Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And another is finished!

106 panels -- 106!  I never thought The Last Battle would ever reach that size.  I figured it'd be around 75.

The Last Battle...  I feel pretty good about how this one turned out.  I have an erotic fascination with orcs.  They're burly, brutal, and barbaric.  They love to smash and love to dominate (and, in my mind, fuck while doing so).

Some notes and fun facts for you guys:

•    The Farmer was supposed to have a gruff brother who lived with him and his son at the farmstead.  I was going to have the brother be in the woods in the back of the farm, harvesting lumber, when the orc Rogg stumbles upon him.  The man would've run back to his brother and nephew, only to find them already defeated and serving Gorg and Zug.  Because of software limitations, I wasn't able to achieve this, so I had to change the story.

•    Little Zug was originally going to dominate The Farmer while Gorg took the son.

•    Scene 2 (Vulg vs Rogg) was where I finally discovered how to build non-flat terrain to give the backgrounds some detail.  Oops.

•    The strange symbol I drew in the red banner of the orcs is based on the legendary First Orc, whose protruding lower tusks were said to have pointed toward his nose with old age.

•    The battle with Vulg and Rogg reminded me a bit of Tuskar and Kugo.  Probably because of their caveman-like way of speaking.

•    Orc cocks are huge, but human holes are oddly stretchy and accommodating!

•    The human spirit (especially that of their leader) is the only thing that kept the orcs in check with the rest of the world.  Everything else that mattered about the greenskins was superior to their softskinned rivals.  The day that Ranzen used Krag to attain kinghood was the day that the human spirit began to falter and eventually bring them to enslavement.

•    Lortho was originally going to be seen in the very beginning and was supposed to be the main character.

•    Lortho originally had different-looking hair.  It was in an early version of the promo picture, but at the last second I rerendered it with the new model.

•    Lortho's model is my favorite in this series.  Something about that oiled-up skin and muscle proportion...

•    The Clay Rapids was originally just an area in the mountains for Lortho to battle in.  It was a little ways in that I needed a way for Lortho to get to Grohmah (whether by victory or defeat), so I added a river and gave the place its name.

•    Lortho was originally going to fight a new orc character, but Gorg wrestled that nameless, faceless guy to the ground and made him give up the role!

•    I had planned on Lortho being fucked and surrendering to Gorg, but I felt that it might've been just too much like the other fights.  But maybe I'll do a mini 'what if' set about that...

•    Gorg was originally going to throw Lortho's unconscious body into the rapids to be carried to Grohmah.  That might not have ended up well for the barbarian, though.

•    Although you can only see six orcs in Panel 64, there are actually hundreds and hundreds of them behind the camera!

•    King Ranzen really is a cocky guy.  I love that about him, though; I hope you did, too!

•    I originally intended Ranzen to be in another part of the palace, looking down on the mayhem happening on the grounds around the city.  This was switched to his bathing room later on.

•    I've wondered a few times about what King Hurk would look like.  I think he'd be middle-aged with dark hair and maybe a short beard.

•    Kal kind of came out of nowhere.  I needed someone to be the messenger boy to deliver the news to the king (originally in the form of a crudely-written letter from Overlord Krag).  I liked how Kal looked, though, so I gave him an upgrade from mere messenger to peacekeeper with a little bit of a backstory.

•    Did you notice something familiar about what Kal is holding in panels 67 and 69?  Unfortunately for him, there is no fabulous power in that axe.

•    The Ashen Pass was planned from the start.  I wanted the ultimate battle to take place in a volcano!  I had envisioned Krag and Ranzen fighting in the middle of a charred piece of land surrounded by a lake of lava.  I couldn't quite get that to look right, though, so I altered the battlefield.

•    If arousal hadn't gripped Ranzen during that moment, he would have toppled Krag into the lava and won.

•    The setting sun in Panel 102 is way more symbolic than I meant it to be.

•    In that panel, I thought about making Ranzen's cock limp again.  Krag's would be erect from the rush of finally invading the human capital, but I wasn't sure about Ranzen's.  I think erect looks fine; it's in his nature, after all!

•    Panels 103-106 were very releasing to me.  I was happy that the green brutes finally achieved their goal of crushing the humans.  It was fun getting to this point.

•    And... you might be wondering about the female gender in this story.  There isn't such a thing.  But how then would they procreate?  Well... I'll just leave that to your imagination.

Thanks, guys, for reading this story and for visiting!  I'd love to know what you thought about it.  Leave me a comment anytime you'd like to let me know things!



    I loved this one and find myself looking in all the time now. Thanks for the background notes - looks like you put considerable work into this.

    I am loving your He Man works too - you hinting at something here? Maybe a He Man story?

    1. Thanks, Bigsqueezer! Glad you enjoyed it!

      He-Man is gonna be the next hero in the upcoming series: Master of Eternia. I'm working on it now. When I get enough panels ready for a continuous stream, I'll begin posting.

  2. You have me riveted man! Love seeing He Man bearhugged and bodyscissored!

  3. Absolutely awesome!I was referred to your blog by the creator of the great (now defunct) BamMen group "cacentcst". I am thoroughly impressed with your great work. Thank you for sharing. Please, keep it coming! & I'll definitely do what i can to support.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it!

      BAMmen was a great group. I miss it quite a bit. Hopefully Cacentcst will find the time and patience to bring his erotic art back online again.

      Thanks for sticking around!