Friday, March 3, 2023

Hercules in the Wild West

Hercules is where and when?!  That hot-blooded god of war is always up to no good when it comes to his half-mortal little brother.

The bearded Greek finds himself in the dusty west, where it seems as though the sons of Zeus have advanced things pretty far compared to when went to sleep the night before.  Bloody Tex, outlaw and ruler of Muscle Gulch, sees this outsider and obvious alpha male as a threat to his reign and hopes to stamp out this new 'lawman' before things get out of hand!


Bloody Tex Wins Ending

Hercules Wins Ending


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  1. these boys need their nipples, pulled, twisted, squeezed and clamped. Also lets see some muscle butt holes.

  2. If I wind up stuck between these two rutting stallions, I'll be one overjoyed hump-pump.