Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 03

"Tarzan?!" Kondo gasped, nearly dropping the jewel.

"Why Tarzan here...?" Zuberi wondered aloud.

The three Mogu men (like nearly everyone who dwelled in the region) knew that whenever the white jungle king came around, there was usually nothing good to follow -- even when they were under no danger.

The men hesitated to leave the hut, but they realized that if they were to be found hiding, they would suffer a thrashing from an enraged Tarzan.


  1. Awesome job on their faces! Very hot & handsome. Hope to see Tarzan whip some black muscle ass... until he meets his match, of course ;o)

  2. Love the build up and suspense. This is an awesome start to seeing the jungle's mightiest men in combat. I like that Tarzan seems like a real powerhouse, deserving of his reputation and probably difficult to take down.

    Your stories and artwork are impeccable, so I know that whatever you create will be amazing.

    1. Thanks, Alex, that's very kind of you to say. I'll try my best to make this series live up to such high praise.