Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 43

Tarzan got to work, wrapping his lips around the large, mushroom head of Jabari's mammoth manhood.  He swallowed the sweet precum that flowed generously from the tip.  The black warrior's masculine scent hit Tarzan's tongue and aroused him deeply -- pushing him to suck harder and take even more into his mouth.

Zuberi stepped closer and watched as Tarzan obeyed his sexual instincts and surrendered to his master's cock.  He'd seen Tarzan receive oral pleasure from the men of the jungle before, but he never imagined he'd ever see the reverse.

"Me not know Tarzan like suck!" Zuberi laughed heartily over the noises of Tarzan's eager lips.  Tarzan appeared to lose himself in the moment and didn't stop to answer the native's humiliating accusation.

Before Jabari could lose himself fully to the heat of after-battle sex, he raised his fists high and made his triumph known to the jungle, "VICTORY TO MOGU TRIBE!!"

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