Monday, February 2, 2015

After Hours

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    "194... 195... 196..."

    Officer Ronnie Blake was a celebrated stud on the MCPD, a group of musclebound cops sworn to serve and protect the people of Muscle City.  Though it was a requirement of his job, it was never a foreign concept to the officer to keep his body in the best condition he could.

    "197... 198... ... 199... 200!!" he grunted, finishing up his 200th rep with the barbells, dropping the heavy weights to the ground with a loud clang.

    He wiped the sweat from his brow and blew a chestful of air from his lungs in one great heave.  The tall, handsome cop looked around the gym and smiled with pride.  It had taken a long time and a lot of hard work renovating the dilapidated building into what now stood in its place, but it was all finally paying off.

    Ronnie co-owned Muscle City Fitness with his old high school buddy, Frank, and managed it two nights a week when he was off duty.  The only members still around that night were Nathan Byrd and Deshaun Johnson, two men he and Frank had known for a little over a year.  The pair of marines required a welcoming atmosphere and only the best equipment to stay in shape -- luckily, they had Muscle City Fitness.

    "Yo, Nathan, Deshaun!" Ronnie shouted from across the gym, clean and fresh from a shower.  The big stud ran his towel between his thighs and under his heavy balls.  "I'm headin' out for patrol with Ken.  You guys can stay for a few more hours if you behave -- that means absolutely no sex in my gym!  Feel me?!"

    But his Marine Corps patrons were so engrossed in their routine, they'd barely registered anything he had to say.  Ronnie snickered, slipping on his regulation cobalt thong and pulling his navy blue pants up over his meaty hips.

    The massively-muscular officer of the law felt like showing off his body that night, knowing that his partner, Officer Ken O'Sullivan, would certainly enjoy it.  Leaving his uniform top in the locker, he affixed his cap to his head and headed out into the night.

    "C'mon, man!" Nathan grunted at his buddy, holding the punching bag steady.  "I ain't got all night to stand around and wait for you to bust this bag!"

    "Y'mean like that night I busted your ass?" Deshaun responded through a smirk, sending his meaty fist slamming into the bag, rattling it even in Nathan's firm grip.

    "Never happened.  Not even in your dreams," his fellow marine grinned back.

    Nathan sucked air into his lungs as he quickly raised and relaxed his upper body in the sit-ups.  Deshaun sat at his front, holding his legs to the mats, keeping him and his posture even.  Beads of sweat glistened on his body as Nathan exercised.  20... 40... 60 reps flew by in the span of just moments.

    "What's... so funny...?" the stud grunted, looking up to see Deshaun smirking at him.  Twenty more sit-ups down and he fell back to the mat, sending beads of salty perspiration flying around him.  "Haa... haaa..."

    "Just remembering that time I challenged you to a sit-up competition at the base.  You remember?  We had 20-pound sandbags strapped to our arms?"  Nathan rolled his eyes and looked away.

    "And you said to all the guys," he managed to say through snickering laughter, "that you could do twice as many as me.  Man, you were kissin' both my ass cheeks after I got more in than you!" Deshaun laughed uproariously, clapping his hands.

    "Time for some cardio," he then said, chuckling and giving his friend's meaty leg a hearty slap.  "C'mon," he spoke, offering his hand to help Nathan up.

    "Piss on that!" the other marine grunted, rejecting the hand with a slap and leaping upright on his own.  "I wanna wrassle!  That's right, me 'n you!  Get'cha pretty ass in that ring!  I'm in the mood to get--"

    "--your sweet rump humped?" his friend finished, flashing a small smirk before turning away and strutting up to the full-sized wrestling ring in the middle of the gym.  Deshaun's big bulge bounced with his every step in his tight, mustard yellow trunks.

    "Yeah, we'll see about that," Nathan muttered, licking his lips as Deshaun's muscular, milk-chocolate-brown backside flexed with his entrance into the ring.

    "Been waiting for this for too damn long," Deshaun grunted, locking up in a grapple with his opponent.  His hands groped and slapped the darker-skinned marine's muscles until they found his shoulder and bicep, and he pushed back with all of his strength.

    "A long time?  It's only been a few days, man," Nathan grinned.

    "Yeah, but... you were in me that time."

    The two men grunted and groaned erotically as they tested each other's strength.  Their meaty, mountainous pectorals rubbed together, Nathan's sweat-soaked pecs rubbing firmly against Deshaun's dry chest.  The heat between their Herculean bodies grew hotter still as they got closer, their lips a hairsbreadth apart.  Like their ancient warrior ancestors before them, they sought to deepen their bond in the wrestling ring, grunting and growling, eager to score the upper hand and dominate.

    Deshaun's strength finally won out and he threw his friend into the ropes!  Nathan's meaty flank bounced off the ring's edge and he came running back, his exposed throat meeting Deshaun's extended arm!

    "Unnhhh!" he cried out, toppling to the mat with a loud thud.  He clawed his way to the nearest corner to help himself up as Deshaun paraded around the ring, flexing his awesome body for their invisible audience.  But just as Nathan made it to his feet, he felt his opponent's firm hands grab him!

    "Mmh... gonna enjoy drillin' deep in there," Deshaun grunted huskily, turning Nathan around, leaning him back against the padded turnbuckle.  He raised his forearm high and brought it down upon his fellow marine's broad, dark chest!  Nathan grunted and moaned out as his big, exposed pecs were thumped over and over by Deshaun's powerful forearm.

    "Unnh!  Ahhn!  Nnnh...  Huunnhh!"

    "Ooh, yeah..." the stud in the shimmery yellow trunks cooed, watching Nathan collapse in the corner, sinking down to his muscular ass.  He was breathing deeply, his Herculean chest rose and fell slowly, his sweat trickling down to the mat.

    Deshaun turned away and struck pose after pose, feeling flush with masculine power.  He reached down and grabbed his heavy package, giving it a squeeze.  "Aww, yeah..." he grunted deeply, raising his fists overhead.

    "Not done yet..." Nathan suddenly spoke, reaching around and grabbing his opponent in a firm, yet comfortable bearhug.  He ran his meaty hands over Deshaun's sweat-drenched torso, those hot abs and pecs tensing and flexing under his touch.  Deshaun closed his eyes and uttered a soft, huffing sigh as Nathan stroked his muscles in the soft, reverse bearhug.

    He then surprised the wrestler by turning him around and dropping him to the mat!  Nathan leapt up slightly and fell, bringing his entire weight down on the marine's core, pinning him in place.

    Quickly, Nathan's powerful hands went right at Deshaun's nipples, grabbing them between his fingers and pulling the peaked buds up toward the ceiling.  Deshaun grasped his foe's wrists and hissed in pleasure, baring his gritted teeth and whining erotically.  Nathan was one of the only men he felt completely comfortable being dominated by.  It made his experience in the ring all the hotter when he was overtaken by his brother marine.

    "Mmmh... these things never get enough, do they?" Nathan teased as he continued to squeeze, pull, and twist Deshaun's electrically-charged buds.

    Slowly but surely, Deshaun's hands left his friend's wrists and fell limp to the mat.  He groaned and grunted, bucking his hips up and down sporadically as his nipples were freely attacked by the wrestler in blue.  Intense sensations stirred in Deshaun's loins as the dull pains of having his nipples twisted and tugged translated to pure pleasure.

    "Oohhh... y-yeah..." he hissed, arching his chest as best he could to encourage Nathan to work at conquering his jutting buds.

    "Let's get these off ya..." Nathan then grunted, grabbing the thin side straps of his opponent's shimmery yellow trunks and sliding them down his meaty hips and legs.

    "F-Fuck..." Deshaun moaned, feeling his hard cock become exposed to the gym's cool air.  He watched as Nathan brought his skimpy trunks to his handsome face and breathed in deeply before tossing the fabric out of the ring.

    "Mm... mm, mm, mmm...  Nothin' is a real nice look on you, man," Nathan teased, licking his lips as he looked over his friend's nude body.  "Mind if I join in?" he said as he peeled his own trunks off his hips, the glimmering blue material somehow barely containing his heavy manhood.

    "C'mon, boy," Nathan challenged, slapping his pecs, his hard cock waggling about, "let's wrassle!"

    "I'll show you a real man in the ring!" Deshaun grunted, getting up and locking up with his foe once more!

    "Mmmh... yeah..." the two groaned, their sweat-soaked bodies clashing together, rubbing up close, muscle to muscle and cock to cock.  Their hands made their way to one another's and their fingers interlocked tightly.  "Fuck... oohh..." they hissed in unison, testing the other's strength as their legs worked to bring their opponent down to his knees.

    "Ooooh... nnnnhhh..." Deshaun grunted hotly as he was slowly but surely brought down before his fellow marine.

    "He's been missing them sweet lips..." Nathan said, flashing a grin as his strong erection bounced before Deshaun's face.  That cock was as erect as the military man had ever seen it and the beads of sweat and precum glistened in the lights around them.  "Go on, baby... give him some sugar..."

    Deshaun lowered his mouth to Nathan's cock and enveloped his lips around the bulbous, leaking head.  He turned and twisted his head slightly as he suckled, his tongue coaxing more of the sweet precum that flowed from the slit.  The two men moaned and grunted sensually as they deepened their bond in the ring.

    "Mmm..." Deshaun moaned, his lips making a popping sound as they were pulled from his buddy's big, black erection.  "That was good... but it's time for you to be doing some sucking, yourself..."

    The stud pulled his hands away and sent his right fist slowly into Nathan's gut!  The darker wrestler groaned and backed up.  POP!  Deshaun gently slugged Nathan's incredible abs once... twice... and again until he was forced back into the ropes.

    "Unnnnhhh..." Nathan groaned, hanging back against the sturdy ropes.  He watched helplessly as Deshaun strutted over to him, his hard cock bounced and wagging with his every step.  Nathan laid back, legs spread apart, his cock jutting out and throbbing with excitement.  His opponent grabbed at his head and forced his face to those incredible pecs.

    "Mmh... suck that sweet nipple, baby... c'mon..."  Deshaun grunted softly, holding Nathan's head against his pec to encourage him.  "Yeah... there you go..." he sighed as the other wrestler surrendered to the action and began to suckle at that dark peak adorning his perfect pectoral.

    Nathan's tongue lapped Deshaun's nipple in between his sucking and chewing of the tender bud.  Deshaun guided him back and forth between the two nipples, giving his friend ample time to appreciate each one and all of the mountainous muscle in between.

    "Fuck this; I need to bust one," Nathan gasped, pulling himself away and giving Deshaun a shove, knocking the musclebound marine back and onto the mat.  "Time to take you down and get in that ass!" he grunted, leaping up and dropping his elbow into his foe's exposed gut!

    "Awwwgh!!" Deshaun groaned as that meaty arm drove into his sculpted abs.  "Nnnghhh..."

    "Hooo yeah..." Nathan grunted as he got down to the mat and slowly wrapped his powerful legs around Deshaun's torso, locking his meaty, sweaty limbs in place.  "Hnnnghh!!" he growled lowly, flexing his legs and squeezing Deshaun in a body scissors.

    "Unnnghh!  Aagh!  Aaauuughh!" Deshaun howled softly as the dull pains of Nathan's legs worked his aching flanks into slow submission.  As he lay there writhing in staged agony, he recalled his tag-team battle with his friend against the Brazilian Bodyslammers, two hulking muscle monsters they had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling one night three years ago in Rio de Janeiro.

    The two marines were hopelessly outmatched versus the musclebound professional wrestlers.  The handsome behemoths placed the two in their crushing body scissors, working their American opponents toward a slow and painful surrender.  Deshaun was the first to slap the mat and howl for mercy.  With one out of the way, Nathan was double-teamed to a quick defeat.  Deshaun's conqueror moved to grope Nathan's unprotected pecs, pulling and squeezing his dark purple nipples until he, too, cried out his submission.

    That night, the Brazilian Bodyslammers offered up a night of passion neither American would ever forget.

    "Yeah, you remember that match..." Nathan grunted, giving a firm flex of his thighs, squeezing Deshaun's torso a little tighter.  "You know what happened after that!"

    "Give..." Deshaun groaned, slapping the mat hard.  He shook his smooth head slowly, his cock jutting straight up, his balls covered by his master's that night.  "I give, man!  I give, I give up!  Aauughh!"

    "Aww, yeah..." Nathan huffed in victory, releasing Deshaun from his killer leg hold.  Allowing himself a moment to breathe, the ebony stud raised his sweat biceps up for a flex to their invisible audience.

    Nathan then moved to lift Deshaun's leg to his chest, the exhausted wrestler laying back in submission.  "One," the stud grunted, sliding his other hand freely over his brother marine's big, bare pecs.  "...Two," he continued, licking his lips for the sweet promise of what was to come.  Victory was all his.  The pin was just one more piece of evidence to prove it.

    "...Three.  Yeaaaaah... that's how we do it.  That's how we wrassle..." he grunted, releasing Deshaun's leg and sitting upright.  He lifted his arms for a quick double bicep pose, his wing-like lats flaring on his either side.

    "That's how we wrassle," he repeated, moving to take a seat on his defeated friend's face.  "Mmm..." he then moaned, receiving a tonguing of his sweat-soaked hole.  Deshaun knew just where to lick to drive the muscle marine wild with pleasure.

    Unable to hold out any longer, Nathan flipped Deshaun's Herculean body onto his belly and lay himself down upon the defeated stud, sliding his cock smoothly and slowly into that hole.  The two men groaned as they became one, enjoying the heat and closeness of the other.

    "Mmh, Nate... ooh..." Deshaun groaned, feeling the thickness of his master's cock spread him wide and the length skewer him deep.  He gritted his teeth and grunted as the last two inches of Nathan's heavy manhood wedged their way inside him.

    "Yeah... feels good, don't it?" Nathan cooed into the defeated wrestler's ear.  He gave the lobe and the outer edge a slow lick and finished, "Relax 'n lemme make ya feel real nice..."

    "I know you will... nnh..."

    Nathan's powerful hips began a slow and steady thrusting, pulling his fat cock out to the head, only to drive it back in deep again.  Time seemed to slip away as Nathan's toned hips smacked his friend's meaty ass, rapidly fucking himself deep, making love with his fellow marine.

    Nathan turned Deshaun onto his back and wrapped his powerful arms under his lover, pulling him close.  He pressed his lips to Deshaun's and hungrily kissed at them.  The two men wrestled tongues as they became one.  Their hard cocks spurt precum as their sweat-soaked balls, full of seed, rolled and swayed with their every motion.  Deshaun's hands roamed across Nathan's back, squeezing and groping every bulging muscle he could reach.

    With his cock still buried deep inside Deshaun, Nathan moved his lover closer to the ropes.  Deshaun's boots found their footing on the mat as he grabbed hold of the middle ropes and steadied himself.  He kept his backside up and out, giving himself over completely to his master that night.

    "Awww fuck yeah..." Nathan hissed, squeezing Deshaun's meaty, sweaty hips as he continued to thrust deep.  He could feel Deshaun quivering in his hands.  He massaged the stud's lower back with his thumbs, relaxing him as his fucking continued at a steady pace.

    "Mmh... oh... ooh..." Deshaun cooed, pushing back against the marine's urgent thrusts.  His inner muscles squeezed down around Nathan's heavy manhood, driving him wild.

    "You ready for it?" Nathan grunted, slamming himself home as hard as he could.  Deshaun cried out in heat, his throbbing cock spurting a hearty load of precum out of the ring.

    "Just what the fuck is goin' on here?!" a voice suddenly rang out from the gym's entrance.  Nathan and Deshaun immediately stopped and glanced in surprise.  Officer Ronnie had returned.  "I told you two already," his booming voice amplified in the open space, "NO SEX IN MY GYM."

    "C'mon, man..." Nathan groaned.  He couldn't resist moving his hips just a little, slowly.  His cock continued to gently plow Deshaun's tight hole.  "I had to get some of this... we were gettin' all horny in this ring.  You know how it is..."

    Ronnie grunted and rolled his eyes.  Whatever.  They'd already gone this far - may as well go all the way.  The studly cop shucked off his pants, blue thong, and shoes and made his way over to the ring.  As he approached, he watched Nathan continue to thrust deep into Deshaun, causing the stud to squirm in pleasure.  Ronnie's cock quickly inflated, jutting from his groin and throbbing.  His heavy balls swung gently underneath, ready to join in.

    He leapt up in between the ropes and entered the squared circle.  With a graceful jump back, the awe-inspiring bodybuilder cop seated himself on the top turnbuckle near the wrestlers and spread his legs wide apart, inviting them closer.

    Nathan kept himself buried in Deshaun's hole as he slowly guided them over to the turnbuckle where Ronnie was perched majestically.  Deshaun's mouth watered at the sight, and he dove between the officer's thighs without hesitation.

    "You want some of this?  Gonna suck it and make it up to me?" he teased with the hint of a grin on his handsome face.  He took hold of the base of his erect manhood and smacked it against Deshaun's lips, driving the marine to moan hotly for just a taste.

    "Ooh, damn..." the big cop groaned under his breath, somehow managing to spread his legs a little wider.  He could feel Deshaun's tongue swirl around the bulbous, leaking head of his cock, and the stud's soft, warm lips pressed down tightly around his shaft.  Most regular men would feel incredible intimidation by Ronnie's dominant presence, but Deshaun and Nathan were tough in their own right and felt completely comfortable being with him and out of their clothing.

    Behind Deshaun, Nathan's powerful thrusts had resumed, returning to full speed as he found his rhythm once again.  The ebony stud's gold-capped locks of hair swayed wildly about his head, clinking as they crashed into one another.  The sounds of deep, masculine grunting and moaning echoed around the gym, leaving no doubt to anyone within earshot of the well-respected establishment as to what was happening inside.

    "Oh fuck... aw fuck!!" Nathan suddenly groaned out in a near roar.  He held Deshaun's hips steady as he thrust even faster, his hips smacking his friend's muscular ass.  "Here... it comes!!" he grunted.  After stealing just a few more thrusts, he buried himself all the way inside and unloaded his cum!

    The loud howls of his patron's orgasm were enough to send the musclebound man of the law over the edge, bursting forth his cum in Deshaun's mouth!  "Unnnghh!!" he hissed, adding his heavy moans to the masculine cacophony.

    With the two studs before and behind him filling him up, their cum surging to meet in his core, Deshaun lost the struggle to hold off any longer!  He moaned from around Ronnie's throbbing, bouncing shaft as his balls emptied their contents onto the turnbuckle, coating it in his semen.

    The three men grunted and groaned out their orgasms as they came together, each man's deep moans of ecstasy intensifying his fellow studs' arousal.  Nathan resumed a slow and gentle fucking as he rode out his orgasm, shuddering hotly as his balls pumped one last rope of cum into his friend's depths.  He uttered a soft grunt as his softening cock flopped out of Deshaun, sending the excess of his seed out and onto the mat below.

    Deshaun gulped down Ronnie's offering, the taste of his protein-packed cum new to the bodybuilding marine.  He continued to suck and worship at the officer's incredible manhood, his tongue lapping at the head and slit.  He could feel Ronnie's strong hand stroke lovingly at his smooth head, encouraging him to take as much cock as he could as it spurt his essence down his throat.

    Finally spent from their orgasms, the three musclebound men huddled together in the corner, arms around one another in a loving embrace.  They breathed in deeply and shared their affections for each other as they cooled off.

    "Mmh..." Ronnie moaned softly as the studly marines groped at his pecs and abs.  "I think I'm gonna have to talk with Frank about changing that no-sex policy..."

    "Yeah, about that..." Nathan laughed, catching his breath.  "He 'n I've been fuckin' in here for a few weeks now."

    "C'mon," Ronnie chuckled, running his fingers between Nathan's dreadlocks as he gave Deshaun's meaty trap a loving squeeze, "let's get cleaned up."

    In the showers, the Herculean heroes of Muscle City took turns soaping each other up, their meaty fingers roaming across bulging bodies and heavy manhoods.  Soon after, a spontaneous wrestling match broke out in the hot, soapy showers.  The tag team instincts of the two marines kicked in, overpowering Officer Ronnie.  As the big cop grunted his submission to the duo, Deshaun gave Ronnie's muscular ass a firm slap as he slowly slid the head of his throbbing cock inside...

    The End


  1. Hnnngh....sweet jesus that was HOT! As always superb, sexy and sensual!

    1. Thanks so much, my friend! And thanks for picking up a copy of the PDF!

  2. So, I'm waiting to read this post until I complete my move as a treat, but I'm sure it's insanely hot.
    I had a thought-I'm not sure if it's feasible with this blog-but is it possible to set up some sort of [annual or monthly] subscription option for those who might want all future PDFs? I'm not suggesting to make this a pay site, but for those of us who would like to support & receive all future work without having to think about clicking a link each time (such an arduous task following the usual work the hand does visiting this blog;) the option of a reoccurring annual donation makes sense.

    1. Thank ya, man! Yeah, I've actually thought of doing something like that (I've seen artists like Iceman Blue do memberships), but I don't know if it's feasible with my current residence here at Blogger.

      I'm planning on switching over to a full website at some point in the future and it's definitely something I'll consider doing at that point. I also wanna overhaul the comments section (like logins to prevent needing captchas) and add other neat functions. I appreciate the suggestion! It's nice to hear what you guys think about these things.

      Also, best of luck and congrats on your move!

  3. Does the PDF version have exclusive content? 'cause boy do I wanna see that shower wrestling match.

    1. No, it's just an all-in-one version of the story posted here. It has illustrated text and higher res, less-compressed images. :)

      The shower text was literally added in at the very, very last second and I didn't have time to work on rendering that part of it. I may do it at some point if there's enough demand to see it, but for now I'm wanting to move on to new projects.

  4. Great and sexy story. Will you at one time write and illustrate their tag-team battle against the Brazilian Bodyslammers?


    1. Thank you! I've gotten requests for that before, so it's definitely something I could do at some point. :)

  5. great stuff, all of it - I am so glad I discovered this site. Compliments to the artist

  6. Hot. Hot. Hot. I wish i could see whrestle between these two studs and officer ronnie and see them overpowering ronnie in ring.