Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015!

2014 is just about done and we're rocketing fast now to the new year!  I'm spending my night here with you guys and watching the New York ball drop on TV like my usual tradition.  I'm hoping for a better year for all of us.

Also, I wanted to announce some new permanent price reductions on my PDFs!  Just about everything is getting a meaty cut for 2015.

You can check out my Lulu Spotlight here.  Thanks so much for your support!  I always appreciate it!

Happy 2015, everyone!  Onward!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays! + A Sneak Peek

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays from Barbaric Brawn.  I hope that your holiday season has been going well and that your new year will be even better.

I also wanted to send a note of thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of Hercules vs Sergios on PDF.  Your support really means a lot to me and it helps to fund new projects and keep the site ad-and-subscription-free!  I hope that you find it worth every penny -- I always strive to make that true for every comic I produce.

Speaking of new projects, I have a couple of teaser works-in-progress to share with you for now.  This is a story based on an idea discussed between reader Sharlin and myself about two Marines working out and wrestling in a gym.  This gym is co-owned by my original character Officer Ronnie and frequented by two new original ebony studs, Nathan and Deshaun.

I'll have more info on this project early 2015.  Take care, everyone, and stay safe and warm this December.  Unless you happen to live in Australia, New Zealand, or the like... in which case, you guys should keep clothed in what Nathan and Deshaun are wearing as frequently as you like. :D


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1,000,000 Hits

Wow.  While I was working at getting the remake of Hercules vs Sergios done, the 1,000,000th page view count came and went!  I can't believe I've already hit a million views.  Thank you guys so much for hitting that milestone for me.  It feels pretty surreal, especially on the cusp of the new year.

I remember back when I started Barbaric Brawn and was only getting about 25-50 views a day.  When that number crawled up to 200 a day I was ecstatic -- like, over the moon happy.  Now it's a little over a thousand views a day and I wanted to say that it's thanks to you guys that I have the drive to keep writing and creating.

All my best,

Saturday, December 13, 2014

In Hercules' Arms (WIP)

The remake of Hercules vs Sergios is coming along swiftly.  I'm aiming for a release of before Christmas at the rate it's going.  We'll see how it turns out. :D

In this panel (in what will be page 68), Sergios and Hercules have been fighting for a while and have built up a pretty good sweat under the sun at the younger buck's campsite.  Hercules has gotten the brown-haired stud in his crushing bearhug and refuses to let go!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Confrontation

I've been doing some more work on the remake of Hercules vs Sergios and I thought I'd show some progress of panel 12 in Photoshop and tease Hercules' big pecs.  Because who wouldn't tease those pecs if they had the chance?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good Tidings from Santa Krag!

Happy holiday season to you all!  I enlisted the help of my biggest orc daddy this year to help spread some good tidings to my visitors and fans of big muscle.  Don't let his grumpy expression fool you, he has a heart of gold and a lot of bone-crushing, man-breaking bearhugs to give out.

Take it away, Santa Krag!

As an added treat, the second and third runners up will receive a 75% and 50% off coupon respectively.  You can vote in this poll only once, but can vote for as many options as you'd like to see gain a point.  Excluded from this promo are The Last Battle: Orc vs Man and Muscle Monsters.

To participate in this poll and receive your free comic (and to even be on this site at all!), you must be at least 18 years old or of legal age to view erotic materials in your area.

Like Santa Krag said, this poll will be open until sometime during the 6th of December.  At that time, I'll generate the coupons and we'll all have a happy bone-crushing, man-breaking bearhug!  Thanks for your participation!

(Not sure what these comics are?  Check them out at my PDF eBooks page!)

I had to give a direct link instead of embedding it here due to a strange problem with the script redirecting people who visit here to its page.  Huge thanks to Alex for alerting me to the problem!

The poll is now closed!  Thank you to everyone for participating.  Keep a look out soon for the results!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

YouTube Wrestling Matches

Some time ago, I had wanted to open a YouTube account specifically for video game wrestling (and maybe some others in the future) that I'd make to share with you guys.  I had started by just posting still screenshots of a match to my deviantART page (direct gallery link here), but that isn't as fun as a video!

I finally went ahead and did it!  You can check out my YouTube channel here, and catch my first test video of Tarzan wrestling Conan the Barbarian here.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ares Behind the Shrine

Ares has gotten a minor redesign for the remake of Hercules vs Sergios.  He's standing behind the shrine of his father, Zeus, listening to the ruler of Olympus appeal to Hercules.

The god of war's mouth spreads into a smirk and he chuckles softly to himself, knowing well ahead of time that his half-brother would be called upon to save Zeus from this dilemma.

All according to plan...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Shrine of Zeus WIP

Happy Friday, all!  I've been getting a bit of work done on the remake of Hercules vs Sergios and have a work-in-progress of Zeus' shrine to share with you guys.

The original version (seen here) is quite a bit different than the new version I've nearly finished recreating.  Since he's the king of the gods, I wanted something much, much more grand for Zeus.  There are a few similarities to the original, with a water fountain, the ground, the pottery, the statue of Zeus, and the glass behind it.

I'll have more to tease in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Barbarian Poses for F4/M5/M6

Hey, everyone.  I just finished uploading my newest pose packs for sale on Renderosity and thought I'd show the promo art I made for them here!

These are Barbarian Poses for the Freak 4, Michael 5, and Michael 6.  I went with a smaller pack this time (20 versus my usual of 50~), so it wouldn't be as painstaking and so I could get back to work on projects for Barbaric Brawn faster.

Up next, I thought that I would get started on a new PDF adaptation and I was thinking of tackling a total remake of Hercules vs Sergios.  Would that be something that you guys would be interested in?

I also have a special treat planned for December.  Stick around in the coming weeks for more info on that!

Take it easy, guys, and bundle up!

Friday, November 7, 2014

A commission, upcoming stuff, and Twitter!

Howdy!  We're coming up fast on the weekend, and I wanted to make a post with a few updates going on.

I finished a commission from muscle artist Kensou Dojo (dA link; FA link) and he gave me permission to share it with you guys here.  It's of his original characters Dante (the bearhugger stud) and Lycaon with that fluffy, wolfy tail.  Dante's got Lycaon's butt plugged with his fat manhood and is spurting his dominant seed deep in there as the wolfish muscleman's own cock is squeezed to blasting.

I've also been doing commission work for quite a while for the studly minotaur named Nightbully.  His first match is against Hercules and his second against my four-armed original character Brutus.  You can find his adventures (which are, fair warning, more brutal than the works I normally post here) at his new blog here or on his FA page!

I've begun work on a new pose pack -- this one involving barbarians.  I've decided to do a smaller pack this time (my previous packs were upward of 50; this one will be about 20) and to translate them to Genesis and Genesis 2 Male.  Some of those poses, like my newest Superhero pack will likely be used in future works here.

And finally, Barbaric Brawn is on Twitter!  Well, it's been on Twitter for a while now, I just never bothered to advertise it here in a post!  There's a little button in the side bar that'll take you there -- if you wanna follow me, thanks so much! -- or you can get there from the link here.  I haven't posted very much on there, but if there's ever a problem with the blog or whatever, that'd be a good place to check for more info.

Take good care, everyone,

One more thing: I'm also planning an old story remake for sometime in the next few months, and I have a nice surprise planned for December.  I'll see you guys soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dan Columbo

I just finished with my latest spur-of-the-moment project, named after its protagonist, my new original character Dan Columbo.

I have a bit of a captured soldier fetish, so when I saw an advertisement for a Rambo marathon (that came on the other night), I decided to try my version of such a theme.  And Columbo was born!

This story is a little... rougher, I suppose you could say, than my usual stuff.  It depicts and describes somewhat rough treatment by his captors, but still mostly fits into the normal fantasy/cartoon violence work found here.  There's also a bit of tenderness near the end to help make up for the beginning.

I hope you enjoy it!  Here's Dan Columbo.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Arrives

Happy November, home month of my birthday!  And, strangely enough, there's quite a chill down here in my part of Florida that came just today.

I had an unfortunate hard drive failure last night.  Thankfully not my main, but one of my storage drives.  I've been keeping backups (and backups of backups) for years now, but it still sucks to lose one, especially only a year and a half into its life.

I've always been adverse to do something like this (advertise myself for money), but I wanted to promote my commission page and get the word out that I'm open for them and ready to work.  There are also my PDFs that you can pick up to support the works you see here -- or if you'd like to donate to the blog, the 5 Pack Exclusive product at my Selz store will take any amount you wish in the price box.  Thank you so very much, I always appreciate you guys' support.

On the art front, I'm working on an image series about a special ops soldier captured by a criminal organization in the jungle.  I think I can blame Rambo for this one.  It'll be posted in the next day or two, I'm guessing.

See you guys soon!  Take care and have a great weekend.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Night Monster Fight (2014; Widescreen)

Halloween Night Monster Fight
Widescreen version adapted from Muscle Monsters

"It's Halloween night and while there may be a chill in the air outside, the atmosphere in here is sizzlin' HOT, HOT, HOT!  Welcome, muscle lovers here and out watchin' us at home... welcome to the Thunderstud Arena!!" Big Ben Halstrom yelled enthusiastically into the mic that sat upon his table in the center square of the arena mere steps away from the professional wrestling ring.

"No tricks here, Ben, that's for sure.  It's an exciting night and I can't wait to see these two studs tear each other to shreds!" Jason 'The Jackhammer' Jackson agreed with the colleague seated by his side.  The two men were former pro-wrestlers-turned-pro-bodybuilders and had agreed to lend their celebrity and commentate on tonight's Main Event.

"It sure is, Jase," Ben beamed, slapping the table and pumping up the crowd around them.  Every now and then, the two would rise and pose for the fans, their bodies clothed only in tight, skimpy thong straps.  "Been waitin' on this one for weeks!  You know how long these federations like teasin' us and makin' us wait."

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mighty Jungle King

I was watching Tarzan and His Mate on TV late last night and got the itch to do another Tarzan image!  Tarzan wrestling a crocodile underwater was actually a request I had received a long, long time ago.  Like every request I get, it was filed away for a possible future project.  Better late than never, right? :D

Here's my single image art work: Mighty Jungle King.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Project Teaser

Hello to all of my muscle monsters!  I've been planning my next tale (a Halloween story) for a while now and am ready to post the teaser for it.  This one will feature entirely new characters in the new 360° environment I've spent some hours putting together to serve as the arena.  Gone are the blank backgrounds of light that I've used in the past; moving forward, there will now always be a massive crowd of men in the stands spread out behind the four barricades that surround the wrestling ring.

These two men sitting here are the new commentators for this fight.  The blond on the left is Jason "The Jackhammer" Jackson and his co-commentator is Big Ben Halstrom.  They were once pro wrestlers who left the federation to become professional bodybuilders and have agreed to lend their celebrity to the match's Main Event.

Keep a look out for this story coming in October!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


The alternate ending of The New Member is coming soon, but I wanted to go ahead and post this teaser I did of a heavy, cold alteration of one of the panels.

Go ahead and give it a lick.  It's okay.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P6 [end]

Part VI: The Destiny of Man

King Alurad Ranzen heard the crash of glass and saw the orcish arrow slide along the floor of his throne room.  The King of Men watched as the threatening object slid to a stop in front of him.  Normally, Ranzen would've called on his guards to take and inspect the object, but they were all gone now.  Only a day ago, he'd sent them out to help the defense of Mansrock, a large trading center a few miles south of the castle.

Ranzen had been made well aware of the overwhelming advances Bra'thor Krag, overlord of the orcs of Grohmah, had made into his kingdom.  He'd been made well aware of the situation, yet he feared nothing.  The king truly believed in the dominance of man and would defeat the entire orc civilization himself if need be.

With a grunt, he knelt down to retrieve the sheet of parchment attached to the arrow.  He unrolled the paper and narrowed his eyes.  It was a message from Krag.

"Ranzen," he read with a scowl on his handsome face, "by now you will find yourself without support.  Your humans are mine.  It is time to finish what our ancestors have begun.  It is time for my orcs to conquer — only the alpha may rule.  Come to the Point of Destiny.  I will be waiting."

The human king let the paper fall from his hand to the floor as he stared off into space.  His heart began to beat faster and his gut felt like it was twisting in knots.  He stood upright and clenched his fists.  Now was the time for him to be his people's champion.  He would emerge victorious over the orc overlord and free his men from their ways once and for all!"

"I have no choice," he growled to himself.  "It's time to end this conflict and bring the orcs to their knees!" Ranzen pushed his throne aside, revealing a secret passageway that led under the castle.  It was there that he would walk to the place that Krag was waiting.  "You're mine, Krag.  You and your greenskins will belong to man."

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The New Member

The New Member is the new image story starring Tony (who is now with a new original gang and freelances now and then with Mad Gear).  I spoke of an alternate ending in my last teaser for this.  That's still on schedule, but I figured I would go ahead and post this part now and save the alt end for later this month.

Enjoy, guys!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P5

Part V: The Bloodwolves

They were called the Bloodwolves: a tribal pack of humans who preferred to live among the wild in the Grasslands, away from the settled men of Greystone and overlooking the Oasis of Light.  The Oasis was the most important source of water in Greystone and was said to be the birthplace of Falthor, the first King of Men.  The leader of the Bloodwolves was a man known only as Vulg.  Although their pack had sworn allegiance to the king (then Hurk) and they were on good terms with the world's friendly races, the group of uncivilized men felt more at ease on their own.  The Bloodwolves were allowed to live in peace at the Oasis, provided they protect it at all costs.

Vulg watched as his men lay upon the soft grass for a night of lovemaking.  The daily hunt had gone well and their bellies were filled with nature's bounty.  The smooth-headed stud smiled as he watched his tribe sucking each other's cocks, their throbbing shafts wet with precum and saliva, mouths traveling over one cock after another until every man had tasted his tribal brother's manhood and pleasured it to give thanks to the gods for their good fortunes.

Until one day...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Commissions Are Live

Hey there, guys.  After an awful lot of planning and fiddling with the details, I've finally summoned the courage and taken the plunge into taking commissions.  I'm going to start with three request slots.  When those are filled, they'll stay closed until I've finished with the third.

I hope that you find the pricing reasonable -- finding the right amount has been my biggest problem about the entire thing.  I will be offering a discount of 10% off to repeat successful commissioners for future work.

You can find all the information now at the Commission Info page.  Thanks, everyone!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Goop Monster Test (Update)

Run, Jacob!  Hide!  It's the... unnamed goop monster guy thing!  I was testing out a new shader I bought and, while he still needs quite a bit of tweaking, I'm happy with what emerged from the goopy mess.

He takes a long, long, freaking long time to render compared to what I'm used to -- especially when I tested him as semi-transparent.  I may end up making him more like a gelatin whenever I get around to using him again, but for now I wanted to post his test for you guys.

Update: I went ahead and added transparency to him after running a few more tests.  I think he may still need some more work, but I managed to find a good balance of opacity.  When I end up doing something like this in the future, I'll add more goop around him so it looks like he's dripping the slime he's made from.

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P3 + P4

Part III: An Unheeded Warning

"Hnngh... aghhh... yeaaaah..." King Alurad Ranzen grunted with pleasure as he thrust into the meaty butt of the local blacksmith.  The man reminded Ranzen greatly of Hurk, the former King of Men.

Ranzen's victory and humiliation of Hurk in the old arena had effectively shattered the confidence of man's king.  This sudden rival, this young and fresh stallion, had come charging into his life and left his ego in pieces.  Seconds after Ranzen had lifted the crown from his head and placed it atop his own, the defeated man was given a choice: he could hang his head in shame and flee the kingdom... or he could choose to be enslaved for the new king's pleasure.

For nearly two months, Ranzen held his new slave, the former king's beefy body against his own, their hot sweat and firm muscle slapping together during their many nights together in the royal bedchamber.  With Ranzen's every orgasm inside the middle-aged king's tight hole, they both relived that day that forever changed the course of man.  They both remembered the day that Ranzen came marching into Greystone Castle, holding the massively-muscular body of the fallen king high above his head like the ultimate prize of a dangerous hunt.  Hurk sucked his dominator's cock before his guards and licked from his hole, verifying this new man as king.  And since that day, he'd been a faithful and obedient servant of King Ranzen, tending to his every desire.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tony's Back

I had an idea a couple of nights ago for a new small story (likely images / bubble text only) involving Tony, my original thug and wanted to jump right into it while it was still fresh in my mind.  I'm gonna keep what it's about a secret for now, but it'll involve a new character and will have an alternate ending.

Keep a look out for it coming in September!

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P2

Part II: The Farmstead

As orcs go, many were quite tall when standing close to their human counterparts.  Orcs generally stood one to three heads taller than a typical human and carried up to 20% more weight in pure muscle on their sturdy frames.  Ra'zug, however, was one whose stature was closer to that of man than his brother orcs.  But what the orc lacked in height, he more than made up for in ferocity and fearlessness.

Whenever the others taunted and teased him for his height, the littler stud instantly pounced, managing to wrestle most of them down and elicit an immediate retraction and apology.  Despite his reputation, the bigger and dumber orcs continued to harass Ra'zug, only to meet the same fate time and again.

When Bra'thor Krag, overlord and leader of the orcs, began his campaign against the humans, it was Ra'zug who jumped at the chance to prove himself.  Krag, grinning broadly at the eager underling, assigned Ra'zug to a farmstead not far from the orcs' latest land grab.  Krag's scouts reported that the farm was providing a steady supply of meat and vegetables to a human garrison a few miles north from there.  It would be a good task for the runty orc to show his true worth to his race.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P1

Here's the first free part of The Last Battle: Orc vs Man, the site version. To find out more info about the PDF version with exclusive content; and higher resolution, less compressed images; click here or find the link for more info at the end of this part of the story!

Part I: The History of Man and Orc

It was a time long, long ago in a world similar to our own.  The races of orcs and humans dwelled upon the same continent, divided into two sides.  From the first days of their interaction, the two races were unfriendly with one another.  Their disagreements over resource allocation and land division led to a bitter resentment and a fast deterioration of orc/man relations.

It was written in Teth'krul (a book held sacred by the oldest and wisest of the orcs) that the races of man and orc did not always coexist on the same world.  It was believed that the gods of orc and of man merged their two identical worlds into one, thus pitting two alphas against one another and creating discord.

The elder humans had their theories as to where the orcs originated, but after 400 years of coexisting, the stories had grown vague and only allegories remained in their place.  Some men believed that the orcs were sent by the gods of evil and that their battles with the hulking greenskins served only as amusement for the dark deities.  Some believed that the orcs were once a small band of men who were corrupted by befouled land and procreated from there.  Still others believed in what was written in the orc texts.

Regardless of the other side's origin, the two understood that their conflict was unsustainable.  Their constant battles resulted in a massive loss of stone, lumber, and food.  Were they to survive, one must dominate and rule over the other.

Something had to be done...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

About The Last Battle: Orc vs Man

It's just about ready to go!  I wanted to go ahead and let you guys know how I'm gonna be posting this story.  I'd mentioned some time ago that this time will be a bit different than how I've done it before.

I decided to make this story into a PDF as it was being written and illustrated so I could offer it up for sale alongside the site version.  How I'll do this is, once a week on Friday, I'll post a new part of the story for free on the blog with the option to buy the all-in-one version whenever you'd like.

Like usual, however, the PDF version will be bigger and less compressed than the free images found on the blog.  Also, there are two scenes (M'Kett's bondage + Yord and Kal's fight with an orc hunter and the bonus mini tale Ra'zug Wants Love) and a batch of WIPs and character comparison images that are exclusive to the PDF.

I'm in the process of converting the story to PDF now, but it appears that the page count for illustration and text is a total of 251 (with everything included).  165 of those are the illustrations for the main story and the Ra'zug Wants Love mini tale.

I'll have more info to share very soon!  Thank you for your patience and I hope that you guys enjoy this one.  I put an awful lot of hard work and love into making it the best I could.

Update: It's up!  Click here for more info and previews!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quick Note: Progress Report

How's everyone doing?  I just wanted to make a quick note saying that I've completed the third part/chapter of The Last Battle: Orc vs Man.  That part of the story is Lortho Orcbane's all new fight with the narcissistic, bodybuilding orc Gorg.

I made some really nice illustrations for it, and I'd love to show you them (I'm itching to, honestly), but I want to save it for when the entire thing is complete.  I'll have something I want to announce regarding that when the work is almost done.  It's something I haven't yet done in regards to how a story is posted.  I think it's a good idea, though, so I'll let you know when the time comes.

As of tonight, I have around 25 pages of text written for this story and 62 illustrations completely done.  I estimate I'm about halfway done with this project.  I'm working like crazy to get it done sometime this month, but I also refuse to call it completed until I'm sure it's of a very high quality.

Take care, all, and have a happy Friday!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Overlord Krag (OvM WIP 4)

Bra'thor Krag is the overlord and ruler of the race known as the orcs.  He is the biggest and strongest of any living orc and rules over his studs with an iron fist.  Although he's hard on his orcs and takes no disobedience from them, he has their best interest at heart and will do anything to push their interests in the world.

Krag commands his troops from Grohmah, the capital city of the land that belongs to the tusked titans.  For years, Krag has kept his orcs safe from the humans, led by King Hurk, while he slowly amassed power and resources for the inevitable war against the softskins.

But one day, an orc scout named Ya'gor ran into his throne room with urgent news.  The scout told his overlord that Hurk had fallen in battle to another human.  This human, this new king, Ranzen, rose to power on the promise that he would destroy the orc threat and reclaim lands and resources that rightfully belonged to man.

Calm and collected, Krag sat upon his throne and pondered this new king.  He licked his tusks and grumbled lowly, menacingly.  He would be ready for King Alurad Ranzen.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ra'zug at the Farmstead (WIP)

This is Ra'zug (formerly known as Zug or Little Zug), one of the smallest fully-grown greenskins in existence in the world of orcs and men.  I gave Ra'zug several minor changes in this newest version of his model.  Other than his name, the most notable change is the cluster of spiked, blood-red metal piercings he has in that handsome mug of his.

Like just about everyone else so far, he also sports a new loincloth that I've modified heavily with a custom texture and opacity map.  His loincloth is just a little too short and if you look closely, you can see his orchood dangling beyond it.  And if you look a little too closely, he'll beat the crap out of you!  Well... depending on his mood it may be something else he does, heheheh.

The story component is coming along nicely.  I've finished writing this farmstead part tonight and, in total, have about 60% of the text completed.  The majority of the work will come from building and rendering the imagery, however.  Well, back to work, then!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuskar's Dream

Recently, my computer has started to slow down quite a lot, which is usually a sign that it's time for a reformat.  I've been running this install of Windows 7 for quite a while and have probably cluttered up the registry, etc with a ton of bloat that's slowing me down.

I've decided to do a reformat soon, so I went ahead and bought an SSD (I had one before, but unfortunately had to return to a mechanical HDD) to make the process smoother.  That should hopefully help speed up my work a bit and get things done faster.

In the meantime, I repurposed the farm scene of The Last Battle: Orc vs Man for a quick crossover with Tuskar, Officer Ronnie, and Ryan!

I don't have a story to go with this, but I was thinking that one of the witchdoctors of Kugo's tribe took the barbarian into his hut for some fun and ended up causing him to dream of two men he's never met from thousands of years in the future...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Joshua, the Farmer's Son (WIP)

This is Joshua, son of Bryant (left) who was known simply in the original series as "the farmer's son."  Like his father, Joshua received some updates over his published version, but not nearly as many as Bryant.

Both of these crop-growing, meat-producing studs are now beefier and bigger than they used to be, and they now wear clothes as they go about their chores.  The farm on which they serve their fellow humans has been expanded and brought to life with a lot more vegetation and utilities.

Little did the two realize that their lives were about to change forever...