Friday, February 24, 2012

He-Man Model Update

This is an update to my He-Man model.  I've been modeling him after the 1983 animated series.

I finally found a good replacement for his hair, so I purchased that and implemented it right away.  I think it looks awesome and extremely close to that style.

I couldn't find a very good loincloth that matched his, so I had to make one for myself.  I messed with it a bit, trying to strike a balance between not too revealing and not too bunchy.  I love a barbarian whose bulging parts are unconstrained by a loincloth.

It's a bit rough around the edges and somewhat primitive, but it's my first self-made prop, so bear with me.  He probably won't be wearing it for too long, anyway. *evil grin*


  1. He's magnificent and I bet he's gonna suffer so beautifully well!

    I can't belive I only stumbled across this page a few days ago, so much hotness and brilliant work!

    1. That's quite a compliment! Thanks very much for that.