Saturday, April 10, 2021

New PDF for Sale: Wrangled and Roped

Hey there, guys!  How've you all been doing?

It's been quite a while since my last PDF.  I began work on this one back in December of 2020, but due to a lot of complications in my personal life, I'd had to push this project back month after month.  But it's done and it's finally here!

This is Wrangled and Roped, a boxing story that was originally posted at my Patreon in September 2020, which stars my wrestler OC Ryan and Brock (of Jungle Justice) donning the boxing gloves and stepping in the ring.

This version of the story is greatly enhanced, adding in a new prologue, epilogue, new and remastered panels, and a new alternate ending.

You can check out some preview pics at my Comics Blog site, or grab a copy at one of my storefronts below!  Thanks massively for your support, everyone!  I really appreciate it!

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