Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 25

Just as Jabari managed to free himself from Tarzan's mighty grasp, the jungle king was on him again, this time holding him back by his neck!  The dull pains in his balls and head distracted him, delaying his escape.

Tarzan reached down and grabbed Jabari's beefy pec.  He squeezed down hard, viciously groping the powerful chest muscle!  He had to admit, Jabari's body was impressive -- perhaps on the same level as his own.  But he would see to it that this native not only learned his place in Tarzan's Africa, but the body that he so brazenly used to challenge his authority would be broken down and punished.

Dragging his fingers up, Tarzan roughly clawed at the black man's large pectoral flesh.  Jabari bellowed in pain as his tormenter slowly worked his chest over!

The ape man took full advantage of Jabari's inability to fight back.  He clawed, slammed, and squeezed Jabari's pecs without mercy.  His fingers pinched and tugged at the Mogu's already puffy nipples, causing the purple nubs to swell and grow even bigger.


  1. C'mon are better than Tarzan! You know it and Tarzan secretly knows it also :)

    1. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let me enjoy this for as long as it plays out; I'm a black alpha who enjoys the fantastical absurdity of this particular scenario ;o) We're rarely treated to this in interracial dominance fantasy; it's usually a black dom, so I enjoy every bit of the reverse I can!

    2. you know what? it kinda make sense what u just said. its rare that you see a black being dominated.

    3. I think some writers want to be PC or non-threatening, so they do the safest thing & depict Black dom... & some just like the concept. As "a black" I, at least, sometimes would love to see the revesres, because of it's rarety... & it's super hot!

    4. Thanks for your comments, guys! I always enjoy reading them and it's great seeing my visitors engage in conversation about the content.