Friday, August 31, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 11

Tarzan stopped in the open jungle valley to catch his breath.  He enjoyed the warm breeze that swept through the sun-beaten area and allowed it to cool his body.

The ape man looked again at the blue stone secured snugly in his fist.  He couldn't believe how fortunate he was to have retrieved it before its finders could bring it to their leaders.

"Maybe me keep jewel..." he wondered aloud, tempted to benefit from its blessings of strength and glory.  "If return to mountain, Mogu men just take again...

"Tarzan king of jungle!" he grunted, deciding to keep the stone for himself.  "Only Tarzan rule!"

The New Jungle King: Panel 10

As the three Mogu men, slumped in defeat, made their way back to the main hut, they never realized that one of their own had been watching the entire confrontation...

The hulking, black bull with muscle and power that rivaled Tarzan's growled and felt nothing but scorn and anger for the jungle king's name.

After months and months of training and waiting, this was the time he'd been waiting for.  This was Jabari's time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reality Render Test 3

Based on an idea requested by Barbaric Brawn visitor, Hercfetish, I had Ares apply a full nelson on Hercules.  I thought this would be a nice opportunity for some good-old-fashioned dirty fighting, so I put Sergios in to work Hercules over.

And at the last minute, I decided to make this another Reality test, so I took a bit of time making sure it looked right before I rendered them.  Normally, my renders take about 30-90 seconds each.  Both of these separately took two hours before they were processed enough to be presentable.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 09

Without another word, the ape man strode victoriously from the North Mogu Settlement and took off in a sprint toward Mount Hatari.

Kondo, Zuberi, and Njau stood stunned by the sudden turn of events.  And as Tarzan faded from their eyes and ears, their shock turned to sorrow and then to resentment.  The most incredible find of their lives had been taken by their so-called protector, Tarzan!  But as no man dared to challenge the jungle king anymore, they knew that they must live by his rule.

The New Jungle King: Panel 08

Tarzan gazed at the beautiful blue rock with some skepticism.  He couldn't be sure if the legend of the jewels was true or not; the only thing he knew for certain was that if it was at all possible, he must not allow another man to possess it.

"Me bring jewel back to mountain shrine," the white muscle king spoke in a tone that greatly befit his title.  "Mogu tribe not upset jungle balance!"

The New Jungle King: Panel 07

Njau immediately snapped out of his fantasy and turned to his friend.  "Give Tarzan jewel, Kondo!" he implored, not wishing to invite the wrath of the jungle lord.

Njau still remembered the day that he stumbled upon Tarzan in the process of wrestling a behemoth of a crocodile into submission.  The green beast thrashed and struggled for freedom, but the human was stronger and smarter, and he was forced to relax and accept whatever fate this two-legged scaleless creature had awaiting him.  Luckily for the beast, Tarzan took pity and allowed him to escape.

Njau knew that a man like that could easily take down three men barely skilled in the ways of combat and make them pay with their bodies.

Kondo immediately ceded ownership of the beautiful stone.  He held it out to the white man and said, "Y-Yes, Tarzan!  It yours!"

Without hesitating, Tarzan snatched the jewel from Kondo's trembling hand and took a step back.  His efforts to frighten the three had worked, he was happy to see.  He now had the jewel safely out of their possession.

The New Jungle King: Panel 06

Tarzan stared angrily at Kondo of the Mogu and aimed an accusing finger his way.

"Me know Mogu have jewel from mountain!" he insisted with a raised voice.  When Kondo tried to hide the stone behind his back, the ape man bellowed, "GIVE OR FEEL MIGHT OF TARZAN MUSCLE!!"

Monday, August 27, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 05

"Why Tarzan come to Mogu settlement?" Kondo finally summoned the courage to ask.  "Mogu do no wrong in jungle!"

Tarzan knew this was true; the Mogu were a peaceful people.  Yet he could never trust any man to stay the same forever.  Tarzan had learned many years ago to keep vigilant or suffer the same fate that has befallen many men of the jungle.

Zuberi remained silent and hoped that Tarzan would soon go away.  He and Kondo wanted to hurry the jewel back to their wise men and receive praise and admiration for their feat.

At that moment, however, Njau held only lustful desires in his heart.  While Tarzan's focus was upon Kondo and the shiny blue rock in his hand, Njau's hungry eyes swept over the ape man's tan, muscular frame.

"Tarzan body so big... so hot..." the native thought to himself, licking his lips.  "Me want feel Tarzan body..."

Thoughts of the king of the jungle's naked white body writhing under his hard, ebony frame turned him on immensely.  His cock stirred in his pouch, and he struggled to keep his arousal from showing.

The New Jungle King: Panel 04

"Mogu men!  Come to Tarzan!" the jungle king shouted, knowing that the three were inside.  A cursory inspection revealed to him that none of the other Mogu tribesmen were around.  He assumed that they must be out gathering supplies before nightfall.

The muscular white man clad only in a leopard skin loincloth watched as Kondo, Njau, and Zuberi emerged from the largest hut in the settlement.

He could see the man in the red strap pouch was holding the jewel!  Tarzan's worry had grown considerably, yet he managed to hide it well.  His scowling face instead cast fear into the three young Mogu tribesmen.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 03

"Tarzan?!" Kondo gasped, nearly dropping the jewel.

"Why Tarzan here...?" Zuberi wondered aloud.

The three Mogu men (like nearly everyone who dwelled in the region) knew that whenever the white jungle king came around, there was usually nothing good to follow -- even when they were under no danger.

The men hesitated to leave the hut, but they realized that if they were to be found hiding, they would suffer a thrashing from an enraged Tarzan.

The New Jungle King: Panel 02

"Legend true!" Njau added with a deep sense of pride for his people.  "Njau heard from wise men!  African gods give power to men of Mogu!!"

But the excitement of the three journeymen quickly turned to panic when the distinctive cry of the lord of the jungle drowned out their cheers!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 01

Kondo, Zuberi, and Njau, three journeymen who have helped their fellow men establish the North Mogu Settlement, huddled close in the main hut to inspect the jewel they found that day in one of the hidden shrines of Mt. Hatari.  Even in the dimness of the hut, the sky blue jewel seemed to give off a light of its own.

"Could this be?" Kondo asked, holding the piece out for his brothers to examine.  "Me hear legend of Hatari mountain jewels.  Men who find be blessed by gods!"

"Zuberi hear same legend!" the other kneeling Mogu tribesman answered excitedly, taking a closer look at the shiny rock.

The New Jungle King: Panel 00b

Muscle clashes with muscle in a man-on-man struggle for dominance!

Jabari fights to defend the honor of the Mogu tribe against the arrogant ape man!

Only one warrior will emerge triumphant!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The New Jungle King: Title

Somewhere in the lush jungles and plains of Africa hails a white muscleman known to the natives as Tarzan.  With his strength and handsome features, Tarzan easily rose in rank among the other men of the jungle to become its self-proclaimed king and protector.  Over the years, he has kept Africa's many tribesmen safe from the threat of wild animals and outsiders looking to strip the continent of its vast resources.

But Tarzan has also angered many of the younger, more aggressive black natives.  They are jealous of his skills as a warrior, and they resent the ways in which he always manages to defeat his opponents, regardless of how high the odds are stacked against him.  He prevents any tribe from gaining too much power or control, and requires the elder wise men to always come to him and ask for permission for expansion.  The younger bucks consider such decisions a tribe's right to make -- not this Tarzan's.  They do not consider him a son of the jungle, and with each moon that passes, their voices grow louder and more impatient for the jungle lord's downfall.

One warm day, Tarzan was swinging through the trees when a little monkey came to him, screeching wildly.  He watched the animal gesture emphatically toward Hatari, a dangerous mountain said to be unscalable by man.  Suspicious, Tarzan thanked the creature for its information and raced toward the mountain.

Tarzan spotted three men emerging from a small opening in the side of the mountain!  He watched as they huddled close and mumbled to one another.  He couldn't hear what they were saying, but he immediately understood its importance.  He squatted low in the tall grass and watched as they sprinted off toward the new Mogu settlement he'd approved construction of only one moon ago.

"Mogu men," Tarzan grunted to himself.  When he was sure they'd left the area for good, Tarzan sprinted into the cavernous opening he'd seen the men leave from.

It was as he'd suspected!  The men had taken one of the many jewels placed in shrines said to be hidden throughout the mountain.  It is said that those who find these jewels are destined for greatness and will rise in power and become leaders of the continent -- perhaps even the world itself.  It is said that the very gods of Africa will bless those who possess Mt. Hatari's jewels, ensuring that these good things will come to pass.

Tarzan was frightened.  With a deep desire to maintain his position as king of the jungle fueling him, he ran toward the North Mogu Settlement in hopes that the three men didn't realize what it was they had...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Jungle Valley (WIP)

The jungle valley is where the battle between Tarzan and Jabari will take place.  It's a secluded area with hills and foliage completely encompassing it.  Many battles have taken place in this valley over the years, but the lush and fertile land always manages to conceal any evidence of it.

This, like the Mogu settlement, is a work in progress, so it might be changed or tweaked over time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

North Mogu Settlement (WIP)

About two hours north of the bountiful M'waku River stands the newly-established settlement built by journeymen for the eventual expansion of the main village of Mogu.  The Mogu are a moderately-sized tribe of African natives comprised of warriors, hunters and gatherers, medicine men, and laborers.

While on a gathering mission for their fellow journeymen, three of them wandered into a secluded opening in the nearby mountain named Hatari.  Legend speaks of a series of shrines located throughout the massive mountain which contain jewels that are said to bless the finder with a life of strength, pride, and success...

The North Mogu Settlement is the location where my next story begins.  It's currently a work in progress (along with the valley where the fight takes place), so certain things may be tweaked or changed between now and its completion.  Since this next series will not be a quick battle, I'm going a little slower and crafting it more carefully.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Bully Brother

"Before we go," Ares said to Hercules, raising his hand to the beefy half-god, "you need a cut worthy of a soldier of Ares!"

Hercules grabbed his head as a swarm of the manly magic of the god of war engulfed it fully.  Before he realized what was happening, his curly hair was trimmed and his facial hair was completely gone!

A warm breeze blew across the demigod's bare face, suddenly making him feel quite naked.  He touched the soft skin around his jaw and grunted in surprise.

"There," Ares said with a laugh.  "Now you look like my little bro!"

Stunned, Hercules couldn't stop thinking of his beloved beard.  But the memory of his facial hair would remain only that: a memory.  Ares always gets what he wants, and his magic would not wear off until he commands it.

Hercules and Ares wrestling...  This idea was incredibly spur of the moment and meant as a stop-gap to fill in time while I waited for the next version of the studio to come out -- which it actually just did!

I hope you enjoyed this tale of pro wrestling gods in the sky.  I know it's a very strange little tale, but I enjoyed it.  And just in case you were wondering, this story is set in a timeline where Hercules never met Sergios.

And now I'll take some time off to plan the next story (which pits Tarzan against an African native named Jabari).  Thanks for visiting Barbaric Brawn, and I'll see you guys later!


Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 30 [End]

Thoroughly drained and with a belly full of fresh semen, Hercules sat in the middle of the wrestling ring and contemplated his loss.  Now that the high of orgasm had left him, reality began to set in.  His life would be forever changed.  Ares now controlled him.

Ares knelt behind his brother and embraced him.  He placed his firm hand upon Hercules' shoulder and slowly rubbed the sore muscles within.

"Come on, Hercules," he spoke in a way that instantly lifted the demigod's mood.  "Let's get cleaned up.  After I 'train' you a bit more, I want a rematch," he added with a sly voice.  Both males' cocks stirred at the thought of a rematch.  And although Hercules knew in his gut that he would only get pulverized again, he couldn't wait to hear the sound of the bell and struggle against Ares' might once again.

Hercules learned his place that day, and he would never again question his master's wishes.  As reward, the war god would allow Hercules to continue to fight to protect the humans of the world, but only when it didn't clash with his plans.

Zeus, upon finding out of his sons' newly-established relationship, was shocked at first, but eventually accepted it and recognized the outcome of the wrestling match as true and just.  Hercules seemed happy, and with the demigod's strength and stamina to keep him sated with sex, Ares, too, seemed more content and less prone to instigate reckless war on the earth.

The End

Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 28-29

Ares took his time in claiming his prize of the loser's body.  His thrusts were deliberate in building up both Olympians' sexual tension.  When they neared the edge of orgasm, he slowed his speed until he and Hercules were in no danger of cumming too early.

Hercules, as a result, was driven wild.  He eagerly pushed back to meet his big brother's groin.  His tunnels squeezed down around Ares' sword, urging the dominant male to continue.

Ares gripped Hercules' meaty hips and drilled his godhood deep inside the demigod's hot, accommodating butt.  He slapped those large, toned globes roughly and decided to ravage that hole with everything he was worth.  He wanted Hercules to forever remember that moment.  And Hercules would.

Finally, as all males must eventually do, Ares felt the need to cum.  He grunted loudly and commanded, "Cum with me, little bro!"

Hercules cried out in white hot lust and declared, "ARES...  I'M--!!"

"YOU ARE FINALLY MINE!" Ares roared for all within Zeus' domain to hear.  "TAKE MY SEED, HERCULES!!"

His mighty cock bounced and gushed forth its heavy load of potent, masculine semen.  Hercules felt wave upon wave of his brother's seed pump into his body.  The godly cum absorbed into the demigod, forever marking him as Ares' slave.

Hercules' maleness throbbed and emptied its balls' worth of cum over the ring and down onto the world below!  He screamed in relief as he was finally granted permission to orgasm.  He'd feared that Ares would be a tyrannical master when he'd begun their fuck.  He felt gratitude toward Ares for allowing him a merciful climax.

The two Olympians remained as one as they enjoyed the end of their wrestling match.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 27

Ares forced Hercules onto his belly as he mounted him for their first time as master and slave.  The demigod collapsed under the weight of the musclebound god.  With a grunt and one well-aimed thrust, Ares' slick godhood slid inside Hercules' hole!

The demigod screamed in agony as his depths were skewered by the war god.  His hole clamped down around the girth of the hot invader, but could do little else except endure its assault.

Ares gave Hercules a small gesture of mercy: he allowed the demigod a little time to adjust to his massive cock.  Hercules groaned at the foreign feeling of being filled with his big brother's throbbing, leaking godhood.  He could feel Ares' hot breath on his sweaty back; the victor's almost musical grunts of arousal burned his ears and reminded him of who it was who had won the right to mount and penetrate.

The war god began a steady rhythm.  He started slow, only pulling out a couple of inches before thrusting back in again.  Every few moments, he would add a little more.  Soon, Hercules was moaning in total ecstasy as Ares deep-dicked his hole and pounded his prostate, fucking away the last remnants of his pride as a hero of the world below.

"Fuck, this hole is tight!" Ares grunted, his hips wildly thrusting and his cock plowing roughly at his prize.  "Ngh!  Take it, Hercules!  Feel me deep inside!!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 25-26

Ares shoved Hercules onto the mat.  The demigod rolled with a groan and rested on his back.  Ares strutted over and dangled his erection over his little brother's mouth.  Hercules stared at its length and shuddered.  Ares placed the tip of his throbbing cock to Hercules' lips and pushed inside!

The god of war then performed a series of pushups, forcing his mammoth meat into the depths of Hercules' mouth with each descent.  The half-god's tongue and lips caressed and pleasured his master's bulbous cockhead.

Ares' grunts and growls of exertion were laced with moans of ecstasy as he exercised and received fellatio at the same time.

Hercules struggled to control his trembling as he presented his butt to Ares.  His hole puckered and quivered as the god of war stared hungrily at it.

Suddenly, he felt his big brother's saliva-coated fingers gently stroke his entrance.  He let out a low moan of arousal, prompting Ares to chuckle.

"So fucking hot...  Yeah..." Ares hissed lewdly.  "You know how long I've been dreaming about this, Hercules?"

As Ares' first two fingers slithered their way into his soft, warm insides, Hercules suddenly realized why it was Ares had always antagonized him.  It was to bring him to his knees and destroy his pride with sexual surrender.  And now he'd finally done it.  Ares had won.

"This tight hole is all mine," Ares continued.  "You are all mine..."

Hercules clenched his teeth and moaned in frustration as Ares took his time in preparing him to fuck.  Ares opened and rotated his fingers, causing Hercules' entrance to stretch and loosen.  As he pulled them back out, the defeated Olympian's hole sucked on them, not wanting to let them go.

He was ready, Ares thought with a smirk.  Hercules was ready to be bred.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 23-24

Ares placed his meaty thighs around Hercules' head and rested his heavy balls upon the demigod's mouth.  He felt Hercules' hot breath blow over the taut skin, turning him on even more.

Hercules breathed the unique scent of his brother.  It was sweet and rich with a hint of his earthy sweat.  It reminded him vaguely of ambrosia and nectar.

"Lick those big balls clean, loser!" Ares suddenly commanded.  Hercules instantly complied, placing his hot, wet tongue upon the skin between the two male orbs.  "That's right.  Get 'em nice and clean for me...  Auuuughh yeah..."

Hercules went to work bathing the balls of the god of war with his tongue.  He paid careful attention to treat this producer of life with the utmost care and respect.

Ares chuckled and patted Hercules' pecs roughly, giving the nipples squeezes and tugs.  He was a bit surprised at how easily his little brother took to being his bitch.  He regretted not taking him down sooner.

Ares dragged Hercules over to a corner and slung him back-first into one of the solid stone turnbuckles.  Hercules moaned at the harsh treatment, but didn't dare complain.  Ares slung the demigod's arms over the middle 'ropes' to stabilize his position.

Before Hercules realized what was about to happen, Ares' beefy muscle butt was pushed into his face!  The god of war laughed heartily as he ground his godly butt back against a shocked Hercules.

As if relayed through their brotherly bond, Hercules knew what Ares wanted, and he began to lick the god's tight hole.  His hot breath huffed against the pink, manly hole -- the very hole that he'd badly wanted to fuck had he won the fight.  But the fates had decided otherwise.

Ares ground his hips slowly, backside pressed firmly to Hercules' face, forcing the demigod's head to roll in every direction as he received tribute from the loser's tongue.

Despite the terrible humiliation he was forced to endure, Hercules' cock remained as hard as steel.  It jutted outward, aching for release.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 21-22

Ares bounced his pecs and grunted arrogantly as he strutted around the heavenly wrestling ring.  Hercules remained where he lay, wanting only to rest and forget this horrible day.  Why did he challenge Ares to wrestling?  He groaned at his stupidity.  Of course he was no match for his elder brother -- a fully-fledged god.  His pride and arrogance at his feats of heroism on the world below had not only clouded his judgment, it had cost him everything.

The hot, sweat-slicked weight of the god of war's toned torso soon pressed firmly against his own, snapping him from his painful daydream.  Ares had him pinned to the mat!

Both wrestlers heard and felt a loud, booming POUND from somewhere below the ring.  Hercules realized what that drum was for.  On the third count, he would lose the match!

"Now be good and lay still for me!" Ares chuckled.  "Big bro's got this!"

Hercules accepted the fact that he was finished.  Like a jobber from many, many centuries in the future, he merely lay there and moaned.  A second POUND, louder than the first, sounded from below.  It shook the ring with its fury.

Finally, with the third POUND, Ares was victorious!  A series of loud dings from the magical bell rang, signalling the end of the match!


The god of war stood over his defeated brother, Hercules, and struck a victorious pose.  His cock quickly grew hard and bounced in excitement for what was to come.

Ares' already gargantuan ego swelled even higher with his defeat of the arrogant, half-blooded Hercules.  Finally, the quarrel that both brothers held for so many years was put to rest, and Ares would assume his rightful place as master of the demigod.

Hercules lay in bitter defeat below the one who had fairly and justly conquered him.  He dared to look up only once; he watched as Ares soaked up every moment of his victory with a show of his most muscular poses.

Hercules then caught sight of Ares' throbbing cock.  His hole suddenly quivered in anticipation, as though it knew what that monstrous male sword would soon do to it.  He couldn't explain why at the time, but the thought of serving his superior brother turned him on immensely.  The godling's cock grew and hardened as evidence of his arousal.

It was time to pay for the price of his failure and take his place as slave to this dominant being of masculinity and strength.  He belonged to Ares now.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 18-20

Ares scooped Hercules' bulky weight into his arms and lifted him high overhead.  Hercules' sore and tired limbs dangled under him as he lay in the grasp of the god of war's mighty hands.

"Ares... No...  No more..." the demigod moaned in surrender.  It destroyed his pride as a man to beg his opponent for mercy, but he couldn't struggle any longer against such power.

But Ares had no mercy for Hercules that day.  "No way, baby bro!" he grunted.  "You had your chance to bow down!  Now I'm gonna finish you off!"

Ares squatted low and used his godly legs to leap high into the air!  He turned Hercules upside down and quickly positioned him for a reverse piledriver!

To Hercules, time seemed to go in slow motion as Ares wrapped his arms around his torso in an unbreakable hold.  He began to feel strangely intoxicated by the heat that emanated from his opponent's body.  Ares' heavy, sweaty balls and the base of his thick, masculine cock rubbed against his face, causing his own to swell and stir as it pressed against Ares'.

The half-god clung to Ares' body as they descended together to the mat below...


Hercules' head, nestled snugly between his big brother's thighs, was rocked by the impact!  His limbs and body went limp.  Ares held onto Hercules' lower back, keeping steady for a little longer.

Finally, Ares let him go.  The weary demigod collapsed to the mat with a deep longing for rest.  He lay still and prayed to Zeus that this ordeal was finally over...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 15-17

Ares dropped to the ground and quickly knocked Hercules off balance with a leg sweep.  The demigod toppled to the ground with a grunt!

"Yeah..." Ares moaned lowly.  He felt a stir in his loins as he stood and jumped into the air.

"Taking you down!" Ares roared!

He came down hard upon his little brother's beefy chest, slamming his elbow into the mountainous pectorals the demigod had spent years building and perfecting.  The god of war's arm felt like a blunt mace of steel pulverizing his muscles.

Hercules grunted and cried out in pain.  Ares, knowing that Hercules wouldn't be able to put up a fight, took a moment to breathe.  He ran his hands over Hercules' hard chest and abs and admired what the Olympian half of him was able to accomplish on the world below.

Ares stood and scooped up the sweat that poured from his torso.  With a crude flick of his wrist, he sent his hot, godly sweat flying onto Hercules' downed body.  It was time to end this pitiful excuse for a wrestler, he considered.  It was time to show Hercules who ruled this ring.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jabari Conquers the Jungle Lord

Jabari, mightiest warrior of the Mogu tribe who lived deep in the dark jungles of Africa, stood muscle to muscle with the white man known as Tarzan.

This Tarzan had constantly thrown his weight around the jungle, influencing its laws and ways with his power.  Such audacity angered many of the jungle's native sons.  One of them finally stepped up and challenged this arrogant 'king of the jungle' to battle!

Tarzan, who soon succumbed to the might of the black stud, was driven down to his knees and put in his rightful place.  Jabari thrust his throbbing cock against the fearful face of his conquered opponent and proclaimed, "Me defeat Tarzan!  White man now slave of Jabari!"
The former jungle lord was then made to suck the cock of his enemy as tribute to his triumph.  Tarzan's lips and tongue worshiped the hard, leaking shaft of the mighty Jabari as the African shouted for all to hear, "VICTORY TO MOGU TRIBE!!"

As Tarzan swallowed the black man's potent seed, he never realized that his sexual servitude to Jabari and the Mogu was only just beginning...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 14

Ares placed his hands behind his head and exposed his hard, muscular chest and abdomen.  He sneered at Hercules and urged, "Come on, little bro!  Lemme feel that rage you have for me!"

Hercules wasted no time in taking advantage of the offer.  He slammed his fist as hard as he could into Ares' gut -- but the god didn't seem to feel a thing!

"Is that all?!" he laughed.  "An Athenian weakling strikes with more vigor!"

Again and again, a furious Hercules sent his fists into Ares' firm abs, but nothing he did would wipe the war god's cocky and confident smirk from his face.

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 13

"YEAH!!" Ares gloated as Hercules stumbled around the ring, holding his throbbing head and moaning through the splitting pains.  "That's how it goes!  Come on, Hercules!  Don't quit on me now!"

Ares repeatedly swatted his opponent's sweat-laced bottom.  He grabbed the hero's dangling cock and gave it several rough squeezes and tugs.

Ares kept up these humiliations while he let his little bro recover.  He wanted Hercules to be alert for his defeat!  He wanted him to know without a doubt who the real stud was!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 11-12

Ares wrapped his arms around Hercules' beefy torso and lifted him high off the mat!  The world suddenly turned upside down just as the studly hero of humanity regained his senses.

"Up you go, baby brother!" he taunted, bringing a stunned Hercules up and back!  The demigod barely put up a struggle as Ares flawlessly executed his attack!


Hercules' upper body took the brunt of the impact as Ares forced him down to the mat in a suplex!

Hercules cried out in agony, but could do nothing but stay in Ares' grasp and endure it.  The war god grunted and stomped his foot repeatedly, forcing his brother to feel every shockwave of pain all over again.

Ares finally let Hercules go.  He stood and flexed his superior body.  The match was going exactly as he'd hoped.  It wouldn't be long before he destroyed his little brother's delusions of being anything but yet another soldier of Ares.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 10

Dizzy and unable to stand on his own, Hercules leaned against the turnbuckle for support and moaned helplessly.  The world around him was spinning, and his head throbbed horribly.

"C'mon, Hercules!" Ares said with a loud laugh.  Hercules hated that laugh more and more each time he heard it.  "You never were able to compete with this much muscle."

He grabbed Hercules by his thick, meaty hips and rubbed them lewdly.  His godhood pressed firmly against the half-human's bare butt, reminding him of the heavy price of failure.

"Give it up to a real god!" Ares arrogantly continued.  "I don't wanna have to bruise your pretty face!"

"No..." Hercules weakly, yet defiantly, refused.  "Never submit... to Ares...  Never..."

Ares was glad to hear it.

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 09

Just as Hercules had nearly summoned the strength to wobble off of Ares' feet, the god of war used only his beefy legs to catapult him back and into one of the stone turnbuckles!

Hercules hit the obstacle with a loud thud and a yell of pain!  His head knocked against the stonework as he fell and hit the mat hard.

Ares leapt to his feet in one quick motion and strutted over to Hercules, who struggled with all of his might to stand.  Helping him up, Ares grabbed hold of Hercules' beautiful, curly locks and pulled them cruelly until he stood again.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panels 06-08

Hercules climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and balanced himself upon the stone 'ropes' that were attached to its sides.  He stood confidently on the edge of the wrestling ring, big chest thrust outward, enjoying the warm breeze that blew through his father's domain.

He squatted low and snarled at Ares, who remained where he lay before.  Hercules felt pride that he was able to keep his big bro down.  Despite his half-human blood, he was still the mighty Hercules!

The demigod jumped and attempted a devastating aerial body splash!

With a roar, the demigod descended upon Ares' vulnerable body!  He would use his full weight to knock the breath from the god of war, pin him, and end this match quickly!

But something was wrong...!  As he fell to the mat, he noticed Ares turn his head toward him and flash a sneering grin!  It was too late to stop his descent!

The powerful, manly god raised his mighty legs and caught Hercules in midair!

Hercules grunted in shock, unsure of what to do!  He never realized that Ares had set him up for a trap!

Ares held his little brother's heavy weight upright with a grunt.  He laughed heartily as he lowered and lifted his legs repeatedly, using a humiliated Hercules as a resistance weight to exercise his powerful limbs.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 05

Hercules stole a moment to enjoy the sight of his big bro down and moaning where he belonged.  He drove his foot down hard into Ares' muscular gut, causing the god to grunt and cough.

"Augh, fuck..." he groaned as Hercules left him to climb a nearby turnbuckle.  "He's got some fight in him... Good..."

Ares always enjoyed a good brawl and was happy that Hercules was obliging him.

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 04

Ares didn't put up much of a struggle as Hercules lifted him high overhead.  The demigod then used his powerful muscles to bodyslam the war god's heavy frame to the mat!

He fell with a loud grunt and the impact rocked the wrestling ring.  The golden wool placed under the canvas helped to soften the blow, but Hercules made sure to use enough force for it to hurt.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympian Muscle Wrestling: Panel 03

In his fit of rage, Hercules lifted Ares from the ground and held him sideways.  His beefy hand gripped hold of the war god's perfect butt; he could feel the heat between those cheeks -- it called him and teased him, causing a stirring in his groin.  How good it would feel to thrust his cock into his brother's arrogant hole and show him who was on top!

Shaking off that feeling, Hercules grunted, "You've crossed me for the last time, Ares!  IT ENDS HERE!!"

Ares smirked and urged him on, "Yeah, that's it!  Don't hold back!  Show me what you got!"