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Barbarian and Olympian Clash

    On his way to complete another of the twelve impossible tasks set upon him by King Eurystheus, Hercules walked upon unfamiliar and hilly terrain, quite unlike the Greece he was used to traversing. A warm, summery breeze blew through the valley, refreshing the son of Zeus and mightiest man in the world.

    Hercules stopped upon a smooth, sloping hill and stretched his magnificent body. The musclebound Olympian demigod flexed his powerful muscles and rolled his neck to release tension from the long journey. After a moment’s rest, Hercules continued on his quest.

    Suddenly coming upon the horizon was the form of a man, both hulking and thick with muscles, just as impressive as Hercules’ own. This man was named Conan, a Cimmerian and barbarian warrior on a mission to find and finish the sinister snake men and their almighty leader, Set.

    Once the two men had come within earshot of one another, they stopped in place and locked eyes.

    "Greetings, my friend. I am Hercules. I am in search of the Hydra of Lerna, a monstrous snake fiend with nine heads. Have you knowledge of this creature?"

    Conan bared his teeth at Hercules and removed his loincloth, leaving himself nude before the curly-haired muscleman. "Snake? Are you in league with Set?!"

    The barbarian assumed a wrestler’s stance and readied himself to battle with this follower of Set. Hercules, likewise, stripped himself of his toga skirt and got ready to battle this wild-looking warrior.

Hercules Wins

    Hercules threw his meaty arms up in a double bicep pose as he knelt over Conan's defeated body.  The barbarian was moaning and begging Hercules to not end his life that day.  Hercules had no intention of sending this warrior to Tartarus just yet, however, and the sight of the demigod's thick, throbbing cock told Conan just that.

    "Hnnnnghhhh..." Hercules grunted, straining as he moved into a most muscular pose, his every muscle bulging, showing off to an unseen audience.

    Hercules grabbed hold of Conan's long, ebony locks and pulled him upright.  The demigod pulled the barbarian into a bearhug and pressed his lips to Conan's, kissing his defeated foe!

    Conan's eyes grew wide, then fluttered shut as Hercules' tongue invaded his mouth.  The two men wrestled tongues for a time, moaning into each other's mouth.

    Hercules had become enamored with this man, one who'd fought bravely against his overwhelming muscle.  The son of Zeus would make this savage, weatherworn barbarian both regret and welcome having lost to him. For Conan, it was his first kiss with another man and far rougher than he was accustomed to.  His smooth face brushed against Hercules' beard, scratching him as their kiss went even deeper.

    After a few moments, Hercules broke away and panted, his green eyes locking onto the Cimmerian's blue set.

    "And now, you will worship me, too," he grunted deeply, authoritatively.  In his arousal, Conan immediately nodded his head in agreement, feeling a new and foreign sensation toward this other man: submission.

    Conan opened his mouth as Hercules plunged his godhood past the barbarian's lips.  The Cimmerian, unused to sucking the cocks of other men, moaned around the salty erection in his mouth, but used his tongue well to please Hercules.

    Hercules held Conan's head as he took control of the blowjob, thrusting into the barbarian's sputtering mouth.

    "Hrrrghh...  You are clumsy and unskilled in the ways of sucking men.  No matter; you will improve with time and practice.  Iolaus and Herodes did, as well."

    Conan wanted to spit the cock out of his mouth and curse Hercules, but the demigod held his head steady as he thrust in and out of his mouth, making the excited manhood leak even more precum down his throat.

    "Now, I will breed you, barbarian!" Hercules grunted, pulling his thick cock from Conan's mouth and slapping him in the face with its wettened length.  "On your knees!"

    Conan assumed the position on his hands and knees, raising his virgin ass for Hercules.  The son of Zeus and strongest man in the world gripped the barbarian's waist with his left hand and delivered a series of spanks to Conan's ass with his right.

    THWACK!  THWACK!  THWACK!  THWACK!! echoed throughout the valley as Hercules disciplined Conan's ass.

    The barbarian winced with each successive blow to his muscular glutes.  Though his ass was firm and meaty, Hercules' hand broke through those defenses and gave proper punishment to his newest conquest.

    Hercules guided his erect cock to Conan's ass and pushed inside his hole in one smooth motion!  Conan's eyes grew wide at the sudden penetration and a long, low moan escaped his mouth as Hercules took his anal virginity!

    "You were a fool to challenge me, barbarian!" Hercules gloated as he began a slow and steady fuck in and out of Conan's previously-unclaimed hole.  The son of Zeus grunted in satisfaction as he took his pleasure from the defeated and tamed warrior below him.

    Conan gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as he took Hercules' legendary manhood inside him.  Several moans and gasps escaped his lips when the would-be Greek hero thrust sharply or pushed further into his depths.

    "You were never a match for me, Conan!  However, you may yet prove to be an excellent lover for me in the decades to come!"

    Conan moaned out loud at that declaration, realizing that Hercules had intended to keep him as a slave for the rest of his days.  The Cimmerian immediately began to cum, spurting his heavy balls worth of seed onto the ground, wasted.

    Hercules roared like a bear as Conan's ass squeezed tightly around him, effectively milking him of his semen!  Hercules could hold out no longer and orgasmed inside Conan!  He held the barbarian's waist steady as he slammed himself in several more times before unloading, pumping over a dozen ropes of hot cum in the furthest depths of his new slave's backside.

    "I am not finished," Hercules declared, turning Conan onto his back and grabbing his ankles.

    "Haahhh?!" Conan yelped as he was turned face-up and his legs were spread wide open.  The barbarian's ass was reentered by his new master and pumped hard once again!

    Thunder crackled noisily in the stormy skies above the battlefield and a blinding bolt of lightning struck in the distance.  Hercules' bearded face broke into a broad grin.  Zeus was coming.

    Conan's eyes fluttered open and shut, staring into the dark grey clouds above as he was taken for a second time by his conqueror.  His own manhood grew quickly to full erection once more and the ache in his ass gave way to longing and desire.

    The barbarian closed his eyes for a moment, only to reopen them and see another male standing over him!  This man was a god, Conan quickly realized.  The powerful aura around him struck the Cimmerian, instilling another foreign feeling in him: fear.

    "You have done well, my son!" Zeus boomed jovially, watching Hercules destroy the backside of the once-arrogant barbarian.  "Use this savage fully, both in bed and on the battlefield!  He will worship the might of Olympus before this day is done!"

    The king of the Olympian gods vanished his toga, leaving him as nude as Hercules.  Zeus squatted slowly down, taking his rightful seat upon Conan's face!  The white-haired elder god moaned in pleasure as the Cimmerian's tongue got to work immediately, lapping and licking around and upon his hole!

    "He learns quickly what is expected of him!" Zeus grunted, grinding his perfect glutes and unclaimed hole downward upon Conan's face, completely destroying what remained of the mortal male's ego.

    Conan was broken and would be remade by Hercules' hand.

    Hercules arched his back and roared to the skies as he emptied his balls into Conan yet again.  His heavy manhood bounced within the barbarian's tight insides, spurting rope after rope of thick semen into his new slave.

    Zeus grinned as he watched Conan cum without touching himself.  The barbarian's tongue and lips continued to worship at his hole, giving him due tribute.

    "Take him with you, my son," Zeus commanded of Hercules.  "Use his muscle to aid you on your journeys and his body to ease your own.  Defeat the Hydra on your own and complete the tasks set upon you to become a hero of Greece!"

    Hercules thrust once more into Conan's hole and nodded at his father, who transported himself back to Olympus again.  It was there that he would complete a side wager he had with Crom, Conan's god of choice.

    "You are mine, barbarian," Hercules grunted, pulling his length and girth out with a loud pop.

    "I am... yours..." Conan panted breathlessly, moaning in the afterglow of their sex.

    Conan would never again question the strength of the world's most powerful man, nor would he complete his own quests without the people crediting the glory of those victories to Hercules.

    The End

Conan Wins

    With Conan's victory over the mighty Hercules, the Cimmerian showed the gods his worthiness to claim the title of strongest man in the world!  Conan guided his fully erect cock to the ass of the son of Zeus' and thrust inside!

    Hercules howled at the sudden invasion of his body, gritting his teeth and moaning out in heat.  Conan grabbed hold of his hair and held his newest conquest steady as he buried inch after inch inside, all the way to the hilt.

    "Ahhhhh, you squeeze me so sweetly, Hercules!" Conan growled huskily, keeping himself fully embedded inside the burly Greek.  "Are you truly as powerful as you boast to be?!  Your hole betrays your true desire to submit!"

    "Unnnnh!" Hercules moaned hotly, taking the full length and girth of the barbarian's breeding rod inside him.

    Upon his throne in Mount Olympus, Zeus seethed with fury, sending a smattering of thunder crackling across the skies below.  The unthinkable happened: Hercules had been defeated!

    Conan's aloof, uncaring god, Crom, appeared before the king of the Olympian gods and a smile spread across his rugged, haggard face.  Though Crom cared not for the affairs of mortal men, the mysterious god still came to claim his prize of Zeus' holes.

    Zeus waved a hand at his scrying pool and dismissed the vision of Conan mounted upon Hercules.  Resigned to his wager with Crom, Zeus' toga vanished, making himself completely nude before his new master.

    The king of the Olympian gods then dropped to his knees and opened his mouth to take the god of strength's thick, throbbing cock beyond his lips.  Crom grabbed hold of Zeus' white curls and thrust himself in and out of the Olympian's mouth, grunting and rumbling with pleasure.

    Crom clenched his fist and Zeus was turned around and placed on his hands and knees.  The Olympian raised his flawless ass for the grim god and shuddered as he felt Crom mount him from behind.

    "You are weak," Crom snarled simply as he plunged his cock deep into Zeus' hole with one swift thrust!

    Zeus' eyes grew wide and he moaned loudly, causing a strong thunder to crackle across the skies on the world below.  Zeus' hole quickly surrendered to Crom's advances, becoming soft and giving way to the powerful god of strength's cock.  Crom sneered at this, further proving Zeus' weakness.

    The bearded and long-haired savage god held Zeus' waist as he bred the other male, sawing his incredible length and girth in and out of the Olympian's sucking hole.  Zeus' fists clenched along with his teeth and he cried out in pure pleasure as Crom's loins slammed into his glutes repeatedly.

    Crom moaned in ecstasy as he fucked Zeus' ass, claiming the father of the Greek gods' anal virginity for his own.  Crom cared not for Conan, though for showing strength over these Olympians, he would give favor to the Cimmerian the next time he truly needed help and prayed for it.

    "You will come with me, my consort, and remain with me until I tire of you," Crom growled, cumming deep inside Zeus' ass and transporting them both to the great, distant mountain where he called home.

    Thus began Zeus' hundred year submission and worship of another god...


    Back upon the earth, Conan moaned his pleasure as he held Hercules by a fistful of his hair, his other hand squeezing tightly at the demigod's waist.  Conan's cock began a swift and steady fucking of Hercules' ass, gliding in and out to the head before delving back in all the way again.

    "You are soft," Conan mocked a grunting Hercules, hoping to shatter his pride even further.  "You are weak.  Now you are mine.  Even your hole massages me like a woman!  What good are these muscles if you can't win with them?"

    Hercules could say nothing in response.  He knew that Conan was right by the very fact that the Cimmerian was mounted atop him, plowing quickly at his backside.  The barbarian had defeated him fairly in battle and humbled him completely.

    All Hercules could do now was to squeeze himself tightly around Conan's invading manhood and hope that his conqueror would unload inside him and leave him to nurse his destroyed pride in peace.

    But Conan was not satiated so easily.  The barbarian's sexual prowess was legend among the lands and Hercules would soon come to know that firsthand.  Hercules' body was built to take a man like Conan many, many, many times over.  And so the barbarian slammed himself inside Hercules with the force of a battering ram demolishing a doomed kingdom's castle.

    "Conan...  Mercy..." Hercules moaned like a wounded bear, though his cock remained rock hard and leaked precum in a steady flow.  "You have bested me!  Is that not enough?"

    "Tell me, Hercules," Conan grunted, body shuddering with ecstasy, "had you won, would you not have mounted me just the same?!"

    "I... I would have, yes!!" Hercules confessed, only serving to intensify the barbarian's intense pounding of his hole.  Hercules howled his own pleasure as the Cimmerian's manhood hit his prostate repeatedly, electrifying him and pushing him further into submission.

    Conan grabbed Hercules into his god-crushing arms and pulled him close in a mighty bearhug!  Hercules' cock rubbed firmly against the barbarian's wall of abs as he was put into his own fearsome submission hold!  Conan began to bearhug Hercules tightly, making the demigod feel the incredible power of his new master, never ceasing his thrusts into the defeated and humbled son of Zeus.

    "By... CROM!!" Conan roared as he thrust a few more times inside Hercules' ass and finally came inside him!  The barbarian bellowed again in victory as he climaxed, spurting over a dozen ropes of hot cum deep inside the ass of his greatest conquest ever.

    Hercules could feel the powerful, potent barbarian seed shoot into his insides and he came with Conan, firing his own semen between their bodies, wasted.

    "Unnnnhhh!!  ZEUS!!" Hercules cried out as he spurt another shot of seed onto Conan's abs, his every limb shaking in the bearhug with the pleasures of orgasm.

    "Hnnghhh..." Conan grunted, pulling himself from Hercules' ass with a loud pop.  The barbarian's thick seed gushed from Hercules' hole and onto the ground below them.  His virility was, at last, satisfied... for the moment.

    Conan grabbed Hercules' toga and wiped his cock clean with the white fabric.  He casually tossed it aside, allowing the winds to carry the toga skirt miles from its previous owner.

    "Perhaps I will not send you to the gods just yet.  Perhaps you are worth keeping around in servitude to me... for the rest of your life."

    Hercules hung his head.  With his defeat at the hands of Conan, the tasks given to him by King Eurystheus were now forfeit, giving victory to Eurystheus, the new Greek hero, and to Hera over Zeus.

    Conan reaffixed his loincloth and coin purse, leaving Hercules nude.  He resumed the trek the way he'd started, stopping on the horizon.  Hercules remained on the ground, watching the barbarian strut confidently away from their battlefield.

    "Come, slave!" Conan then barked.  The defeated son of Zeus quickly came crawling to the barbarian's side — to his new master's side.  "Shadizar is not far from here.  The whores of the tavern inn will be surprised to see me enter with you in tow.  You will take their place tonight in my bed..."

    The End

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