Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 69

Kal turned away in disgust as his king cockily strode from sight.

He knew that the king's threat was real -- he'd suffered for many years at the frequent whim of Ranzen's lust.

This time, however...

A feeling of foreboding grew in Kal's gut.  He could feel that something great would soon be upon them.  It will consume them all and change everything forever.

"Good luck..." he half-heartedly wished, "your majesty..."

With that, he raced from the palace to help keep the peace among the panicked city folk.


  1. I vote for Kal... he's gonna kick butt!

    1. Kal is an awesome dude, but sadly this is the last we see of him for this series.

      I like him, though, so maybe he'll make an appearance in the future for something else!