Sunday, September 30, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 46

Tarzan's sore and aching legs were raised and spread apart by the new jungle king.  He could feel Jabari's fat, wet cockhead rub insistently against his puckering hole.  It made Tarzan shudder in pleasure to feel this more powerful male assert his dominance over him.

Tarzan shouted as Jabari's massive cock penetrated his insides!  Kondo chuckled and watched Tarzan's face as one of his own mated with the white man.  The cock that was just pleasured by Tarzan's tongue bounced and throbbed over his face, though the former jungle lord barely noticed it at the time.

"TARZAN HOLE TIGHT!" Jabari grunted deeply!  "MAKE GOOD FUCK FOR JABARI!!"

The victorious African warrior pushed deeper and deeper into the ape man's muscle butt.  The soft, pink flesh yielded to his might and began to massage and pleasure the invading manhood, paying tribute to its victory.

Finally, he was all the way in!  Jabari spread Tarzan's legs far apart and ran his rugged hands up and down his new slave's creamy, inner thighs.  Tarzan lay still and quiet as he struggled to adjust to Jabari's girth and length.

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