Monday, September 24, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 42

Tarzan mustered the strength moments later to sit up.  He rubbed his aching shoulders and grunted.  Jabari grabbed the white man's chestnut brown hair and pulled his head back.  His hot, throbbing manhood met Tarzan's face and rested against his cheek.

Tarzan stared with wide eyes at the large slit in the bulbous head of the black sword of flesh.  It freely oozed its clear, slick precum onto his shoulder.  The new jungle king was aroused and wanted his needs taken care of immediately.

Njau, Kondo, and Zuberi watched with amusement as Tarzan's cock grew to its full length and began throbbing along with theirs.  The tired, aching savage was drained and wanted sleep -- but he knew he must first serve the winner.  The power and virility of Jabari aroused Tarzan's long-dormant submissive side and made itself known by way of his erection.  He could feel in his gut a change taking place.  He felt his body surrendering to this muscular native.

"Tarzan like Jabari cock?" the black king asked in a deep, sultry voice.  "Want taste?"

"Y-Yes..." Tarzan replied simply, licking his lips without realizing it.  He wanted to taste the only man to conquer the once-mighty jungle lord.

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