Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 62

Gorg carefully placed Lortho's limp body atop the sturdy well lid and slid it onto the flowing river.

"Be swept away, human," he grunted, watching the defeated man get carried away by the river.  "When you wake, yeh'll be suckin' on the biggest cocks in Grohmah."

He grinned at the thought of the barbarian's arrival at the city of the orcs and of the life of slavery he would soon lead.

Mighty humans like Lortho don't onto their pride for long when they are brought to their knees before a group of horny orcs.

Gorg masturbated his cock to the thought of Lortho screaming his surrender over and over again as his brothers fucked the man into lifelong servitude.

The orc grunted as his skilled hands brought his hefty cock to orgasm.  The pulsating, green meat shot its heavy loads of cum into the water.


  1. is that it for Lortho? I was hoping to see the orc juice do its stuff on him lol

    1. There may be more of Lortho to come! Gorg does deserve to get off -- having won the fight and all.

  2. So true. I assume it would be a head f**k for Lortho when he is surprised how much gets into it. LOL