Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 18

Jabari delivered a swift, hard stomp to Tarzan's belly, causing him to grunt with pain as the wind was instantly knocked from his body!

Again and again, Jabari stomped the white man's hard, enviable gut, repeatedly reminding him of his current position under the power of his black challenger.  With every blow, Jabari worked his aggressions into Tarzan's softening muscle.

Shock and pain slowed Tarzan's reaction to a standstill.  His attempts to dislodge Jabari's muscular leg from his perfect abs were futile and amused the native.  One final stomp to the ape man's belly left him coughing for air and on his side clutching his abdomen.


  1. A brilliant collection as always, your work is first class and damn damn hot!

    1. Thanks, Sharlin. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it!

  2. Noooooo, not another stomp to the gut!! Stomp his balls!! Drive him to madness of despair, please!!! But yes, the art is very good!