Sunday, December 24, 2023

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Monster City Wrestling

Happy Halloween, everyone! 🎃😄

The hapless and golden Prince Charming came from his fairyland world and took a wrong turn, thinking he was heading to Muscle City to wrestle and represent his kingdom, but ending up in Monster City instead.  Instilled by the courageous heroes of his homeland, the mighty, meaty prince faces off against an opponent much bigger and much more cunning than he!

It was pretty fun to go back to doing something with an orc again.  Gorg is one of my oldest and the one most likely to be doing some professional wrestling on the side -- when he's not out raiding human settlements, that is!


Thursday, July 27, 2023

Night with the Pythons

Another of my earlier Iray adventures!  I remember being a bit dissatisfied by how it was going initially, but ended up liking how it looked.  I hope you enjoy!

This story brings back my OC Butch, the leader of the Pythons, a gang in my fictional Muscle City metropolis.  The Pythons are up to no good, as usual, and with a sinister plan to use a new substance on the MCPD and raid the banks and jewelry stores of the city!  But word of this dangerous liquid has reached beyond the city borders and attracted the attention of superheroes!

Nightwing is tasked with searching the city at night before Butch and his gang can execute their plans.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Challenge Accepted 2

This is Challenge Accepted 2, the winner of the most recent poll, and a sequel of sorts to the original story (you can buy a copy of the PDF at Gumroad here.)  Similar to that one, this entry stars middleweight wrestlers, Fabio and Gabriel, who issue a challenge to Gorilla George Brogan, the World Heavyweight Champion in a two-on-one match.

Gorilla agrees to the fight on the condition that he gets triple the prize money for winning.  Can the two midweights tackle the big man or will Gorilla add two more wins to his wall of victory?!

These versions of these guys were very early on and are much more refined in my current (2023) works.  But still, thanks for visiting and enjoy!


Thursday, March 9, 2023

Blastoff Boxing PDF

Hey, guys!  I have a new boxing comic for sale called Blastoff Boxing.

Another Saturday night has come around, and scheduled for Muscle City Sports' hot, weekly boxing show are two of the wrestling federation's biggest and most powerful studs: Alexi Volkov and Gorilla George Brogan!

The two wrestlers have never been on good terms, save for short-lived truces after wrestling matches. So when their boss, the owner of the boxing and wrestling federations, Samson Strong, decided to pit them together for the high ratings and sales that would follow, Alexi and Gorilla both jumped at the chance to don the gloves and box for their respective nations!

This PDF comic is 103 pages total and has an alternate ending and all-remastered images, plus a good number of new ones at that!

Take a look at some preview pics over at my comics blog, or pick up a copy at my Lulu or Gumroad storefronts at the links below!



Thanks as always for your support and I hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 3, 2023

Hercules in the Wild West

Hercules is where and when?!  That hot-blooded god of war is always up to no good when it comes to his half-mortal little brother.

The bearded Greek finds himself in the dusty west, where it seems as though the sons of Zeus have advanced things pretty far compared to when went to sleep the night before.  Bloody Tex, outlaw and ruler of Muscle Gulch, sees this outsider and obvious alpha male as a threat to his reign and hopes to stamp out this new 'lawman' before things get out of hand!


Saturday, January 21, 2023

The Last Adventure

This is the Last Adventure, featuring Ax Battler and Death Adder from the Golden Axe video game series -- one that's been a big inspiration to me from way back when.  They're partially to blame for my love of barbarians and muscle and I've been wanting to do something with them for such a long time.

This one's a bit different than my usual stuff, but it's been pretty fun to experiment and see what I can do with these materials.  I hope you guys enjoy!