Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 35

Jabari released the hold and moved to lift the jungle lord by his hair.  Tarzan moaned in pain and rose obediently to his feet.  Before he could rise any more, the black warrior hooked his arms around Tarzan's, keeping him still and down and forcing his nude body to be exposed for the three to take in.

As they stared with arousal at his futile struggles, Kondo, Zuberi, and Njau grew erect.  The hero, Tarzan, was incapable of defeating the hold!  Tarzan stared with jealousy at their large manhoods -- even these simple journeymen were bigger than him!

"TARZAN APOLOGIZE TO TRIBE FOR THEFT!" Jabari snarled, bending Tarzan's arms back further!

But the ape man would not speak!  He maintained a proud face to minimize the burning humiliation he felt inside.  The three Mogu looked at him with utter skepticism.  This was the Tarzan that had ruled over them all for so long?  This was the man who kept them all in line by beating his large pecs and shouting his famous call?

"Tarzan really weak?" Kondo asked, staring at the white man with pity.  "King of jungle really not escape?"

Zuberi was more direct.  "Tarzan look good on ground..." he grunted, giving his big, black cock a few good strokes.

Njau remained silent as he watched Jabari manhandle the king with delight.  For the first time in a good long time, it seemed as though Tarzan might finally be defeated.  And that it was one of their own punishing him gave Njau the greatest pleasure.


  1. Aye! just no water sports please, thems icky.

    1. I did put a warning at the top of the one time that I did it. If I do any unusual fetishes in the future, just look out for the same warning. Panels with it will likely be completely optional to the story, anyway, so you won't be missing much by skipping them.

  2. Awesome! I noticed something; were the trees in the banner image snake skin?

    1. Thanks!

      About the tree. That's a bit of an old texture, which I darkened in this series to help hide the fact. I'll probably stop using it in the future.

  3. Tarzan stared with jealousy at their large manhoods......

    I have said before I enjoy these alpha meets bigger alpha test of strength stories. You are amazing at these. I just want to say I also enjoy the "damn his manhood is superior too, no wonder I lost". Lol. Great blog and awesome panels. Never worry about having too many panels. You kick