Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hall of Man (WIP Light Test)

While I continue to do research on Barbaric Brawn's new home, I wanted to share with you guys some work I've done on the Naja/Ylandarr story.  This is the Hall of Man, a sanctum where the elders and leaders of the humans meet to discuss important matters.

The scene hasn't been fully built yet (the outside is mostly incomplete) but I spent some hours building the lighting indoors and testing it out in various angles.  I put Ylandarr in there to see how one of the models would look in the lights.

I also began work on one of the other human men of the tale who has yet to be named.  I have two others in mind for smaller roles, and likely need to create a few more for background purposes.  And then I need to work on Prince Naja's brethren.

Work, work!

Also, I noticed that I had sold a few PDFs today.  I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's purchased from my Lulu store.  I'm really going to be needing this money to pay for hosting of the new site and the tools to build it.

Thanks so much, everyone.  I do and always appreciate it.

P.S. -- My friend Alex has opened up two blogs of his own dedicated to his awesome wrestling stories normally found at Sidelineland.  You can find the links to Alex Miller's New Stories and The Cave in the Links section here!


  1. Thanks for the links! And I assume you've heard ... we've got a reprieve from Blogger. Not that you shouldn't keep trying to set up your own place, but at least you don't have to rush!

    1. Yeah, I did get word of that earlier tonight. Not that Google is e-mailing us about it to let us know or anything! And yeah, it still rattled me enough that my space here could be swept away on a contradictory whim. Definitely wanna find more stable hosting either way.

      No need to rush now, indeed! How are you liking having your own blogs? I can't wait to see how they develop over time.

    2. It's exciting. Maybe too exciting. I set up stories as future posts through March and April. It's killing me not to accelerate the timeline.

      The Cave "Welcome" and an explanation of the stories go live today. The first story (The Cave 1) goes live tomorrow.

      The other weird thing is that I setup the New Stories as a reward for guys like you who have read everything, but unless y'all are going 100 times, there's new people visiting. I wonder what they think coming into Route 69 2/3 of the way through. They have no context for who Jeff was or any other plot point that led to this point. So that's an unforeseen circumstance. Oh well, hopefully they still like the stuff.

      And you'll be happy to know that you're my top traffic source so far, just beating out Sean's Inner Jobber. So thanks for that!

    3. That's very cool! I'm glad to hear that. :D

      Do you think you'll be posting the older installments of Route 69 at some point? Adding those in via the Pages functionality could be a good idea, but, unfortunately, Blogger doesn't let you have as many pages as you want. It appears that the maximum is 20 (I think it used to be closer to 10 back when I started).

      Nice! :) That's awesome, man. Oh, one more thing about traffic. You might see traffic from strange sites with views of 3 or so. That's highly likely a spam bot crawling around looking at different sites. If Ukraine is in your location data along at that time, it's almost assuredly a Russian spam bot. Clicking those links will only made the spam visits worse (they can see it's from you by the blog ID in the referral URL on your Blog Stats page). It's one annoyance that you just learn to overlook.

    4. Thanks for the warning. I did Google a couple of URLs. One was from a company that says it searches out copyrighted images. I shouldn't have a problem with that.

      The old Route 69 stories will appear on The Cave. Season 1 starts at the end of this month, after I get through the first nine Cave stories and a few AWL stories.

      Based on my plan, The Cave has a super-fast posting schedule. March is a story every two days, April is three a week then May through October is two a week. By the end of October it should completely catch up with New Stories, which has a slower schedule - one a week through June then two a month through October.

    5. Sounds great! Your new (and seasoned) readers are in for a treat. I especially love your Batman vs. Bane story from Hero Destroyer's old Yahoo group. I should definitely reread that sometime soon.

  2. Foolish Google...

    1. Yarr. At least they gave me a bit of a kick in the pants to improve the site. There's that at least. :)