Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Barbarian and Olympian Clash

    On his way to complete another of the twelve impossible tasks set upon him by King Eurystheus, Hercules walked upon unfamiliar and hilly terrain, quite unlike the Greece he was used to traversing. A warm, summery breeze blew through the valley, refreshing the son of Zeus and mightiest man in the world.

    Hercules stopped upon a smooth, sloping hill and stretched his magnificent body. The musclebound Olympian demigod flexed his powerful muscles and rolled his neck to release tension from the long journey. After a moment’s rest, Hercules continued on his quest.

    Suddenly coming upon the horizon was the form of a man, both hulking and thick with muscles, just as impressive as Hercules’ own. This man was named Conan, a Cimmerian and barbarian warrior on a mission to find and finish the sinister snake men and their almighty leader, Set.

    Once the two men had come within earshot of one another, they stopped in place and locked eyes.