Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Last Battle: Panel 68

Ranzen merely sneered at the young warrior and stepped out of the bath.

"Heh...  You're no help, are you, Kal?  You tell me what I already know."

Kal stared at Ranzen strangely.  Why was the king so disinterested during such a dire time?

"I should've never sent those weaklings," the king spat, referring to Vulg and Lortho.  "It's time to end this.  I know that Krag is waiting for me.  I'll strike him down and show him what a real man is!"

Ranzen shook his hips slightly, allowing his mighty cock to wag in the man's direction.

"So go hide in the corner, Kal.  When I get done fuckin' that orc, I'm coming for you!"

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