Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Master of Eternia: He-Man's Profile

Aided by the Power of Grayskull, the handsome and fabulous Prince Adam holds the Power Sword high and transforms into the mighty and marvelous He-Man, defender of Eternia!

Having celebrated a decisive victory over the evil Skeletor, he strode with Battle Cat over the fields and plains of the kingdom in search of a quiet place to rest.

Suddenly, a dazzling light appears over the horizon!  He-Man is bucked from his tiger’s back as the beast flees with his chestpiece and sword, leaving him stranded in the wilderness!

No stranger to magic, the muscular hero sets foot toward the fading rays, intrigued by their origins.

It’s there that he sees a man with a body that rivals his own!  This man’s flesh is dark like night; his cock and balls bulge against the unusual loincloth seated upon his mighty waist.

He-Man feels a stir in his loins as he creeps closer to the ebony warrior.  From where did this man come?  Is he friend or foe?  Perhaps he could befriend (and even bed) this stranger...

The Eternian superstud will soon struggle and fight to protect his domain!  Thus begins the battle of He-Man vs Bomani!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Master of Eternia: Bomani's Profile

From the hot jungles of Africa, on the planet called Earth, hailed an ebony savage named Bomani!

The warrior prince, son of the mighty black king Kugo, always sought to gain in power.  Bomani hoped to prove to his father that he was a man to be proud of!

One hot summer day, after wrestling the slave called Tuskar, the king's son approached the wise hermit shaman and asked him for his help.

He told Bomani what he needed to know.  He told him of a planet where one white barbarian reigned supreme. 

The defeat of this man -- this "He-Man" -- would mean the conquest of that entire world!!

Bomani rushed at the chance to conquer such a man!  He urged the shaman to send him to this alien world.

The shaman cast a spell over the prince.  Should he succeed, He-Man and all of his powers would be his!

Should he fail, however, he would become stranded on Eternia, forever a slave to the white barbarian.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Master of Eternia: Title

He-Man, defender of Eternia and the power of Castle Grayskull, suddenly faces a challenge from a powerful barbarian from another world.

Master of Eternia is my third series, this time starring He-Man versus my original character, Bomani.

Bomani is the son of the mighty black king Kugo.  All throughout his life, Bomani admired his father's many accomplishments.  But his latest conquest (the enslavement of the white warrior from Barbaria named Tuskar) only drove him wild with envy.

The prince wanted to prove to his father that he was better.  But nothing that he did would impress Kugo.  Many times, Bomani would wrestle Kugo, only to come out the loser.

One hot summer day, after wrestling Tuskar and fucking his frustrations into the slave's butt, Bomani had a brilliant idea.  There was a wise shaman man that lived his life in solitude somewhere in the jungle.  He would seek out the shaman and gain his help!

Almost as though it were fate, the shaman knew what Bomani could do to not only gain his father's respect, but even dethrone the king!

An alien planet somewhere among the stars was the key...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


That dastardly evil robotic He-Man impersonator strikes again!  Well, sort of.

When I remembered that Faker was just a repaint of He-Man's hunky body, I decided to have a bit of fun.  The barbarian's evil twin even stripped himself of his loincloth!  I guess bad guys really do have more fun...

I'm not planning on doing any Faker action, so this will probably be a one-off.  Enjoy, guys!

Friday, February 24, 2012

He-Man Model Update

This is an update to my He-Man model.  I've been modeling him after the 1983 animated series.

I finally found a good replacement for his hair, so I purchased that and implemented it right away.  I think it looks awesome and extremely close to that style.

I couldn't find a very good loincloth that matched his, so I had to make one for myself.  I messed with it a bit, trying to strike a balance between not too revealing and not too bunchy.  I love a barbarian whose bulging parts are unconstrained by a loincloth.

It's a bit rough around the edges and somewhat primitive, but it's my first self-made prop, so bear with me.  He probably won't be wearing it for too long, anyway. *evil grin*

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And another is finished!

106 panels -- 106!  I never thought The Last Battle would ever reach that size.  I figured it'd be around 75.

The Last Battle...  I feel pretty good about how this one turned out.  I have an erotic fascination with orcs.  They're burly, brutal, and barbaric.  They love to smash and love to dominate (and, in my mind, fuck while doing so).

Some notes and fun facts for you guys:

•    The Farmer was supposed to have a gruff brother who lived with him and his son at the farmstead.  I was going to have the brother be in the woods in the back of the farm, harvesting lumber, when the orc Rogg stumbles upon him.  The man would've run back to his brother and nephew, only to find them already defeated and serving Gorg and Zug.  Because of software limitations, I wasn't able to achieve this, so I had to change the story.

The Last Battle: Panels 105 and 106 [End]

The humans of Brunnr were enslaved on sight and marched with their masters back to their new home of Grohmah.

The orc slavers sang praises of Overlord Krag and his victory over the weak and pitiful Ranzen.  The humans hung their heads in shame as the greenskins grunted proudly for Zug, Gorg, and Rogg.  Their crucial victories would be celebrated for many generations!

Overlord Krag came to be known as The Great Subjugator, the orc who overthrew the obstacle known as humanity and allowed his kind to ascend and dominate the entire world!

With the defeat of mankind, the orcs became the dominant race.  With their new slaves' help, Krag's ability to claim new land grew tenfold.

None would ever again challenge the orcs' supreme dominance.  All fell to their knees before The Great Subjugator and his conquerors.

And so begun the era of orc rule...

The End

The Last Battle: Panels 103 and 104

As the sun set over the lush fields of Brunnr Kingdom, the orcs finally raided the last bastion of humanity!  Overlord Krag lifted the defeated king high overhead as he marched victoriously into the city.

The demoralized men offered little resistance as the mighty, green champions flooded Brunnr and asserted their authority.  The softskins knelt before the triumphant warriors and gave of themselves to their new masters.  Krag looked on in pride as his brother orcs conquered!

Orc reclaimers took jewels, furs, meats, and beasts and placed them in carts that would be hauled by human slaves back to Grohmah.

Orc laborers demolished houses and monuments to prepare Brunnr for conversion.  The human capital would soon be transformed into the orcs’ great new city.

The dethroned king was forced to watch as his fabulous palace was ransacked.  He stood helpless as his priceless possessions were carried away by orcs who sang songs of victory and domination!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 102

"INVADE, MY BROTHERS!!" the victorious overlord roared in a voice that reached the gates of the fortified city.  "INVADE BRUNNR AND FULFILL OUR DESTINY!!"

Ranzen breathed his disbelief over the fruits of his failure.  Though he felt horror at the sight of the army of orcs breaking through Brunnr's crumbling defenses, his cock remained hard and throbbing.

He watched in awe as these powerful brutes overwhelmed his men and dominated everything in their path.

The Last Battle: Panel 101

"At last, my brothers..." Krag spoke to himself as he stared at his army standing before the gates of the human capital city.  "At long last we are triumphant over man!!"

The orc breathed deep the smell of victory in the air.  It was time.

"This world will cower under the reign of the orcs!  All will kneel before our might!

"Orcs of Grohmah: our time is now!!"

Monday, February 20, 2012

He-Man Defeated (Sleeper Hold Test)

I've been crafting the Eternian battlefield where He-Man will be facing his greatest challenge yet, and thought I would test out one of my new poses on him and his studly opponent.

It's all still a work in progress.  Bomani might get a few changes, and He-Man's hair will almost likely be swapped out, too.  The battlefield for certain will be altered several more times before I'm satisfied with it.

So here's a teaser pic for my next series at Barbaric Brawn!  Enjoy!

He-Man is © Mattel.

The Last Battle: Panel 100

But he wanted more... needed more...

Ranzen bowed shamelessly before Overlord Krag and lowered his head to the muscular orc's superior strength.

"Master... please..." he begged pathetically.  "Fill me with your cock again...

"I need you inside me!  I need your seed!!"

"Good..." Krag laughed and flexed his muscles.  His campaign of revenge was nearly complete.

"On your knees, begging your master..." the orc grunted dominantly, soaking up the sight.  "AS IT SHOULD BE, SLAVE!  JUST AS IT SHOULD BE!!"

But Krag denied the dethroned king any more of his meat.  Ranzen had deep debts to pay to the overlord.  He would be made to worship Krag for many days before receiving any more of his master's seed.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 99

Krag thrust one last time inside Ranzen's butt and unleashed his pent-up load!!

With the flooding of his cum into his defeated rival's hole, Krag had finally won the last battle over humankind.

He arched his back and beat his pecs with pride, howling in ultimate victory for the orcs over the humans!!

Ranzen cried out in lust and orgasmed onto the volcanic grounds below.  Without touching himself, he shuddered and shot multiple waves of hot, human seed.

The Last Battle: Panel 98

For over an hour, orc bred man non-stop, cementing their role as master and slave.

Krag's thick cock plowed Ranzen deep, spurting waves of precum into the human and sending him beyond the point of return!

Ranzen's moans turned pitiful and needy.  He cried out in ways that his past self would've disciplined unmercifully.

Krag smirked and drove home his throbbing orchood.  The king of men was his at last!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 97

With one titanic thrust, he was in!!  The king of men, the last obstacle of the orcs, was finally penetrated!

Orc and man shouted together -- one in pleasure, the other in agony.

Ranzen had never experienced such a feeling in his life.

Every thrust of the orc's cock deep inside his hole brought him back to times when he himself had fucked other men or orcs.

At first, the heat in his butt scalded and hurt.  But as Krag's cock leaked more and more sap into him, the pain eventually gave way to pleasure.

Ranzen felt his will to resist slipping...  He began to regret not saving himself the pain and just surrendering to the brute right at the start of the battle...

The Last Battle: Panel 96

Vainly hanging onto his last shred of dignity, Ranzen whimpered pitifully.

"No... it can't be..." he groaned again and again as Krag positioned him for what were to be his last moments of freedom.

The bulbous head of the victorious orc overlord rubbed vigorously against the soft, virgin hole of his new human slave.

"At last..." the greenskin grunted.  "At long last...  The orcs will finally rule the human race!!"

Ranzen could feel Krag's sap of arousal seep its way inside his body with every move of the orc's cock against his puckering hole.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 95

Finally, Krag let him collapse to the ground.

Ranzen held his aching head and struggled to keep himself from passing out!  He could see Krag above him, flexing his muscles and roaring in triumph.

As Krag flipped him onto his stomach, he knew that it was all over...

He had lost.

The Last Battle: Panel 94

The human king fell to the earth in the overlord's crushing piledriver!!

Lacking the strength to scream out in pain, he merely whimpered and felt his limbs go limp.

But Krag did not let the man go.  He held him close and made him feel a real musclestud's body.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 93

The orc leapt high into the air!!

He raised his legs and squeezed Ranzen's head between his inner thighs, trapping the human and sealing his fate!

"YOU ARE MINE!!" he screamed as he dropped the king in a devastating reverse piledriver!!

The Last Battle: Panel 92

King Ranzen lay helpless as his orc equal lifted his muscular body from the ground and turned him upside down...

The orc's masculine scent filled his nostrils as his face was pressed against Krag's low-hanging orbs!

Unable to do much else, he held tightly to Krag's beefy butt cheeks.  Despite the abuse to his body, the human's kingly meat never went limp.  It continued to flow a thin strand of precum onto his chest and face, confusing Ranzen into believing that Krag's dominance was arousing him.

"And now, Ranzen..." Krag grunted, almost in ecstasy, "finally..."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 91

"OVERLORD KRAG OF GROHMAH!!" the orc roared, driving his foot down upon the king's back and bringing him flat on his chest!

Ranzen's screams of pain traveled far and away, alerting those who were close enough that the tide of battle was turning in favor of the orcs.

The lowly grunt that Ranzen had dominated and used for his own gain all those years ago had became the powerful Overlord of Grohmah.

Vengeance was his!

The Last Battle: Panel 90

But Krag dropped him to the ground!

Ranzen struggled to sit up, but his weakened arms and legs would barely support his heavy body.

"That orc was ambushed, beaten, and milked of his juices!" Krag snarled.  "That orc wanted revenge upon the man named Ranzen!!"

Krag lifted his mighty leg and aimed his foot over the human's shaking back.

"Do you know who that orc eventually became?!"

"No..." Ranzen gasped, finally understanding what Krag was talking about.  "It... can't be..."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day From Barbaric Brawn

The Farmer's Son, that ever-lucky fellow, was all aflutter when the strong and beautiful Kal from the capital city came to visit the farmstead one hot, sunny day.

The auburn-haired stud leapt from his steed, got down on bended knee, and presented to the younger buck a single red rose.

"Farmer's Son," Kal said, even he not knowing the man's birth name, "will you do me the honor of becoming mine alone?"

I think you can guess what happened next.  Needless to say, the two musclemen rolled around in the hay until The Farmer came back to discover that his son hadn't finished his chores.

Kal, like any shining knight, took full responsibility.

I apologize for weaving such a sappy yarn.  Oh well -- it's only once a year!

The Last Battle: Panel 89

Krag lifted the battered king by his head and held him up high.

"The challenger knew that he would get beaten and fucked, so the only way for him to win was to cheat."

Krag clenched his fist angrily and shook with rage as he continued his story.

"He found a weary orc working in the fields for Overlord Gron."

Ranzen could only listen and hope that his body recovered quickly.

The Last Battle: Panel 88

"Before I completely destroy you, human, I will tell you a story," the leader of the orcs grunted, standing tall over Ranzen's body.

"Seven years ago, there was a formidable king named Hurk.  This man was challenged for the crown by a pathetic softskin named Ranzen."

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 87

With the mere flick of his arm, Krag hurled Ranzen across the ashen battlefield!

The king landed upon the hard ground and moaned in pain.  His muscles were sore and yearned for relief.

It had been many months since the king had endured such a challenge.  But he knew that he must fight and win!  The very fate of the human race depended on him!

The Last Battle: Panel 86

Krag grabbed Ranzen and lifted him high off the ground!  His grasp held firm, and he snarled menacingly at the human king.


But the human defiantly refused the overlord, "I WILL NEVER SURRENDER TO YOU!!"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 85

Krag unleashed his fury upon Ranzen's body, delivering one blow after another!

Ranzen grunted in agony as he took the full brunt of the orc's fists!

The human struggled to sidestep the assault, but his throbbing manhood clouded his judgment.  It ached for him to pay attention to it instead of the green brute.

In his desperation, Ranzen moved back a few steps and knelt to stroke his meat to orgasm.  He moaned and huffed with each rough tug, but to his horror, his trembling hands failed to satisfy his cock.

Krag snorted and drove both of his fists down upon the exposed back of the pitiful king.

The Last Battle: Panel 84

Krag maneuvered himself out from under the king, all while keeping the human under his control.


Ranzen screamed and pled for the overlord to spare his manhood!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 83

Krag immediately seized Ranzen's heavy orbs in his fist!

"Wha...?" the king mumbled, caught by surprise.  He stood shocked and didn't dare move.

"You pathetic worm!" Krag growled, squeezing his fist around the aroused human's balls.  "You think to fuck Krag with this insignificant stick?!"

The Last Battle: Panel 82

Ranzen stood over Krag's downed body and flexed his muscles, grunting all the while.

"Yeah...  I've been dreaming of this, Krag.  And now you're mine."

"Suck my cock, orc!" the king suddenly snarled.  "Acknowledge me as your master!!"

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 81

"No, Krag," Ranzen sneered, giving his cock a few good slow strokes.  "This isn't over so fast..."

"I've wanted to fuck your hole for a long time.  I'm gonna drill you hard and make you scream.

"You will be my slave, Krag.  The orcs will kneel before man and serve us forever."

He spread his arms wide and arrogantly posed for his rival.

"Just as it should be..."

The Last Battle: Panel 80

But just as he was about to finish his nemesis off, Ranzen felt a familiar stir in his groin.

He stared at the downed body of the orc overlord and became aroused by the power he commanded.

"Why rush it?" he thought arrogantly to himself.  "I am almighty over these unwashed beings."

Ranzen brought his hand to his ever-growing cock and stroked it to full hardness.

He decided (with the help of his throbbing, aching cock) to first exact some sexual revenge upon the orcs.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 79

The human king seized the opportunity and grabbed Krag by his meaty leg.  Even with his strength, it took him great effort to drag the overlord toward the nearest lava pool.

He was so close now.  He could feel that victory was near!

In mere moments, he'd roll the greenskin in and finally proclaim victory over the orcs!

The Last Battle: Panel 78

The human snarled and brought his fists down upon his opponent's huge, powerful pecs!

With each blow, he unleashed his frustrations.  With every slam of his hands into Krag's chest, he came closer to fulfilling his ultimate fantasy.

Krag howled in pain and struggled to get up!

Seizing the opportunity, Ranzen brought his balled fists down upon the orc's head!!

Krag moaned and his body relaxed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 77

He strutted around the downed body of the injured orc and looked at his handiwork.  The fall had taken some of the fight from the overlord.  But that advantage might be short-lived, he considered.

Suddenly, the king leapt into the air!

"YOU'RE MINE, ORC!!" he bellowed, fists ready to fall!

The Last Battle: Panel 76

Krag's heavy bulk landed with a thud and skidded hard across the volcanic ground!

Ranzen felt a rush of adrenaline pump through his veins, coming out of the attempted attack unscathed.

He turned his head to the orc and snorted.

"PATHETIC!!" he roared in disappointment.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He-Man Defeated (Body Slam Test)

The powerful demon Kzak continues to dominate the musclebound Eternian.  There's a second part to this body slam pose that I finished today, but I thought that showing off the first would be the most erotic since it allows the attacker to probe his victim's hole while lifting him off the ground.

Something tells me that He-Man doesn't really mind the abuse he's being put under.  At least I hope not -- there's a lot more of that to come.

Obligatory: He-Man is © Mattel.

The Last Battle: Panel 75

But Krag underestimated the human's speed!

Ranzen lifted his powerful legs high and caught the orc's bulk!

"NOT TODAY, GREENSKIN!!" he roared at Krag!

He struggled to hold the massive brute in the air!  With a mighty heave, Ranzen hurled Krag up and away!

The Last Battle: Panel 74

Ranzen shook his head and struggled to regain composure.

When the battlefield came back into focus, he looked up to see that Krag was high overhead!

Ready to finish him early on, the hulking orc came crashing down upon the human king!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 73

Eager to begin the battle, Overlord Krag leapt forward and delivered a powerful punch to the human's chest!

The blow easily knocked the fervor from the king and shut him up!

"HURGH!!" Krag growled, pulling back to striking again, this time toppling Ranzen and sending him to the ground!

The Last Battle: Panel 72

"THIS ENDS HERE!!" the king reiterated.

His body tensed with the anticipation of battle.

The Last Battle: Panel 71

Krag's words infuriated the king.  He raised his fist to the orc overlord and snarled.

"You've gone too far, Krag!  Your reign of terror ends with me!!"

He-Man Defeated (Test)

While working on a collection of pro wrestling poses for the marketplace, I placed this WIP of He-Man in the clutches of a quickly-made demon I've named Kzak.

I think my next series will be about the Eternian stud.  He could always use a few good knocks down to size, and I'd like to try my hand at it.  I've also been working on a black barbarian named Bomani -- I think he'll be the one to tame He-Man.

Stay tuned!

Obligatory: He-Man is © Mattel.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 70

Just where he said he'd be, Ranzen discovered Krag waiting for him at the Ashen Pass, a treacherous site that connected Brunnr and Grohmah through an active volcano.

The burly leaders stood upon the site of the last battle, grunting and staring hatefully at each other.

"So you've come, Ranzen," Krag amusedly spoke through a sneer.  "I admire your bravery, human!"

Ranzen looked the orc over and grunted to himself.  Krag was big and confident -- a fine opponent to face.

"Know that my orcs will invade Brunnr," the overlord continued, "and I will force you to watch as your kingdom falls!"

The Last Battle: Panel 69

Kal turned away in disgust as his king cockily strode from sight.

He knew that the king's threat was real -- he'd suffered for many years at the frequent whim of Ranzen's lust.

This time, however...

A feeling of foreboding grew in Kal's gut.  He could feel that something great would soon be upon them.  It will consume them all and change everything forever.

"Good luck..." he half-heartedly wished, "your majesty..."

With that, he raced from the palace to help keep the peace among the panicked city folk.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 68

Ranzen merely sneered at the young warrior and stepped out of the bath.

"Heh...  You're no help, are you, Kal?  You tell me what I already know."

Kal stared at Ranzen strangely.  Why was the king so disinterested during such a dire time?

"I should've never sent those weaklings," the king spat, referring to Vulg and Lortho.  "It's time to end this.  I know that Krag is waiting for me.  I'll strike him down and show him what a real man is!"

Ranzen shook his hips slightly, allowing his mighty cock to wag in the man's direction.

"So go hide in the corner, Kal.  When I get done fuckin' that orc, I'm coming for you!"

The Last Battle: Panel 67

Kal, a young buck who once lived in a small village near the city, knelt before his lord.

"My king, it's the orcs!  They've surrounded the city and have taken most of our guards!"

Kal clenched his fist and grunted in disgust.  It was mere minutes ago that he'd heard them moaning -- begging the orcs for more.

"There're rumblings that both Vulg and Lortho have been defeated and are being held at Grohmah!

"If that's true, may the gods help those poor men..."

For most of his life, Kal had worshiped the barbaric Vulg and the valorous Lortho.  The thought of those two noble warriors at the mercy of the orcs sank his stomach.