Thursday, September 28, 2017

Into Orc Lands

Into Orc Lands, which is a semi-continuation of the previous tale, Out of Man's World, set in a different time from our modern day.  The ogre named Ul'kih is on his way to a bustling black market with his newest catch in-cage: a high elf who foolishly drank spiked wine placed in an open area by the ogre.

Ul'kih has great plans to milk the elf for his magic-infused semen to sell for a hefty profit, but something stops him in his tracks midway there... his extreme hunger!  Luckily for the ogre, an orc encampment is nearby and the smells of tasty food wafts in the air, guiding him to battle.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Out of Man's World

Ho ho ho!  This tale will be presented by Overlord Krag, who was gracious enough to don the very gay apparel of the season for you.  (At least it was, back when it was originally posted at the Patreon, ack!)

This story is called Out of Man's World and features a new reimagining of my ogres.  This one is set in the modern age, where the ogre has been captured and imprisoned in a facility out in the mountains with very few guards to keep the peace.

But in the dead of one hot night, one of them can't resist the stir in his loins at the thought of touching the giant, brutish creature's powerful muscles for a second time...

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hercules vs Ares

This is Hercules vs Ares, a continuation of the image set Ares in Olympus and a semi-remake of a very, very old story of mine with the same theme.

Theme warning in advance: Herc and Ares are half-brothers. But then again, this story doesn't come close to the kinds of wild adventures the Greek gods got up to. With that all said, it's only a story -- and has some good wrestling action that can be enjoyed on its own!

Bickering and constantly at one another's throats, Ares has had enough and challenges Hercules to a wrestling match. With Zeus presiding and as witness, they'll wrestle to settle their differences once and for all!

He who surrenders in the ring to his master will become slave for ten years and a day and must obey him in all things. The battle of these hot-blooded Olympians begins!