Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 40

Rogg wasted no time in giving his slave a taste of what was to come.

He lifted the weary barbarian into his arms.  The man clung submissively to his master's body.

The orc took pleasure in claiming the human's virgin hole.  He also took great pride in the screams that he caused Vulg to utter.

"GRUH!  HUMAN TIGHT!" Rogg declared, forcing in another inch of thick, orc cock.  "MAKE GOOD SLAVE FOR ORC!!"

But the man's screams of agony soon subsided.  Rogg's heavy cock pumped waves of precum into his body, lubricating his insides and preparing him for an intense fuck.

Like his brethren, Vulg, too, succumbed to the sap of arousal that Rogg secreted from the head of his bulbous meat.  The barbarian moaned for more of his master's offering!

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