Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tuskar the Barbarian: Part 1

Tuskar was one of my first original characters for Barbaric Brawn quite a few years ago.  In this re(re!)imagining of his tale, the Axe of Power, Tuskar (along with Kugo, his original opponent, and Kugo's son, Bomani) has been given many improvements to his look and backstory.

Tuskar hails from the cold north, in a land called Thordar, ruled by the barbarian king Roan. It's upon Roan's return to Thordar that he commands Tuskar to venture south to the land of Nubo to find the fabled Axe of Power.  With the legendary weapon, Roan believes will be able to stave off the dreaded slavemaster that threatens the barbarians' homeland.

Should Tuskar fail, Roan and his kingdom will fall.  With such an important mission, the blond, long-haired barbarian sets off in search of the golden weapon and the mystical power it holds.  That is... unless the men of Nubo stand in his way.