Monday, May 28, 2018

Sacrifice to Set: Part 3

This is Sacrifice to Set: Part 3, which takes place moments after the events of Part 2.  Conan and Zula continue along the path from the temple dedicated to Set and happen upon a massive, dark portal of negative energy overlooking the wilderness surrounding them.

It is through that portal that they encounter Set himself, intent on destroying the barbarian and his sworn brother.  With their souls at his command, the serpent god would be free to once again roam the world and rule it for all eternity!

Characters and names © Conan Properties; used in a parodical manner.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

On the Streets

This set is called On the Streets, a 13 image set that brings back three characters who haven't seen much action in quite some time: Officer Ken (Ronnie's partner), The Boss, and his henchman Joey (from earlier sets, Vengeance Denied 1 and 2).

While Ronnie is away, investigating another case, it's up to Ken to patrol the mean streets of Muscle City in search of the crime lord known simply as the Boss.  Ken encounters the young punk, Joey, a known and wanted thug with connections to the Boss and is about to bring him in.  That is, until the mohawk-haired criminal gets the officer's loins stirring in ways he can't resist...