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The Last Battle: Orc vs Man P1

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Part I: The History of Man and Orc

It was a time long, long ago in a world similar to our own.  The races of orcs and humans dwelled upon the same continent, divided into two sides.  From the first days of their interaction, the two races were unfriendly with one another.  Their disagreements over resource allocation and land division led to a bitter resentment and a fast deterioration of orc/man relations.

It was written in Teth'krul (a book held sacred by the oldest and wisest of the orcs) that the races of man and orc did not always coexist on the same world.  It was believed that the gods of orc and of man merged their two identical worlds into one, thus pitting two alphas against one another and creating discord.

The elder humans had their theories as to where the orcs originated, but after 400 years of coexisting, the stories had grown vague and only allegories remained in their place.  Some men believed that the orcs were sent by the gods of evil and that their battles with the hulking greenskins served only as amusement for the dark deities.  Some believed that the orcs were once a small band of men who were corrupted by befouled land and procreated from there.  Still others believed in what was written in the orc texts.

Regardless of the other side's origin, the two understood that their conflict was unsustainable.  Their constant battles resulted in a massive loss of stone, lumber, and food.  Were they to survive, one must dominate and rule over the other.

Something had to be done...

King Alurad Ranzen, ruler of Greystone: the Kingdom of Men, ascended to the throne in a way that some felt ruthless and unfitting of a king.  In the arena, Ranzen challenged the current king, Hurk, to a wrestling match for right of kinghood.  Ranzen felt that Hurk's method of dealing with the orcs was too soft, too ineffective.  The people, not seeing much success with his way of dealing with the greenskins, sided with this challenger, adding mounting pressure to Hurk's right to the throne.  The king had no choice but to accept.

Four witnesses from around the Kingdom of Men stood on the stand overlooking the old arena, ready and eager to watch their king meet his challenger head-on in a battle for the crown.  The witnesses disrobed in accordance with arena tradition, standing naked like the combatants who fought for honor and victory.

King Hurk soon stripped himself of his loincloth, revealing his mammoth cock and fat, low-hanging balls.  Ranzen grunted and tore his own loinclothing from his hips, his hefty manhood flopping out into the gentle winds.  The men stood close to one another, eyes locked, pecs and nipples together, cocks mere inches apart.  Testosterone pumped throughout their bodies, getting them ready for the match.

"You think a mere boy such as yourself can dethrone me?" the older warrior king grunted, pecs tensing, circling the middle of the arena with Ranzen.  He eyed this challenger up and down.  Powerful, big body; cold, steely gaze; fat, meaty cock; and air of raw strength about him — this man was indeed dangerous.  But though King Hurk was older and a more weathered man, he knew he was stronger than this younger buck.  He'd fended off other challenges to his throne before, both orc and man, and he would defeat this one, as well.

"Your time is over, old man," Ranzen grunted, his long hair blowing gracefully in the breeze.  "You let the greenskins run rampant out there.  They capture our villages, steal our treasure, rustle our animals, and take our men as slaves.  No more, Hurk!  RANZEN WILL BE KING!!" he roared, leaping forward and up, slamming his fists into the Hurk's meaty traps, bringing the beefy king to the ground in an instant!

The two men wrestled under the hot sun for well over an hour, each man close to finishing his foe and eliciting a surrender.  But as the fight went on, it became clear to the men atop the arena that their current king was tiring.  Age and the responsibilities of the crown had taken its toll on King Hurk.  Ranzen's every blow was landing now, and he found Hurk's holds feeble and easily broken.  Sweat poured from Hurk's aching body as he stumbled about in the middle of the arena, the witnesses watching his every move.

"Ready to give in, My King?" Ranzen asked through a sneering smile as he grabbed Hurk's head in his powerful hands and headbutted the royal wrestler right between his eyes.  Before Hurk could fall to the ground, Ranzen grabbed the older stud's shoulder and groin, lifting him high overhead in a display of power before throwing him back down to the ground again!

"No... no more..." King Hurk groaned, finally accepting defeat.  He raised a hand in surrender to his conqueror and admitted, "I can take... no more..."

"You are unfit to lead our people, Hurk," Ranzen spoke with deep authority, his expression stern and commanding.  The crown was so close to his head, he could almost feel it.  "By the Law of Men: I, Alurad Ranzen, am your new master!  Hurk, King of Greystone, you will now obey me!"

Hurk lowered his head to his new master and accepted Ranzen's word as his command.  After years of ruling the human race, Hurk's time as king was finally drawing to a close.  Strangely, the king felt a sense of relief now that he'd no longer be responsible for such great difficulties.  He would now serve for a change.

"Rub yourself in front of your people, king, and be dethroned!" Ranzen growled his demands.  The victorious stud squatted slightly, resting his big balls on Hurk's sweat-laced head of hair and brought his arms up in a double bicep pose.

With a strong blush across his older face, Hurk took hold of his incredible, mammoth manhood.  The men in the stands murmured to each other in shock as they watched Hurk begin to masturbate himself before them.  The King of Men breathed a heavy sigh as his calloused hand glided over his precum-slicked cock, coaxing a steady stream of the fluid from the slit.

"Spread those legs, Hurk.  Show them everything," Ranzen chuckled, transitioning to an arrogant bodybuilder pose.  The humiliated king opened his legs as wide as he could, his stroking becoming more urgent.

Hurk willed himself to orgasm quickly, hoping that it would end his ordeal and save him at least a little dignity.  The defeated stud forced himself to keep quiet as he came, his only reactions mere huffs and low grunts from a grimaced face.  Spurt after spurt of royal seed splattered from his excited cockhead and onto the dusty arena floor, wasting it to the earth.  Hurk felt Ranzen's strong hands grab hold of the crown that rested across his brow, removing that royal headpiece and consummating his defeat as king.

"MEN!!" Ranzen roared to the spectators watching, affixing the crown upon his head.  "I AM YOUR NEW KING!  TOGETHER, WE WILL DEFEAT THE ORCS AND BRING MAN TO HIS RIGHTFUL PLACE AS MASTER OF THIS WORLD!!"

The witnesses raised their fists and roared their approval of this bold new king.  With their encouragement, King Alurad Ranzen mounted the defeated Hurk and thrust his cock deep inside the fallen king's ass.  The older man, unused to having the sword of another hilted in his body, moaned hotly and loudly throughout this new experience.  Before his people, Hurk was ceremonially dethroned by victory fuck and a new King of Men had been crowned...

Far from the Kingdom of Men, in the deepest reaches of a land no human dares to set foot...

"Overlord Krag," an orc scout suddenly bellowed, racing into the throne room of Grohmah, the capital city of the orcs, "I come with news concerning the humans!"

Bra'thor Krag was the biggest and strongest of the race of hulking greenskins.  With penetrating red eyes, the overlord watched his scout come before him only to drop to his knees and await permission to speak.  The big orc's tusked mouth spread into a wide smile and a hot snort pushed from his flared nostrils.  Krag spread his arm out in a welcoming gesture and narrowed his eyes at the scout.

"Speak, Ya'gor."

"King Hurk has been dethroned, my Overlord!" the orc underling grunted with urgency.  "He has been usurped by another — a man they call Ranzen!  He has zeal, Overlord!  I believe his threats to conquer us are real!"

"So Hurk has fallen," Krag grunted, leaning back in his throne-like seat.  "That weak, old fool proved little threat to us.  It was beneficial to have him in the throne while I amassed power and resources.  No matter...  The humans are finally making their move.  Good...  It is time to end this and take our place as champions of this world."

Overlord Krag's guards and Ya'gor raised their fists high and roared, deep and proud.  Krag interlocked his meaty fingers and rested his tusked mouth against them, thinking of this new, formidable king and all of the ways he would destroy such a man.


Over the next few months, as Ranzen settled into his new role as leader of Greystone, the human kingdom was fortified and the men trained hard to defend their homeland.  Once fortifications were complete, Ranzen would begin planning the invasion and domination of the orcs' defiled land.  That land and what resources the brutish orcs hadn't yet exploited would be of great use to men, he grunted to himself.  This world rightfully belonged to the human race and he would deliver on his promise to make that a reality!

Although Ranzen meant well initially, the power of the crown was far too seductive to resist abusing.  He would choose those his eyes found most attractive in Brunnr, a town near the castle, to share his bed at night.  He frequently called upon his guards to lay down their arms and open their mouths and legs for the pleasure of his cock.  The people were only too eager to oblige their king.  They had faith in his ability to lead them to prosperity against the orcs.  They gladly gave of their bodies to ease the stress of war and earn his favor.

As Ranzen seated himself upon the face of one of his biggest and gruffest guards, he had no idea of the dangerous discovery the orcs had just made...

"My Overlord," Nol'rahg, an orc hunter with a blood-red mohawk, spoke nervously to his beefy commander.  He had with him a human man, one of several caught sneaking into orc territory two days ago.  "I... I have an important matter to discuss."

"This had better be good," Krag grunted, hateful eyes upon the human.  "You bring this beast into my domain?"

"The... the others and I, we... had sex with the humans we captured, my Overlord."

"You did WHAT?!" Krag roared.  "You dared lay with this lesser creature?!  You bring shame upon your kind, fool!  TAKE THEM FROM MY SIGHT!!"  Immediately, the guards moved to seize Nol'rahg and throw him into the cold, dark dungeons.

"No, w-wait!!  W-We discovered a weakness in the humans, revered Overlord!!" the beefy hunter cried as he and the terrified human were dragged halfway out of the throne room.

"Wait," Krag growled lowly, interested in such information.  "Bring him back.  I want to hear of this... weakness in man."

"The humans appear to have an addiction to our seed, Almighty Overlord!" Nol'rahg informed his leader.  He spoke quickly, afraid that he'd be dragged off again should he fail to tell everything in one breath.  "Even our thin streams are enough to make them obedient to any orc!  Their desire to battle is diminished greatly and they become aroused."

Krag's burning eyes fell once again on the human.  A small smile crossed the rugged orc's tusked mouth.  Fucking a human?  Such a disgusting practice...  And yet... now that he thought of it, perhaps there was some worth in the act.  The orc commanded the guard nearest the softskinned human to become erect.  Eager to please the most powerful orc of them all, the guard's big, green cock quickly flooded with blood, plumping out to full erection in a matter of seconds.

"Let us test this... weakness of man...  But if you are lying to me, Nol'rahg..." Krag snarled, his harsh, red eyes boring into the frightened hunter's.

On his knees, their captive was presented with the jutting cock of one of Overlord Krag's guards.  That fat, lengthy orc meat dribbled its precum generously before the human's face.  He looked up at the powerful guard and gulped.  Hoping to play along with these brutes and somehow escape back to Greystone in one piece, the human opened his mouth and enveloped the leaking cockhead of the massive orc.

The guard groaned hotly and lowly, smiling broadly, enjoying the feel of the human's soft tongue upon his excited orchood.  "Good... feels good..." he sighed as his precum drained down the human's throat and into his belly.

Soon, a change overcame the man and he began to feel somewhat lightheaded.  He noticed the light, earthy smell of the orc, the similar taste of that savory cock, and the sweet precum that he was fed.  The human's own cock quickly grew to its maximum, jutting out and spurting precum from the head.

Krag uttered a snort through his nostrils.  He watched the display of the human servicing his rightful master and became just as hard as the orc being sucked.  That orchood pushed his loincloth aside as it made itself known.

"Come, boy," Krag then grunted, big hand patting his inner thigh and grinning lewdly the situation.  He spread his legs apart and invited the human over.  Without hesitation, the man crawled over to the boss orc and planted his lips upon the head of that throbbing, green erection.  Although there was no way he could possibly get something so large in his mouth, the human was content to suckle what he could.

Overlord Krag was convinced of the effectiveness of this powerful new discovery.

As the human between his thighs sucked and tongued greedily at his slit (every now and then taking long licks up its length,) the hulking orc grinned broadly.  He stroked the softskin's head and thanked him for his participation in the inevitable subjugation of the humans.  Lost to the fiery heat that was Krag's massive, throbbing cock, the little man drank heartily from that generous tap, happy that the ruler of the orcs was so hospitable to his newfound desires.

Nol'rahg continued to tell Krag of his and his fellow warrior's findings.  This slick liquid (called ‘sap of arousal' by its discoverers) was found to have varying levels of effectiveness on all the different beings of the world.  But no others were as taken by the substance like the human race.  Krag listened closely over the sounds of the human's slurping and even forgave the hunter for his hiding of the information.

"We believe that this weakness has always been with the humans, Overlord," the orc hunter grunted, stroking idly at his own cock, watching the erotic act play out before him.  The first guard stood silent and loyal with the others, his throbbing length still wet with the human's saliva.  "The other humans we've tested eagerly raised their asses to us, wanting our seed there, too.  We've noticed that the effects of the addiction wear off after some hours, but the humans' cocks always grow hard when they see our own.  When exposed to our seed, that arousal is likely permanent."

"Excellent... truly excellent..." Krag growled with muted elation.  He watched with awe the changes that overtook the human merely from sucking the cock of an orc.  This would be their greatest weapon against the human race!

"I'm coming for you, Ranzen," he soon grunted, rewarding the one between his thighs with his seed in several strong, sharp blasts.  The man guzzled down the boss orc's semen as though it were his final meal.  Krag's potent cum filled him with incredible warmth and seized his senses.  So powerful was the orc ruler's cum, the human fainted into unconsciousness, falling to the rocky floor with a thud.

"Join him with the others," Krag grunted to the guard who'd received the human's lips upon his orchood.

The erect guard lifted the softskin into his powerful arms and took him away, to the slave pens where the other captured humans were temporarily held.  Those men would be placed with orc masters suitable for them and assigned tasks to help spread Grohmah's influence across the world.  A broad smile spread across his mouth as he wondered how happy those orc-addicted humans would be to see him.

Bra'thor Krag snarled as he sat upon his throne, legs spread apart, erect cock dripping the last remnants of cum that his heavy, green balls continued to pump out.  Ranzen's arrogant face burned in his mind, dominating his every thought.

"Piece by piece, I will crush your kingdom of men and reshape the world in the image of the orcs... and then I will take you, too.  I swear it to the great gods above!"

It was this discovery that gave the overlord all the motivation he needed to ramp up his campaign and finally put an end to the ages-old conflict between orcs and men.  It was time!

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  1. Mmmm, great green goodness! My body is ready! Take me you magnificent monsters! <3

    1. They're happy that you agree with their greater plans! *grins*

  2. Excellent older vs younger fight, beautiful hot images, too bad the wrestling didn't last longer...

  3. I actually bought this on lulu. I gave up after 22 pages or so. It's good. I'm just not as much of a reader as i thought i was. Hopefully one day this will get an update with text bubbles and stuff. Good work as well BTW.

    1. I appreciate the support; thanks for picking up a copy! I'll revisit this story again someday with a (re)remake, I'm sure, with all the stuff I've learned since then.

    2. holy hell has it been over 7 months since I made that comment?

      geez well I'll say right now that I did read the whole thing shortly before the end of December. Twice actually. I just finished reading it for the 2nd time not too long ago and remembered making this comment.

      Ya it was great. i like the way you did it. i also like stories that use text bubbles since i hardly ever read lol. thanks.

      btw any have you made any plans for a [re]remake?

    3. Time does fly. :)

      I'm glad that you enjoyed it enough to read it twice. I haven't made any plans yet for that, but the desire to do so hasn't left me. It'll definitely happen someday. I wish I had more to offer than a vague 'someday,' but I don't want to get any hopes up ahead of time.

      Thanks again for the support!