Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 60

"WORSHIP MY HOLE, SOFTSKIN!" Gorg continued, flexing his butt cheeks around the human's face.  "SUBMIT AND BECOME MY SLAVE!!"

Lortho refused to accept Gorg's offer of surrender.

His lungs screamed at him to lick the orc's green hole, but his pride denied him the humiliating defeat!

Lortho shook his head wildly, struggling to replenish the vanishing oxygen!

"MMF!  NNH!!  NNNNRRRR--!!" he screamed his refusal.

With that, his oxygen supply depleted and he faded from consciousness.

Lortho was defeated.

The Last Battle: Panel 59

The orc's power won out!

Gorg pressed his muscular butt down on the panicked human's face!!

Lortho struggled valiantly, but couldn't escape the orc's weight -- or even breathe!!

"GIVE IN TO ME HUMAN!" Gorg offered his terms.  "SURRENDER TO ORC RULE!!"

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 58

Gorg pushed with all of his might to seat his beefy butt upon the face of his opponent!

Lortho felt his strength wavering!  His arms were giving out!

The Last Battle: Panel 57

Once his sight had come back into focus, the barbarian looked up to see that his orc foe was towering above him, his back turned toward his head.  He knew what was to come.

For the first time in his life, Lortho felt the fear of imminent defeat.

"NO..." he pled in vain, "NO!  NO, DON'T!"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 56

Gorg was angry.  He'd had enough of this annoying human and his surprises.

Lortho moaned in pain, too stunned to get up and fight.

With a gleam of fury in his eyes, the orc stomped closer to the downed man...

The Last Battle: Panel 55

Gorg's strength returned to him, and he pushed Lortho off!

When the human stood to pounce, Gorg quickly sent a devastating uppercut to his jaw!!

The man grunted in shock and fell to the earth in a heap!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 54

Lortho leapt upon the downed body of the muscular brute and pulled his leg back!

Gorg struggled to keep Lortho from reaching his knee and pulling back any further.  He pushed back hard against the human's grasp!

The Last Battle: Panel 53

But Lortho rolled away just before he was crushed by the orc's massive bulk!

Gorg landed with a thud!  He groaned in pain and lay still as he regained his senses.

"By the gods..." Lortho thought, shaking his head and struggling to stand.  "This one is powerful!"

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 52

The barbarian grunted as he landed on his side!

He'd never encountered an orc so powerful.  The ones he'd defeated (and fucked) along the way were strong, but compared to Gorg, they were easily subdued.

He turned his head to see the orc leap high in the air!  With a snarl, Gorg brought his entire weight down!!

The Last Battle: Panel 51

Eager to demonstrate his dominance further, Gorg threw Lortho far into the distance!

The man shouted in fear as he plummeted to the ground!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 50

Gorg lifted Lortho's struggling body high overhead!

The human bellowed for release, but knew that the orc was totally in control!  He couldn't believe how stupid he was to fall for such an easy trap!

The orc used him as a weight, lifting and lowering him repeatedly, all the while grunting hotly.

The Last Battle: Panel 49

Frustrated by his inability to topple the statue of Krag, Lortho never heard the orc sneak up on him!

"GRUUHH!!" Gorg snarled, catching the human in a full nelson!

Lortho shouted and struggled, but was unable to slip from the greenskin's mighty grasp!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 48

Gorg slipped from the water as the human preoccupied himself with toppling the statue.

The orc stood mere steps away from the man, grinning and watching him attempt the impossible.

The Last Battle: Panel 47

But lurking nearby, an orc with strength Lortho has never seen emerged from the depths...

Gorg sneered at the foolish human who came alone to the land of the orcs.  He will teach this barbarian man a lesson he will never forget!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 46

Standing there, towering over the area, was a giant statue of Overlord Krag!

"By King Ranzen!" Lortho shouted in disgust.  "A monument to that beast!  This is an abomination!"

Lortho wanted nothing more at that moment than to bring the statue down.

He marched over to the massive carving of stone and began pushing it with all his might!

The Last Battle: Panel 45

The human cautiously approached the orc-dominated watering hole.

He peered around the great barrier, yet saw no one around.

"No orcs..." he mumbled to himself.  "Where are they?"

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 44

Mighty Lortho has come to the Clay Rapids, an area hidden in the mountains, whose river runs toward Grohmah.

Lortho's journey had been long and perilous, yet he'd managed to defeat every orc that threatened his arrival.

Standing before its entrance, the barbarian reflected on the reasons why he accepted King Ranzen's request to conquer the orcs.

"You take my brothers," he shouted to the twilit sky, "you take my stallion, I take you, Krag!!  I TAKE YOU!!"

The Last Battle: Profile of Lortho

Lortho was a warrior from the land of Nari, governed under Brunnr, King Ranzen's domain.  Lortho (human for "great one") believed himself to be the pinnacle of man.

The humans and the orcs have never had a good relationship.  Every resource that the humans had, the orcs would fight to claim as theirs.  They were savage and determined in their efforts to strip men of food and land.

Orc aggressions reached a fever pitch one summer day.  Acting under orders from the overlord, They set fire to one of Nari's stables, killing Lortho's prized stallion.  The infuriated warrior now seeks revenge!

The future of the human race will rest upon his mighty shoulders!

Personal quote: "I am perfection."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 43

His task complete, Rogg hoisted the beaten barbarian up upon his broad shoulder and set out for the city of the orcs.

Vulg lay limp and groaned blissfully in the warm afterglow of sex with his master.  Desire to be used by the other orcs caused his leaking cock to swell.

The Last Battle: Panel 42

It was time.

With the fury of his ancestors surging through his veins, Rogg pushed his cock to the hilt inside the human and unleashed his pent-up load of cum!!

Vulg felt his master's hot seed flood his insides, and he, too, came to a thunderous orgasm!

The orc uttered a roar so loud, his brothers back in Grohmah knew of his victory!

Vulg collapsed onto his belly, completely spent, yet not fully sated.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 41

Rogg dropped Vulg to the ground and made his human slave continue on his own.

Without hesitation or shame, Vulg pushed back hotly, forcing his master's meat deeper inside his butt.

He shuddered in heat when the green, throbbing cock rewarded him with a heavy wave of arousal sap.

Rogg flexed and rubbed his hulking muscles as he watched the man debase himself.

The Last Battle: Panel 40

Rogg wasted no time in giving his slave a taste of what was to come.

He lifted the weary barbarian into his arms.  The man clung submissively to his master's body.

The orc took pleasure in claiming the human's virgin hole.  He also took great pride in the screams that he caused Vulg to utter.

"GRUH!  HUMAN TIGHT!" Rogg declared, forcing in another inch of thick, orc cock.  "MAKE GOOD SLAVE FOR ORC!!"

But the man's screams of agony soon subsided.  Rogg's heavy cock pumped waves of precum into his body, lubricating his insides and preparing him for an intense fuck.

Like his brethren, Vulg, too, succumbed to the sap of arousal that Rogg secreted from the head of his bulbous meat.  The barbarian moaned for more of his master's offering!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Barbaric Brawn's 5,000th Page View!

Vulg and Rogg find a mysterious bottle of bodybuilder posing oil from among the rubble of the battlefield and grease themselves up to wrestle!

Human and orc fight valiantly, but (as happened before), Rogg emerged triumphant and put the barbarian in his rightful place!

Thanks to everyone who's visited Barbaric Brawn in its young life online.  Thanks to you for bringing it to its 5,000th page view!

Here's to many, many more to come!

The Last Battle: Panel 39

It took Vulg some time to rise from his place in the grass and drag himself over to Rogg.

His body ached horribly, but he knew that the consequences of disobedience would be far worse.

Humbled and bested by the greenskin, Vulg knelt before his new orc master.

"Master beat Vulg in battle," he spoke with his head lowered in shame.  "Me belong to Rogg..."

Vulg's manhood rose at the sight of the orc's throbbing erection.

"Vulg submit to orc...  Me slave to orc..."

Rogg chuckled deeply at the human who finally realized his place in life.

The Last Battle: Panel 38

The victorious orc strutted back to the ruins and sat himself upon them.

He spread his beefy legs wide and gave his cock a quick stroke.

"Come to Rogg, human," he spoke through a sneer.  "Grovel before master!"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 37

Vulg collapsed to the ground and moaned into the grass.  For the first time in his life, he'd been defeated by a creature other than a human.

As his mind contemplated his new life of servitude to the orc, he could feel Rogg flex his mighty body atop his own!

"ROGG VICTORY!!" he roared his win!  "MAN WEAK!!  ORC STRONG!!"

Rogg's mighty cock throbbed at his success, for it somehow knew that it would soon be receiving the spoils of victory.

The Last Battle: Panel 36

Rogg sat his massive weight upon Vulg's back, pinning him to the ground!

Although he quickly realized that it was impossible, Vulg struggled to escape the pin.

The orc slammed his meaty knuckles again and again into the moaning human's exposed traps.

Dominating this man caused his cock to rise and swell.  With every strike, the green subjugator's member swayed, flinging his precum onto the battlefield.

Finally, unable to withstand any more, Vulg bellowed his total surrender to the orc!!

"Vulg... submit..." he said weakly at first.  "Me surrender...!"

But Rogg couldn't hear him over the sound of his own grunting!

"ME SURRENDER!!" the barbarian then screamed at the top of his lungs, hopeful that the brute would stop!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 35

Vulg took the full brunt of the impact as the orc thrust his body down upon the hard earth!

The orc flexed his muscles as the human screamed and held his aching back.

Rogg turned the human over and, after careful aim of his huge foot, delivered a devastating stomp to Vulg's injury.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 34

Rogg turned Vulg's struggling body sideways in his powerful grasp and jumped up high!!

The human shouted in fear as the green-skinned behemoth drove him back to the earth in a crushing bodyslam!!

The Last Battle: Panel 33

But strong and fearsome as he was, Vulg's blind offensive left him open!

Rogg seized the opportunity and grabbed the barbarian in a crushing grip!

Vulg stood stunned for a moment, unaware of what had just happened.

Rogg snarled and squeezed the human's sides, lifting his thrashing body off the ground!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 32

Vulg struck the orc hard in the stomach, causing him to double over.  When he did, the human pounded him in the jaw!

Rogg grunted with each blow the man dealt to him.  The world around him began to blur -- he knew he'd have to act fast or be knocked into submission by the soft-skinned barbarian!

The Last Battle: Panel 31

Vulg ran forward and launched a series of blows into the greenskin's firm abs!

Over and over he struck, punishing Rogg for the orcs' victories over his fellow men!!

"GRUUH!!" Rogg bellowed, enduring the rage of the human.

Vulg may have been just a man to the orc, but he was finding out that this one in particular could be a real threat.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 30

Vulg returned a look of malice to the orc.

"Vulg brothers taken by orcs!!" he shouted bitterly.  The thought made him sick and furious.  Men were the supreme beings of the world -- masters over the others!  To be enslaved by such a brutish race...  It was unthinkable!

"Rogg want fight Vulg?!  Me bring Rogg to knees and show true power of man!!"

The barbarian stood and assumed a threatening stance.

"COME FIGHT VULG, ORC!" he yelled, issuing his challenge.  "ME DEFEAT ANY GREENSKIN!!"

The Last Battle: Panel 29

Rogg snarled at Vulg and bore his fangs threateningly.


"Overlord?!" Vulg thought grimly.  "Krag responsible?!  Must defeat Rogg and warn king!"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 28

Vulg moaned in pain and struggled to recover his senses.  It took him a moment to realize that the one who attacked him was an orc.

"HUMAN WEAK!" it roared at him, displaying its body with several menacing poses.  "ROGG STRONG!!"

Vulg shook his head and lifted his beefy body upright.

"Urgh...  Orc... big..." he remarked, staring in awe at the flexing, muscular beast.

The Last Battle: Panel 27

Rogg took the human by surprise!

He slammed his mammoth fists into Vulg's hard chest!!

"UNGH!!" Vulg shouted, taking the force of the impact.

Rogg placed a meaty hand on Vulg's shoulder and sent three more devastating blows to his exposed gut.

The orc let go.  Without Rogg to keep him steady, the man's footing slipped, and he fell to the ground!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 26

When the barbarian turned to leave, he heard the sounds of footsteps against stone.

Thinking that one of his fellow men was still in the area, he turned back to search.

A massive orc warrior leapt from the rubble in an ambush!

"ROGG SMASH HUMAN!" it bellowed at him.  "GRRAAAAAAGHHH!!"

The Last Battle: Profile of Rogg

When the other orcs were learning the habits and ways of the humans, Rogg was out actively crushing them.

As one of the biggest orcs alive, Rogg is able to easily instill fear (and sometimes lust) into his foes.  If they didn’t grovel for mercy and cower and at his feet, they went splat.

He may not know many things about the world of the humans, but his brothers can see that he does know the most important thing: how to pulverize them.

Because of his hulking body and thirst to dominate, Rogg was one of the first orcs chosen by the overlord to crush the humans.  With the promise of many human holes to ravage, Rogg agreed!

Personal quote: "Rogg smash!  Rogg fuck!"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 25

Vulg knelt to survey the damage.

The orcs had since demolished The Outpost and conquered the men stationed to protect it.

The enslaved humans and their meager possessions were carried back to the orc city of Grohmah.

"Orcs not gone long...  Smell them in air..."

Vulg looked with anger at the destruction.  He gritted his teeth and growled.

"Vulg warn king!  Warn King Ranzen!"

The Last Battle: Panel 24

The orcs had already struck!  Their blood red banner stood proudly over the demolished outpost.

Weapons and remnants were strewn across the area, forgotten by those who were since ushered away.

"Orcs!!" the barbarian shouted.  "Vulg too late!"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 23

By order of King Ranzen, the barbarian human named Vulg traveled to the outpost upon the Eastern Hills.

Vulg was a hulk of muscle by human standards, and his reputation as a dominator among the creatures of the lands was well-known.

He was to recruit the toughest of the king's men to aid the effort against the orcs.


"No...!" the man grunted, staring at the horrifying sight that lay before him.

The Last Battle: Profile of Vulg

While Vulg is shorter than some humans, he makes up for it in raw power and skill.  His dopey expression has been known to fool his enemies into lowering their guards.

Vulg isn't the brightest human alive, and his sensitive nipples are easily exploited by a clever opponent looking to bring him down.

His favorite activity is fucking, and he loves no hole better than that of an orc.  He enjoys plowing their green butts as they shout and plead for mercy that will never come.

As Vulg is a total top, his hole is unclaimed.  His greatest fear is getting fucked by an inferior creature (particularly an orc).

Vulg joins the final struggle against orckind!

Personal quote: "Open wide for Vulg!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 22

The fantasy of dominating the orcs pushed King Ranzen over the edge!

His throbbing meat erupted, flooding Yord's mouth with ropes of hot cum!!

"KRAG WILL WORSHIP ME!!" he repeated, the thought of fucking the mighty orc's butt sending him to new levels of pleasure.  "UNNNNNGHH!!"

The Last Battle: Panel 21

Ranzen smirked and snorted his dismissal of the problem.

"Let those green-skinned bastards have that speck of dirt.  I've dispatched the best of my men to find and demolish their overlord!"

His hand fell to Yord's head and pressed him all the way down his throbbing cock.

"Krag will feel the wrath of man, and I will fuck his hole myself!  He will grovel for mercy!!

"The orcs' reign of terror is over!  Krag will worship me!"

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 20

Ranzen, annoyed by the disturbance, turned angrily to the guard.


"Forgive me, My Lord!" the guard spoke through heavy panting.  "But it's the orcs!  They've struck!  Grohmah has taken command of the southern farm and its keepers!"

Word of the orcs' attack startled Yord.  His lips and tongue, however, never stopped servicing his king's manhood.  Like a source of comfort, he continued to bob his head up and down Ranzen's manly shaft.

"It'll be impossible to reclaim without overstretching our ranks!" the guard continued.

But Ranzen only stared at the man with a sneer.

The Last Battle: Panel 19

Far from the farmstead...

Ranzen, King of Brunnr, stood in his courtyard, receiving reverence from one of his many servants.  The king flexed and grunted arrogantly, unfazed by the dangers that threatened the human race and their mighty kingdom.

"You obey your king well, Yord," he praised the attendant.  "Service his manhood."

Yord's skilled lips and tongue worked on his king's mighty shaft.  He drank the copious precum that his majesty graciously provided.

"Hold your nipples as you suck.  Yeah...  Just like that...  Fuck..."

Suddenly, a booming voice shouted from the distance.

"KING RANZEN!" the man who approached bellowed.  "I BRING YOU DIRE WORD FROM OUR SCOUTS!"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Last Battle: Profile of King Ranzen

Ranzen became king of the humans seven years ago when he defeated the former king, Hurk, in a wrestling match.  Hurk contends that the fight was invalid - that Ranzen used dirty tactics to prevail.  The people with sided this new warrior, and Hurk was dethroned and publicly fucked.  Hurk hasn't been seen since.

Ranzen is an arrogant, capable man.  Yet, he has a weakness that none yet know: his mighty manhood is easily aroused.  To hide this from his men, he fucks their holes and rubs himself to satisfaction several times daily.

The king is troubled by the escalating orc attacks.  Fed up with Krag, their leader, he has called upon his mightiest to put an end to this antagonistic race once and for all!

Personal quote: "Kneel before your king and serve him well!"

The Last Battle: Panel 18

"With this land and its trees," Krag declared, "we hasten the ultimate triumph of orc over man.  The two new slaves you've brought to your brothers give them great morale!  They rejoice your victory this day!

"With their every thrust into the farmer and his son, they hunger for the humans' inevitable defeat!  That is our destiny on this world!"

Coning his mighty hands around his mouth, he bellowed, "HEAR ME, RANZEN!  THE TIME OF HUMANS WILL SOON END, AND YOU WILL BECOME MINE!!"

Gorg and Zug roared in triumph with their leader!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 17


After Gorg and Zug had totally and thoroughly subjugated the two humans to orc rule, orc laborers were called in to convert the claimed land.

Overlord Krag, the leader of the orcs, stood with Gorg and Zug at Victory Point, the name of the newly-converted land.

Krag breathed in deeply the powerful scent of domination in the air.

"Excellent, my brothers!" he roared.  "Truly excellent!"

The Last Battle: Profile of Overlord Krag

Krag is the overlord of the orcs of Grohmah.  He ascended to power by emerging victorious in the Test of Might when the previous overlord, Gron, succumbed four years ago.

Overlord Krag is a ruthless tyrant who knows how to whip his subjects into action.  He feeds their frenzied lust for battle and gives them dreams of world conquest.

The annoying might of humanity is all that stands in his way of fulfilling that promise.

Krag orders his orcs to invade the human settlements surrounding the human kingdom to gradually erode their hold over the land.

He feels victory is near!  It will be his!

Personal quote: "The orcs are the true rulers of the world.  Bow down to your masters!"