Saturday, August 25, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 01

Kondo, Zuberi, and Njau, three journeymen who have helped their fellow men establish the North Mogu Settlement, huddled close in the main hut to inspect the jewel they found that day in one of the hidden shrines of Mt. Hatari.  Even in the dimness of the hut, the sky blue jewel seemed to give off a light of its own.

"Could this be?" Kondo asked, holding the piece out for his brothers to examine.  "Me hear legend of Hatari mountain jewels.  Men who find be blessed by gods!"

"Zuberi hear same legend!" the other kneeling Mogu tribesman answered excitedly, taking a closer look at the shiny rock.


  1. Those bodies just give me goosebumps BiffandGunloc....why can't every man in the world look like this?...why?