can see.  He smirks at the thought of being this man's first dominant partner.

Flat on his chest and legs wide open, Tuskar quivers in fear at the idea of being taken for the first time by such an endowed savage!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 36

Resigned to his fate, Tuskar works hard to please his master.

His tongue laps firmly against the hole of the African, rewarding Kugo for his win.

The barbarian begins to enjoy the exotic taste of the victorious black king's butt.  It intoxicates him.

Tuskar's cock throbs and bounces.  His heavy balls ache for release.

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 35

Kugo sighs contentedly as the barbarian licks his butt.

The white man's tongue crudely laps at the powerful ring nestled between Kugo's hard bottom.

The black savage grinds himself against Tuskar's face, reminding him of his position as slave.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 34

Kugo pushes Tuskar to the grass.

The conqueror sits upon his throne and demands his slave's obedience!

"Lick Kugo hole, barbarian!" he grunts.  "Worship hole of black king!!"

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 33

Tuskar holds his master's firm butt as his lips devour more and more of the black cock.

With every suck, precum floods Tuskar's mouth.

The barbarian's tongue swirls around the head of Kugo's thick cock.

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 32

Kugo is surprised by the skill of his new slave.  He places his hand upon Tuskar's head and holds him steady.

"Slave worship Kugo cock good," he praises.  "All barbarian suck good like Tuskar?"

Kugo entertains the thought of invading and conquering Barbaria.  Tuskar's masterful sucking, however, brings him back to the present.

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 31

The size and girth of the black savage's cock intimidates Tuskar.

"Stories wise men tell true," he remembers.  "Black manhood big...  Maybe also taste different than barbarian cock..."

Tuskar braves the unknown and opens his mouth wide...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 30

Kugo laughs and crosses his arms.  He is enjoying this victory more than he thought he would!

Tuskar kneels before his master and gain's a slave's view of his endowment.

"Ha ha ha!  White man want king cock?" Kugo condescendingly asks.  "Put in mouth, slave!  Taste master!"

Tuskar lets the thick, black head of the ebony warrior's cock linger before his lips.

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 29

Tuskar gulped and struggled to ease the knots in his stomach.  He'd already lost the fight -- with this, there will be no going back.

"Tuskar surrender to new master Kugo," he timidly speaks.  "Me submit to life of slavery."

"And?!" Kugo shouts.

"Tuskar want... service Master manhood.  Me want... Master take Tuskar hole.  Me want... Kugo seed in hole."

It was done.

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 28

But Kugo isn't satisfied.  There is much more that the conquered invader has yet to do...

Tuskar kneels on bended knee and looks up into the grinning face of the winner.

"Barbarian know how Fight of Domination end!" Kugo barks.  "Kugo waiting!  Talk, slave!"

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 27


Tuskar the Conquered bows in surrender before his new master.

"YES!" the black man shouts again and again, displaying his superior body to an unseen audience.

Tuskar hangs his head in total defeat.  He grits his teeth and groans.  He almost had the Axe.  He would've been worshiped for its arrival...

"Tuskar fail Barbaria..." he silently thinks.  "Me never bring Axe of Power home..."

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 26

Feeling as though the Barbarian gods have abandoned him, Tuskar's spirit finally breaks.

"TUSKAR GIVE UP!!" he screams.  "TUSKAR SUBMIT!!"

Kugo drops his body to the ground, where he curls up in a slump.

A swift kick to his side, however, brings him into the proper position...

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 25

The barbarian's remaining strength leaves his body.

"By the gods..." he moans in pain.

"Become Kugo slave," the black man snarls, "or me break Tuskar body in two!!"

Tuskar says nothing; he just continues to moan.


Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 24

But the Barbarian gods do not seem to care for his plight!

Holding the white man's body tight, Kugo jumps high!

Tuskar feels Kugo's powerful thighs hold his head steady, surely sealing his fate!


Tuskar is devastated by the tombstone piledriver!!

Kugo leaps to his feet and hoists the barbarian overhead!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 23

Tuskar is easily lifted by the strong native and turned upside down.

The white man feels the blood rush to his head as he hangs helpless in Kugo's grasp.  He struggles to keep his opponent's erection from rubbing against his face.

In a final act of desperation, the barbarian pleads for the help of his gods!

"GODS OF BARBARIA!" he screams.  "HELP TUSKAR!!"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 22

Kugo gives Tuskar a few merciful moments to catch his breath.  He kneels down and looks in pity at the white savage's muscular body.  He wonders if all of Barbaria is this weak.

"Barbarian give up?!" he finally asks.

Though winded and wounded, Tuskar refuses to admit defeat...

"No..." the barbarian declares through a series of coughs.  "Tuskar never surrender to Kugo...  Tuskar... win..."

Undaunted, Kugo lifts his opponent into his arms, ready to finish him!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 21

Kugo brings his knees (and his entire weight) upon the barbarian's abs and pecs!  His blow knocks the wind from his enemy's body!

"GWARRRRGHH!!" he bellows in a blood-curdling roar.

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 20

"NOOOO!!" screams the barbarian!

But Kugo will show no mercy!

Tuskar braces for impact, but nothing can prepare him for the oncoming assault!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 19

Tuskar lays helpless under the hot African sun as the black warrior leaps into the air!

A horrified expression dominates the white man's face at the swiftness of his opponent.  This wasn't at all how he expected it to be!

He can only watch as Kugo comes back down upon him!!

Tuskar vs Kugo -- Page 18

Kugo drops to the ground while the barbarian is dazed and performs a hard legsweep!

Tuskar easily succumbs to the move, his wobbly legs giving out.

"Unh!!" he groans, feeling the world around him tilt!

Kugo doesn't allow the white savage to recover.  He stands and readies his next move...