Thursday, March 9, 2023

Blastoff Boxing PDF

Hey, guys!  I have a new boxing comic for sale called Blastoff Boxing.

Another Saturday night has come around, and scheduled for Muscle City Sports' hot, weekly boxing show are two of the wrestling federation's biggest and most powerful studs: Alexi Volkov and Gorilla George Brogan!

The two wrestlers have never been on good terms, save for short-lived truces after wrestling matches. So when their boss, the owner of the boxing and wrestling federations, Samson Strong, decided to pit them together for the high ratings and sales that would follow, Alexi and Gorilla both jumped at the chance to don the gloves and box for their respective nations!

This PDF comic is 103 pages total and has an alternate ending and all-remastered images, plus a good number of new ones at that!

Take a look at some preview pics over at my comics blog, or pick up a copy at my Lulu or Gumroad storefronts at the links below!



Thanks as always for your support and I hope you enjoy!

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