Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 32

Lacking the energy to put up much resistance, Tarzan felt Jabari's beefy legs wrap around his rock-hard torso and slide like a snake under his chiseled back.  The Mogu's big, heavy balls rested atop his own, covering them in a layer of his opponent's sweat.  Tarzan had no idea what this hold was, but he knew instantly that he didn't like it.

"TARZAN GIVE UP!!" the black man roared for Tarzan's surrender, knowing that the arrogant jungle king wouldn't give up without some pressure.

"Me never give up!" Tarzan answered the call defiantly!  At that, Jabari began to squeeze his powerful, black limbs around Tarzan's waist, constricting them without mercy!

Tarzan screamed and writhed in the body scissors.  The hold was excruciating, yet he didn't want to admit defeat!  He was Tarzan!  Tarzan surrendered to neither man nor beast!

"JABARI CRUSH!!" the native bellowed over Tarzan's anguished grunts and screams, applying even greater pressure to force a submission!


  1. crazy hot! That position is insane! I am wondering now, though, whose cock is bigger; Jabari or Hercules/Ares... Maybe they can settle it in person? Black vs White; we can finnally get this "who's bigger" thing cleared up :)

    1. Thanks, man. I wanted to try a new move out, and since Jabari has pretty beefy legs, I figured I would have him put Tarzan in a body scissors.

      And Jabari's is definitely bigger. *grin* I'll consider it, though.

  2. 근사한 그림이네요!
    다음 스토리도 너무 궁금해요!

    That's a great fight!
    I'd like to see a bald look became Tarzan!

    1. 감사합니다! 당신이 그것을 즐기고 있다 기 뻐 요!

      Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  3. What an amazing fight and Its just getting better and better!