Monday, January 9, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 19

Far from the farmstead...

Ranzen, King of Brunnr, stood in his courtyard, receiving reverence from one of his many servants.  The king flexed and grunted arrogantly, unfazed by the dangers that threatened the human race and their mighty kingdom.

"You obey your king well, Yord," he praised the attendant.  "Service his manhood."

Yord's skilled lips and tongue worked on his king's mighty shaft.  He drank the copious precum that his majesty graciously provided.

"Hold your nipples as you suck.  Yeah...  Just like that...  Fuck..."

Suddenly, a booming voice shouted from the distance.

"KING RANZEN!" the man who approached bellowed.  "I BRING YOU DIRE WORD FROM OUR SCOUTS!"

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