Thursday, June 27, 2019

Bring Me a Dream

This is Bring Me a Dream, my fourth boxing story which continues the saga of our favorite grey-haired-yet-27-year-old narcissist and Hollywood hunk.  He faces off against the man of his dreams, the champion known as Mr. Sandman!

This match-up was from a suggestion from Shinobi P. some time ago here at the blog with a couple of nice ideas from patron Arkemyr.  It'd been some time since I'd done boxing and thought it would be a good change of pace.  I hope you enjoy this tale of macho pride and big egos!

Boxers and their names are © Nintendo; used in a parodical manner

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

After the War

This is After the War, a story that takes place very shortly after the events of the Last Battle: Orc vs Man -- which depicts the struggle between the two species and humanity's eventual defeat and enslavement by the orcs.

Overlord Krag, leader of the hulking brutes, has dispatched his orcs to scour the lands in search of human stragglers to conquer and bring back to Grohmah, the greenskins' capital.

This is one such encounter, with Gorg and Ra'zug happening upon a small human merchant outpost, and its two lone proprietors...