Saturday, April 28, 2018

Asgard Invasion

Asgard Invasion brings back my Ogre King (Thul'rog) revamped and ready for more action!

The ogre army has grown its numbers to gargantuan levels and Thul'rog has decided to declare war on the Norse men and their gods!  With defeat after defeat, it's up to Odin to hold off the hulking brutes before they cross Bifrost and claim Asgard for the dominant race of ogres!

Monday, April 2, 2018

World Wrestling Champions

This is World Wrestling Champions, a new pro wrestling story with a title fight theme!

This high-stakes match marks the return of Gorilla George Brogan, the now Australian Heavyweight Champion title holder.  He faces off against Gino "the Hammer," the European Heavyweight Champion.  When Gino issued his challenge to the big Aussie, Gorilla couldn't wait to get into the ring and match muscle with the titanic Italian.

(Update: This story is also a PDF now!  If you'd like to support my works and get yourself a copy; which includes all new panels, a new text story, and an alternate ending; visit the page over at my Comics blog for more information!)