Monday, April 29, 2013


I have to admit, I'm not a very big Lobo fan.  Well, I should say I wasn't until SoupGoblin's latest post on the Main Man!  He just was never on my radar.  But... I had no idea the big, rugged dude got butt naked so frequently!  It's crazy and awesome all at the same time.

There's a picture there of him laying on the beach with his hand doing something near his butt that is the basis of inspiration for this image I created overnight.

I was surprised at how easy the face texture was to recreate.  Usually when I'm dealing with repainting a texture to match a character's markings, I'm left with a weird and warped result that requires even more work to correct.  But this one was pleasantly easy -- very little postwork required.

Anyhow, I hope that Lobo fans and fraggin' bastiches everywhere this enjoy this one!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Upcoming Projects

Yo!  I've been working here and there on a few different projects now, but I can't decide which I should work exclusively on for my next post.  I was hoping that you guys could help me decide!  These are early in development and could look quite different by the time I'm satisfied with them.

Project A:  My dwarf character, Remgo, has been in seclusion for too long now!  He's currently out in the ore-rich mountains of his homeland, gathering raw materials to help the humans in their struggle against the mighty orcs of Grohmah.  But the greenskins have many allies who favor their rule; these friends have tipped them off to the activity.  Urahg, one of the brown orcs of the region, has been sent to squash and screw the little whelp before he can deliver today's cargo to the humans!

Project B:  Hercules and Zeus return to Barbaric Brawn in a story in which... I'm not quite sure what happens!  I was playing with the rotunda I purchased and thought it was nice enough to evolve into some sort of idea.  Perhaps just the beginning would take place in this area and the rest in another.

Project C:  Brutus!  I've been working on this beastly, four-armed guy for quite a while now, but I have absolutely no idea what to do with him.  I can't decide whether or not he's a medieval monster or a modern victim of gene splicing.  Before I do anything with him, he needs an identity.  (The desert is just a quick backdrop for his model!)

Project D:  My Cold War era pro wrestlers, Alexi and Ryan, who were introduced in November of 2012.  Their story is nearly complete, it just needs a bit more work and then another pass or two to make sure it's polished before I begin render work.

All of these will come in time, but for now, which one would you like to have made and posted before the others?  Thanks for your input! :D

Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Note: Corky Zoar

I just wanted to make a quick note relaying some sad news.  I've just learned that Corky Zoar, a superb writer of erotic gay muscle fiction, has passed away after battling numerous illnesses and brushes with death.

I never knew Corky personally, but I was fortunate to be able to enjoy his stories involving ManOfSteel's David McAllister as the Superman-like hero known as MightyMan.

Corky's stories (some of which can be quite graphic in nature, be forewarned) can be found at the Yahoo! group David Fan Club and at his personal website.

There is a follower of this blog by the name of Corky.  There was no other information about this user.  But when I first saw that name in my follower list, it touched me deeply.  I allowed myself to dream that maybe, possibly, he had seen what I've done and had enjoyed my creations, too.

Thank you for your hard work, Corky.  Rest peacefully now.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Haggar's Final Fight: Bonus

This bonus series of panels shows what happened to Haggar before his defeat and the subsequent ravaging of his beefy backside.  Not only does Andore wallop the musclebound mayor, but Bred, who gives Haggar's handsome face a fresh coating of cum not too long after, joins in and gives Mike a few good body blows.

Those of you who are reading this for the first time, you can -- and probably should -- view this Bonus set first and then move on to the Game Over/Continue portion posted below.

I'm really happy with how this turned out, and I hope that you guys enjoy this bit of Haggar-meets-his-match fanart action from the classic 90's game Final Fight -- one of my boyhood beat-'em-up favorites!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Haggar's Final Fight: Bonus (WIP)

Hey guys.  I've been busy making some bonus panels as a companion to the Haggar's Final Fight post, and I wanted to post a little preview of what's to come!

This set will show what happened to Mike Haggar out on the streets just before his defeat and capture by the big, brutish Andore.  His "final fight", if you will. :D

I don't have an estimated time of arrival for this one, sorry!  It'll be done just as soon as Andore says he's done.  That guy scares me.  And arouses me.  A lot. >.>

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Haggar's Final Fight

It's a tough job being mayor of a big area like Metro City.  It's even tougher when a bunch of thugs decide to make their dominance known and force you to go out and bust some skulls!  So when Metro City's newly-elected mayor, Mike Haggar, set out onto the mean streets, he never expected to be thoroughly destroyed by the criminal gang known as Mad Gear and sent to one of their dungeons to face a humiliating fate!

Stripped of everything but his boots and bound tightly to a table, Haggar learns very quickly what happens to the "leaders" of the city who refuse to get down on their knees and start sucking on some Mad Gear cock!

It was only a few hours into his mission to decimate Mad Gear when Haggar met the big brute called Andore.  The shaggy-haired muscle thug grabbed the thrashing hero in his meaty hands and throttled him into submission!  But Andore wasn't done with him.  He lifted the devastated mass of muscle into his arms.  Disoriented, Haggar could only groan as the giant shoved his face against his groin and jumped, delivering a devastating piledriver that knocked the mayor out cold!  Haggar faded into unconsciousness as three of the onlooking thugs surrounded him.  He was at the total mercy of Mad Gear!

Haggar awoke sometime later to the feel of rough wood and a cool breeze against his bare skin.  He struggled to move, but quickly found that his limbs wouldn't budge -- he then realized that he'd been chained and cuffed butt naked to the table!

"Quit yer strugglin', bitch," Bred snarled, sending the back of his hand against Haggar's ruggedly-handsome face.  Haggar growled at the blond underling, but remained still.  "Yeh, that's more like it," he cooed, giving Haggar's bubble butt a hearty slap.  "Yer in Mad Gear's house now, Mikey.  Be on yer best behavior or ol' Edi. E over there'll shove that night stick of his straight up yer asshole."

Haggar couldn't move his head to see, but he could hear the corrupt cop laughing his head off.  Edi. E had long desired to see Haggar in such a predicament.  Ever since Mad Gear's leader, Belger, had sworn to bring down this stubborn mayor, he'd hoped to have a hand in Haggar's destruction.  Delivering Haggar's naked ass to the boss would certainly result in a nice, fat bonus to his salary.

Dug, the smooth-headed thug who always wore shades, put his fingers to his lips and whistled sharply.  Bred slinked back near his buddy and watched as the door above the stairs was thrown open.  A towering figure immediately appeared within its frame!  Dug chuckled and cracked his knuckles in anticipation as the conqueror of Mike Haggar lumbered slowly down the old stairs.

With his signature pink spotted tank top, there was no mistaking it -- it was Andore!  The former pro wrestler shuddered as the monstrous muscleman fast approached.  He quivered as the stud's calloused hand ran across the entire length of his nude body.  Andore's boots thumped like an ominous heartbeat, rattling the hard wood planks that made up the floor as he made his way past Haggar and to the back wall.

The giant stud snorted and stared hungrily at the spread-eagle hero.  He had wanted to take the mayor then and there on the streets, but he wanted him awake for it.  Now that he saw the fallen hero in such a degrading state, he was glad he'd thrown the foolish Haggar down into the dungeon.

Andore nodded to his chuckling comrades.  Bred joined the giant in throwing his pants off while Dug stripped himself completely nude.  The bulky muscle cop, Edi. E, decided to remove only his shirt, saving his bulging pants for later.

By the time Andore was done dumping his seed into Haggar's well-stretched hole, Bred, Dug, and Edi. E would be quite eager to join in the fun with their new guest.  After they were satisfied -- and the rest of Mad Gear's thugs had had their way with the hero -- the four of them would be sure to personally deliver a nude Mike Haggar to Belger.  This was Haggar's Final Fight and Mad Gear's time to seize control of Metro City and rule!

Ah, damn it.  It looks like I'm all out of quarters to save the big, meaty mayor from a very horny Andore!  Oh well.  I guess we'll have to watch what happens when that continue timer hits zero...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Super Street Slam Masters

Super Street Fighter II meets Saturday Night Slam Masters in this little fight between brothers Guile and Gunloc on the military muscleman's home turf!  I finally got this one done, and although it was very different from what I'm used to, it was quite a lot of fun!

I spent the majority of modeling time recreating Guile's airbase stage into 3D.  I ended up implementing some sprites from the game to give it a more familiar feel.

Instead of giving them sprites, I translated Guile's Sonic Boom and Flash Kick effects into stylized flares to make them look like they belong.  It was a strange balancing act between 2D sprites, 3D modeling, and updated effects.  Hopefully it all meshes well together.

And yes, at the last minute, I was able to update the crates to break into boards!  Mwahahahah!

Anyway, I'll let you get right in to it.  I hope you guys enjoy this tale of two brothers rumbling on the street and getting it on fighter-versus-wrestler style!

Oh, and I added a fun treat at the very end for fans of Super Street Fighter II.  It was a nice way to wind down from the craziness of all the rendering and post-work!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guile's Stage WIP

I'm getting ready to begin rendering the fight scenes, and I wanted to show you guys what I've got so far in terms of the stage.  I recently replayed Street Fighter II for a while to study Guile and his stage, and I think I have a pretty good version of the military base redone in 3D.

The far background is still the same -- I thought this would be a lot easier on me, as well as give it a little extra flavor of the game.  The worker observers are now in 3D and look a bit different, as well.  I did manage to keep the yellow radio.  I had to bring that over.  It's the most important detail, of course!

Some minor things may change here or there, but this is mostly complete!  The finished fight itself should be up sometime this week, so keep a look out for it!

Friday, April 5, 2013


The all-American street fighter himself!  I recently bought a nifty hair object on sale that I thought would make an awesome flattop for Guile.  I tried it out tonight.  While it didn't exactly have the morphs what I was hoping to create Guile's signature hairdo, I was able to apply some custom morphs of my own to give it a pretty close style.

As it's hinted (in the west, at least) that Guile is related to Gunloc from Saturday Night Slam Masters (see previous post), I decided to use the blond wrestler's model to give them a close resemblance.

Update: I wasn't quite happy with this texture on Guile, so I went digging through my stuff and found one that looks much more dreamlike that I think works better for a video game character.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saturday Night Slam Masters

One of my favorite wrestling games is Saturday Night Slam Masters (also known as Muscle Bomber in Japan) from 1993.  And my two favorite wrestlers in that series are Biff Slamkovich (Aleksey Zalazof), in the red trunks, and Gunloc (Lucky Colt), in the blue trunks.

Then there's Haggar, the 309 lbs, 6' 7" tall stud from Final Fight fame.  He's always the character I play as when I'm itching for some Final Fight action.  As his profile from Slam Masters says, he likes to "pound" punks.  Indeed he does. *grin*

I made most of the props for these guys by hand, the most challenging of the lot being the knee pads.  And I used their default colorings from the first Slam Masters game -- though I have to admit, Biff looks damn sexy in pink.

I had made these models and this render about a month ago for fun, but decided to keep it off of the blog while I was busy working on and posting other things.