Sunday, March 31, 2013


I was playing with the new anime shaders I recently got when I decided to try making my own Krillin model!  SoupGoblin and I were talking a bit about Krillin (a pint-size stud from the Dragon Ball series) and DBZ in general, and it got me in the mood to try rendering my very first anime guy.

The shaders were extremely difficult to deal with in the beginning.  The documentation is... well, non-existent, to be honest, so I was left mostly in the dark as to what to do to give him a nice, anime look.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to make him exactly like I want (he still has a nose, for instance), and he still looks a little more 3D than I'd like, but I think this first attempt is pretty nice and I wanted to share him with you guys.

He may seem a little too tall here, but he's actually about 30% smaller than my other characters.

I'd love to try and make a Goku for him to "hang out with", but... that hair...  I have nothing remotely resembling that hair of his.

Update: As per SoupGoblin's awesome suggestion, I made a quick version of Nappa (who's already a damn tall character) and put him next to Krillin to show off a better size difference.  Poor Krillin.  Size doesn't really matter all that much, does it? *grin*

Saturday, March 30, 2013

200,000 Hits

Poor He-Man.  Cocky and confident in his tight, mustard yellow thong, he stepped into that wrestling ring thinking that he would put the beatdown on Skeletor like always.  Only this time, he ended up with his rear end up!  The villain cackled as he sat right down on the handsome hero's terrified face and began a humiliating spanking to He-Man's beautiful butt!

Thank you for visiting!  I've just made it to 200,000 page views -- a number I couldn't imagine reaching only a year ago.  You guys alone make this all worthwhile, and I enjoy hearing your fantasies involving these big studs.

And a huge thank you to everyone out there who offer links to here.  I'm always grateful for it and hopeful that you continue to like what you find at Barbaric Brawn!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tuskar the Barbarian: The Axe of Power

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that the comic has been published!

Here's a quick rundown of its specifications:
  • Size: 32.6 MB
  • Pages: 58 (including cover, credits, and rear)
  • Language: English
  • File format: PDF (readable on computers and eReaders; more info here)
  • No annoying DRM; open on as many devices as you want

Some changes I made to the story:
  • Like Tuskar's made-up land of Barbaria (now called Thordar), Kugo's homeland has been renamed to Nubo.
  • Both Tuskar and Kugo are now super beefy compared to their original versions.
  • Tuskar's hair is blonder and he now sports a jeweled leopard tooth necklace and loincloth.  He also now wields a sword, though it isn't shown in the story.
  • The story now shows how and where Tuskar came to acquire the Axe of Power (now a brilliant gold).
  • Kugo now sports the golden arm bands a certain blond Universe Master we know wears.  Kugo's also traded in his previous pouch for a sporty new zebra skin thong.
  • There's now more variety and streamlining and much less redundancy of camera angles.
  • Bomani, Kugo's son (who first appeared in Master of Eternia), now has a cameo beside his kingly daddy at the end of the comic.

Thanks for your generosity and for being fans of big muscle!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tuskar Comic Preview

The comic I've been working on, Tuskar the Barbarian: The Axe of Power, is finally nearing completion!  I've put a lot of hard work into it and tried to make it something worthy of spending money on.

It ended up being 55 pages (not counting the cover and the credits/disclaimer pages) with 5 of those being narration.

I'll have more information about the comic and how to get it soon.  But for now, I wanted to share with you guys a preview I whipped up to show off some of the action!

Buy this on Selz Sell digital downloads on Selz

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Is it possible to be prepared for a holiday picture and have it sneak up on you at the same time?  I had rendered this a few days ago in preparation for this day, but it still surprised me when I saw how quickly the time had flown!

I hope that you guys have an awesome Saint Patrick's Day -- especially my Irish barbarians and the Irish at heart.  May you be as full of cheer as Keln finding a bed of shamrocks growing near his private resting spot.  And then a spontaneous rainbow.  Without it having rained prior.  ...Don't question it!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Battle Sweat

I've been experimenting with adding sweat to my men today.  I've frequently referred to them sweating in my stories, but never was able to easily and nicely do it until now.  It's really exciting to see beads of sweat rolling off the glistening, muscular bodies of my guys.  I'll definitely be adding this to my work as needed from here on out.

I suppose this is a good opportunity to announce that Tuskar and Kugo will be returning in a remake of my first series: Tuskar vs Kugo.  It will be a paid story in PDF form at a digital download site.  Don't worry, it won't be too expensive.  Maybe $4.99 or something for about 35-40 panels -- I'm not sure yet.  If you have a suggestion as to what you'd want it to be or what you'd wanna see in the tale, I'd greatly welcome it!

This series will be getting a massive overhaul and quite a bit more in the way of action and sex.  I've given Tuskar and Kugo their 4th revisions with beefier bodies and improved clothing (skimpy golden leopard fur loincloth for Tuskar and tight zebra skin thong strap for Kugo), so they'll look excellent in the lush African battlefield.

The battlefield might look familiar to you -- it's the one I used for Tarzan when he fought Jabari in The New Jungle King.  Since I can't (well... don't want to) use a licensed character in paid work, I've fixed it up a little and have repurposed it for these two studs to make good use of.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pythons Rule


Reporting Officer: Tony Thompson
Time of incident: 12:48 PM

Officers Ronnie Blake and Ken O'Sullivan encountered two perpetrators reportedly belonging to the gang known as the Pythons.

Eye witnesses report seeing the officers engaging the gang members in a spontaneous wrestling match. The officers' clothing was reportedly ripped from their "hard" and "sexy" bodies.

Approximately 1 hour later, witnesses claim that the officers in question submitted. The two Pythons then stripped and high fived. The blond then demanded fellatio from Officer O'Sullivan, while the other penetrated Officer Blake. Officer Blake's hat and belt were seized by the perpetrator and worn during his sexual conquest.

Some time later, the two perpetrators left the area, leaving the officers without their clothes or weaponry.

Addendum: An anonymous witness has come forward with two photographs taken during the incident. The department has analyzed the photos and have determined the perpetrators to be Butch and Troy from the Pythons gang.

Further inspection of the photos will be needed to garner more information.

Recommendation from the Captain: Five months of rigorous retraining at Police Chief Stone's private boot camp.


Internal update:  The department has completed its investigation of the new photographs.  Several times, however, investigators were compelled to stop and take unusually-long breaks in private - sometimes in pairs.  After seeing these photos, the others are hesitant to go out and find the perpetrators; Captain Blackwell is confident that he can "persuade them" to "take it like men" and do their duty to uphold the law.

This matter is to be considered TOP SECRET and DEPARTMENT USE ONLY!  Both Captain Blackwell and Police Chief Stone would have their necks on the chopping block if this were to leak to the press.  Let’s get out there and put an end to the Pythons!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Destiny of Superman

Destiny of Superman is a story written by Mindsweeper.  It's about two handsome and studly Kryptonians, Ty-Zor and Kyl-Zod, who have come to Earth from New Krypton to seek vengeance on the son of Jor-El and destroy him.  But rather than kill him, Kyl-Zod changes Ty-Zor's mind and seeks to permanently enslave the Krypton-born earthling and usurp his heirship to the throne of their new faraway home.  At least that's what Kyl-Zod has planned at first...

As the archive picture for Kyl-Zod wasn't available for study, I decided to give him a look similar to Ty-Zor, but with colors specified in the story.

This one took me a hell of a lot longer than I originally intended, but I wanted to make sure I could do Mindsweeper's work justice before I posted it -- especially with his blessing to try my take on it.  Many, many renders, rerenders, edits, and tweaks later have finally bore fruit that I can be proud of!  It isn't perfect, and I'm sure I've missed/screwed up some details, but I feel happy with it.

There's quite a bit more to this story than just what I've rendered.  I encourage you to go to the Archive mirror located here to fully enjoy the tale in text.  The main site (mirror) is located here, and contains a plethora of super hot wrestling, jungle, and superhero wrestling stories, as well as quite a few images which have been preserved in the archive.

I hope that Mindsweeper (as well as you guys!) enjoy these scenes as homage to one of his great stories: Destiny of Superman.

Update: Mindsweeper has now posted the story (along with my fan art) at his Tumblr blog! Be sure to check it out, along with his other great works, here!