Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hall of Man (WIP Light Test)

While I continue to do research on Barbaric Brawn's new home, I wanted to share with you guys some work I've done on the Naja/Ylandarr story.  This is the Hall of Man, a sanctum where the elders and leaders of the humans meet to discuss important matters.

The scene hasn't been fully built yet (the outside is mostly incomplete) but I spent some hours building the lighting indoors and testing it out in various angles.  I put Ylandarr in there to see how one of the models would look in the lights.

I also began work on one of the other human men of the tale who has yet to be named.  I have two others in mind for smaller roles, and likely need to create a few more for background purposes.  And then I need to work on Prince Naja's brethren.

Work, work!

Also, I noticed that I had sold a few PDFs today.  I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's purchased from my Lulu store.  I'm really going to be needing this money to pay for hosting of the new site and the tools to build it.

Thanks so much, everyone.  I do and always appreciate it.

P.S. -- My friend Alex has opened up two blogs of his own dedicated to his awesome wrestling stories normally found at Sidelineland.  You can find the links to Alex Miller's New Stories and The Cave in the Links section here!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Big Change Coming

Hey there, everyone.  I was just notified in an e-mail to adult-content Blogger blogs that a very big change is coming to the service that will force me to leave in favor of something else to bring you guys my work.

The e-mail reads in large part:

"In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be able to see the content we've made private."

That's pretty cut and dry.

Mondays are the worst.  But, well, at least they gave me a month this time.  I'd been meaning to move away from Blogger and onto something more independent.  I just didn't want to be forced to before I was ready, you know?

Anyhow.  Thanks very much for your support in my time on Blogger/Blogspot.  It'll soon be coming to an end, but I believe that things will be for the better ultimately.  Your link to the URL will still work, it'll just go where the new site is when I finally get it going.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Skaar and Hulk

This is a surprise for my good buddy Sharlin who is a huge fan of these two meaty superstuds. I had done a commission of Hulk for him before, so Skaar was the only one I needed to create.

I love doing these poster-like images with musclemen in the ring, so this was a treat to do. :D

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This is Ylandarr, the champion of the human race destined to face off against the snakemen and their warrior, Prince Naja, for the right to be the world's top dominant species.

I'm really happy with the way he turned out.  I originally had him with brown hair, but I have a major weakness for big, blond barbarians *coughcough* so I flipped him back to looking more like a Norse god.

For this story, I'm considering forgoing the usual image, image, image, text, image, image, text, text style in favor of comic-book-like narration that won't break the flow of the action.  I'll see how it goes.

Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Preview: Eros, God of Love

Here's a preview of my short Valentine's Day tale this year: Eros, God of Love. :D This is my version of Eros (or Cupid in the Roman tradition,) the son of Ares and Aphrodite, grown up and spreading some sweet love across the world below Mount Olympus.

Well… unless he messes something up, of course…

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Prince Naja (v7)

Hey, guys!  This is Prince Naja's seventh update and I wanted to announce this his story is the one I'm now developing into a full tale.  I wanted to show you what his new appearance looks like while I work on creating the snakemen and the human men who they'll be clashing with.

The tribal snake design on his loincloth was created by my buddy Unknown Wolf!

Monday, February 2, 2015

After Hours

If you'd like to support the blog and future works, you can pick up the PDF version of this story at the link below!  Thanks for your support and enjoy!

    "194... 195... 196..."

    Officer Ronnie Blake was a celebrated stud on the MCPD, a group of musclebound cops sworn to serve and protect the people of Muscle City.  Though it was a requirement of his job, it was never a foreign concept to the officer to keep his body in the best condition he could.

    "197... 198... ... 199... 200!!" he grunted, finishing up his 200th rep with the barbells, dropping the heavy weights to the ground with a loud clang.

    He wiped the sweat from his brow and blew a chestful of air from his lungs in one great heave.  The tall, handsome cop looked around the gym and smiled with pride.  It had taken a long time and a lot of hard work renovating the dilapidated building into what now stood in its place, but it was all finally paying off.

    Ronnie co-owned Muscle City Fitness with his old high school buddy, Frank, and managed it two nights a week when he was off duty.  The only members still around that night were Nathan Byrd and Deshaun Johnson, two men he and Frank had known for a little over a year.  The pair of marines required a welcoming atmosphere and only the best equipment to stay in shape -- luckily, they had Muscle City Fitness.