Monday, February 20, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 100

But he wanted more... needed more...

Ranzen bowed shamelessly before Overlord Krag and lowered his head to the muscular orc's superior strength.

"Master... please..." he begged pathetically.  "Fill me with your cock again...

"I need you inside me!  I need your seed!!"

"Good..." Krag laughed and flexed his muscles.  His campaign of revenge was nearly complete.

"On your knees, begging your master..." the orc grunted dominantly, soaking up the sight.  "AS IT SHOULD BE, SLAVE!  JUST AS IT SHOULD BE!!"

But Krag denied the dethroned king any more of his meat.  Ranzen had deep debts to pay to the overlord.  He would be made to worship Krag for many days before receiving any more of his master's seed.

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