Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 07

Njau immediately snapped out of his fantasy and turned to his friend.  "Give Tarzan jewel, Kondo!" he implored, not wishing to invite the wrath of the jungle lord.

Njau still remembered the day that he stumbled upon Tarzan in the process of wrestling a behemoth of a crocodile into submission.  The green beast thrashed and struggled for freedom, but the human was stronger and smarter, and he was forced to relax and accept whatever fate this two-legged scaleless creature had awaiting him.  Luckily for the beast, Tarzan took pity and allowed him to escape.

Njau knew that a man like that could easily take down three men barely skilled in the ways of combat and make them pay with their bodies.

Kondo immediately ceded ownership of the beautiful stone.  He held it out to the white man and said, "Y-Yes, Tarzan!  It yours!"

Without hesitating, Tarzan snatched the jewel from Kondo's trembling hand and took a step back.  His efforts to frighten the three had worked, he was happy to see.  He now had the jewel safely out of their possession.


  1. Do you do all your rendering in Bryce? Because that is what I do and it is just so much program hoping lol.
    So you start and make your character in DAZ, you export him to Hexagon to make little articles of clothing or objects, you then export him to Bryce from DAZ again once you have everything you want on them and then you do the final render there with the landscape and everything?

    I tried importing things from Bryce to DAZ so I could render there but it came out horrible and nothing looked right for it so I decided just to render in Bryce. Is that what you do too?


    1. I don't use the Bryce to DAZ feature. What I use is called a skydome, which is basically a giant sphere around the world with a Bryce-rendered 360° panoramic sky applied to it as a texture. The panoramic option is in the fourth triangle on the left where the five green sphere render controls are. Use Render to Disk in File and make its size big -- 4000 x 2232 should work.

      Create a sphere in the studio by going to Create and Create New Primitive. Choose Sphere from the list and make its size 1500m. Select it and make its Y Translate -70000. In the Surfaces (Color) tab, make its Diffuse Strength 0%, Specular Color black, and Ambient Color white. Add your panoramic render from Bryce onto the Diffuse Color. Then, finally, open the Parameters tab to the right, open Display, and turn Cast Shadows off. It should be good to go. Sometimes you may need to adjust these settings for your particular background. In this series, I'm using an ambient strength of 50%.

      If this is too much for you in the beginning, try just rendering a flat sky in Bryce and applying it to the background in a photo editing program.

      And I'm gonna have to put an end to the tutorials here, unfortunately. There're a lot of good resources out there, just look around. And ShareCG.com is a good one for freebies to help you along. Good luck!

    2. Thank you so much :)

  2. I am really going to enjoy this story and your art