Sunday, September 30, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 46

Tarzan's sore and aching legs were raised and spread apart by the new jungle king.  He could feel Jabari's fat, wet cockhead rub insistently against his puckering hole.  It made Tarzan shudder in pleasure to feel this more powerful male assert his dominance over him.

Tarzan shouted as Jabari's massive cock penetrated his insides!  Kondo chuckled and watched Tarzan's face as one of his own mated with the white man.  The cock that was just pleasured by Tarzan's tongue bounced and throbbed over his face, though the former jungle lord barely noticed it at the time.

"TARZAN HOLE TIGHT!" Jabari grunted deeply!  "MAKE GOOD FUCK FOR JABARI!!"

The victorious African warrior pushed deeper and deeper into the ape man's muscle butt.  The soft, pink flesh yielded to his might and began to massage and pleasure the invading manhood, paying tribute to its victory.

Finally, he was all the way in!  Jabari spread Tarzan's legs far apart and ran his rugged hands up and down his new slave's creamy, inner thighs.  Tarzan lay still and quiet as he struggled to adjust to Jabari's girth and length.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Barbaric Brawn's 100,000th Page View

Overlord Krag, leader of the dominant orc race, set out from his mighty empire in search of new lands and new humans to conquer.  The titanic, green brute happened upon two muscular men locked in the heat of combat.

Amused, he watched them fight.  These humans would do well as slaves back at Grohmah, he thought to himself with a snort.

The orc soon leapt into the fray and quickly pummeled both men into submission!  The pale one cried out his surrender first as Krag buried his middle finger to the knuckle inside the human's hole.  The dark-skinned human managed to hold out for a moment longer, but the monstrous stranger's headlock forced him to give in, as well.

As Overlord Krag introduces these two studs to their new life of orc rule, I want to say thanks to you guys for visiting and bringing Barbaric Brawn to its 100,000th page view.  It's only been about 10 months since its open, but I never imagined it could have grown this fast.  That's all because of you.

Thanks again to all of the barbarians out there.  Keep that spirit of wrestling in your heart and your love of men fighting men burning hot!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 45

Kondo sat his beefy butt upon the grass and invited Tarzan to kneel before him and worship his throbbing black shaft.  The ape man looked up to his master, receiving the OK to switch off.

Tarzan got on his hands and knees and lowered his mouth to Kondo's meaty manhood.  The taste of this native's cock was rather different than Jabari's, yet it was still just as good.  He then wondered how Zuberi's and Njau's cocks might taste.  Kondo noticed that Tarzan's technique seemed to improve with every bob of his head up and down his leaking erection.

"White man make Kondo feel good," he moaned out with a groan of pleasure.  Humiliating this arrogant savage restored his pride as a man and brought justice for his people.  This was the right thing to do.

Jabari got down on bended knee and ran his firm hand over Tarzan's African-sun-tanned butt.  He gave the white flesh a good, strong slap, startling the fallen king momentarily.  His fingers ran in between the crack before delivering another smack to his slave's cheeks.

Tarzan moaned softly around Kondo's meat as he felt Jabari's eager fingers rubbing and stroking around his tight hole.  Jabari was pleased to feel the pink entrance constrict and wink from its master's touch.  True to his image as an exclusive, dominant top, Tarzan's hole felt like a virgin's.

This would be a good fuck and he would enjoy making this man his bitch.  Tarzan would soon learn a lesson he would never forget.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 44

Njau raised his arm and shouted his approval for Jabari's win.

Kondo knelt and watched closely as Tarzan's wet lips slid up and down the black champion's throbbing shaft.  For a man who was known for his dominance, Tarzan sucked cock well.

"Tarzan suck me next!" he said, giving his own manhood a firm stroke.  He would make the fallen king service his desires and begin the task of repaying the theft of their jewel.

The New Jungle King: Panel 43

Tarzan got to work, wrapping his lips around the large, mushroom head of Jabari's mammoth manhood.  He swallowed the sweet precum that flowed generously from the tip.  The black warrior's masculine scent hit Tarzan's tongue and aroused him deeply -- pushing him to suck harder and take even more into his mouth.

Zuberi stepped closer and watched as Tarzan obeyed his sexual instincts and surrendered to his master's cock.  He'd seen Tarzan receive oral pleasure from the men of the jungle before, but he never imagined he'd ever see the reverse.

"Me not know Tarzan like suck!" Zuberi laughed heartily over the noises of Tarzan's eager lips.  Tarzan appeared to lose himself in the moment and didn't stop to answer the native's humiliating accusation.

Before Jabari could lose himself fully to the heat of after-battle sex, he raised his fists high and made his triumph known to the jungle, "VICTORY TO MOGU TRIBE!!"

Monday, September 24, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 42

Tarzan mustered the strength moments later to sit up.  He rubbed his aching shoulders and grunted.  Jabari grabbed the white man's chestnut brown hair and pulled his head back.  His hot, throbbing manhood met Tarzan's face and rested against his cheek.

Tarzan stared with wide eyes at the large slit in the bulbous head of the black sword of flesh.  It freely oozed its clear, slick precum onto his shoulder.  The new jungle king was aroused and wanted his needs taken care of immediately.

Njau, Kondo, and Zuberi watched with amusement as Tarzan's cock grew to its full length and began throbbing along with theirs.  The tired, aching savage was drained and wanted sleep -- but he knew he must first serve the winner.  The power and virility of Jabari aroused Tarzan's long-dormant submissive side and made itself known by way of his erection.  He could feel in his gut a change taking place.  He felt his body surrendering to this muscular native.

"Tarzan like Jabari cock?" the black king asked in a deep, sultry voice.  "Want taste?"

"Y-Yes..." Tarzan replied simply, licking his lips without realizing it.  He wanted to taste the only man to conquer the once-mighty jungle lord.

The New Jungle King: Panel 41

All four of the Mogu stood tall and proud over the drained and battered body of the white musclestud known as Tarzan.  Never again would any in Africa feel pressured by the fallen king to obey his will or suffer by his hands.

The four flexed their muscles and grunted in victory over Tarzan's downfall.  They bounced their pecs and stroked their hard, leaking cocks.  It was a day none of them would ever forget.

Not only had their brother, Jabari, returned to their tribe, but he had also done what many had felt impossible: he'd defeated Tarzan!

Jabari raised his beefy arms high and roared with pride, "JABARI KING OF JUNGLE!!"

Tarzan lay still and struggled to control his quivering.  By law of might and muscle, this man was now his master and had taken his position of power.  This man would surely fuck him deep, he realized with horror.  He now belonged to Jabari for as long as the triumphant black man wished, and he knew that this master would be neither kind nor gentle to him.

The New Jungle King: Panel 40

Jabari lifted his new slave to his knees and wrapped his beefy arm around Tarzan's neck.  The dethroned jungle king could barely keep his eyes open, and all that he could see spun slowly in circles.  He desperately wanted to rest and awaken from this bad dream.

"What say Tarzan?" Jabari barked, reminding the ape man with a squeeze around his throat that this was no dream.  "Speak slave!"

Tarzan grunted and offered up his final words as a free man, "Me surrender to Mogu...  Jabari king!  Jabari Tarzan master..."

The conqueror of the hero Tarzan snorted and accepted the surrender.  He let go and watched as Tarzan fell face-first upon the ground where he now belonged.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 39

SLAM!!  Jabari brought his mighty fists down upon Tarzan's trap muscles with a deep, manly growl of satisfaction!

Unable to brace himself for the impact, Tarzan took the full brunt of the attack!  Njau and Zuberi held Tarzan's arms secure as he bellowed and struggled, preventing him from escape.

Jabari raised his fists high once more and brought them down hard upon Tarzan's battered traps!  A low, agonized groan escaped Tarzan's mouth.  One last blow knocked the fight from the ape man, and with a grunt, his head fell to the ground.

Kondo knelt by the white man and grabbed hold of his long, flowing hair.  He lifted Tarzan's drooping head and held the tip of his hard cock before his enemy's mouth.

"Tarzan kiss!" Kondo commanded.

Tarzan opened his eyes and stared wearily at the large, purple knob of the native's massive, black cock and groaned.  The head of Kondo's excited manhood was leaking precum in ribbons.

"OBEY!" the native shouted, roughly pulling Tarzan's hair!

The overpowered jungle king decided to surrender to the inevitable and pressed his quivering lips to the black savage's wet cockhead and kissed it reverently.  Kondo smiled and stroked Tarzan's head like a man might a beast.  Lips wet with the man's sticky fluid, Tarzan was released from his conquerors' hold and dropped to the ground.

That last humiliating act of submission had finally broken Tarzan's will.  The long-reigning king of the jungle was at last dethroned and in his place ruled Jabari.

The New Jungle King: Panel 38

Jabari stomped Tarzan's back with the heel of his foot, knocking his opponent flat onto the hot grass.  Kondo stood back and watched with pleasure as Jabari mounted the ape man's still-aching torso.  With Tarzan pinned firmly to the ground, Njau and Zuberi grabbed hold of his wrists and held them up and back, applying pressure to his arms.

Tarzan could only grunt and moan helplessly as the natives took complete control of the fight.  From the corner of his eye, Tarzan could see Jabari lift his powerful arms high overhead, and he knew what was about to come.

"No...!  No...!!" he begged pathetically for the first time in years.  The sound of Tarzan begging felt like music to the ears of the Mogu tribe.  Yet they had no mercy for this man.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 37

Before Tarzan could open his mouth again, Zuberi roared, "NO MORE THREATS!!"

Tarzan's lips closed instantly, and he looked at this muscular black man with a mixture of incredulity and fear.  Few had dared to speak to Tarzan so brazenly -- let alone one of this man's lowly status.


The emboldened journeyman pointed at the kneeling white man and finished simply, "TARZAN NOT KING!!"

The New Jungle King: Panel 36

Tarzan snarled and attempted to lash out at his onlookers, but Jabari's arms held strong and prevented him from moving.

"When Tarzan win," he bitterly threatened, "me come for you next!  Me defeat and fuck ALL men of Mogu!"

But despite his best attempts at intimidation, the three journeymen who only just that day surrendered their precious jewel to the ape man were no longer afraid of him!  Their chests swelled with the pride of their tribe and knowing that their new hero, Jabari, was restraining this pale-skinned savage gave them all the courage they needed to stand their ground.

Tarzan growled and again tried in vain to fight against his foe's hold.  Snorts of humor shot from Kondo's and Njau's nostrils as they smirked at him.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 35

Jabari released the hold and moved to lift the jungle lord by his hair.  Tarzan moaned in pain and rose obediently to his feet.  Before he could rise any more, the black warrior hooked his arms around Tarzan's, keeping him still and down and forcing his nude body to be exposed for the three to take in.

As they stared with arousal at his futile struggles, Kondo, Zuberi, and Njau grew erect.  The hero, Tarzan, was incapable of defeating the hold!  Tarzan stared with jealousy at their large manhoods -- even these simple journeymen were bigger than him!

"TARZAN APOLOGIZE TO TRIBE FOR THEFT!" Jabari snarled, bending Tarzan's arms back further!

But the ape man would not speak!  He maintained a proud face to minimize the burning humiliation he felt inside.  The three Mogu looked at him with utter skepticism.  This was the Tarzan that had ruled over them all for so long?  This was the man who kept them all in line by beating his large pecs and shouting his famous call?

"Tarzan really weak?" Kondo asked, staring at the white man with pity.  "King of jungle really not escape?"

Zuberi was more direct.  "Tarzan look good on ground..." he grunted, giving his big, black cock a few good strokes.

Njau remained silent as he watched Jabari manhandle the king with delight.  For the first time in a good long time, it seemed as though Tarzan might finally be defeated.  And that it was one of their own punishing him gave Njau the greatest pleasure.

The New Jungle King: Panel 34

Tarzan was horrified to see that there were witnesses to the fight!  And not only were they watching him being crushed between the legs of his opponent, but these witnesses were the very same men from who he'd taken the jewel!

The ape man lifted his body as best he could and raised a hand their way, signalling for them to stop.

"NO!!" he cried out when they refused his silent order.  "Leave here now!!" he pled, only to moan again as Jabari constricted his now-tender sides!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 33

The three young journeymen of the Mogu -- having followed Tarzan's second call -- finally found the jungle valley.  With great hesitation, they'd left their settlement to try and sneak a peek at what it was Tarzan had accomplished.

The loss of their jewel was forgotten upon witnessing the return of their long-lost brother.  But when they told Jabari of what had happened when Tarzan confronted them, the man grew angry and stormed off to find the long-haired thief.

"Look, brothers!" Zuberi spoke elatedly.  He could hardly believe the sight -- their own Jabari was nude and locked in heated combat with the King of the Jungle!  "He... he wrestle Tarzan!"

"So strong..." Njau remarked silently as he watched Jabari elicit scream after scream from Tarzan's quivering, muscular form.  His cock stirred in his pouch, and he couldn't take his eyes off the intense interracial combat that took place in the middle of the field mere steps away from them.  Jabari was overwhelming Tarzan, and with that, a new man entered Njau's fantasies.  "Me want Jabari!"

Kondo lifted his arms high and roared with jubilation, "JABARI WINNING!"

He and his brothers quickly stripped themselves of their pouches and rushed toward Jabari to witness the struggle up close!

The New Jungle King: Panel 32

Lacking the energy to put up much resistance, Tarzan felt Jabari's beefy legs wrap around his rock-hard torso and slide like a snake under his chiseled back.  The Mogu's big, heavy balls rested atop his own, covering them in a layer of his opponent's sweat.  Tarzan had no idea what this hold was, but he knew instantly that he didn't like it.

"TARZAN GIVE UP!!" the black man roared for Tarzan's surrender, knowing that the arrogant jungle king wouldn't give up without some pressure.

"Me never give up!" Tarzan answered the call defiantly!  At that, Jabari began to squeeze his powerful, black limbs around Tarzan's waist, constricting them without mercy!

Tarzan screamed and writhed in the body scissors.  The hold was excruciating, yet he didn't want to admit defeat!  He was Tarzan!  Tarzan surrendered to neither man nor beast!

"JABARI CRUSH!!" the native bellowed over Tarzan's anguished grunts and screams, applying even greater pressure to force a submission!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 31

Again and again, Jabari slugged Tarzan in the face -- one for every punch the ape man had given him.  Tarzan could only stand there and take the onslaught.

"WHITE MAN TALK TOO MUCH!" his furious challenger bellowed.  "TARZAN MOUTH BETTER FOR SUCKING BLACK COCK!" he ended with a finishing uppercut, sending Tarzan flying into the air, roaring in pain!

Tarzan fell to the soft grass, grateful to be able to away from Jabari's fists for even a moment.  His nude body was spread eagle and totally exposed to his leering, towering opponent.  The only other thing the jungle king could feel (besides searing pain in his face and belly) was the shame and humiliation of finally having matched muscle with a man whose skill was clearly greater than his own.

Tarzan had grown soft over the many months since Jabari's absence from the Mogu.  He was powerful, but he relied far too much on intimidation to bully the natives.  His complacency had given Jabari all the time he needed to train and become a greater protector of the jungle than Tarzan ever was.

And now the white jungle king was reaping the consequences.

The New Jungle King: Panel 30

Tarzan wondered why Jabari had yet to bow down and surrender to his obvious superiority.  The native's insolence angered and enraged him!  Again and again he sent his fists into the Mogu's jaw, but nothing seemed to faze him!  That glimmer of pride and confidence still lived in the black man's eye.  Tarzan wanted desperately to extinguish that smugness!

"Jabari, too, worship Tarzan king of jungle!" the ape man roared his demand.  "Tarzan defea--HURK!!"

Jabari had had enough.  He sent his fist forward, slamming his knuckles into Tarzan's exposed belly!  The jungle lord grunted and immediately held his aching stomach.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 29

In a last-ditch effort to prove his superiority over this unruly black warrior, Tarzan growled, "All in Africa know Tarzan king!  Jabari learn!!" and sent his fist flying into his opponent's jaw.

Jabari grunted with the sudden attack, but his resolve was still intact.  The knowledge that he had instilled fear into the jungle lord gave him strength.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 28

It was only the second before Jabari struck that Tarzan realized what was happening -- and he was too late to stop him.  Jabari slammed his fists into Tarzan's back, shaking him from his proud stance.

Tarzan turned to face his opponent.  Jabari seemed not only reenergized, but he moved as though none of the damage done to him had any lasting effect!

The black fighter grabbed hold of Tarzan's shoulders, grappling with him.  "Tarzan weak!" the Mogu growled, maintaining his hold over the shocked jungle king.  "Not fit to rule!"

The New Jungle King: Panel 27

Tarzan, certain of his victory over Jabari, coned his hands around his mouth and shouted his signature call, signalling to the jungle that their ruler was triumphant in yet another battle!

But the challenger to Tarzan's kinghood wasn't finished yet.  Like a panther stalking its prey, he rose to his feet in silence.

Had he not known of his arrogance over the years, Jabari would've been surprised to see that Tarzan had enough confidence to keep his back turned away.  This mistake would cost Tarzan dearly, he silently promised.  He would teach this long-haired white man a painful lesson in humility.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 26

Satisfied with his dominance over Jabari, Tarzan allowed him to fall to the ground.  The white jungle lord raised his arms high and bellowed, "TARZAN KING!  ME RULE!!"

The ape man beat his pecs and grunted in triumph.  He brought his hand down to his cock and gave it a few rough strokes.  Fighting with this native had given him an urge to fuck.  Both men were well aware of one of the most basic laws of the jungle: loser gets fucked.

Tarzan would relish this penetration more than any of his others over the past few years.  This black muscleman thought that he would challenge and dethrone Tarzan from his title and position as King of the Jungle.

He felt satisfaction with this preliminary destruction of Jabari.  He would enjoy this fuck and then, after he'd deposited his seed in that hot, black butt, he would continue to punish and sexually humiliate the Mogu.  Finally, once he sated his lust for sex and wrestling, he would carry the native back to his tribe, hold him high overhead and demand the others kneel before him and pay tribute to his greatness.  It was good to be king.

And yet, as Tarzan stroked his cock to these lewd daydreams, he never noticed Jabari grit his teeth and raise his head...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 25

Just as Jabari managed to free himself from Tarzan's mighty grasp, the jungle king was on him again, this time holding him back by his neck!  The dull pains in his balls and head distracted him, delaying his escape.

Tarzan reached down and grabbed Jabari's beefy pec.  He squeezed down hard, viciously groping the powerful chest muscle!  He had to admit, Jabari's body was impressive -- perhaps on the same level as his own.  But he would see to it that this native not only learned his place in Tarzan's Africa, but the body that he so brazenly used to challenge his authority would be broken down and punished.

Dragging his fingers up, Tarzan roughly clawed at the black man's large pectoral flesh.  Jabari bellowed in pain as his tormenter slowly worked his chest over!

The ape man took full advantage of Jabari's inability to fight back.  He clawed, slammed, and squeezed Jabari's pecs without mercy.  His fingers pinched and tugged at the Mogu's already puffy nipples, causing the purple nubs to swell and grow even bigger.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 24

Tarzan took a moment to recover, allowing Jabari precious time to nurse his balls.

The jungle king reflected on his hasty decision to resort to dirty fighting.  It was very rare that he ever took part in such moves against his foes.  But this man got under his skin and angered him in a way he hadn't felt in years.

He moved behind Jabari and clamped his hands down around the black man's smooth, sweat-laced head.  "Tarzan crush Jabari like coconut!" he snarled, maintaining his grip.

Jabari grunted and grabbed hold of Tarzan's wrists.  The white man's hold felt like a crocodile's jaws biting down, slowly weakening him to become its next meal.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 23

Tarzan reared back and delivered a swift kick into Jabari's low-hanging balls!

The dirty shot came so quickly, the challenger never saw it coming!  He felt an agony he'd never experienced before -- and one he'd never forget.  Excruciating jolts of pain shot throughout his groin and up his body.

Jabari screamed and instantly fell to his knees where he now sat at the mercy of the furious jungle king.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 22

Tarzan had had enough!  He grasped the strap that held Jabari's pouch on his hips and pulled!  With a loud rip, the warrior's only clothing was torn from his body, leaving him as exposed as the long-haired white man.

Tarzan got a good look at Jabari's impressive (even when limp) manhood.  It hung low from his groin and was accompanied by two big balls filled with the black native's seed.  Tarzan felt a burning envy for Jabari's cock.  The throbbing meat on this stallion of a man was clearly bigger than his own in every way.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 21

Growing bored of the hold, Jabari allowed Tarzan to wriggle free.  The ape man spat the saliva-soaked loincloth from his mouth and sucked air into his lungs.

But before he could recover and take his revenge, Jabari had grabbed hold of his head and thrust his bulging pouch against his face!

Tarzan grunted and pushed desperately against the black man's meaty legs, but couldn't budge them.  He could feel the outline of Jabari's thick manhood throb powerfully beneath that pouch.  He could smell the exotic, manly scent of the African.  Had the jungle king been at all submissive, he might've been aroused by the predicament.

"Tarzan like Jabari cock?" the native teased, fully knowing of the white man's preference for absolute dominance.  "Tarzan want?"

Jabari thrust and ground his zebra-covered groin against Tarzan's face.  Every inch of the fabric rolled along the handsome king's features, thoroughly humiliating him and reminding him of his own nudity.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 20

Just as the naked savage attempted to rise, Jabari was on him in an instant.  He wrapped his thick, tree trunk thighs around Tarzan's beefy torso and held on tight.

Tarzan thrashed heroically, but couldn't manage to shake the fired-up Mogu from his back.  Jabari shoved Tarzan's loincloth into his open mouth to silence his shouts for freedom!

The black native's arms quickly bound Tarzan's throat and arm, further subduing his struggles.

The New Jungle King: Panel 19

Jabari paced around the writhing ape man and, while he enjoyed watching his enemy suffer, he quickly grew impatient with his recovery.  The black warrior grunted and decided to force his opponent to get up by humiliating him.  He grabbed hold of Tarzan's leopard skin loincloth and stripped it from his hips!

"JABARI SHAME TARZAN!!" he then roared, holding the most prized trophy in the jungle high overhead!

The jungle king burned with disgrace as he comforted his tender abs.  He grunted and defiantly growled, "No man take Tarzan cloth!"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 18

Jabari delivered a swift, hard stomp to Tarzan's belly, causing him to grunt with pain as the wind was instantly knocked from his body!

Again and again, Jabari stomped the white man's hard, enviable gut, repeatedly reminding him of his current position under the power of his black challenger.  With every blow, Jabari worked his aggressions into Tarzan's softening muscle.

Shock and pain slowed Tarzan's reaction to a standstill.  His attempts to dislodge Jabari's muscular leg from his perfect abs were futile and amused the native.  One final stomp to the ape man's belly left him coughing for air and on his side clutching his abdomen.

The New Jungle King: Panel 17

Tarzan, slightly winded, lay upon the soft grass and moaned.  It took him a moment to realize that this man had actually managed to land such an easily-dodged attack.  He opened his eyes and tried to focus, but the world around him seemed to spin.

Jabari wasted no time.  He took advantage of the first attack to lift his leg and aim his foot right over the jungle king's muscle gut...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 16

Jabari leapt into the air and delivered a drop kick onto the chest of the ape man! 
The impact threw Tarzan from his footing and he fell to the ground with a grunt!

Jabari was pleased with his first strike against his arrogant opponent.  He bounced his pecs with pride as he stood over Tarzan's downed body.

The New Jungle King: Panel 15

Jabari's words wounded Tarzan.  They filled the ape man with anger -- not because they were untrue, but because they were precisely what Tarzan had hoped no one would ever find out: he was afraid of losing his long-held place as king of the jungle.

Jabari must pay for his words, Tarzan knew in his heart.  Tarzan was king.  Tarzan was a hero!  No man would make a mockery of his name and continue to stand on unbruised legs!

Tarzan dropped the jewel to the soft grass and coned his hands around his wide-open mouth.  The proud, white savage bellowed his famous cry, signalling to the jungle that a fight had begun!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 14

Tarzan smirked at the way Jabari bared his teeth and at the fire that burned in his eyes.  He expected this man to hang his head, kick the grass about, and go home.

But he did not.

"Jabari know about Tarzan ways!" Jabari suddenly bellowed.  "Tarzan try and rule Africa!  Tarzan law not Africa law!"

Tarzan couldn't believe what he was hearing!  It'd been many moons since a man had dared to speak to him in such a way.  And each one that did quickly learned the consequences of doing so.

Taking advantage of the jungle lord's shock, Jabari continued, "Me not trust Tarzan!  Tarzan not belong in jungle!  White man not deserve to rule jungle!  Tarzan fear Mogu triumph!"

The beefy black man raised an accusing finger toward the king he never wanted and finished, "TARZAN SCARED!!"

The New Jungle King: Panel 13

Jabari stood up to the white man in a way that few had even dared to dream about.  He glared Tarzan's way and thrust his mighty pecs out in a manly display of strength and courage.

The man's arrogance surprised Tarzan.  He recognized the symbol painted on the native's face as belonging to the Mogu tribe, but he couldn't remember who this man was.

Jabari's departure from the Mogu was quick and mysterious.  He'd left his brethren without a word in order to train his mind and body in the wild.  His ultimate goal was the destruction and dethroning of the king of the jungle.

Over the past several months, Jabari secluded himself in a part of the jungle Tarzan rarely visited.  By day, he wrestled beasts, swung through the trees, and lifted heavy rocks to strengthen himself.  At night, he masturbated his hefty black cock to the thought of Tarzan succumbing to his might.  He knew that one day, his cock would enter the jungle king and breed him into total submission.

It was by chance that on the day of Jabari's return, he would witness Tarzan's outrageous actions upon his own tribesmen.  He thought it the will of the gods that he be there to fulfill his goal and strip the ape man of his title as king of the jungle!

"Tribe tell Jabari of Tarzan theft!" the black warrior snarled.  "TARZAN STEAL FROM MEN OF MOGU!!"

"Jabari?" Tarzan wondered silently.  The name seemed familiar, but the man didn't match the Jabari he remembered.  No matter, he figured.  He would settle this quickly and leave for the sanctuary of his treehouse home to polish his new earthborn possession.

"No man in jungle take power of jewel!" Tarzan snapped back with equal force.  "Only Tarzan king of jungle!  ONLY TARZAN!"

The New Jungle King: Panel 12

Tarzan suddenly heard a man's deep, spirited voice roar his name!

He turned to see a man standing in the valley.  But this man was unlike many of the others he'd come to know in the jungle -- this man was bigger, more toned, and carried himself with supreme confidence.

The man's face was painted white with the symbol of the Mogu at the top.  Around his waist was a golden strap holding a pouch made from zebra skins to cover his ample manhood.